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Haiku / Berserk

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It is obvious that
Miura is a homo-sadist
And Guts is his bitch.

Of the fifth Godhand
Misery shall descend now
As Light Is Not Good.

Too big to be called
A sword - it was more like a
Slab of raw iron.

Young mercenaries
Dark pasts, but still Nakama
Enjoy while you can.

Towards an elf isle
Across the seas they travel
Oh shit tentacles

Miura writes so slowly
Lazy japanese mangaka is lazy
No new chapter


This world is fucked up
Who would want to call this home?
Let's ask the Behelit.

Miura's mind is
Fucked up past recognition.
Read on to see how.

Guts is so badass.
He swings around that huge sword
Like it's a pillow.

I wish that Casca
Had not been raped by Griffith.
She's annoying now.

Oh, dear Miura,
Please get the group to Elfhelm,
We cannot take it.

God, I hate Griffith,
And how he became Femto
He scares me shitless.

This torrent is slow
Several more hours until
Griffith fucks things up.

I want Casca cured
She needs more development
Time for Head Canon.

To one called Griffith:
Why you gotta be like that?
That shit ain't cool, bro.


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