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Grand Unified Timeline / First Industrial Revolution

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Grand Unified Timeline events from 1751 C.E. - 1850 C.E.

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     1751 C.E. - 1775 C.E. 
  • David Balfour is kidnapped and, with his friend Alan Breck Stewart, must survive Highland intrigue at sea. (Kidnapped)
  • Liska Mitsel-eman and the rest of the Highland tribe met Rakon from the Red Canyon tribe during the tribal games done between both tribes. (Katmandu)


  • June 10:
    • Benjamin Franklin conducts his kite experiment and discovers the nature of electricity from studying lightning. (Real Life)
    • The Flintstones and Rubbles, traveling through time via a time machine at the Bedrock World's Fair, arrive in Philadelphia and meet Franklin during his experiment. (The Flintstones)
    • Franklin is assisted by two other time travelers Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones. (Voyagers!)
    • The Doctor is also present during the experiment, before or during his tenth incarnation. (Doctor Who)
  • September 13: Faction Paradox purchases 11 days from the British government.note . (Faction Paradox)
  • September 2 - 13: Home base of Faction Paradox. (Faction Paradox)
  • September 14: British government switches from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. (Doctor Who and Real Life)


  • Liam is turned into a vampire by Darla. He takes the name Angelus and kills his entire family. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Rose Tyler warns Madame de Pompadour about the threat of androids in five years time. (Doctor Who)
  • Estimated birth of Tarquin, a telepath in a race that fears telepaths. He would have trouble with companionship until 2153. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • In Constantinople, Duncan MacLeod and Amanda have a reunion within the Ottoman court. They fight their way out when Amanda is arrested for theft. (Highlander: The Series)
  • Three-year-old Kun Lan is identified as the reincarnation of a demon and is worshipped by an underground cult. (killer7)


  • Construction of the Millennium Falcon in a baptism of fire. (Star Wars)
  • Beginning of the Mandalorian Civil War. (Star Wars)
  • Captain J. Flint dies from the effects of alcoholism. He never has the opportunity to return for his legendary hidden treasure. (Treasure Island)
  • Jan Martense leaves his isolationist family and joins the colonial army after hearing about the Albany Congress. (The Lurking Fear)


  • January 11: Birth of Alexander Hamilton (or possibly 1757) (Real Life, The Dreamer)
  • June 6: Birth of Nathan Hale. (Real Life, The Dreamer)
  • Birth of Atrus (Myst)
  • Duncan MacLeod persuades Kassim, the immortal prefect of an unnamed North African province, to spare the life of Reza, a cobbler who fell in love with a princess. Kassim agrees, but Duncan owes him a favour. (Highlander: The Series)
  • Peabody and Sherman convince Casanova to leave prison and write his memoirs. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • Dr. Samuel Johnson completes the first dictionary of the English language. (Real Life) He wins the patronage of the Prince Regent (because it will let the Prince look up rude words), but one of the Prince's servants burns the first version by mistake. (Blackadder the Third)
  • Summer: An alliance between all the tribes from the Plains region was created in order to hunt two dangerous wandering monsters named "Gomorrin" led by the Highland tribe. Both monsters were killed. (Katmandu)


  • October 28: Gordon Shumway (later known as ALF) is born on Melmac. (ALF)
  • Jabba Desilijic Tiure is sent to Tatooine to represent the Desilijic Clan in ruling it. (Star Wars)
  • Jango Fett is orphaned when his family of simple farmers is murdered by the Mandalorian Death Watch. (Star Wars)
  • Phobos is born on Mars. (The Outer Limits (1963))



  • Clockwork androids come through time to fetch the "complete" brain of Madame de Pompadour. The Tenth Doctor enters Versailles on horseback, cutting off the time window to the SS Madame de Pompadour and subsequently shutting down the androids. Madame de Pompadour gives the Doctor a way back to his TARDIS. (Doctor Who)
  • Harman Deltahead meets his neighbour, who has an angelic smile more . (killer7)


  • The Neimoidians become the leaders of the Trade Federation. (Star Wars)
  • Beatrice Whaley is born. (The Dreamer)


  • Young Jim Hawkins is pulled into a quest for pirate Captain Flint's treasure. He is forced to contend with Flint's former crew, lead by "Long John" Silver. (Treasure Island)
  • Dr. Maximillian Roivas discovers the plots of Pious Augustus. He attempts to warn the world and is locked in an asylum for his efforts. (Eternal Darkness)
  • Barnabas Collins and his family leave Liverpool for America. (Dark Shadows)
  • Kiyone Masaki is born. (Tenchi Muyo!)
  • Jan Martense returns home after six years of military service, only to find that his xenophobic family members now treat him as an outsider, and that he can no longer relate to their insular, racist ways. He corresponds with a friend about his plans to leave, but the letters mysteriously stop. (The Lurking Fear)


  • The town of Collinsport is established around the Collins family fishing business. Construction begins on the Collins family manor. (Dark Shadows)


  • Vidar Kim, Senator of Naboo and the Chommell Sector, is assassinated on Coruscant. Palpatine, secretly incumbent Sith Apprentice Darth Sidious, is elected to replace him. This is not suspicious in the slightest. (Star Wars)
  • Jango Fett becomes leader of the Mandalorians. (Star Wars)
  • Zombie outbreak in St. Lucia. Whites flee; outbreak put down by slaves and the few free black men. French authorities arrive 10 days later and force all black people on the island into slavery. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • Rial Hada-ro-seg dies during a rescue mission against slave raiders near a mine in the White River area. (Katmandu)


  • The township of Blair is founded in his Majesty's colony of Maryland. (The Blair Witch Project)
  • A friend of Jan Martense arrives at the decaying Martense mansion looking for him, only to be told by his degenerate family members that Jan had allegedly been struck by lightning and died. However, exhuming Jan's grave reveals that Jan had been brutally murdered, and though there is no legal evidence, the Martense family are shunned by their neighbors and soon completely disappear from public view. (The Lurking Fear)


  • April 15: Death of Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour from tuberculosis. (Real Life) The Tenth Doctor, too late to take in Madame de Pompadour as a companion, is left a letter by King Louis XV of France as her body is taken away. (Doctor Who)
  • May: Angelus and Darla kill Daniel Holtz's wife and son and turn his daughter into a vampire. (Angel)
  • In India, while attempting to kill the leader of the Thuggee cult, Duncan MacLeod enters a love triangle with Alice Ramsey and Vashti. Kamir, immortal leader of the Thuggees, kills Alice's husband and persuades Vashti to burn herself on her husband's funeral pyre, leaving Duncan mourning for another lost loved one. (Highlander: The Series)


  • Explorer Sir Wade Jermyn is confined to an insane asylum. (Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family)


  • April: After killing a series of women for their scents in Grasse, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is caught by the authorities and sentenced to death.more . (Perfume)


  • ca. June: While searching for wood to make a drum for his younger brother Lamin, Kunta Kinte is captured by slavers in the vicinity of his village Jufureh in the Gambia. (Roots)
  • September 29: The slave ship Lord Ligonier arrives in Annapolis, Maryland. It is carrying 98 surviving slaves captured in the Gambia, including Kunta Kinte and Fanta. (Roots)
  • October 7: At a slave auction in Annapolis, Maryland, Fanta is sold to Sir Robert Calvert of Junction, Virginia for £115 while Kunta Kinte is sold to the plantation owner Squire John Reynolds of Spotsylvania County, Virginia for £155. Kunta is renamed Toby by his new owner. (Roots)
  • At about this date, the planet Eminiar VII goes to war against its former colony Vendikar. The war lasted for 500 years, ending in 2267. During the war, the two sides switched from using actual weaponry to using computer simulations. The two sides calculated the casualties each strike would cause. An equivalent number of actual people would then be asked to commit suicide. (Star Trek: The Original Series, novelization Star Trek 2)
  • Bell is sold to Dr. William Reynolds of Spotsylvania County, Virginia. (Roots)


  • Birth of Padmé Naberrie on Naboo. (Star Wars)
  • Murder of Harman Deltahead's daughter, Susan. Harman goes mad and begins seeing ghosts. His angelic neighbour helps him become a killer. (killer7)


