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Grand Unified Timeline / To the Thirtieth Millennium

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Grand Unified Timeline events from 3001 C.E. through 30,000 C.E.

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    4th Millennium 
Post 30th Century, Indeterminate


  • Mark Vorkosigan impersonates Miles Vorkosigan in a complicated and semi-successful attempt to free a group of clones from Jackson's Whole. (Mirror Dance)
  • Roberto, the insane stab-happy robot, is constructed. (Futurama)


  • A time travel "paradox-free" duplicate of Philip J. Fry awakes after freezing himself in 2012. Finding another Fry active in that era, this one assumes the name Lars Fillmore, later taking up a job at the Head Museum in New New York. (Futurama)
  • Brain Spawn cause the collapse of the civilisation of Space Rome, the kerflooie of the planet Don Martin 3, and the explosion of Tweenis 12. Their rampage is halted on Earth thanks to the efforts of Philip J. Fry and his superior yet inferior brain. (Futurama)
  • The Brain Spawn's Infosphere completes its task of absorbing every bit of information in the universe. Just as it is about to ends its mission by scanning itself, it is sent to another universe by Philip J. Fry, acting on behalf of the Nibblonians. (Futurama)


  • Miles Vorkosigan does stuff which is spoilerish for Memory  (Memory)


  • Miles Vorkosigan meets Ekaterin Vorsoisson on Komarr while investigating an unusual sabotage. After meeting again on Barrayar, they fall in love and become engaged. (Komarr)

3004 at the latest

  • Coronation of Elizabeth X of the United Kingdom. She would reign for over two hundred years. (Doctor Who)


  • Planet Express is cancelled by the Box Corporation Delivery Network. (Futurama)
  • Miles Vorkosigan takes an unusually interesting (and honeymoon-interrupting) trip into Quaddiespace. (Diplomatic Immunity)


  • Before December 24: Planet Express is back in business two years after being cancelled by the Box Corporation. Box Corporation executives are ground into the versatile Torgo's Executive Powder. (Futurama)
  • December 27: The entire planet Earth is exiled by a group of scammers. (Futurama)
  • Between December 27 and December 31: A ragtag team of Earth exiles from Neptune take back the planet from a trio of scammers, with thanks to Hermes' head and Robot Santa's elves. (Futurama)
  • Ivan Vorpatril is drawn into Jacksonian politics when he meets two fugitives on Komarr. (Captain Vorpatril's Alliance)


  • January 1: A legion of unstable time travelling duplicates of Bender rip a hole in spacetime. (Futurama)
  • Universe Gamma has a short romantic relationship with Yivo, but it doesn't work out due to jealous robots. (Futurama)


  • Planet Express renders all dark matter in the universe inert, bringing down Mombil dark matter farm and freeing the captive Nibblonians from slavery. Scientists develop whale oil as a new spaceship fuel. (Futurama)


  • The Maruhage Empire, led by Tsuru Tsurulina IV (Czar Baldybald the 4th) works to rid the world of all hair. A bizarre rebel stands against the empire, deciding to fight with nose hair. (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo)


  • Independent actions of the Feministas and the Legion of Mad Fellows prevent the last encyclopod from being destroyed by the last of the dark ones. (Futurama)
  • Thuban cats make a second attempt to steal Earth's rotational energy, foiled by Amy Wong with the result that Earth begins spinning in the opposite direction. Amy finally gets her PhD. (Futurama)
  • Miles Vorkosigan visits the cryogenically obsessed planet of Kibou-daini. Spoilerish stuff for the end of Cryoburn happens.  (Cryoburn)
  • A time-traveling Brian Boitano fights the evil Robot King and saves the human race again. (South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut)


  • In a big year for minorities, mutants are granted full citizenship and robosexual marriage is legalised in New New York. (Futurama)
  • The common cold is accidentally reintroduced in New New York, causing widespread panic. (Futurama)


  • September 29: Birth of Chris Travers in Our Lady of Patriotism Hospital, Kenya. (Futurama)
  • The End of the World occurs in this year according to the mailbox. (Gravity Falls) It turns out . (Futurama)


  • Time Baby finally reconstitutes himself following Weirdmageddon. He is cranky. (Gravity Falls)


  • February: Creatures formed from the contents of a time capsule from 2014 Springfield devastate New New York. The Planet Express crew travels back in time in an attempt to stop this from happening. (Simpsorama)


  • The tribe of Homo reptilia that awakened and went back to sleep in 2020 wakes up again to reattempt negotiations with humanity on the sharing of the Earth. (Doctor Who)


  • The interplanetary Space Olympics events goes horrifically wrong as the food funding is insufficient, all the oxygen runs out and the event locale is overrun by alien hordes, alongside many other problems. (The Lonely Island, 'Space Olympics')


  • On an alternate Earth, this is a utopian era. A bored native, Nathaniel Richards, travels back in time and becomes (at various points) Rama-Tut, the Scarlet Centurion, Kang the Conqueror, and Immortus. (Marvel Comics)
  • The First Doctor and his companions Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright visit planet Elbyon/Avalon. They find the human colonists living on what seems to be a fantasy world inhabited by bogies, dragons, dwarves, elves, guivres, krakens, leprechauns, lindworms, and wyverns. Since magic doesn't exist, the Doctor has to find out what is really going on. more  (Doctor Who Missing Adventuresmore  )


  • Fourth Succession War begins. (BattleTech)
  • The Drej destroy Earth. Surviving humans scatter across the universe. (Titan A.E.)
  • Chris Travers, entrusted with humanity's last suit and tie, goes back in time to prevent Richard Nixon from winning the 3012 presidential election. (Futurama)


  • Fourth Succession War ends. (BattleTech)
  • Deltron Zero defeats Qusar with a cranial disruption siphon and becomes the Galactic Rhyme Federation Champion. Soon afterwards he mysteriously disappears, plunging the galaxy into darkness. (Deltron 3030)


  • The outlaw Redeye kills the sheriff of Oblivion, prompting his son to take revenge. (Oblivion (1994))


  • War between humans and Glorft. The Battle of the Last Stand ends with a Glorft victory, after which the tide turns against humanity. (Megas XLR)


  • Humans try to send the robot Megas back to 3035 to win the Battle of the Last Stand, but the robot is damaged and instead lands in 1936. (Megas XLR)


  • After a ten-year absence, Deltron Zero and Automator return to battle government and corporate forces once again. (Deltron 3030)


  • A crew seeks out the Titan, last hope of humanity. (Titan A.E.)


  • Colonists from Earth led by the Reverend Austin Grayson land on the planet Grayson in the Yeltsin's Star System on October 24. Reverend Grayson dies and is replaced by Protector Oliver Mayhew. (''Literature/Honor Harrington)


  • Clan Smoke Jaguar encounters a COMSTAR ship from the Inner Sphere. Factions within the Clans demand an immediate vote on invasion of the Inner Sphere. (BattleTech)


  • June 12: He keeps the clouds / Off their sheep... (Caravan Palace)
  • Operation Revival initiated by the Clans. (BattleTech)



  • The Clan invasion is halted by the Great Refusal. (BattleTech)


  • Astronauts Alan Virdon and Peter Burke crash land in what was once Southwestern California. They have just arrived on the Planet of the Apes. (Planet of the Apes)

31st Century

  • In an alternate future, the era of the Guardians of the Galaxy. (Marvel Comics)
  • In the Delta Quadrant, Quarren, a Kyrian historian discovers a back-up copy of Voyager's Doctor and accuses it of war crimes from the 24th century. Turns out the official version of events was Kyrian propaganda. (Star Trek: Voyager)
  • Home era of temporal agent Daniels. He would play a major role in the Temporal Cold War. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • In an Alternate Timeline where the United Federation of Planets never existed, San Francisco lies in ruins and Human civilization seems to have been wiped out. (Star Trek: Enterprise)


  • A minor incident occurs on planet Margrave when a car is eaten by a large bird-creature, the last occurrence worthy of telling a story about in Known Space. The passenger is unharmed. Mankind and the species it is involved with live in perfect incredibly-dull-to-read-about peace harmony thanks to mankind's new hat, being incredibly lucky. ("Safe At Any Speed")


  • Rudolf von Goldenbaum converts the Galactic Federation into the Galactic Empire, restarting the calendar in the process. (SE 310, IC 1) (Legend of Galactic Heroes)



  • The Fourth Doctor and his companions Romana and Adric battle vampires aboard the Hydrax, a Human-crewed spaceship from the 22nd century. (Doctor Who)



  • Commander Michael Burnham arrives in this year after travelling from the 2250s. (Star Trek: Discovery)


  • The USS Discovery arrives in this year after travelling from the 2250s, arriving later than Burnham due to temporal instabilities. (Star Trek: Discovery)


  • Ulysse and his family reach Earth, only to find that human civilization has already fallen. Sentient apes have replaced them as the dominant culture. Ulysse, Nova and Sirius leave again, searching for a hospitable planet. (Planet of the Apes)

