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Haiku / Disgaea

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1:Angry demon prince
Takes over for his old man
Demon loli helps.

2:Hot-blooded hero
Wants to defeat Overlord
At level 1? HA!

3:Evil demon nerd
Steals title from real hero
Gets revenge on dad.

4:Vampire; werewolf
And also a Prinny girl
This ain't Twilight, dood!

Deceased human scum
Takes the form of a penguin
Nice kaboom when thrown
Crazed Ninja


Tall scrawny French guy
Won't leave Laharl alone
His name is Mid-Boss.
Crazed Ninja

The Dark Adonis
If you do not mind saying
Dislikes that nickname

Bouncy kitty girl
Able to blow you away
Felynn for the win.

Monsters all around
Overlord laughs at them all
Overlord's Wrath strikes.

Hot cheerleader girls
Raise your stats in a loincloth
Best support ever.

Please don't tell Etna
That we're troping on the job
She'll kick our butts, dood!

The Prinny Squad

I already know.
You guys have some Hell to pay
Now get back to work!


Go easy on them!
You need to treat them nicer!
Please? For me, Etna?


Lonely Laharl...
Manipulative Etna...
And innocent Flonne...


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