Mid-18th Century

  • The inhabitants of Epsilon 3 leave the planet, leaving behind the Great Machine and its guardian. (Babylon 5)
  • The entity currently known as Jones, then known as Elizabeth, becomes Governess to Samuel Langdon. (Gunnerkrigg Court)
  • Rasmus Gynt builds a fortune and becomes a wealthy farmer in the area of Gudbrandsdalen, Norway. (Peer Gynt)


  • The current Slayer is killed by the vampire l'Hero in Russia. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • The burthensome Townshend Duties on trade goods, including tea, on the 13 Colonies are withdrawn. (Chrononauts)


  • In Salem, the last known Greek Necronomicon is lost in the burning of the Curwen residence. (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • [Alternate Timeline] the British enact a Bakery Toll on the Thirteen Colonies, to much resentment. (Chrononauts)
  • The slave Cletus Moyer is manumitted by his master. (Roots: The Gift)


  • Harman Deltahead joins the Jim Townsend Survey Company as a professional assassin. (killer7)


  • December 16:
    • The Boston Tea Party takes place. (Real Life)
    • Johnny Tremain and Rab Silsbee take part in the Boston Tea Party. (Johnny Tremain)
    • Boston Tea Party protesters destroy a shipment of tea financed by Fidelity Fiduciary Bank, resulting in a run on the bank. There will not be another run on the bank until 1910. (Mary Poppins)
    • [Alternate Timeline] instead of tea riots there are Cake Riots, in which angry colonists throw cakes at Redcoats and smash a bakery. (Chrononauts)
  • Birth of Anakin Skywalker on an unknown planet to the slave, Shmi Skywalker. (Star Wars)


  • Harman Deltahead assassinates "Three-eyes" Dimitri at the Union Hotel, gaining his god-killer powers. Kun Lan speaks to Harman through Dimitri's body, and the two become friends. (killer7)


  • April 17: Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, and a group of time travellers from 3011 prevent David Farnsworth from sinking the nascent US economy with counterfeit money. (Futurama)
  • April 18: Peabody and Sherman track down a steed for Paul Revere, and get him pointed in the right direction for his famous midnight ride. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • April 19: With news of their arrival kept secret, British troops march on Concord and take control of its weapons cache while facing minimal resistance. (Chrononauts)
  • June 17: Peabody and Sherman visit the Battle of Bunker Hill, where they trick the British army into first removing and then putting on sunglasses. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • November: It is the best of times and the worst of times as Dr. Alexandre Manette is released from the Bastille. (A Tale of Two Cities)
  • Shmi and Anakin Skywalker come to live on Tatooine when they are purchased by Gardulla the Hutt. The Hutt soon loses her to a junk dealer named Watto. (Star Wars)
  • The Galactic Republic makes its first known survey of the swamp world, Dagobah. The survey team crashlands and struggles to survive, ultimately failing. (Star Wars)
  • Harman Deltahead assassinates Jim Townsend and legally changes his name to Harman Smith. He founds the Smith Syndicate, with Three-eyes Dimitri as his first employee. (killer7)

     1776 C.E. - 1800 C.E. 
  • July 4:
  • September 16: Americans win the Battle of Harlem Heights, Lt. Col Knowlton dies. (The Dreamer)
  • September: Kunta Kinte has part of his right foot amputated to prevent him from making another escape attempt. (Roots)
  • December 2: The Continental Congress finally endorses Thomas Jefferson's "Appeal to World Opinion" document declaring that the 13 colonies should be independent of the United Kingdom. (Chrononauts)
  • December 24: [Alternate Timeline] the American colonists are losing The American Revolution as Admiral George Washington is fighting with the British. Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones travel back in time to Mount Vernon in 1846 and convince Washington not to join the Royal Navy in order to set history on its proper course. (Voyagers!)
  • December 25: General George Washington crosses the Delaware River, allowing the American rebels to win the Battle of Trenton. (Real Life) The time travelers Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones are there to witness the crossing. (Voyagers!)
  • December 31: The Old Year 1776 ("Sev" for short) ends his reign at midnight, and retires to the Archipelago of Last Years. (Rudolph's Shiny New Year)
  • Washington's Rebellion quelled after Benjamin Franklin is bribed into defecting. (Code Geass)
  • A delegation from the Thirteen Colonies led by George Washington meets with King George III and his ministers to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the brewing hostilities between the colonies and Great Britain, a process which will ultimately result in the North American colonies being unified as the North American Union and remaining under the British Crown. The successful meeting is later immortalized by a painting by Gainsborough, "The Two Georges" (The Two Georges).
  • The Collins family mansion is completed. After Barnabas rejects the affections of serving girl Angelique, the patriarch and his family are killed. Barnabas becomes a vampire and is buried for 196 years. (Dark Shadows)


  • June 6: Birth of Richard Sharpe to a prostitute and an unknown father. (Sharpe)
  • July 7: Count de LaFey pushes his wife down the stairs after finding out that she gave birth to a bastard. (King Diamond album Abigail)
  • December:
    • General George Washington oversees the difficult winter encampent for the Continental Army at Valley Forge. The harsh winter, disease and malnutrition claims many soldiers despite assistance from both settlers and France, but the Army perseveres. (Real Life)
    • Washington and many of his subordinates resort to cannibalism as a result of the harsh conditions at Valley Forge. Ghoulishly, Washington decides he likes the taste of human flesh and indulges in it for the rest of his life, founding a secret society with the intent of corrupting the entire country into cannibalism, the depraved Washingtonians. (Masters of Horror)
    • Washington is visited by an angel who reveals to him the future of the United States. He is overheard by a young soldier Anthony Sherman, who would, 82 years later, tell the story to Wesley Bradshaw. (“Washington’s Vision”)


  • June 4: George III's birthday. The Antelope sets sail from Sherbrooke on an ill-starred venture under Elcid Barrett.note  (Barrett's Privateers)
  • The crew of the immortal Captain Terence Kincaid, transporting a valuable cargo from Asia to London, declares mutiny. Kincaid is abandoned on a desert island. The ship sinks, and Duncan MacLeod, who was a crew member, washes up on Japan. (Highlander: The Series)
  • The mortal samurai Hideo Koto takes on Duncan as a student, and his daughter, Maya, teaches him the more refined aspects of Japanese culture. When the shogun discovers that Hideo has taken in a foreigner, he orders Hideo to commit seppuku. Duncan becomes the protector of Hideo's descendants and takes up the family katana. (Highlander: The Series)
  • Peabody and Sherman rescue Daniel Boone after he is kidnapped by Indians. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • Harman Smith quits contract killing and drops out of society. Dimitri is rejected from the core personal, who reverts to the name Harman Deltahead. (killer7)




  • July 23: The newly-arrived French and American troops suffer a devastating defeat when the British attack before the French encampment is fortified. (Chrononauts)
  • The Mandalorians are destroyed by a Jedi task force led by Count Dooku in the Battle of Galidraan. Jango Fett is the only survivor. (Star Wars)
  • In China, Kiem Sun tests the kwanlo root on human subjects. It doesn't go well. (Highlander: The Series)
  • In Outer Mongolia, Duncan improves his martial arts skills under May-Ling Shen, former mentor of Kiem Sun, and a brief romance follows. (Highlander: The Series)
  • Supported by a secret society, Harman Deltahead founds and serves as the first principal of Coburn Elementary School, intending to use it as a vehicle to spread capitalism. (killer7)
  • Richard Sharpe's mother is killed in the Gordon Riots. Richard is sent to a foundling house in Wapping to pick Oakum. (Sharpe)


  • October 19: Peabody and Sherman help General Cornwallis find his sword so he can surrender it to George Washington and end the Battle of Yorktown. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • October 31: With failing French support and Holland already fighting the 4th Anglo-Dutch War against the British, the Dutch agree to send support to the American Colonies. (Chrononauts)


  • Anakin Skywalker begins to build C-3PO out of the pieces of several broken protocol droids. (Star Wars)