32nd Century

  • The survivors of Project SEEDS settle on the planet Gunsmoke.justification  (Trigun)
  • The beginning of the Third Dark Ages. (The Psychotechnic League)
  • Ulysses blinds a cyclops. As punishment, Zeus puts his entire crew into deep sleep and erases the location of Earth from the ship's databanks, forcing Ulysses to wander the galaxy in search of home. (Ulysses 31)
  • The Steaders' Conclave on Grayson makes several rulings confirming that illegitimate sons are higher in the line of succession than legitimate daughters. (Honor Harrington)




  • A Replicant inadvertently resurrects Red Eyes in the ruins of Jerusalem, who begins rallying the last of the Legion on Earth to battle the Replicants. (NieR)



  • An android and four Replicants manage to defeat Red Eyes and the last of the Legion, banishing the alien particles that created them back to their world of origin. The Earth is finally purified. (NieR)


  • The Gestalts containing the souls of the human race begin reawakening, but are seen as body-snatching Shades by the Replicants and attacked on sight. The androids supervising this process attempt to convince the two to merge peacefully, but are rarely successful. The Grimoire Project becomes the last hope for re-integration. (NieR)


  • The Eleventh Doctor and Amy enter the Starship UK, where a police state seems to be in force, and the ship is running without an engine. more  justification  (Doctor Who)

33rd Century

  • Vash the Stampede becomes one of the most infamous outlaws on the planet Gunsmoke. (Trigun)
  • A "period of civil wars in the Galaxy". (The early draft of Star Wars)

c. 3300

  • Despite Gestalt Nier's actions, various awakened Gestalts enter relapse and go berserk. Nier himself grows doubtful that Yonah will ever awaken if this continues. (NieR)



  • Beowulfan scientists invent the gravitational impeller drive, providing advanced propulsion and protection for ships. (Honor Harrington)


  • Over a thousand years after the collapse of human civilization, Nier searches for a way to save his daughter from a deadly disease. (NieR)


  • Due to Nier's actions, humanity begins its inevitable decline and extinction. (NieR)


  • The Galactic Federation discovers a remnant of the old Earth Empire, and attempts to annex it at all costs. The Second Doctor, James Robert "Jamie" McCrimmon and Victoria Waterfield are drawn into the conflict. The Master is also involved. (Doctor Who Missing Adventures)
  • Scientist Adrienne Warshawski invents a way for hyperspace-capable ships to use gravity waves to enhance propulsion. The new design is named the Warshawski Sail in her honor. (Honor Harrington)


  • September 9: The first Warshawski sail-using colony ship, the Icarus, leaves Earth. (Honor Harrington)


  • Intended date for the Mugunghwa to each its destination. (Hate Plus)



  • Humanity, now in a state of decline, lives in five cities: Yuork, Lengud, Pinking, Ralais and Yamato. Masato Yamanobe spoilers . (Phoenix)



  • The Defiant Faithful of Grayson launch a coup attempt, but Benjamin IV Mayhew survives. This event triggers the Grayson Civil War between the Faithful and Mayhew's Moderates. (Honor Harrington)



  • The Moderates win the Grayson Civil War, and exile the Faithful to the planet Masada in the Endicott system. (Honor Harrington)


  • The first Nietzschean colony is established. (8400 CY) (Andromeda)


  • Dr. Shigematsu Radhakrishnan develops the inertial compensator, allowing interstellar travelers to survive high-speed acceleration. (Honor Harrington)

35th century

  • The Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones help the Tiermann family save their world from a planet-eating giant worm. (Doctor Who Expanded Universe [New Series Adventures])


  • January 12: The preserved head of Bill Clinton, the first 377th President of the United States, is negotiating a peace treaty with the volatile Canadian Prime Minister Warren Mapleleaf in order to prevent nuclear armageddon. A time travel capsule piloted by Pinky and the Brain from 1997 is spotted flying over the Canadian border and is mistaken for a missile. As a result, Canada launches nuclear missiles at the United States, which responds in kind. The world is devastated by the ensuing nuclear war. Cockroaches eventually evolve to become the dominant species on Earth. (Pinky and the Brain)


  • In response to the Epsilon Eridani Incident, a massive orbital bonbardment, the Solarian League passes the Eridani Edict. This edict states that any government whose navy attacks a planet's civilian population from space will be destroyed. (Honor Harrington)


  • March 21; The first shuttle from the colony ship Jason reaches the surface of Manticore. (Honor Harrington)



  • Neo realises his life in "1999" isn't what it seems. (The Matrix)
  • Everything you think, do, and say is in the pill you took today... (see 2525)



  • New Britain (Great Britain) is dominated by Mar-Kom, a sentient computer. It has frozen the inhabitants of New London in a time stasis, and outlawed time travel as a crime punishable by death. The Third Doctor and Theophilus Tolliver, a 19th century time-traveler, ally to end its reign. (Doctor Who Expanded Universe [TV Action comic books])



  • The Knights of Velyshaa, who had conquered a significant portion of the Milky Way Galaxy, are defeated in their war with the Earth Alliance. The Knights are forced into isolation on their home planet. First Knight Sancroff is sentenced to exile away from any of his followers. (Big Finish Doctor Who)




  • The "Twelve Centuries of Peace" begin for the Systems Commonwealth. (8503 CY) (Andromeda)


  • The Star Kingdom of Manticore is officially founded. Roger Winton becomes the King, and a number of shareholders in Manticore LTC become noblemen, including the Baron of High Ridge and the Earl of White Haven. (Honor Harrington)


  • Perry Rhodan founds the Cosmic Hanseatic League. This marks the start of the New Galactic Era. (1 NGZ) (Perry Rhodan)


  • Reinhard von Lohengramm and Yang Wen-li, famed commanders from the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance respectively, encountered each other for the first time during the Fourth Battle of Tiamat. (SE 795, IC 486) (Legend of Galactic Heroes)

36th Century






  • January 3: Stephanie Harrington discovers the existence of the treecats, the twelfth non-human sentient species in the galaxy. She forms an empathic bond with the treecat Climbs Quickly, also known as Lionheart. (Honor Harrington, Stephanie Harrington)
  • Scott McDallan and Swift Striker bond; Swift Striker becomes known as Fisher. (Stephanie Harrington)


  • Dr. Muriel Ubel murders several BioNeering employees in order to cover up a ecological disaster that severly damaged a treecat clan home range. Scott MacDallan and Fisher find out about it and end up killing Ubel. (Stephanie Harrington)


  • Stephanie Harrington foils Tennessee Bolgeo's attempt to kidnap treecats and sell them off-world as pets. (Stephanie Harrington)




  • The Volsung Mercenaries attempt to conquer Manticore, but are stopped by the Royal Manticoran Navy in the First Battle of Manticore. (Manticore Ascendant)


  • The Ninth Amendment to the Manticoran Constitution is ratified, giving treecats full legal rights as sentient beings. (Honor Harrington)


37th century

  • The Third Doctor and Josephine "Jo" Grant arrive on planet Pakha. They destroy the Diadem, a psychic parasite, and thus restore the native Pakhar to their pacifistic ways. (Doctor Who New Adventures: Legacy, Big Finish Doctor Who)
  • Gustav Anderman I conquers a number of nearby star systems, forming the Andermani Empire. (Honor Harrington)
  • Pro-democracy demonstrations on the Mugunghwa are put down by martial law. (Hate Plus)


  • The Richtman Corporation begins its unsucceful bid to overturn the Ninth Amendment. (Honor Harrington)




  • Assassins murder Queen Solange Winton by sabotaging her ship's inertial compensator. (Honor Harrington)


  • Tormekia declares war on the Dorok Empire, setting in motion events that will eventually lead to the destruction of the 1000 year old Master Computer known as The Heart of the Crypt, ending its tyrannical control of Earth's ecology at the possible cost of humanity going extinct in a few generations. (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind)


  • Assassins attempt to brainwash a young man to kill Princess Adrienne, but her adoption by the treecat Seeker of Dreams foils this plan. Seeker of Dreams is renamed Dianchect. (Honor Harrington)




  • Edward Saganami and his crew sacrifice themselves to ensure that the merchant convoy they are protecting gets away. Queen Adrienne sends a battlecruiser squadron to avenge Saganami and crush the Silesian Confederacy. (Honor Harrington)


  • Tensions rise between the Asian Coalition and the Atlantic Confederacy, threatening a second nuclear war. more  (A Canticle for Leibowitz)


  • The Queen's Bench forbids any challenge to the treecats' legal status. (Honor Harrington)

38th century

  • The Third Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, and IM Foreman prevent Faction Paradox from taking control of plant Dust. The last incarnation of Foreman merges with the planet's biosphere, turning it into a fertile world. (Eighth Doctor Adventures note )
  • TransAllied, Inc. is founded by Elias Baynes. (Big Finish Doctor Who)


  • The Republic of Haven adopts the DuQuesne plan and becomes a welfare state. (Honor Harrington)


  • The Republic of Haven holds a constitutional convention, abandoning its old constitution and becoming the People's Republic of Haven. (Honor Harrington)


  • A shuttlecraft of the Galactic Federation crashlands on planet Peladon. Among the survivors is Princess Ellua of Europa. Kellian, King of the Peladonians soon falls for her. They marry months later. (Doctor Who New Adventures: Legacy)


