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Haiku / Catch Your Breath

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CYB Haiku

Request: “Catch Your Breath”
Amazing Naruto fic
By the cool #Langwrites

Huge turtle monster
Trapped in a teenage ninja
They snark back and forth

Character aware of Plot
Good luck changing it

Familiar faces
The scars may not be the same
But just as broken

Miyako Gekkō
A woman with a dark past
And a badass mom

CYB Haiku 2

Rapid-fire posts
Lang is busting out the words
Spoiling her fans


Baby Naruto
Isn’t an orphan this time
Dorky parents live

ROOT is acting up
Time to gather some intel
And stage a take-down

Rough conditioning
Everyone needs therapy
(Maybe they’ll get some)

Kakashi got lost
But then he showed up again
And showed off his mole

Suna Haiku

Cute Rin Nohara
In canon, she was killed off
But not in fanfic

Trip to the desert
A new pet acquisition
Cuddly scorpion

Little Sasa-chan
Scuttling across dry sand
She eats a cricket

New summon contract
Because why stop at just one
When Rin can have lots

Giant arachnids
Perfect for scaring boyfriends
Of the Cyclops kind

Tumblr user alberickrufton


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