  • July 10: The American Revolution ends as the British surrender in the port city of New Amsterdam (the city having readopted its original name to honour the Dutch who helped the Americans win). (Chrononauts)
  • Duncan MacLeod works as a bodyguard for Baron Deshields, but fails to prevent him being killed by Christoph Kuyler. (Highlander: The Series)
  • September 3: The American Revolution ends. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland signs the Treaty of Paris, recognising the independence of the American colonies. (Liberty's Kids and real life)
  • Padme Naberrie is elected Princess of Theed. Her regnal name is Queen Amidala. (Star Wars)
  • Blockade of Naboo. Palpatine becomes Supreme Chancellor of The Republic. Anakin Skywalker found, freed, begins his Jedi training. (Star Wars)
  • Darth Plagueis is killed by his apprentice, Darth Sidious, who becomes the new Dark Lord of the Sith. (Star Wars)
  • Count Dooku becomes apprentice to Palpatine. His Sith name is Darth Tyranus. (Star Wars)
  • The Yuuzhan Vong reach the galaxy. (Star Wars)


  • Birth of Patrick Harper in Donegal, Ireland. (Sharpe)


  • February: In the township of Blair, Maryland, several children accuse Elly Kedward of being a witch and claim that she lured them into the woods to harm them. Kedward is put on trial and found guilty of witchcraft. She is banished from the town into the forest during a cold winter and left tied to a cart to die. (The Blair Witch Project)
  • The Jedi Vergere is dispatched to investigate Zonama Sekot; she offers to go with the Yuuzhan Vong and become their slave and informant in exchange for them holding off on invasion. (Star Wars)
  • In England, Duncan MacLeod and a widowed Duchess have Peter Kanis executed by hanging. However, Kanis turns out to be immortal, and vows revenge on Duncan for killing one of his dogs. (Highlander: The Series)
  • Dracula ventures into France and becomes an advisor in the court of King Louis XIV. (Dracula Lives! #5)


  • November: A year after Elly Kedward was banished from Blair, Maryland, her accusers and half the town's children have vanished. Fearing a curse, the residents abandon the town and vow never to utter Elly's name again. Thus, the legend of the Blair Witch is born. (The Blair Witch Project)
  • Birth of Han Solo. (Star Wars)
  • Raith Sienar presents the original concept for the Death Star to Wilhuff Tarkin. (Star Wars)
  • In England, tavern wench Roxanne steals the purse of Terence Coventry, who chases her to get his money back. Roxanne gains the aid of Duncan MacLeod who senses that Coventry is a fellow immortal. The two briefly duel over the fate of the woman, while Roxanne steals Duncan's horse and rides away. This story would make it into a 20th century Romance Novel ... with several significant details changed. (Highlander: The Series)
  • Forty years after the Battle of Culloden, the few remaining Jacobites are tempted to rise again. Duncan MacLeod and Warren Cochrane arrange to meet Bonnie Prince Charlie at a tavern in Normandy. By then, Charlie was the Jacobite Pretender. The meeting fails and no rising follows. The two immortals later cannot agree on how Charlie was. (Highlander: The Series)
  • At about this time, Duncan befriends fellow immortal Gabriel Piton. The two friends frequent whore houses and use their combat skills against the French authorities. (Highlander: The Series)
  • Angelus sires Penn. (Angel)
  • Rakon died in combat at the hands of Liska Mitsel-eman's adoptive son Quiet Bird when Rakon tried to pull a surprise attack on the Highland tribe. (Katmandu)
    • Liska herself died a day later after another group of warriors who were Rakon's followers tried to avenge their leader's death and the former used herself as a bait in order to drive them away from her tribe, sacrificing her life in the act. (Katmandu)



  • Peabody and Sherman visit Versailles and track down the missing Louis XVI, who has accidentally locked himself in the Bastille. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • An agent of the Celestial Intervention Agency visits Jamie McCrimmon and, after restoring his memories of his travels with the Second Doctor, asks him about his encounter with King James II in November 1688. (Big Finish Doctor Who)
  • [Alternate Timeline] James III is the King of England and Scotland. (Big Finish Doctor Who)


  • April 28: Crewmen of the vessel HMS Bounty, led by Fletcher Christian, revolt against her captain, William Bligh. (Real Life and Mutiny on the Bounty)
  • April 30:
  • May 5: A confluence of events and trends sparks the French Revolution. (The Rose of Versailles and real life). L'Hero is involved. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • July 14:
  • Dracula leaves King Louis XVI's court as the revolution starts, refusing to aid him in quelling it. (Dracula Lives! #6)
  • Head of Orpheus is smuggled out of France and to an isolated island monastery. (The Sandman)
  • Marie-Christine du Lac, a lady in waiting to Marie Antoinette, becomes the Slayer. At around the same time, she becomes sympathetic to the revolutionaries. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • First US presidential primary elections are held in Coburn Elementary School. (killer7)
  • Richard Sharpe is sent to work as an apprentice chimney sweep, but quickly runs away to St. Giles'. There, he is taken in by Maggie Joyce, a prostitute who teaches him thievery. (Sharpe)
  • Angelus encounters the Beast in Prussia. (Angel)
  • Nathaniel B. Claridge is born. (Quantum Leap)
  • Kunta Kinte and Bell Reynolds are married. (Roots)
  • During The French Revolution, Jason, the Marquis de Saint Epiman de Sinee de la Tour, is almost guillotined but he is saved by the Sixth Doctor and becomes his companion. (Big Finish Doctor Who)
  • Charles Gérard quits working for Countess de Coigny and joins the revolutionaries. (Andrea Chenier)


  • Count Dooku, aka Darth Tyranus, prompts the formation of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, nearing the end of his second and legally last term as Chancellor, manages to get the Emergency Powers Act passed, eliminating term limits until the crisis has passed. (Star Wars)
  • Death of Marie-Christine du Lac. Claudine becomes the new Slayer, and her Watcher has her kill aristocrats as well as vampires. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Kizzy Reynolds is born to Kunta Kinte and Bell Reynolds. (Roots)
  • Fiddler dies. (Roots)


  • March 30: The Articles as Amended are adopted in place of the Constitution of the United States. (Chrononauts)
  • First appearance of the Scarlet Pimpernel. (The Scarlet Pimpernel)


  • Dracula revives, kidnapping the loved ones of Richter Belmont to lure him to his castle. (Castlevania: Rondo of Blood)
  • The Clone Wars begin. Anakin Skywalker starts his descent into the Dark Side. He marries Padmé Amidala in secret. (Star Wars)
  • Claudine is killed by a vampire who may or may not be Sweeney Todd. Marguerite Allard becomes the new Slayer. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Richard Sharpe kills a gang leader and runs away to Yorkshire, where he picks up the accent. (Sharpe)


  • Richard Sharpe kills another man, and joins the 33rd Regiment of Foot to avoid a prison sentence. (Sharpe)
  • Grandfather Frost is born. (The Twilight Zone (1985))


  • July: The First Doctor and his companions Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright arrive in Paris, France, during the Reign of Terror. (Doctor Who)
  • September 15: Richard Sharpe gets his first taste of real combat at the Battle of Boxtel. (Sharpe)
  • Dr. Victor Frankenstein successfully brings an artificial man to life. (Mary Shelley's Frankenstein)
  • Jean-Philippe De Lafaye III, the self-proclaimed greatest swordsman in Normandy, is stabbed in the back by a jealous husband. He never had a chance to pull out his sword. Jean-Philippe revives as an Immortal. (Highlander: The Series)
  • Peer Gynt is born in Gudbrandsdalen. (Peer Gynt)
  • Andrea Chénier and Maddalena de Coigny (the latter under the name of Idia Legray) are guillotined. (Andrea Chenier)