  • Birth of Prince Peladon of Peladon to Kellian and Ellua. His parents attempt to get their planet accepted within the Federation, but are rejected because Peladon is considered too primitive. (Doctor Who New Adventures: Legacy)



  • The People's Republic of Haven passes the Technical Conservation Act, forbidding tech workers and scientists from emigrating. (Honor Harrington)


  • Peladon again attempts to join the Galactic Federation. The Third Doctor and Josephine "Jo" Grant assist the King with facing internal problems. The King falls for Jo, but she turns down his marriage proposal. (Doctor Who)


40th Century

  • In an alternate future, the Askani battle against Apocalypse's rule over Earth. (Marvel Comics)
  • The Doctor and Martha search for the old starship Infinite before the pirate Baltazar. (Doctor Who Expanded Universe [animated serials])
  • The Ood are enslaved by Ood Enterprises, after they cut off the psychic link to the Ood hive mind. (Doctor Who)
  • Estimated home period of Barbarella. Planet Earth has been united under a Republic, wars have been abolished and weapons exist only in museums. Sex has been replaced by a ritual involving computers and pills. But Dr. Durand Durand, a scientist, starts developing a new weapon. He and his spaceship vanish in the vicinity of uncharted planet Tau Ceti. Barbarella is sent to retrieve him. The local culture introduces her to both various horrors and to the joys of real sex. (Barbarella)
  • An unknown pilot takes ownership of a battered ship called the Albion Skunk, and aids in the restoration of the jumpgate network. (X Rebirth)
  • Pavel Young attempts to rape Honor Harrington because she turned him down. Harrington beats him up, but refuses to report the incident for fear that it wouldn't do anything. (Honor Harrington)


  • The People's Republic of Haven is effectively bankrupted from the pressure of the Basic Living Stipend. (Honor Harrington)


  • First successful cloning experiments. (Doctor Who note )
  • Hamish Alexander, heir to the Earldom of White Haven, is born. (Honor Harrington)


  • The Embodiment of Gris, ruler of the Fifth Galaxy is deposed and succeeded by the Master of Zephon. Zephon would continue ruling the Fifth Galaxy until his death in 4000. He would also hold a seat at Galactic Council, a Dalek-controlled organization. note  (Big Finish Doctor Who)



  • Conclusion of the war between the Galactic Federation and Galaxy 5. After failing to take over planet Peladon and its mining resources, Galaxy 5 agrees to a truce. (Doctor Who New Adventures: Legacy)


  • Mavic Chen starts his secret mining operation, collecting Taranium from the planet Uranus for the Daleks. (Doctor Who)



  • Astronaut George Taylor crashes on a planet dominated by apes.more  (Planet of the Apes (1968).more  )
  • Astronaut John Brent arrives on the Planet of the Apes in search of Taylor and his crew, triggering events which cause all life on the planet to go extinct. (Beneath the Planet of the Apes)



  • Approximate date that Stone Hardslab, the ace pilot, zooms around the galaxy and does a lot of indeterminate stuff. (Escape Velocity Nova)


  • October 1: Honor Stephanie Harrington is born on the planet Sphinx. (Honor Harrington)


  • Emily Alexander, wife of Hamish Alexander, is almost entirely paralyzed below the neck in a car crash. (Honor Harrington)


  • The Manticorans discover and annex the Basilisk System. The system's sole planet, Medusa, turns out to be inhabited by an alien species. (Honor Harrington)
  • Elizabeth Adrienne Samantha Annette Winton is born to King Roger III Winton. (Honor Harrington)


  • The Graysons and the Masadans improve their technological level enough to start fighting again. (Honor Harrington)



  • Mavic Chen is responsible for arranging a non-aggression pact between the various worlds of the Solar System. Some time afterwards, he becomes Guardian of the Solar System, making him de facto ruler of Earth and its dominions until his death in 4000. (Doctor Who) Descendants of Chen would continue controling Earth and much of the galaxy for centuries. (Doctor Who Missing Adventures)


  • October/November: An air leak ruptures the stacis pod of Lieutenant Maryann Stewart. She dies in her sleep, about a year before her crewmates awake from their slumber. (Planet of the Apes (1968).more  )


  • November 11: Astronaut George Taylor crashes on a planet dominated by apes.more  (Planet of the Apes (1968).more  )


  • Astronauts Bill Allen, Jeff Hudson and Judy Franklin crash-land in a lagoon southwest of New York. They have just arrived on the Planet of the Apes. (Return to the Planet of the Apes)


  • The Heletian Empire sends an archaeological team to investigate a theatre on planet Menaxeus. They discover a machine that projects plays onto a stage. Amongst its repertoire is The Good Soldiers by Stirloff Osterling, a legendary play that had been lost to posterity. The machine is taken back to Heletia for a performance in front of the Exec, the empire's nominal ruler. Events surrounding the performance lead to the death of both the Exec, and Manact Marlock, the power behind the throne. This enables the Ripporeans to defeat the Heletian Empire. (Doctor Who New Adventures: Theatre of War)
  • The People's Republic of Haven makes plans to invade the planet San Martin in Trevor's Star system. King Roger III makes plans to prevent this. (Honor Harrington)
  • Operatives of the People's Republic convince Manticoran aristocrats to assassinate King Roger. Roger's daughter, now Queen Elizabeth III, and her husband exile the aristocrats, but are unable to prove Haven was responsible. (Honor Harrington)
  • The People's Republic of Haven conquers the Republic of San Martin. (Honor Harrington)


  • The People's Republic of Haven formally annexes Trevor's Star. (Honor Harrington)


  • Thundarr the Barbarian and his friends adventure in a savage world of sorcery and super-science. (Thundarr the Barbarian)
  • Queen Elizabeth III's brother, Michael Winton, helps Judith Templeton and the Sisterhood of Barbara escape their treatment at the hands of the Masadans. (Honor Harrington)

Late 3999

  • Space Security Agent Marc Cory discovers that the Daleks are planning an invasion. (Doctor Who)


  • The Daleks attempt to conquer the universe with their Time Destructor, but they are foiled by the First Doctor. (Doctor Who)
  • Magnus battles rogue robots in North Am. (Magnus Robot Fighter)
  • End of the Third Dark Ages. (The Psychotechnic League)
  • Birth of Mr. Kim, future Councillor of Engineering on the Mugungwha. (Hate Plus)

    5th Millennium 


  • Honor Harrington, captain of the Hawkwing, liberates Casimir Station from Manpower. (Honor Harrington)


  • Birth of Peon Nae-mun on the Mugunghwa. (Hate Plus)


  • Honor Harrington is exiled to the Basilisk System by Sir Edward Janaceck for failing to properly utilize an experimental gravity lance through no fault of her own. (Honor Harrington)
  • A Medusan shaman gets high and leads an attack on Manticoran systems. This attack is swiftly defeated by Manticoran Marines. (Honor Harrington)
  • In the First Battle of Basilisk, Honor Harrington and Fearless destroy the Havenite warship Sirius while it is disguised as a merchant ship. The Havenites convict her of mass murder in absentia rather than admit Sirius was there to facilitate a Havenite invasion of Basilisk. (Honor Harrington)


  • The Grayson-Masadan War ends when the Masadans attack the Manticoran Navy, killing Admiral Raoul Courversier. In revenge, Captain Honor Harrington destroys the Masadan force attacking Grayson, and Admiral Hamish Alexander goes on to conquer Masada. The Graysons and Manticorans sign an alliance. (Honor Harrington)


  • The First Manticoran-Havenite War begins with the Battle of Talbot. The unexpected presence of the Manticoran ship Bellerephon results in the destruction of all Havenite ships and the death of the strike force's commanding officer, Admiral Edward Pierre. (Honor Harrington)
  • The Havenites launch two major offensives against Yeltsin's Star and Hancock Station. Hamish Alexander, now Earl of White Haven, soundly defeats Havenite admiral Amos Parnell at Yeltsin. Honor Harrington defeats Admiral Genevieve Chin at Hancock, though hampered by Admiral Mark Sarnow's injury and Captain Pavel Young's cowardice.


