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  • Margot in All About Eve is very insecure about her relationship with Bill and sees even Eve's most innocent behaviour as an attempt to steal him away. It turns out she's right!
  • Salieri, in Amadeus, was insanely envious of Mozart's God-given musical talents.
  • The entire plot of The Awful Truth is kicked off by and runs on this.
  • Bicentennial Man shows one of the few thing-human-human cases of Green-Eyed Monster. Andrew, an android, sees Portia about to marry someone else, a person who has a very prominent chin, which Andrew constantly makes fun of behind his back, to Portia of all people.
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  • In Big Eyes, Walter initially promotes his and Margaret's work together, being honest about Margaret's share of the work. After seeing people are more interested in Margaret's work than his, he becomes increasingly hostile and jealous and begins lying that he did Margaret's paintings. He also later yells at Margaret when he sees her talking to someone admiring her work and gets upset when she wants to make a new series of paintings under her name.
  • In Cherrybomb, Luke gets seriously upset and jealous when his best friend Malachy gets a girlfriend, seeing her as a threat to their friendship. It doesn't stop him from persistantly suggesting that the three of them engage in a "spit-roast" though. The mind works in mysterious ways.
  • In Cinderella (2015), it's shown that Lady Tremaine's mean treatment towards Ella is because Ella's father still remembers his late wife and Ella is still more important to him than her. Could also be considered the fact that Ella is better than her own daughters in every aspect.
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  • Eastern Promises: Kirill both admires and resents Nikolai for being a good deal more capable than himself; flares into fully-fledged jealousy when Kirill's father seems to prefer Nikolai.
  • Envy: Tim Dingman got seriously envious when his neighbor and best friend Nick Vanderpark became wealthy.
  • Cameron in Ferris Bueller's Day Off was envious of the fact that the High School Hustler Ferris Bueller seemed to have the entire world in the palm of his hand, while Cameron himself languished with miserable parents in a miserable life.
    • Jeannie was also envious of Ferris as he could get away with anything and she couldn't.
  • Commodus from Gladiator had some intense jealousy issues, mainly because his sister didn't like him that way, and because another man was chosen to succeed his father.
  • This is revealed to be Fredo's reason for letting himself be manipulated by Rothstein and Ola in The Godfather Part II. He was upset his father Don Vito overlooked him and made his little brother Michael the head of the family, and when presented with a chance for him to have something of his own, he took the opportunity, not releasing they were setting his brother up to be assassinated.
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  • Britt in The Green Hornet develops a massive inferiority complex once he becomes the titular superhero and becomes spiteful and hypocritical towards his partner Kato whom he knows very well is smarter, stronger and generally better in every way, not helped by the fact that he appears to hit it up more successfully with criminology expert Leonore Case. He appears to grow out of his spite by the end, though.
  • In Hands Across the Table, this is Vivian’s response to Ted being around Regi. Interestingly enough, once she realizes he’s in love, she understands and breaks off the engagement, wishing him luck.
  • Even though he's wealthy like Tony, Justin Hammer definitly envies Tony's talent and success. His technology throughout Iron Man 2 is described as a joke and a failed knock-off of Stark's. His jealousy is even shown when he's talking to Stark or mentioning him. Heck most of his motivation in the film is to upstage Stark.
  • I Shot Jesse James: Despite being a relatively grounded individual, this trope is Robert Ford's main character flaw. He can't stand anybody who moves in on his girl Cynthy, and he grows more possessive of her as the film goes on. Ironically, it's this envy that alienates Cynthy and leads to Bob's eventual downfall.
  • It's Love I'm After: Joyce becomes jealous when she finds out that a fan was in Basil's dressing room. She does have reason to suspect him as he's a bit of a casanova.
  • The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor: The Emperor killed Ming in jealousy after Zi Yuan chose him.
  • Rippner, the villain of Red Eye has a Villainous Crush on Lisa, the heroine, and is jealous of the man that raped Lisa some years before, while at the same time sympathizing with her about it. Yeah... Rippner's crush on Lisa is pretty fucked up.
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World shows this in a literal sense: Scott's jealousy over seeing Ramona with her latest ex fuels him to summon a huge Green-Eyed Monster with his music. His eyes also turn green very briefly during this sequence.
  • In Se7en, the serial killer says he killed Mrs. Mills out of envy. Given his agenda, he may have exaggerated his envy just for that purpose.
  • In Shut In, Stephen has secretly been in love with his mother, and he gets jealous when she shows concern for Tom.
  • In The Social Network, Mark is shown to be jealous of his friend Eduardo for securing a place in in the Phoenix Club and Eduardo's lawyer suggests this might have been part of the reason he cut Eduardo out of the company.
  • Stoker: Implied in two rather unsettling cases.
    • First, in the scene where India's uncle, Charlie, saves her from being raped by killing her attacker. The attacker is an Asshole Victim through-and-through, but the unsettling part comes in when you realize — Charlie's in love with India. Not to mention, he's shown following her to and from school before this, and it's never explained how he even knew where India was. He also reveals himself to be a Yandere in the highest degree. This gives the impression that Charlie may have killed his niece's would-be rapist because he was jealous of him.
    • Even worse is Evelyn, India's mother, who is infatuated with Charlie. After catching India in an Almost Kiss with Charlie, and subsequentially realizing that Charlie is in fact interested in India and not her, Evelyn's immediate response is not to, say, try and get her daughter away from this creep. Instead, she delivers a Breaking Speech to her daughter, implying that her angered reaction was more out of jealousy than anything else. (For what it's worth, she does tell Charlie to stay the hell away from India. Again, this may be out of envy, but it could be out of protectiveness.)
  • Trance: Simon Newton, oh so very much. He's willing to murder his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Lamb if he can't have her back, and he attempts to kill Franck for sleeping with her.
  • The Woman in Red: Didi, Teddy's wife, describes herself as a "very jealous woman."
  • Both Hadley siblings in Written on the Wind.
    • Kyle believes that Mitch and Lucy are having an affair, and decides to kill Mitch for it.
    • Marylee gets rejected by Mitch, and first tries to break up his friendship with Kyle, then tries to get him convicted of murder.


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