  • December 13: A meteor strikes near Wold Newton in Yorkshire; unknown to them, nearby people are affected by its radiation, who have offspring of exceptional ability. (Wold Newton Universe)
  • The Clone Wars end. Anakin Skywalker kills Count Dooku unceremoniously. The Old Republic is abolished and the Galactic Empire established in its place, with Anakin becoming Darth Vader, the new Emperor Palpatine's apprentice. Order 66 is implemented, killing all but a handful of Jedi; the rest go into exile. Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa are born. Their mother Padmé dies. (Star Wars)
  • In England, Duncan MacLeod trains Jean-Philippe De Lafaye III in the ways of the Immortals. The combat skills of the student improve, but he is overconfident and dies in a duel against Damon Case. (Highlander: The Series)
  • 33rd Regiment of Foot is deployed to India to support to East India Company. (Sharpe)
  • Hans Sprungfeld, a murderous pirate and thief, loses a brawl with George Washington and flees, accidentally taking part of Washington's portrait with him. Shortly afterwards, he changes his name to Jebediah Springfield. (The Simpsons)
  • Saroosh is born. (Stargate SG-1)


  • February 25:
    • A group of settlers follow Jebediah Springfield in an exodus from Maryland after misinterpreting a passage in the Bible and set out in search of New Sodom. Jebediah clashes with another settler, Shelbyville Manhattan, over the right to marry cousins, and the settlers split up, founding the rival towns Springfield and Shelbyville. (The Simpsons)
    • Jebediah Springfield writes a confession on the canvas scrap he took with him after the brawl with Washington, revealing the truth about his past, and hides it in his flute. (The Simpsons)
  • Alucard, son of Dracula, awakens from his slumber, and seeks out the cause of what disturbed his sleep. (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)
  • Cameron, mortal lover of immortal Alex Raven, is killed by rival immortal Gerard le Roi. Alex kills him brutally in revenge. Duncan MacLeod witnesses the end of the fight and criticises her for killing an unarmed opponent, but Alex is in no mood to listen. (Highlander: The Series)
  • Robert and Gina De de Valicourt celebrate the 100th anniversary of their wedding with a renewal of their vows in Paris, attended by several of their Immortal friends including Duncan MacLeod, Hugh Fitzcairn, Robert Burns and Carolyn Mortimer. Robert is arrested and sentenced to execution by guillotine, but is rescued by the rest. (Highlander: The Series)
  • Convicted thief Jean Valjean is sentenced to hard labor at the notorious Bagne de Toulon. Approximate birth of Fantine in the French town of Montreuil. (Les Misérables)


  • Peabody and Sherman help Lord Horatio Nelson win the Battle of Trafalgar by quickly rowing back to England and casting his ship off from the dock. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)


  • The time travelers Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones prevent Jean Lafitte from being executed for piracy in the Bahamas. (Voyagers!)


  • Early 1799: Richard Sharpe strikes a sergeant. He is sentenced to 2,000 lashes, but this is commuted to 200 by executive order. He accompanies William Lawford on a campaign to rescue Hector McCandless, but the two are captured and imprisoned by the Tippoo Sultan. Lawfoot teaches Sharpe to read during their imprisonment. (Sharpe)
  • April 5: Seringapatam is besieged by British forces. (Real Life) Richard Sharpe escapes imprisonment and kills the Tippoo Sultan, gaining a fortune in jewels and a promotion to sergeant in the process. (Sharpe)
  • Ichabod Crane, a New York police constable, arrives at the small town of Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of murders. Performed by the Headless Horseman. (Sleepy Hollow (1999))
  • Peabody and Sherman discover that Beethoven has writer's block, and repeatedly save him from his successively more dangerous attempts to inspire himself. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • Death of Marguerite Allard. Yuki Makimura becomes the new Slayer. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Birth of Solveig in Hedalen, Norway (Peer Gynt).


  • January 15: Princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII celebrates her 16th birthday with the play I Want to Be Your Canary, as performed by the Tantalus theater troupe. The performance is a cover to "kidnap" the princess, setting off a series of events that culminate in... (Final Fantasy IX)
  • March 9: ...the final battle against the eternal darkness, Necron, who aims to revert everything to nil. (Final Fantasy IX)
  • April 18: Lieutenant Jack Aubrey is promoted to the rank of commander and begins his association with Dr Stephen Maturin. (Master and Commander)
  • June: The escape of political prisoner Cesare Angelotti triggers a series of tragic events. (Tosca)
  • October 31 - December:
    • U.S. President John Adams is defeated in his bid for re-election by Thomas Jefferson. (Real Life, Burr, Hamilton)
    • U.S. President John Adams is defeated in his bid for re-election by Aaron Burr, who makes a deal with Alexander Hamilton to prevent Thomas Jefferson from becoming President. (Alternate Presidents)
  • Birth of Phil Shortman’s great-grandfather. (Hey Arnold!)

Late 18th Century

  • Napoleon conquers the British Isles, forcing Britannia to move its centre of power to the colonies in the New World. (Code Geass)
  • Count von Rittenberg attempts to create coal mines and anchoring points into the islands of South Pacific for the Imperial Germany. (Nate and Hayes)
  • Elizabeth Bennet meets — and is greatly offended by — Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy at a local dance. This meeting will result in a number of romantic entanglements and complications between Elizabeth, Mr. Darcy, and their family, friends, acquaintances and enemies. (Pride and Prejudice)
  • At the turn of the century, Jon Gynt has squandered most of his father's money, and has to face bankruptcy shortly after. He leaves home with a peddler's bag, and leaves his young son and wife behind (Peer Gynt)
  • Somewhere in provincial France, an enchantress turns a cruel prince into a beast and his servants into anthropomorphic household objects. Years later, the Beast and a bookish village girl named Belle fall in love with each other, thereby ending the curse. (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Thomas Gainsborough paints The Two Georges, commemorating George Washington's meeting with King George III and the peaceful resolution of tensions between England and its American colonies. (The Two Georges)

     1801 C.E. - 1825 C.E. 
Early 19th Century


  • June 2: Gerald O'Hara is born in County Wicklow, Ireland. (Gone with the Wind)
  • Yuki Makimura's Watcher commits seppuku. Three months later, Yuki herself is turned into a vampire by The Master. Her existence is stricken from the records of the Watchers' Council. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Lieutenant Jack Aubrey first encounters Dr. Stephen Maturin. (Aubrey-Maturin)


  • Santa Claus XVI gets sleigh fever and delivers a sausage nailed to a piece of bark to every child in the world. (Arthur Christmas)
  • The Obra Dinn sets sail, led by Captain Robert Witterel. Six months later, the ship is lost at sea and all attempted contact fails.note  (Return Of The Obra Dinn)


  • The port city of New Orleans is sold by the French to the Americans. The rest of Louisiana is kept by the French in hopes of a better deal. (Chrononauts)
  • Duncan MacLeod and Gabriel Piton have a reunion in Great Britain. They have a duel over disagreement over Gabriel's theft of jewels, but Duncan lets Gabriel live. Gabriel gets worse. (Highlander)
  • In France, aristocrat Philippe D'Estaing's adopted son, Morgan, tries to kill Phillippe's biological son, Bernard, in order to inherit the family fortune. Events go south, and Morgan is stabbed in the back, but revives as an immortal. He is subsequently taken in by Xavier St. Cloud. (Highlander)
  • William Dodd massacres a British garrison; Richard Sharpe is the only survivor. (Sharpe)
  • The time travelers Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones help Meriwether Lewis and William Clark find the Northwest Passage. (Voyagers!)