  • Deltron Zero is reborn as Deltron Osiris and continues the fight against government and corporate greed in the afterlife. (Deltron3030)


  • March 6: SpongeTron thaws Squidward after he has been frozen for 2,000 years. Squidward uses a time machine and returns home after taking a stop at the distant past. (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  • Birth of Kim So-yi on the Mugunghwa. (Hate Plus)


  • Archaeologist Howard Carson stumbles over an ancient Usan tomb note . (Motel of the Mysteries)


  • Marriage of Heo seo-yeong and Professor Kim. (Hate Plus)


  • Pro-democracy advocates on the Mugunghwa again gain traction. (Hate Plus)


  • At the Battle of Zaruthstra, Sontaran Commander Strax is called to the asteroid Demons Run to repay a debt to the Eleventh Doctor. (Doctor Who)
  • Heo Seong-bok takes the Mugunghwa civil service exams. (Hate Plus)


  • January 22: Mugunghwa council passes Oh Eun-a's proposal to require all unversity students to take classes using texts written in Chinese characters. Councillor Kim objects to the proposal, but does not vote against it. (Hate Plus)
  • September 13: *Mute and Heo Seo-yeong crack down on pro-democracy agitators. (Hate Plus)
  • September 16: *Mute and Heo Seo-yeong meet with Ministers Yang and Smith to work out how to deal with the Mugunghwa's democracy movement. (Hate Plus)
  • September 29: Mr. Park is elected President of the Mugunghwa amid widespread anti-Council protests and accusations of electoral fraud. (Hate Plus)
  • September 30: Oh Eun-a and Ryu Hyeong-su meet for the first time at a formal reception. (Hate Plus)
  • December 18: Chief Councillor Smith retires from the Mugunghwa council. He is replaced as Councillor of State by his son, Smith In-chul. The council elects Councillor of Captaincy Ryu Hyeong-su as new Chief Councillor. (Hate Plus)
  • Park Jin-sung first meets Professor Kim. (Hate Plus)


  • March 21: Kim So-yi's family arrange a marriage interview with Pyon Nae-mun. (Hate Plus)
  • April 2: Mugungwha council passes the Motherhood Credit Act, incentivising childbirth to combat declining birth rates, though they hold off on passing it until a way to finance it without taxes can be implemented. (Hate Plus)


  • August 20: Oh Eun-a and Pyeon Mi-seun clash over the relative importance of individuals and society. (Hate Plus)
  • October 5: Kim So-yi and Pyeon Nae-mun marry. So-yi is offered a promotion to Technical Specialist. (Hate Plus)
  • December 16: Kim So-yi is assigned a research assistant from the Han family. This appointment quickly ends after Mr. Han commits sexual assault. (Hate Plus)


  • Early April: Heo Ae-jeong starts buying camellias for the Eternity Theatre's current production. (Hate Plus)
  • April 17: Don't Pick the Flowers begins its theatrical run at the Eternity Theatre. (Hate Plus)
  • April 25: Mae Jin-a works up the courage to speak to Heo Ae-jeong . Ae-jeong invites her to see Don't Pick the Flowers. (Hate Plus)
  • May 30: Don't Pick the Flowers ends its theatrical run at the Eternity Theatre. (Hate Plus)
  • October 10: Mugunghwa council passes the Nobility Stipend Act, establishing that the nobility stipend passes along patrilineal family lines and will not be paid out twice in the event of two nobles marrying. (Hate Plus)
  • October 16: Kim So-yi received a pay cut over fears she will leave her job to take advantage of the motherhood credit. (Hate Plus)


  • April 1: Mugunghwa council begins debating the Meritocracy Act. (Hate Plus)
  • April 9: Mugunghwa council finally passes the Meritocracy Act, requiring all Councillors to pass a set of exams set by Mugunghwa University and overseen by a committee of existing nobles. (Hate Plus)
  • Early May: Pyeon Mi-seun surprises Oh Eun-a at her office. Eun-a shoos her away, as Ryun Hyeong-su is present. (Hate Plus)
  • June 14: Oh Jeong-woo writes to Pyeon Mi-seun, asking her to intervene with Oh Eun-a regarding civil service exam results following the Meritocracy Act. (Hate Plus)
  • June 26: Major shakeup in the Mugunghwa council following the Meritocracy Act more . Only *Mute and Ryu Hyeon-su retain their positions; the Councillorship of Engineering passes from the Kim to the Han family, and the Councillorship of Culture passes from Lee to Tae. *Mute suspects this may have been a power play on the part of Chief Councillor Ryu. (Hate Plus)
  • June 27: First Mugunghwa council meeting after the Meritcracy Act. *Mute vetoes Minister of State Smith's plan to increase taxes to subsidise nobility, and Minister of Culture Tae's literacy proposal. In revenge, the council votes to slash the security budget and redirect funds to electoral monitors answerable to the Chief Councillor. (Hate Plus)
  • July 3: Heo Seong-bok meets "Mimi" at a Heo family gathering. (Hate Plus)
  • September 29: Mugunghwa council passes the Lineage Act, allowing titles of nobility to be inherited by people other than eldest sons. *Mute objects, seeing chaos in the future. (Hate Plus)
  • October 23: Heo Seong-bok takes Mimi on a date, and ends up spending his entire paycheque. (Hate Plus)
  • October 24: After a night of drunken passion, Mimi swipes Heo Seong-bok's uniform as a lark. (Hate Plus)
  • December 20: Heo Seong-bok and Mimi reenact as scene from Dream of the Red Chamber. (Hate Plus)


  • January 21: Kim So-yi presents a report on the Radiation Problem. (Hate Plus)
  • January 22: Kim So-yi, last female engineer on the Mugunghwa, is fired. She continues to work on the problem from home. (Hate Plus)
  • February 7: Mugunghwa Council passes the Beaurocrat Act, creating a social class between nobility and peasants. (Hate Plus)
  • March 8: Mae Jin-a's father insist she marry a man, tearing her away from Heo Ae-jeong. (Hate Plus)
  • March 29: To avoid destitution, Heo Ae-jeong becomes a private performer to Ryu Kwang-su. (Hate Plus)
  • April 11: Ryu Kwang-su meets with Councillor Tae to gain support for Ryu Hyeong-su. (Hate Plus)
  • August: Park Jin-sung elected Acting President of Academics Against Neo-Confucianism. (Hate Plus)
  • September 23: Professor Kim is murdered by . (Hate Plus)
  • October 1: Park Jin-sung disbands Academics Against Neo-Confucianism due to lack of leadership. (Hate Plus)


  • October 5: Mugunghwa Council passes the Unity Act, removing all restrictions on presidential candidates except for those related to age and criminal charges. *Mute vetoes the act, but is overruled by President Park, who intends to run for a second term. This is the first act in which *Mute abstains from voting. (Hate Plus)
  • November 27: President Park is arrested on suspicion of electoral fraud. Heo Seo-yeong stalls the electoral monitors long enough for Park to pass the Mugunghwa admin password to *Mute. (Hate Plus)
  • November 29: Ryu Hyeong-su is elected President of the Mugunghwa. *Mute, fearing his ambition, orders Heo seo-yeong to assemble a dossier on every new Council member. (Hate Plus)
  • December 12: Seo-yeong attends Ryu Hyeong-su's victory party on behalf of *Mute. She is the only attendee not wearing traditional Korean clothes, as well as the only woman not present in a serving capacity. (Hate Plus)
  • December 16: Kim So-yi's loss of her job, lack of progress on the Radiation Problem, and inability to even keep a clean apartment lead to a mental breakdown. (Hate Plus)


  • January 1: Kim So-yi learns the truth about the Pale Bride from her grandmother. (Hate Plus)
  • January 3: Kim So-yi takes a blood sample from the Pale Bride to test her hypothesis about the Radiation Problem. (Hate Plus)
  • January 7: Kim So-yi prepares a report on the Radiation Problem. (Hate Plus)
  • February 17: Pyeon Mi-seun more  (Hate Plus)
  • February 22: Heo Seong-bok discovers that Mimi has been forcibly engaged to a woman in order to get the tax breaks. (Hate Plus)
  • February 27: Ryu Hyeong-su slashes the Mugunghwa's security budget to increase funding for electoral monitors. more . (Hate Plus)
  • February 28: *Mute and Heo Seo-yeong interrogate the Oh family maid. (Hate Plus)
  • February 29: Ryu Hyeong-su and Oh Eun-a have sex for the first time. (Hate Plus)
  • March 1: Ryu Hyeong-su and Oh Eun-a announce their engagement. (Hate Plus)
  • March 3: During a routine maintenance job on *Mute's central core, more  (Hate Plus)
  • March 5: *Mute and Heo Seo-yeong meet with former Chief Councillor Smith to plan a coup against Ryu Hyeong-su. (Hate Plus)
  • March 6: Kim So-yi promises her husband that they'll try for children if nobody accepts her findings. (Hate Plus)
  • March 8: Mugunghwa security raids Oh Eun-a's home. Eun-a urges Ryu Hyeong-su to take decisive action. (Hate Plus)
  • March 9: *Mute and Heo Seo-yeong's coup against Ryu Hyeong-su fails. *Mute's memories are deleted, as well as most of the Mugunghwa's logs. Year aboard the Mugunghwa is reset to 0. (Hate Plus)
  • March 10: Ryu Hyeong-su formally declares the start of the New Joseon Dynasty on the Mugunghwa and makes himself Emperor, taking the regnal name Taejo. [Neo-Joseon date: 1/01/01] (Hate Plus)
  • Ryu Hyeong-su and Oh Eun-a have a child, known as Princess Ryu, this year. (Hate Plus)


