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Haiku / All-Red Entry

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A page full of red
links that don't lead anywhere.
Not good for your eyes.

This is very sad.
These links don't go anywhere!
I am heartbroken.

This Is Not A Trope.
The Next Line Is Not Either.
See I Told You So.

Oh noes, where da tropes?
No article hyperlinks.
Is uncreative.

The lament of Red.
Roads lead nowhere, repulsive.
Forsake this page, Leave.


I think I have found
A minor coding error.
The links are now red.

These links are useless.
They have no destination.
They serve no purpose.

I wonder if the
correct name can be found at
''You Know That Trope Where'' ...

Nonexistent link,
Or a link that is now dead?
Either way it's sad.
The Dread Gazebo


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