  • February 16: Peabody, Sherman, and Stephen Decatur burn down the captured ship Philadelphia off the coast of Tripoli. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • April 1: Russia buys the Louisiana Territory from France. Czar Alexander I announces his plan for the establishment of Russian outposts there. (Chrononauts)
  • November 2 - December 5:
    • U.S. President Thomas Jefferson is re-elected to a second term, defeating Charles C. Pinckney. (Real Life)
    • U.S. President Aaron Burr is re-elected to a second term. (Alternate Presidents)
  • Han Solo escapes from Trader's Luck and begins life on his own, apart from Garris Shrike's band of space gypsies. (Star Wars)
  • Kamino Uprising of then-all-Jango-Fett-Clone Stormtroopers, on orders of the Kaminoans, who want less imperial control. In response, the Empire begins making clones from multiple genetic sources and begin taking volunteers into the Storm Troopers. Quality of the average trooper plummets like a rock almost immediately. (Star Wars)
  • Duncan MacLeod and Amanda settle for a while in Bavaria. One night, she runs off with the immortal Zachary Bane, taking all the jewels of the Holstein estate with her and framing Duncan. Duncan bears her no ill will over this. (Highlander)
  • Richard Sharpe saves the life of Arthur Wellesley, who promotes him to ensign. Due to friction within the ranks, Sharpe is then transferred to the 95th Rifle Regiment. (Sharpe)
  • Would-be explorer Leslie Edwards teams up with the belligerent drunkard Bartholomew Hunt to try and beat Lewis and Clark's expedition to the Pacific coast of North America. (Almost Heroes)
  • Charles Francois Myriel, the parson of Brignolles is called to Paris in a smaller errand. He accidentally encounters Napoleon, and hails Napoleon as a "great man". Napoleon, flattered by this remark, grants Myriel the title of bishop. (Les Misérables)


  • May: Horatio Hornblower is promoted to Captain. (Horatio Hornblower)
  • October 21: The Battle of Trafalgar is fought on the waters close to Cape Trafalgar, Spain (Real Life). Among the combatants are a look-alike ancestor of Jean-Luc Picard on the French side (Star Trek: Generations), and Colin MacLeod (Highlander: The Search for Vengeance) and Richard Sharpe (Sharpe) on the British.
  • December 2:
    • Napoleon defeats the combined forces of Austrian and Russian empires in the Battle of Austerlitz. (Real Life)
    • Prince Andrei Bolkonsky is severely wounded. (War and Peace)
    • Lovable Coward Boris Grushenko covers himself in glory, quite accidentally. (Love and Death)
  • In England, the second son of the Lattimore family steals the family treasure. He is killed soon after by the immortal criminals Lyman Kurlow and Peter Matlin, who frame the mortal Johnny Sondringham. Johnny's life is saved by Duncan MacLeod 'dying' in his place. (Highlander)
  • While demonstrating his time traveling phone booth, Rufus takes Bill and Ted to this year, landing them in Austria during the Napoleonic Wars. As they're leaving, Napoleon Bonaparte himself accidentally ends up being sucked into the circuits of time with them when they return to 1988. (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure)
  • V.I.L.E. agent Baron Grinnit disrupts history by stealing Lewis and Clark's journals. ACME agents correct the damage and apprehend Baron Grinnit. (Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time)
  • The Duke of Wellington returns to England to deliver his report on the Napoleonic Wars more . While there he discovers an indiscretion regarding his nieces, and challenges the Prince Regent to a duel. This ends amicably when Prince Georgemore  is saved by the cigarillo case in his breast pocket. The Prince's butler, Edmund Blackadder, was sadly killed though when he idiotically upsets the Duke. Well-known London pie and coffee-shop owner Mrs Miggins runs away to Scotland with Mad Jock MacAdder. (Blackadder the Third)


  • June: After it is discovered that she forged a travel pass for the runaway slave Noah, Kizzy Reynolds' master Dr. William Reynolds sells her to Tom Moore. Her new owner rapes her, resulting in the birth of her son Chicken George Moore. (Roots)
  • July 4: The Irish Rover sets sail from Cobh, County Cork, bound for New York with a cargo of bricks. ("The Irish Rover")
  • Atrus is deceived by his sons and imprisoned in K'veer. In December he is rescued by a person whose identity remains unknown. (Myst)
  • Birth of Wu on planet Omega IV. He would grow up to become the leader of the Kohm tribal group of his planet, descendants of communists. Due to the advanced immune system of his tribe, Wu would still be alive in the 23rd century. (Star Trek: The Original Series)
  • Taking advantage of a conflict between Britain and France, Morgan d'Estaing and Xavier St. Cloud poison the St. Cloud family, leaving Morgan as the sole heir and allowing him to claim the fortune. The British forces soon arrive, headed by Lieutenant Duncan MacLeod. The D'Estaings are proclaimed to have committed suicide. Duncan is suspicious of his two fellow immortals but doesn't have the time to deal with them. (Highlander)
  • Peabody and Sherman trick Zebulon Pike into climbing Pike's Peak. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • Richard Sharpe and Grace Hale buy a house together in Shorncliffe, but tragedy strikes. (Sharpe)
  • Charles Francois Myriel takes the bishopric of Digne in southern France, and holds it to his death. He is soon granted the honorable title "bienvenu" for his benign behaviour. (Les Misérables)
  • Fantine, ten years of age, begins to work for pay in the farmlands outside Montreuil. (Les Misérables)


  • Peabody and Sherman help Robert Fulton win a steamboat race through judicious use of trompe-l'oeil. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • The Beast of Orlok rampages over the Black Forest before it's wounded in the eyes and vanishes. (Big Finish Doctor Who)
  • Small zombie outbreak at Château Robinet, Paris. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • The Obra Dinn returns to port, abandoned. An insurance officer identifies the fates of all crew members on board.note  (Return Of The Obra Dinn)


  • July 13: Patients at the Charenton asylum, stage a play about the assassination of Marat written by fellow inmate, the Marquis de Sade. (Marat/Sade)
  • August: Richard Sharpe takes part in battles against the French at Roliça and Vimeiro. (Sharpe)
  • November 8 - December 7:
    • James Madison defeats Charles C. Pinckney in the U.S. presidential election. (Real Life)
    • U.S. President Aaron Burr is re-elected to a third term. (Alternate Presidents)
  • Time-traveling V.I.L.E. agent Jacqueline Hyde attempts to steal Ludwig van Beethoven's fifth and sixth symphonies, but she is apprehended by ACME and returned to the present. (Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time)
  • Matilda Moore is born. (Roots: The Next Generations)


  • Before May: Richard Sharpe takes command of a small squad of riflemen and protects a group of Spanish guerillas in an attempt to liberate Santiago de Compostela. (Sharpe)
  • May 12: Richard Sharpe takes part in the Battle of the Douro. (Sharpe)
  • July 27 - 28: Richard Sharpe takes a French Imperial Eagle at the Battle of Talavera. (Sharpe)
  • November 25:
    • A 25-year-old British diplomat named Benjamin Bathurst disappears in the Prussian town of Perleburg. (Real Life)
    • Benjamin Bathurst disappears after walking around the horses harnessed to his carriage in Perleburg. He slips into a parallel universe in which the American and French Revolutions were failures and the Napoleonic Wars never happened. ("He Walked Around the Horses")
  • Han Solo, a student in the Imperial Flight Academy, frees Chewbacca from slavery; Chewbacca responds by swearing a life-debt to Solo, and remain his partner for life. The two go to Nal Hutta to become smugglers. (Star Wars)
  • Lando Calrissien wins the Millennium Falcon in a game of sabacc. (Star Wars)
  • Yoda kills a dark Jedi in a cave on Dagobah, saturating the cave with Dark Side energy. (Star Wars)
  • Sergeant Richard Sharpe saves the live of General Sir Arthur Wellesley and is promoted to lieutenant. (Sharpe)
  • Terje Vigen is captured by a British navy vessel off the coast of southern Norway, while trying to break the blocade. (Terje Vigen)
  • A book called The Blair Witch Cult is published. Considered fiction, it tells the now romanticized history of Blair and the alleged witch Elly Kedward. The only known surviving copy is owned by the Maryland Historical Society. (The Blair Witch Project)
  • [Alternate Universe] James Madison is living in exile in Switzerland as the British Empire defeated the American rebels. ("He Walked Around the Horses")


  • February: Jabez Stone sells his soul to the Devil, to be collected in seven years. (The Devil and Daniel Webster)
  • Summer: Richard Sharpe takes part in the Siege of Almeida. (Sharpe)
  • September 27: Richard Sharpe takes part in the Battle of Bussaco. (Sharpe)
  • Duncan MacLeod travels across Switzerland with Brian Cullen, a fellow immortal and the greatest swordsman in Europe. Their journey is interrupted by Alan Kelly, a mortal swordsman and the latest in a long line eager to beat the best and get a reputation. Cullen wonders why they keep coming after so many have died by his sword. (Highlander)
  • Peabody and Sherman find Napoleon's lost Imperial Suspenders, but decide to keep them instead of giving them back to him. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • Bill and Ted abduct Ludwig von Beethoven for their history report. (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure)
  • Marius Pontmercy is born in Paris. (Les Misérables)
  • Last recorded sighting of life at the Martense mansion. The family disappears without a trace soon afterwards. (The Lurking Fear)