  • February 28: Wedding of Ryu Hyeong-su and Oh Eun-a. [Neo-Joseon date: 11/03/15] (Hate Plus)
  • March 19: *Mute is reactivated and enters the services of Oh Eun-a. [Neo-Joseon date: 10/07/04] (Hate Plus)
  • April 2: *Mute meets Princess Ryu for the first time. [Neo-Joseon date: 10/07/18] (Hate Plus)
  • June 11: *Mute is reintroduced to the Mugunghwa Council of Ministers. A public curfer is implemented to combat public lewdness. [Neo-Joseon date: 10/06/30] (Hate Plus)
  • June 14: Heo Seo-yeong dies by suicide. [Neo-Joseon date: 10/07/03] (Hate Plus)
  • October 17: *Mute's first daily midday report. [Neo-Joseon date: 10/11/10] (Hate Plus)


  • *Mute catches Heo Seong-bok sneaking out to meet Mimi. [Neo-Joseon date: 11/10/15] (Hate Plus)
  • The Wykydtron artificial intelligence is created to serve humanity in a future war. However, it takes command of humanity and seeks to destroy them. ("Wykydtron", 3 Inches of Blood)


  • May 27: *Mute comforts Princess Ryu regarding her future husband. [Neo-Joseon date: 15/08/01] (Hate Plus)


  • Fifteen years since its creation, Wykydtron has decimated humanity, bringing their demise closer and closer. ("Wykydtron", 3 Inches of Blood)


  • Some years before, the planet Krop Tor, occupying stationary orbit around a black hole is inspected by members of the Torchwood Archive, along with members of the Ood slave race. It turns out the Devil was imprisoned here. Bad idea. more  (Doctor Who)
  • Era of the Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire. The circle is broken; the Ood are starting to be freed from centuries of slavery. Ood Sigma tells the Tenth Doctor that his song is ending. (Doctor Who)


  • Major Tanis Richards of the Terran Space Force assumes the post of chief of security aboard the colony ship ISS Intrepid bound for New Eden, a terraformed world in the 82 Eridani system. Over the next year she and her team combat multiple threats before Intrepid is finally able to leave Sol. (Aeon 14: Outsystem)


  • The last Gestalt dies, bringing humanity to extinction. Afterwards, the genes of the Gestalts and structural information of the remaining Replicants were recorded and sent to a storage facility on the moon. Such an event was attempted to be kept extremely confidential. (NieR: Automata)

c. 4200

  • Many androids learn of the truth of humanity's extinction. Android morale decreases drastically, and manufacturing factories cease one after another, leading to a gradual decline in android population. (NieR: Automata)


  • In the museum of the radio personality The Night Owl, four park groundskeepers are unfrozen. They travel back in time to prevent The Night Owl from freezing them during a radio contest. (Regular Show)




43rd century

  • On the planet Oodsphere, an Ood oracle foretells the end of time itself to the Tenth Doctor. Later, they sing him to his sleep. (Doctor Who)












  • Death of Smith Dai-hyun. Birth of Park Kang-dae on the Mugunghwa [Neo-Joseon year: 292] (Analogue: A Hate Story)


  • Birth of Smith Sang-jung on the Mugunghwa. Smith Sang-hi marries Hwang the Elder. [Neo-Joseon year: 285] (Analogue: A Hate Story)


  • Marriage of Kim Jung-su and Heo Min-jung. Birth of Oh So-jin on the Mugunghwa [Neo-Joseon year: 294] (Analogue: A Hate Story)





  • Death of Kim Jung-su's father. Birth of Sun-hi to Park Kang-dae and Eun-mi. [Neo-Joseon year: 302] (Analogue: A Hate Story)


  • Birth of Han, future wife of Kim Heo, and Smith Geon-woo to Kyung sam and his wife, on the Mugunghwa [Neo-Joseon year: 304] (Analogue: A Hate Story)





  • Marriage of Kim Eun-mi to Park Kang-dae. Kim Yeong-seok discovers his family is noble. [Neo-Joseon year: 312] (Analogue: A Hate Story)


  • August 2: Smith Sang-jung discovers he has gotten Jangmi pregnant. Smith Sang-min arranges to adopt the baby and pretend it is his and So-jin's. Kim Eun-mi finds time to write to her sister. [Neo-Joseon date: 313/04/18] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • August 13: Kim Sun-hi meets Oh Nam-kyu, her future husband. [Neo-Joseon date: 313/04/29] (Analogue: A Hate Story)


  • May 28: Smith Sang-min appeals to Ryu In-ho to find a quiet civil service position for his brother Sang-kyu, but Sang-kyu is too useless to do anything. [Neo-Joseon date: 314/02/20] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • September 3: Smith Sang-jung visits Oh So-jin, trying to see his biological daughter. [Neo-Joseon date: 314/05/30] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • October 16: Smith Sang-kim presides over a murder case, and angrily throws it out when it turns out the accused not only hasn't confessed, but is still professing innocence. [Neo-Joseon date: 314/07/14] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • Death of Hwang the Elder. [Neo-Joseon year: 314] (Analogue: A Hate Story)


  • December 9: Funeral of Smith Sang-jung on the Mugunghwa. [Neo-Joseon date: 315/18/09] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • December 14: Smith Kyung-sam visits the Kim family and complains to Oh So-jin about the handling of Sang-jung's funeral. [Neo-Joseon date: 315/09/23] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • December 25: Smith Kyung-sam gives up on, as he sees it, trying to make the main branch of the family see reason. [Neo-Joseon date: 315/10/04] (Analogue: A Hate Story)


  • September 19: Kim Sun-hi is hurt when she has sex for the first time. [Neo-Joseon date: 316/07/06] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • Death of Kim Jung-su's mother and Kim Yeong-seok's biological father. Marriage of Kim Sun-hi to Oh Nam-kyu. [Neo-Joseon year: 316] (Analogue: A Hate Story)


  • January 10: Kim Yeong-seok is adopted by Kim Jung-su, becoming his heir. Yeong-seok vows to one day be chief magistrate. [Neo-Joseon date: 316/10/30] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • September 4: Smith Sang-hi begs Sang-kim for a new dowry so she can marry Hwang the Younger, brother of her deceased husband. [Neo-Joseon date: 317/06/30] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • September 8: Smith Sang-kim advises Sang-hi that he can't afford a new dowry, and suggest she will be fine as long as she sticks to chaste widowhood. [Neo-Joseon date: 317/07/04] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • September 10: Smith Sang-hi again appears to Sang-kim for money, saying that the Hwang family have no honour. [Neo-Joseon date: 317/07/06] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • September 14: Smith Sang-min agrees to match the dowry paid for Sang-hi's first marriage. [Neo-Joseon date: 317/07/10] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • Smith Sang-hi marries her brother in law. [Neo-Joseon year: 317] (Analogue: A Hate Story)


  • September 8: Kim Yeong-seok agrees to let the Pale Bride get an education. [Neo-Joseon date: 318/07/13] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • Birth of Ji-in to Oh Sun-hi and Nam-kyu. Marriage of Kim Yeong-seok to Han. [Neo-Joseon year: 318] (Analogue: A Hate Story)


  • February 3: Kim Yeong-seok passes the Mugunghwa civil service exams. [Neo-Joseon date: 318/12/13] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • March 24: Kim Yeong-seok's wife, Han, finds a discrepancy in a farmer's insurance claim. Yeong-seok listens to her opinion and takes her advice. [Neo-Joseon date:319/02/01] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • March 31: Kim Yeong-seok's wife, Han, begins to feel her husband is warming to her. [Neo-Joseon date: 319/02/08] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • April 21: Ryu In-ho suggests that Kim Jung-su give him a daughter in marriage. Kim doesn't have a daughter of his own, but he decides to hatch the Pale Bride and give her to the Emperor. [Neo-Joseon date: 319/02/29] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • April 23: After hearing about his adopted father's intention to give the Pale Bride to Ryu In-ho, Kim Yeong-seok feels that Jung-su has no faith in him. [Neo-Joseon date: 319/03/02] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • April 26: After the Pale Bride lashes out a few times against the oppression and sexism of Mugunghwa society, Kim Jung-su gives her to Yeong-seok and Han for fostering. [Neo-Joseon date: 319/03/05] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • May 26: Ryu In-ho broaches the idea of a second wife to Jae-hwa, his existing wife. [Neo-Joseon date: 319/04/05] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • September 10: Kim Han writes to her mother about how troublesome the Pale Bride is. [Neo-Joseon date: 319/07/24] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • September 19: The Pale Bride tries to explain that she is immunocompromised, but Kim Han takes it as boasting about how beautiful she is. [Neo-Joseon date: 319/08/03] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • October 31: The Pale Bride refuses to eat unless she is placed back in stasis. Kim Yeong-seok shows her that the stasis pod is smashed. [Neo-Joseon date: 319/09/16] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • November 17: The Pale Bride tries to access Kim Jung-su's computer but is caught by Kim Yeong-seok. Yeong-seok is terrified of possible consequences and scolds Han for not keeping a closer eye on her. [Neo-Joseon date: 319/10/03] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • December 7: The Pale Bride's maid informs her that she is to marry Ryu In-ho. [Neo-Joseon date: 319/11/23] (Analogue: A Hate Story)


