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  • Cyrano de Bergerac: Despite Christian's insistence to the contrary, Cyrano just cannot consider even for a second that Roxane actually might be able to look past his appearance and love him for his soul. He admits on his deathbed that such vanity was his undoing. Also Le Bret: Of all of Cyrano’s friends, he's the only who seems to realize that the protagonist is destroying every single chance of glory he had by making enemies and burning bridges. Easily the half of his dialogue is scolding Cyrano for that. All the other cadets appreciate Cyrano’s free spirit. He also makes it through the final of the play. Deconstructed when the audience discovers that this play happens in Real Life, that there will not be a happily ever after scenario, that the gascon cadets "free spirit" made them to die gloriously but young in a Last Stand, and that Le Bret was right all along.
  • Once again, Shakespeare did it first. Jaques from As You Like It (he of "All the world's a stage" fame) is a pre-Nietzsche Nietzsche Wannabe stuck in a quirky pastoral comedy.
  • H.M.S. Pinafore: Dick Deadeye. Though with a name like that—which makes the whole cast regard him as the Designated Villain—who can blame him?