  • March 5: Richard Sharpe takes part in the Battle of Barrosa. (Sharpe)
  • May 3 - 6: Richard Sharpe takes part in the Battle of Fuentes de Oñoro. (Sharpe)
  • America supports Napoleon by declaring war on Britain, but due to various factors, is defeated with immense loss of territory. Parts of the northwest are ceded to the Michigan Territory (a joint British/New Englander possession) and an Indian Confederation under Tecumseh, serving as a buffer state. Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey successfully secede and form the rival Republic of New England. (Decades of Darkness)
  • Fantine, fifteen years of age, arrives in Paris. While working as a seamstress, she encounters the students, and begins a relationship with the much1 older Félix Tholomyes. (Les Misérables)


  • January 20: Richard Sharpe takes part in the Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo. (Sharpe)
  • March 16 - April 6: Richard Sharpe takes part in the Siege of Badajoz. (Sharpe)
  • Early: Samantha becomes the Slayer. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • July 22: Richard Sharpe takes part in the Battle of Salamanca. (Sharpe)
  • October 30 - December 2:
    • U.S. President James Madison is re-elected to a second term, defeating DeWitt Clinton. (Real Life)
    • U.S. President Aaron Burr is re-elected to a fourth term. (Alternate Presidents)
  • Late: Death of Samantha. Elizabeth Weston becomes the Slayer. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Signing of the Corellian Treaty founding the Rebel Alliance in honor of the martyr Sith-turned-Jedi, Galen Marek. Beginning of the Galactic Civil War. (Star Wars)
  • Han Solo wins the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissien in a game of sabacc. (Star Wars)


  • June 21: Richard Sharpe takes part in the Battle of Vitoria. (Sharpe)
  • Elizabeth III nominates her lover, Sir Ricardo von Britannia, as her successor upon her death; he then becomes the first Emperor of Britannia. The Britannian calendar, Ascension Throne Britannia (a.t.b.), is established. (Code Geass)
  • The Irish Rover gets lost in fog, strikes a rock, and sinks, leaving only the skipper alive. ("The Irish Rover")


  • April 7: During a stormy night at sea, Dr. Henry Morgan is murdered by the crew of the Empress of Africa after he saves the life of an African slave. He revives for the first time shortly afterward and realizes that he is apparently immortal.Also during the storm  (Forever)
  • April 10: Richard Sharpe takes part in the Battle of Toulouse. (Sharpe)
  • May: Michael Howe joins a bushranger gang. (Real Life and The Outlaw Michael Howe)
  • September 16: The time travelers Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones ensure that Francis Scott Key does not lose the lyrics of The Star-Spangled Banner. (Voyagers!)
  • Luke Skywalker begins his journey after the death of his aunt and uncle. He starts Jedi training under Obi-wan Kenobi. Kenobi is killed in battle by Darth Vader. Luke destroys the Death Star in the Battle of Yavin. (Star Wars) An Imperial counterattack forces the Rebels to evacuate Yavin IV. (Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike)
  • Peer Gynt, now approximately twenty years of age, elopes with the bride Ingrid, who is scheduled to marry another man. He is taken into the mountains after a wild night with three dairy maids, and is nearly beaten to death by angry trolls. In autumn, the Mountain King´s daughter gives birth to a child she claims to be his. (Peer Gynt).
  • Terje Vigen is released from a British war prison and returned home, only to find that his wife and daughter has died from starvation. (Terje Vigen)


  • January 8:
    • The Battle of New Orleans, the final battle of War of 1812, is fought. The American forces, under the command of General Andrew Jackson, defeat the invading British. (Real Life)
    • [Alternate Timeline] British forces are occupying New Orleans, having won the battle. Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones travel back in time to the Bahamas in 1798 in order to save the pirate Jean Lafitte so that he can help General Andrew Jackson defeat the British. (Voyagers!)
  • June 18:
    • The Battle of Waterloo, the final battle of The Napoleonic Wars, is fought. France is defeated. (Real Life, Sharpe)
    • Edmund Blackadder from 1999 travels through time accidentally landing on the Duke of Wellington before declaring his plan, allowing a French victory. Blackadder later repairs this. (Blackadder: Back and Forth)
    • Duncan MacLeod participates in the battle while serving in a Scottish regiment. Darius, an immortal healer, takes him on as an apprentice and shows him the true nature of war. (Shadow of Obsession)
    • Peabody and Sherman track down the Duke of Wellington in the hot springs of Waterloo, Denmark. They return him to Waterloo, Belgium, so he can order the British army to attack. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
    • Thénardier, a camp follower of the French army, accidentally revives Pontmercy, a French cavalryman, who was presumed dead after the battle. Later that year, he establishes an inn with the money he got from Pontmercy. (Les Misérables)
  • August 8: The 13th Phantom encounters pirates. (Phantom 2040)
  • Euphrasie, later known as "Cosette", is born. Her parents are the student Felix Tholomyés and the seamstress Fantine. Jean Valjean is released from prison in October. He meets the bishop Myriel, who grants him pardon and forgiveness for stealing from him. Valjean promises to build a better life. In december, he arrives at Montreuil-sur-Mer, saving the mayor's children from a fire, and takes the name "Madeleine". Soon after, he establishes a business in town. (Les Misérables).
  • Peer Gynt is judged an outlaw by the local court, and builds a hut in the mountains. Solveig comes to him, but his unfortunate encounter with the troll community forces him to flee the country. He stops by to comfort his dying mother before he leaves. Later that year, he shows up in Charleston, Carolina with a little more than a penny to his name. (Peer Gynt).
  • Some time after his first death, Henry Morgan returns to his home and attempts to convince his wife, Nora, that he is immortal. She has him committed to an asylum. (Forever)
  • Eileen Treacle is born. (The Blair Witch Project)


  • January 29: Duncan MacLeod decides to leave Europe, where hatreds run deep, for America, hoping for a fresh start on life. (Shadow of Obsession)
  • November 1 - December 4:
    • James Monroe defeats Rufus King in the U.S. presidential election. (Real Life)
    • U.S. President Aaron Burr is re-elected to a fifth term. (Alternate Presidents)
  • December 25: A child sees Santa Claus on his delivery, forcing the elves to go into hiding for six years to protect the North Pole operation. Christmas deliveries do not resume until 1822. (Arthur Christmas)
  • Birth of Yeesha (Myst)
  • Jonathan Strange publishes the first volume of The History and Practice of English Magic. (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell)
  • In Polly Spark's altered version of history, Booster-Bot attaches twin jet engines to the world's first bicycle, launching poor Karl von Drais into the stratosphere. (JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain)
  • With the assistance of an incarcerated Catholic priest, Henry Morgan escapes Southwark Prison by teleporting out via death and resurrection. He starts a new life elsewhere. (Forever)
  • A posse searches the Martense mansion after there has been no sign of life for several years. The mansion is revealed to have become a decaying ruin more like an animal den than the stately manor it had been. There is no trace of the Martenses or what happened to them. (The Lurking Fear)
  • Edward Linfoot is born. (Big Finish Doctor Who)



  • April: The seamstress Fantine travels north to her hometown Montreuil, and leaves Cosette in the care of the Thénardier couple in Montfermeil. Later the same year, she arrives in Montreuil, and takes work in the Madeleine factory. (Les Misérables)
  • October 21: Michael Howe has his Last Stand against the Australian government, ultimately being killed. (Real Life and The Outlaw Michael Howe)
  • Death of Jabba Desilijic Tiure. The Battle of Endor. The Rebel Alliance achieve a decisive victory over Galactic Empire in a galaxy far, far away. The downfall of Darth Vader and the Emperor, along with most of their closest and highest ranking staff. Beginning of civil war and warlordism among remaining Imperial factions and figures. (Star Wars)


  • The business which would become Lordly Tailor Department Stores is established. (Ace Attorney)
  • Establishment of the New Galactic Republic by the Rebel Alliance. (Star Wars)
  • Young Englishman Aubrey becomes acquainted with Lord Ruthven, and accompanies him to Rome and Greece, where Ruthven apparently dies. As a final request, Ruthven asks Aubrey to swear not to tell anyone about his death for a year and a death, which Aubrey does. (The Vampyre)