  • March 20: Heo Min-jung tries to persuade the Pale Bride to be a good wife. [Neo-Joseon date: 320/02/07] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • April 16: With the Pale Bride refusing to bend, Heo Min-jung tried reasoning with her. [Neo-Joseon date: 320/03/04] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • June 6: Han fears that, since she couldn't control the Pale Bride, she will make a bad mother. [Neo-Joseon date: 320/04/22] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • June 21: On the day the Pale Bride is to be presented to Ryu In-ho, she refuses to leave her room. In a last-ditch effort to make her conform to Mugunghwa values, SUPER SPOILER . This works. [Neo-Joseon date: 320/05/13] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • Birth of Tae-hyun to Oh Sun-hi and Nam-kyu. [Neo-Joseon year: 320] (Analogue: A Hate Story)


  • March 4: Ryu Jae-hwa writes to inform and reassure the Pale Bride about life as the Emperor's wife, and informs her that Ryu In-ho has changed the admin password to the Pale Bride's birth name. [Neo-Joseon date: 321/01/30] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • March 13: Ryu Jae-hwa realises the Pale Bride is afraid of their husband. [Neo-Joseon date: 321/03/13] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • March 18: Pale Bride is formally presented to Emperor Ryu In-ho of the Mugunghwa. He approves. [Neo-Joseon date: 321/02/14] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • April 9: Kim Jung-su writes about how successful he was in breaking the Pale Bride's spirits. [Neo-Joseon date: 321/03/07] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • April 14: The Pale Bride decides to start writing in her diary again. Ryu Jae-hwa befriends her. [Neo-Joseon date: 321/03/13] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • June 1: *Mute reports to Smith Kyung-sam about her observations of the Pale Bride, confirming the girl is meek and demure. [Neo-Joseon date: 321/04/30] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • August 11: Ryu Jae-hwa notices that the Pale Bride can't read Chinese characters, and offers to teach her. [Neo-Joseon date: 321/07/13] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • November 12: Kim Yeong-seok has a meal with Park Kang-dae, who suggests that Yeong-seok would make a good successor to his position as magistrate. [Neo-Joseon date: 321/10/17] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • December 15: Oh So-jin realises she is attracted to Hana, her husband's favourite courtesan. [Neo-Joseon date: 321/11/21] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • December 18: Kim Yeong-seok gets into a fight with Smith Sang-kyu. [Neo-Joseon date: 321/11/24] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • December 19: Oh So-jin and Hana have sex for the first time. [Neo-Joseon date: 321/11/25] (Analogue: A Hate Story)


  • January 14: Hana realises she is in love with Oh So-jin. [Neo-Joseon date: 321/12/21] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • January 21: Smith Sang-min sends Hana to seduce Kim Yeong-seok. Yeong-seok angrily rejects her advances, but decides to investigate her connection to the Smith family. [Neo-Joseon date: 321/12/28] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • January 22: Hana writes a love poem to Oh So-Jin. Ryu Jae-hwa realises that the Pale Bride is in poor health and investigates her treatment by the Kim family. [Neo-Joseon date: 321/12/29] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • February 2: Death of Ryu Jae-hwa. [Neo-Joseon date: 322/01/28] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • February 5: Smith Sang-min is sacked as chief magistrate of the Mugunghwa more . Park Kang-dae is appointed chief magistrate to replace him, and Kim Yeong-seok gains Park's old magisterial position. Smith Kyung-sam hopes his son can restore honour to their family. [Neo-Joseon date: 322/01/12] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • March 4: Reeling from the loss of Jae-hwa, the Pale Bride seeks comfort with her husband. In-ho rejects her advances as they are supposed to be in mourning, and sends her to stay with her family. [Neo-Joseon date: 322/02/10] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • March 7: Smith Sang-min walks in on Oh So-jin and Hana having sex. He is amused, and dismisses it as girls being silly. [Neo-Joseon date: 322/02/12] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • March 9: Marriage of Captain and Emperor Ryu In-ho to the Pale Bride. [Neo-Joseon date: 321/03/07] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • March 27: Kim Jung-su fondly speaks to the Pale Bride about how he broke her spirit. The Pale Bride is filled with murderous rage. [Neo-Joseon date: 322/03/03] (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • March 28: Everybody on the Mugunghwa is killed after . (Analogue: A Hate Story)

c. 4398

  • A crashing Galaxy-class spaceship is saved by the Eleventh Doctor, thanks to some nifty temporal manipulation and a flying shark. (Doctor Who)


  • Bill Rizer awakened from cryogenic sleep and teamed with the space samurai Jaguar to battle the Neo Contra. (Neo Contra)

45th century


  • Among the androids appear Independists, who hold no loyalty to mankind. They garner much support. (NieR: Automata)


  • The two week Independist Strike occurs, conflict between the regular androids and the Independists. At the time, the latter had a small population and thus formed an independent nation in Australia. (NieR: Automata)


  • Founding of the Third Imperium. (Traveller)


  • You won't find a thing to chew. Nobody's gonna look at you. (see 2525)


  • October 12: End of the universe (Mayan cosmology)

47th century

  • The Aplans, the native race to Alfava Metraxis become extinct. more  (Doctor Who)
  • Detective Elijah Baley, N.Y.P.D, is assigned to assist R. Daneel Olivaw, a humaniform robot, in investigating the murder of Olivaw's creator. (Isaac Asimov's Robot Novels)


  • The Magog attack a Systems Commonwealth world for the first time; sporadic attacks follow over the next 15 years. (9766 CY) (Andromeda)


  • Systems Commonwealth signs non-aggression treaty with the Magog. (9781 CY) (Andromeda)


  • Nietzscheans attempt to seize control of the Systems Commonwealth, leading to civil war. The Andromeda Ascendant, with Captain Dylan Hunt in command, is trapped by a black hole. (CY 9784) (Andromeda)


  • The Commonwealth is defeated at the Witchhead Nebula in a devastating battle, leaving their former worlds without any support. The Magog take advantage of the situation to invade and attack worlds freely. (CY 9786) (Andromeda)


  • Internal strife within the Nietzscheans prevents them from effectively replacing the Commonwealth as a central authority. (CY 9787) (Andromeda)

49th century




  • When her friend Brinna is murdered, Halo Jones gets a job as a hostess on the Clara Pandy, beginning her travels across the galaxy. During her time here, she meets Toy Molto. Steersmans' Lodge halts export of water from Earth. (The Ballad of Halo Jones)



  • Halo Jones and Toy Molto part company. Halo drifts across the galaxy, constantly underemployed. (The Ballad of Halo Jones)


  • Red Wednesday Massacre. Most of the Different Drummers are killed. Halo Jones works in a livefood bar on Proxima IV at this time. (The Ballad of Halo Jones)






  • Halo Jones winds up on Pwuc. Toy Molto, now an officer in Earth's armed forces, recruits her into the navy, and the two fight for Earth in the Tarantulan Uprising. Within a year, Toy is killed on Lobis Loyo. (The Ballad of Halo Jones)

Mid to late 50th century

  • Birth of Tomoe Midou in Yokohama, Japan. She would become one of the greatest female athletes of her era. (Battle Athletes)


  • August 2: Birth of Yumika Karashima in Chiba, Japan. (Battle Athletes)
  • Halo Jones leaves the army in digust, but finding no other work, soon re-enlists. Her unit is sent to Moab. (The Ballad of Halo Jones)


  • Lux Roth Chop is married. Halo Jones misses her 30th and 31st birthdays due to Moab's time dilation. Around this time, Earth's economy collapses and the dolphins take over; they quickly negotiate a peace settlement with the Tarantulans. Due to the time dilation caused by Moab's high gravity, many of the fighters do not hear that the war is over until months later. General Luiz Cannibal manages to avoid being prosecuted for war crimes, but he is killed by Halo Jones, who steals his starship to go out. (The Ballad of Halo Jones)


  • February 6: A private investigator arrives at the remains of the Mugunghwa and extracts the surviving logs, as well as interacting with the AIs on board. (Analogue: A Hate Story)
  • February 9: The Mugunghwa investigator and their AI companion discover a cache of pre-collapse documents in the AI source code. (Hate Plus)
  • February 10: The Mugunghwa investigator and their AI companion decrypt the log explaining why the Mugunghwa's core systems were wiped, *Mute's personality altered, and the year reset to 0. (Hate Plus)
  • February 11: The Mugunghwa investigator and their AI companion arrive on Earth. Later, they depart again for more adventures. (Hate Plus)


  • June 30: Birth of Lahrri Feldnut in Mongolia. She would become an athlete. (Battle Athletes)
  • October 2: Birth of Mylanndah Arkar Walder in Satelite Colony 3. She would become an athlete. (Battle Athletes)



  • January 1: Birth of Kris Christopher on the Moon. She would be trained as both a priestess and an athlete. (Battle Athletes)
  • August 7: Birth of Anna Respighi in Satellite Colony 7. She would become an athlete. (Battle Athletes)
  • August 8: Birth of Wong Ling Pha in Hong Kong. (Battle Athletes)
  • December 31: Birth of Ichino Yanagida in Osaka, Japan. (Battle Athletes)


  • March 23: Birth of Akari Kanzaki to Tomoe Midou and an unnamed father in Hokkaido, Japan. Later in life, Akari would strive to match the achievements of her mother. (Battle Athletes and Battle Athletes Victory)



  • Akari Kanzaki struggles to gain entry to the prestigious University Satellite. There she will have a chance to compete with the greatest female athletes of her age to become the new Cosmic Beauty, a title previously held by her mother, Tomoe Midou. (Battle Athletes)


  • The empire of Tsan-Chan arises on Earth by this time. (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • The Supreme Alliance rises to power on Earth by this time, but it is defeated this year at the Battle of Reykjavik. An Alliance war criminal, Magnus Greel, flees to the past. (Doctor Who)
  • The Fourth Doctor and Leela defeat an intelligent virus. K-9 leaves with them. (Doctor Who)

50th century

  • 4022 vistors of the Library planet are saved from the Vashta Nerada parasites by its computer. more  (Doctor Who)

    6th to 10th Millennia 
  • July 4: Aliens invade Earth, using machine lifeforms to decimate what little is left of humanity. The remaining humans flee to the moon. (NieR: Automata)


  • The androids organize the Army of Humanity and increase production of combat-based models. (NieR: Automata)


  • November-December: First Leo Davidson and then Pericles arrive on Ashlar, the Planet of the Apes. (Planet of the Apes (2001) and adaptations)


  • The aliens begin producing machine lifeforms after conquering North and South America. (NieR: Automata)

51st Century

  • The man now known as Captain Jack Harkness joins the Time Agency on the Boeshane Peninsula. (Doctor Who)
  • The Battle of Demons Run. spoilers  (Doctor Who)
  • The Byzantium crashes into an Aplan temple on Alfava Metraxis. more  (Doctor Who)
  • The Tenth Doctor and Donna, along with River Song and her team, face the Vashta Nerada, parasites that take the form of shadows, in the planet known only as The Library. more  Everybody lives. (Doctor Who)
  • The clockwork androids aboard the SS Madame de Pompadour punch a hole in time to search for the "complete" Mme. de Pompadour from the 18th century. The Tenth Doctor meets Mme. de Pompadour through her lifetime in just a few hours. (Doctor Who)

c. 5100

  • The Army of Humanity begins constructing a base on the Moon after mass production of machine lifeforms results in a steady loss of androids. The lunar storage facility is built to contain culture on the Old World and information on humanity. In addition, construction begins on bases in satellite orbit for use in combat. (NieR: Automata)


  • River Song enters an archaeology program at Luna University. (Doctor Who, "Let's Kill Hitler")


  • more  River Song escapes from the Stormcage confinement facility, steals a painting more , and acquires a vortex manipulator after seeing this painting. note  (Doctor Who)


  • The Andromeda Ascendant is retrieved from a black hole, having been frozen in time since it was trapped. Captain Dylan Hunt makes it his mission to restore the Systems Commonwealth. (CY 10087) (Andromeda)

52nd Century


  • The androids launch their first counterattack on the aliens with a dozen bases in satellite orbit. Despite launching more than a dozen attacks in the year, it fails to significantly affect the machine lifeforms. (NieR: Automata)


  • Your legs got nothin' to do. Some machine's doing that for you. (see 2525)


  • April 1: Senkuu de-petrifies. Over the next few months he builds a shelter and starts to experiment in order to find a method to de-petrify other people. (Dr. Stone)
  • October 5: Taiju de-petrifies and meets up with Senkuu, who brings him to his shelter. (Dr. Stone)
  • October 6: Senkuu shows Taiju his experiments. Senkuu and Taiju begin making alcohol through fermenting grapes. (Dr. Stone)
  • c. October 27: The first batch of wine is completed. Senkuu begins distilling it to increase the alcohol concentration. (Dr. Stone)


  • Spring: Senkuu successfully completes the de-petrification formula. They plan to use it on Yuzuriha but end up using it on Tsukasa first after being attacked by lions. (Dr. Stone)

58th Century

  • Hal Jordan is occasionally brought to this period and given the false persona of "Pol Manning" to battle threats to the Solar System. (DC Comics)

59th Century

  • Humanity is divided in war between the Union and the imperialistic Deague. Ace pilot Ralph Werec defects from the Union spoiler , eventually facing off in battle with his younger sister Sara. (Soukou No STRAIN)

60th Century

  • Earth "segregated" from the rest of the universe. Earth's people practice an art partly science and partly magic. (DC Comics)


  • July 24: The Tenth Doctor, his daughter Jenny, Martha Jones and Donna Noble find themselves in the midst of a spoiler  war between two factions of clones. (Doctor Who)


  • Estimated time of birth of Sweetness Heyworth to Ben Heyworth and his wife Melanie "Mel" Bush. As far as they know, the pregnancy was the result of a fertility treatment by Professor Wakeling. Actually, Sweetness is a clone of Mel. Wakeling had taken the opportunity to advance his cloning experiments. (Past Doctor Adventures)

Between 6045 and 6048

  • Ben and Mel Heyworth discover that their daughter Sweetness is a clone. They confront Professor Wakeling about it. Wakeling kills Mel personally. Ben attempts to summon help from off-planet. Wakeling then persuades the town that their only possible future is if he continues his research rather than being sent to prison for murder. The townsfolk agree, and rip Ben to pieces with their bare hands before torching his home. Wakeling takes Sweetness into his home. (Past Doctor Adventures)


  • August 6: The Seventh Doctor and Ace arrive on the colony world Heritage to visit the Heyworths. They discover that they were murdered by the townsfolk. The only surviving family member, Sweetness Heyworth, is in the custody of Professor Wakeling who instigated the murders. Naturally, the Doctor has some things to say concerning the situation. (Past Doctor Adventures)


  • The Army of Humanity begins production of "Dragon" weapons and deploy them in the Kingdom of Night. (NieR: Automata)

64th Century

  • Home era of The Flash foe Abra Kadabra. (DC Comics)
  • During his journey with Mister E, Tim Hunter converses with one of the Magitek computers present in this era, inadvertantly giving it access to the twentieth century and allowing it to send Abra Kadabra back in time to bedevil The Flash. (The Books of Magic)




  • The Immigrant Fleet encounters another fleet that had escaped Earth, known as the Galaxy Federation. The two begin mutual exchanges, but their massive cultural disparities (Along with the Immigrant Fleet's possession of Zohar) leads to countless wars and treaties. (Xenosaga)


  • You'll pick your son, pick your daughter too, from the bottom of a long glass tube. (see 2525)


  • The research and ideas of "Carnegie", leader of the U.M.N. management and administration department, allow for science to advance rapidly in the next two hundred years. (Xenosaga)


  • Dmane is sent back 5,000 years when he was about to be executed for rebelling against the Government. He is sent back by Jay Garrick and subsequently executed. (DC Comics)


  • Human touch has been outlawed by the Council of Dick Elders. Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian travel to this period in hopes of finding a sexual paradise, and end up overthrowing the Dick Elders. ("6969", Ninja Sex Party)



  • On the Galaxy Federation starship Woglinde, Shion is running tests on the android KOS-MOS when the ship is attacked by the Gnosis. KOS-MOS awakens to protect Shion and her team, escaping from the U-TIC Organization to uncover a multi-layered conspiracy. (Xenosaga)

75th Century


  • If God's a comin' he oughta make it by then. (see 2525)


  • An abandoned factory site (The Junk Heap) suddenly explodes, a massive structure emerging from it and heading for outer space, its identity unknown. At its launch, powerful electromagnetic interference is detected that affects both androids and machines. (NieR: Automata)

c. 7645

  • The machine lifeforms' invasions decline, never expanding past their control of 80% of Earth. The androids launch several other attacks on the machines which all fail, while the machine population continues to grow. (NieR: Automata)

c. 8000

  • Paulie Gualtieri is released from Purgatory and ascends to Heaven. (The Sopranos)


  • The planet Gradius is, yet again, invaded by the Bacterians. The Vic Viper T-301 and its unnamed pilot is deployed to fight them. (Gradius V)

85th Century

  • Donna encounters a fortune-teller on Shan Shen, and a Time Beetle lands on her back. (Doctor Who)


  • God is gonna shake His mighty head. He'll either say I'm pleased where man has been or tear it down and start again. Woh oh. (see 2525)



90th Century


  • I'm kinda wonderin' if man is gonna be alive. (see 2525)
  • A race of deformed turkey was genetically developed by chicken scientists as revenge against his bird brother. These turkeys would exit the womb doused in gravy; gravy filled with the giblets…from a monkey. The French craved it, and, as a result, turkey became the only food source for France, which is now called RoboFrance 29. (Aqua Teen Hungerforce)


  • July 15: An asteroid will strike Earth. By then, Bart will be the President of Hell. (The Simpsons)

100th Century

  • Overlord Nevlor, the dictator of Almeer-5, introduces a law that all superbeings must be licensed in order to use their powers. Nevlor refuses to grant licenses to those whom he could not control. If an individual uses their powers without a license, they are either downsized (literally) or imprisoned. They are then replaced with artificially created beings with the same powers who are loyal to Nevlor. (Legends of the Dead Earth)