  • February: Dan’l Webster argues Jabez Stone’s case before the Devil, convincing him that the Devil has no right to Stone’s soul. (The Devil and Daniel Webster)
  • November 1 - December 6:
    • U.S. President James Monroe is re-elected unopposed to a second term. (Real Life)
    • U.S. President Aaron Burr is re-elected to a sixth term. (Alternate Presidents)
  • The New Republic switches from guerilla tactics to outright conquering of key Core Worlds. Rogue Squadron is reestablished to help facilitate this. (Star Wars)
  • Dawn of the Golden Age of Muttonchops. (Futurama)
  • Nearly a year after Ruthven's apparent death, he mysteriously returns to Britain. Aubrey's oath prevents him from telling his sister, whom Ruthven is marrying, of his suspicions that Ruthven is a ruthless killer. Aubrey's sister is killed on their wedding night, and Ruthven disapears.
  • Peabody and Sherman help Hans Christian Oersted discover the connection between electricity and magnetism by throwing a picnic. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • Onaya, a muse/psychic vampire, bonds to John Keats and drives him to create great poetry in order to feed on his psionic energy. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  • The corpses of Harman Deltahead and Kun Lan, who had apparently been in the middle of a chess game, are found in Coburn Elementary School. (killer7)
  • Richard Sharpe and Patrick Harper are pulled out of retirement to track down Don Blas Vivar. (Sharpe)
  • Jean Valjean AKA "Madeleine" is granted the position of mayor in the city of Montreuil. Reluctantly, he accepts it. The Thenardier couple has a son in Montfermeil, later known by the name of "Gavroche". (Les Misérables)


  • February 23: Death of poet John Keats in Rome, Papal States at the age of 25. (Real Life) His early death is caused by an alien named Onaya draining his psionic energy. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  • September 27-28: The Mexican War of Independence ends. By the terms of the Treaty of Córdoba, Mexican forces under Agustín de Iturbide settle in Mexico City. The "Declaration of Independence of the Mexican Empire" declares Mexico officially independent from Spain. (Real Life)
  • In the last days of Spanish rule over California, Don Rafael Montero discovers the secret identity of his nemesis Zorro. He slays Zorro's wifemore , sends him to prison and takes his daughter to Spain to raise for his own. (The Mask of Zorro)
  • The New Republic takes Coruscant, the galactic capital, from the Empire, which is rapidly deteriorating. The Bacta War drives the Empire and its overall ruler Ysanne "Iceheart" Isard off of Thyferra. (Star Wars: X-Wing - Wedge's Gamble through The Bacta War)
  • Jobe H. Farnum is born. (Amazing Stories)


  • The New Republic mounts a campaign against Warlord Zsinj, eventually destroying his super star destroyer Iron Fist and taking control of his territory. Zsinj is killed in the Battle of Dathomir later that year. Han Solo and Leia Organa marry. The Hapes Consortium joins the New Republic. (Star Wars: X-Wing - Wraith Squadron through Solo Command, The Courtship of Princess Leia)
  • Fantine loses her job at the Madeleine factory, and rapidly hits Rock Bottom. At the end of the year she is forced into prostitution after lagging behind on her payments to the Thénardiers. (Les Misérables)
  • Kunta Kinte dies. (Roots)
  • John Claridge is born. (Quantum Leap)


  • January: Fantine is assailed by a local slacker, and wrongfully arrested by Javert. She succumbs to her latent tuberculosis. Jean Valjean, living under the cover of "Madeleine", and the current mayor of Montreuil, blows his cover to save a suspect the court believes to be him. Fantine dies in Montreuil at the end of january, while Valjean gets arrested. He manages to escape, heads for Paris, where he takes his entire fortune out of Lafitte's bank, and buries it all in a secret place near Montfermeil. (Les Misérables)
  • Summer: Valjean is arrested for the second time and is sentenced to death. The king alters this to a life sentence on the galleys. (Les Misérables).
  • November 16: Jean Valjean saves a sailor from falling to his death while working on a naval vessel in Toulon. He escapes prison and goes undercover. (Les Misérables)
  • Christmas: Jean Valjean frees Cosette from the Thenardiers and takes her to Paris. (Les Misérables)
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn attempts and comes close to returning the Empire to glory, only to be assassinated by his bodyguard. In the aftermath, the New Republic launches a reprisal campaign against the Imperial Remnant warlord Delak Krennel, killing both him and a clone of Ysanne Isard, former Director of Imperial Intelligence. The real Ysanne Isard attempts to steal the SSD Lusankya, captured by the New Republic during the Bacta War, from the shipyard where she is being refitted, but is killed by New Republic Intelligence agent Iella Wessiri. Birth of Jacen and Jaina Solo to Han and Leia Organa Solo. (Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy, X-Wing - Isard's Revenge)
  • The Homeville County School is built. (The Twilight Zone (1959))


  • October: Kizzy Reynolds discovers that her father Kunta Kinte died two years earlier as he was heartbroken that her mother Bell Reynolds was sold to another plantation. She crosses her father's slave name Toby from his wooden grave marker and writes his true name Kunta Kinte in its place. (Roots)
  • October 26 - December 1:
    • John Quincy Adams defeats Andrew Jackson in the U.S. presidential election. (Real Life)
    • U.S. President Aaron Burr is re-elected to a seventh term. (Alternate Presidents)
    • Andrew Jackson defeats John Quincy Adams in the U.S. presidential election. (Alternate Presidents)
    • Henry Clay becomes President by striking a deal with John C. Calhoun. (Trail of Glory)
  • Winter: Javert begins to stalk Valjean. Valjean escapes again, and hides in a monastery for several years. (Les Misérables)
  • Emperor Palpatine is revived in a clone body, recaptures Coruscant and turns Luke Skywalker to the dark side. Luke turns back and kills Palpatine a second time. (Star Wars: Dark Empire)
  • Peabody and Sherman recover Franz Schubert's stolen piano. That afternoon, Schubert pitches a no-hitter. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • Peabody and Sherman help John James Audobon complete his painting of a rare Zebredese Chicken and finish his seminal bird book. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • British ambassadors to the Zulu nation witness a Zulu prince fighting a zombie as a rite of passage. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • Peer Gynt is on a luxury yacht off the coast of Morocco, having built his fortune on slave trade an other things for ten years. His company of gentlemen leaves him behind on the shore when they realize he is determined to support the Ottomans against the Greeks in the Greek rebellions. Peer Gynt manages to travel through Sahara, disguised as a bedouin chieftain, only to be robbed by another chieftains daugher. In the end, he arrives in Cairo, where he ends up in a local madhouse, being hailed as an emperor. (Peer Gynt)
  • The town of Night Vale is founded in the American desert. An Elder Town Council, later City Council, is elected to preside over the town and would remain in power into the 21st Century, without having changed any of its membership. (Welcome to Night Vale)
  • In Maryland, Peter Branwall Burkitt founds Burkittsville on the former site of the township of Blair, which was abandoned in November 1786. (The Blair Witch Project)
  • The Rock Spring School for Boys is founded in Vermont. (The Twilight Zone (1959))


  • July 15: Reuben J. "Rooster" Cogburn is born. (True Grit)
  • August: A 10-year-old girl, Eileen Treacle, disappears. Eleven witnesses say they saw her being dragged into the shallow river by a woman's hand. The creek is clogged with oily bundles of sticks and becomes unpotable for thirteen days. (The Blair Witch Project)
  • Emperor Palpatine is revived a second time in another clone body. The cloning facility is destroyed and his spirit incapacitated. Coruscant retaken by New Republic. Birth of Anakin Solo to Han and Leia Organa Solo. (Star Wars: Dark Empire)
  • Establishment of Jedi Praexium on Yavin IV. Destruction of the spirit of ancient Sith Lord Exar Kun. The New Republic mounts a campaign against pirate warlord and former Imperial governor Leonia Tavira. (Star Wars: Jedi Academy Trilogy)
  • David Keogh, a young immortal of working-class origins, proposes to Julia Renquist, his upper-class girlfriend, but she refuses to marry a man of lower class. David ends up with issues. (Highlander)
  • Peabody and Sherman help James Bowie acquire a knife sharp enough to cut his steaks, so he can serve a steak-eaters' convention in his restaurant. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • Terje Vigen encounters his former assailant when he rescues a British yacht off the Norwegian coast, and gets his closure by him. (Terje Vigen)
  • The Nexus crosses through the Milky Way Galaxy. (Star Trek: Generations)