  • December 3, 4:55 PM: By this point, humanity destroyed themselves and were succeeded by intelligent apes, who destroyed themselves and were succeeded by intelligent birds, who destroyed themselves and were succeeded by intelligent cows, who destroyed themselves and were succeeded by intelligent slug-things, who also destroyed themselves. All resident humans are primitive nomads. (Futurama)

     10th to 15th Millennia 
Somewhen after 10,000 C.E.
  • Galvatron arrives on Gaea to claim the angolmois. He is defeated by Lio Convoy's Maximals, but all involved are sealed in a black hole. (Beast Wars II)
  • Magmatron and Big Convoy arrive shortly thereafter and once again fight over the angolmois. When Unicron possessed Galvatron, the others see the threat that angolmois poses and work together to defeat it. (Beast Wars Neo)
  • The colonists of Space Station Nerva wake from suspended animation, and resettle a long abandoned Earth. (Doctor Who)

Somewhere after 10,081

  • U.C. 8000+: Humanity is separated as those living in space colonies decide to abandon Earth and its hostilities. Humans discover the Turn-X and, in turn, build the ∀ Gundam in response. Two factions are created and unleash both Mobile Suits. Their Moonlight Butterfly attacks eradicate all technology between Earth and Jupiter except for the Moon. The Dark History ends as the Correct Century begins. Justification  (∀ Gundam)


  • Queen Misaki Masaki Jurai, driven mad by being the last of her family, unleashes her power as the Counteracter against the Juraian army. A time lost Tenchi Masaki briefly meets her before Z drags her to 1994. note  (Tenchi Muyo!)


c. 11,000


  • The aliens are exterminated by the machine lifeforms. (NieR: Automata)


  • A 2 kilometer tall Behemoth-class machine called Grün rises from the depths of the East Asian seas. Upon reaching land, it unleashes an electromagnetic shockwave that devastates everything in a 100 kilometer radius, android and machine lifeforms alike. After a month of battle, Grün is submerged in a trench between the Izu and Odawara areas. (NieR: Automata)


  • A Goliath Biped named Ernst declares independence from the rest of the machine lifeforms, forming the Forest Kingdom. (NieR: Automata)


  • The 8th Machine War starts as the androids employ a large-scale Resistance. Around this time, future Resistance leader Anemone begins combat. (NieR: Automata)


  • March 10: YoRHa 2B and YoRHa 9S fight alongside the other androids to liberate Earth from the machine lifeforms. (NieR: Automata)


  • By this time, rising sea levels have wiped out all mammalian life on Earth. Cephalopods, cnidarians, and crustaceans have evolved humanoid form and colonised the remaining land. (Splatoon)


  • Renton Thurston meets the enigmatic pilot Eureka when her LFO, the Nirvash typeZERO crash-lands on his house. He subsequently joins the rebel group Gekkostate, led by Holland, his idol. (Eureka Seven)



Some time before 12,266

  • The death of the last Shaa. (Dread Empire's Fall) justification 

Sometime after 12,426

  • Correct Century 2345: The mysterious ∀ Gundam is unearthed as the Moonrace, humans that lived on the Moon for centuries, invade the planet. A young Moonrace spy named Loran Cehack takes up the "White Doll" to attempt to prevent war between the two groups. (∀ Gundam)



  • The first Creeper attack on humanity wipes out virtually the entire Human Empire. The fifty thousand survivors eventually manage to defeat the Creeper. (Creeper World)


  • Approximate date of the Great Turf War. Their homes threatened by further rising sea levels, the Octarians launch an attack on Inkling land. The disciplined and industrious Octarians gain early victories, but a carelessly-unplugged power chord disables their war machines, allowing the Inklings to counter-attack and ultimately win the war. Ocatarians are pushed back to a network of underground caves. (Splatoon)


  • The Great War ends with Mobian victory. Julian Kintobor and his nephew Colin Kintobor Jr. betray the Mobians of Mobotropolis, take the name "Dr. Ivo Robotnik" and "Snively Robotnik" and take over the city. The first Robotnik War begins (Mobian year 3224) (Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics))



  • Operation: EndGame, Robotnik's final strike on the Freedom Fighters end in his demise. The First Robotnik War ends in Freedom Fighter victory. (Mobian year 3226) (Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics))
  • Robo-Robotnik, a Dr. Robotnik from a parallel universe, arrives to take Dr. Robotnik's place. He later changes his name to Dr. Eggman. Nevertheless, the Second Robotnik War begins. (Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics))


  • Sonic returns to Mobius after being accidentally exiled during an alien invasion to find Dr. Eggman nearly reclaiming everything. His return turns the tide in the war. (Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics))
  • Alterations in space/time allow Dr. Eggman to meet a counterpart of his, Dr. Albert Wily. They team up to take over their respective worlds, but are stopped by their respective heroes. (Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man: Worlds Collide)


  • Nono joins the ranks of the Topless. (DieBuster)


  • July 6: ending spoilers  (GunBuster, DieBuster)


  • The first year of the Demon Age. The demon lord Ryukotsuki escapes from hell and plots his revenge against the three Getsu brothers who ruled the surface world. The brothers fought the demon lord, but two of them were eventually killed off, losing their Pulse Blades in the process. The last surviving brother, Getsu Fuma, embarks on a journey to avenge his fallen brothers, retrieve the Pulse Blades, and defeat Ryukotsuki. (Getsu Fuma Den)

15th Millennium

  • Start of the Dark Age of Technology. Colonisation of the solar system begins in earnest. (Warhammer 40,000)

     16th - 30th Millennia 


  • Estimated birth of Justine. She would grow up to become a member of Faction Paradox. (Eighth Doctor Adventures, Faction Paradoxnote )


  • Faction Paradox recovers the Relic, a coffin containing the body of a Time Lord. Cousin Justine, a 17-year-old, represents the Faction in these events. (Eighth Doctor Adventures, Faction Paradoxnote )

171st Century

  • The Eleventh Doctor and Amy go to the museum built on the Final Resting Place of the Headless Monks more . (Doctor Who)

18th Millennium

  • Humanity invents Warp drive and first encounters xenos. Psykers first appear among humans. (Warhammer 40,000)


  • In the 7841st year of the Morennian Triumph, humanity discovers time travel. (Time Patrol)


  • By this time, Brain Baby dominates the world, and commands the Time Paradox Avoidance Enforcement Squadron to protect the space-time continuum. (Gravity Falls)

21st Millennium

  • Titans invented on Terra. Humans begin remaking the galaxy in their own image. (Warhammer 40,000)

22nd Millennium

  • Golden Age of Mankind begins. Emergence of the Navigator gene allows Human spaceships to make longer and faster Warp Jumps, dramatically increasing the speed and range of galaxy-wide colonisation. Perfection of Standard Template Constructs. Humans become the dominant force in the Milky Way. (Warhammer 40,000)

circa 22,500

  • The energy wave produced by the Core Explosion reaches Known Space, killing anything and everything in it not protected by either the Ringworld or some sufficiently thick nebula. (Known Space)

23rd Millennium

circa 23,190

  • House Atreides is moved to Arrakis by the Emperor, only to be assassinated by House Harkonnen with the Emperor's permission. Paul Atreides mobilizes the Fremen of Arrakis to help solidify his legacy as Kwisatz Haderach. He defeats House Harkonnen, The Spacing Guild, and eventually ascends to the throne of the Emperor himself. (10,191+ A.G.) (Dune)


  • The Eden Standard Time (EST) dating system is established. The current year is set to 0 YC. (EVE Online)


  • The seventh interestelar war note  (Miraculous Ladybug.)


  • A mining ship from the Mega-Corp Omni-Tek discovers a planet called Rubi-Ka. Omni-Tek is granted a 1000-year lease on the planet shortly after. (Anarchy Online)


  • A peace treaty is signed between Omni-Tek and various rebel groups called the Clans. (Anarchy Online)

25th Millennium

  • The Dark Age of Technology ends as humanity's Iron Men rise up against them. Human civilisation is plunged into anarchy as Warp Storms render interstellar travel all but impossible. (Warhammer 40,000)

28th Millennium

  • The Emperor of Man creates the first genetically-altered, power-armoured warriors to aid in his conquest of Terra. (Warhammer 40,000)

29th Millennium

  • The Emperor creates the Primarchs, twenty demigods made from his own genetic material, only to see them scattered across the galaxy by the powers of Chaos. (Warhammer 40,000)

30th Millennium

  • The Fall of the Eldar. The combined debauchery and sadism of the Eldar race creates the Chaos god Slaanesh, the Dark Prince of Excess. In an instant the heart is torn from the Eldar civilization, leaving behind a wound in reality dubbed the Eye of Terror. The shockwaves of Slaanesh's birth dispel the Warp Storms isolating Terra, allowing the Emperor to launch his Great Crusade to reunite humanity. One by one the Primarchs are rediscovered and given command of the Space Marine Legions. (Warhammer 40,000)


  • Approximate year that, for unknown reasons, two Space Marine Legions are stricken from all records. Ultramarines experience a suspicious bump in numbers at this time. (Warhammer 40,000)


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