     1826 CE - 1850 CE 
  • The first issue of the Daily Planet is published. (Superman)
  • Durga the Hutt steals the Death Star plans from the New Republic's archives and builds a superlaser-equipped space station called Darksaber. Due to shoddy construction it fails to fire and is destroyed by asteroids before the Republic gets to it. Admiral Natasi Daala assassinates most of the Imperial Remnant warlords and unifies their fiefs, then launches an invasion of the New Republic. She is defeated at Yavin IV by the New Jedi Order and hands off command of the Imperial Navy to Gilad Pellaeon. (Star Wars: Darksaber)
  • Pellaeon annexes the Pentastar Alignment and takes their Executor-class star dreadnaught Reaper as his flagship. He marshals a fleet containing two more super star destroyers and launches the Orinda Campaign against the New Republic, successfully capturing several star systems. (The Essential Guide to Warfare)
  • Edith Waterfield is born. (Doctor Who Expanded Universe)


  • The Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller meet an alien golem in the Black Forest. (Big Finish Doctor Who)
  • Gen. Wedge Antilles and three other pilots are dispatched to the unaligned planet Adumar to try and convince its inhabitants to join the New Republic. They become embroiled in its international politics and end up siding with the lesser nations rather than Cartann, while the Imperial delegation sides with Cartann. The New Republic and allies defeat the Imperials and Cartann in the Battle of Adumar. Wedge Antilles marries Iella Wessiri. (Star Wars: X-Wing - Starfighters of Adumar)


  • October 28: Ellen Robillard (later O'Hara) is born. (Gone with the Wind)
  • October 31 - December 2:
    • U.S. President John Quincy Adams is defeated in his bid for re-election by Andrew Jackson. (Real Life)
    • U.S. President Aaron Burr is re-elected to an eighth term. (Alternate Presidents)
    • Davy Crockett defeats Andrew Jackson in the U.S. presidential election. (Alternate Presidents)
  • Rhett Butler is born. (Gone with the Wind)
  • Emile Francis Bendictson is born. (The Twilight Zone (1985))


  • June 19:
    • Metropolitan Police Act is passed, allowing for the creation of the first modern police force. (Real Life)
    • Detective-Inspector John Cheviot is transported back in time to 1829 London. (Fire, Burn!)
  • Master Wang Fu is born justification  (Miraculous Ladybug)


Before 1830

  • French lawyer Georges Hautecourt is born.justification  (The Aristocats)


  • Duncan MacLeod explores the jungles of Peru, accompanied by Paco, a local guide. They come across a native tribe led by the immortal Gavriel Larca. The entire tribe ends up dying from a disease caught off Paco; Larca seeks vengeance on MacLeod. (Highlander)
  • In Germany, Professor Professor Victor von Gerdenheim manages to create an artificial person. His excitement results in his death from a heart attack shortly after. His creation takes the name Victor von Gerdenheim and proceeds to go on a quest to win the approval of his father, having no idea what death was and thinking his father was silently brooding. (Darkstalkers)
  • Peabody and Sherman ride the Tom Thumb, the first locomotive in America, as it races against a horse and carriage. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • The Yevetha-ruled Duskhan League mounts a genocide against any non-Yevethan planets in the Koornacht Cluster. Beginning of New Republic military operations against the Duskhan League. (Star Wars: Black Fleet Crisis)
  • Princess Asa Vadja is brought back to life, and begins to destroy the descendants of her killers. (Black Sunday)
  • Virgil Harvey is born. (Roots: The Next Generations)
  • Birth of Phil Shortman’s grandfather. (Hey Arnold!


  • March 9: Peabody and Sherman help the French Foreign Legion defend a fort in the Sahara against an Arab army led by Chief Abdul Fanouk. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • Spring: Marius Pontmercy, a law student, meets Cosette, a teenage monastery girl, in Paris. (Les Misérables)
  • December 3: Charles Adare, the youngest son of a Lord, arrives in Sidney and gets involved in a love triangle and power struggle with Samson "Sam" Flusky, Lady Henrietta "Hattie" Considine and Milly. (Under Capricorn)
  • The New Republic formally declares war on the Duskhan League. The war ends in a New Republic victory; the Yevetha are driven to their homeworld and have all their ships destroyed. Nil Spaar, the leader, is kidnapped by his Imperial slaves during their successful uprising and ejected into hyperspace in an escape pod. (Star Wars: Black Fleet Crisis)
  • Charles Darwin joins the crew of the HMS Beagle in its second survey expedition, after the wizards of Unseen University manage to undo all the timelines where increasingly unlikely events prevented him doing so, and also the ones where even more unlikely events killed him on voyage. In the alternate timeline, his place would have been taken by the artist Preserved J. Nightingale, inspiring a portfolio of paintings and possibly his book Watches Abroad. (The Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch)


  • June 5: Riots break out in Paris after the funeral of General Lamarck. (Real Life) A student union joins the rebellion, and fight bravely to the end. One of them, Marius Pontmercy, is severely wounded and is rescued by Jean Valjean. (Les Misérables)
  • June 6, afternoon: Jean Valjean, carrying a severely wounded Marius, is attained by Javert close to a sewer outlet by the Seine. Together, they get Marius home to his grandfater. Later that night, Javert is reported missing, and is later found dead in the Seine. (Les Misérables)
  • November 2 - December 5:
    • U.S. President Andrew Jackson is re-elected to a second term, defeating Henry Clay. (Real Life)
    • U.S. President Aaron Burr is re-elected to his ninth and final term. (Alternate Presidents)
    • U.S. Davy Crockett is re-elected to a second term. (Alternate Presidents)
  • Peabody and Sherman scare Edgar Allan Poe, so he'll write horror stories instead of books like Winnie-the-Pooh and Little Women. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • Birth of Elija Black. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • The First Corellian Insurrection results in the destruction of two stars, one inhabited, by Centerpoint Station. The New Republic succeeds in quashing the insurrection. (Star Wars: The Corellian Trilogy)
  • Birth of Erszebet Karpathy. She would grow up to become a witch. (The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.)
  • Maia Rutledge is transported back in time to this year. (The 4400)
  • In London, the time travelers Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones meet Charles Dickens and several street urchins who would inspire Dickens to write Oliver Twist. (Voyagers!)


  • February 17: At Mardi Gras, Marius Pontmercy marries Euphrasie Fauchelevent, who still goes by the name "Cosette". Jean Valjean grants them most of his money and retires. (Les Misérables)
  • February 18: Jean Valjean opens up and tells his entire story to Marius, who decides to keep it a secret.(Les Misérables)
  • June: Jean Valjean dies of sorrow, but is relieved on his deathbed by Marius and Cosette. He is buried at the Pére Lachaise graveyard in Paris. (Les Misérables)
  • Pellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty signed between the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant, officially ending the Galactic Civil War. Luke Skywalker marries Mara Jade. (Star Wars: Hand of Thrawn)
  • In London, immortal bounty hunter Ludmilla von Tcheka (Reagan Cole) tries to claim the £1,000 bounty on Duncan MacLeod's head, but rescues him after she decides the crime he is guilty of wasn't that bad. (Highlander)
  • Peabody and Sherman track down the only bull near Cadiz, thereby helping to establish bullfighting as the Spanish national sport. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • Tom Harvey is born. (Roots: The Next Generations)



  • Samuel Colt builds the Colt, a weapon that can kill anything in Creation with the exception of five beings, including the Archangel Lucifer. (Supernatural)


  • January 20: General Sam Houston decides that the San Antonio mission cannot be properly defended, and orders the Alamo razed. (Chrononauts)
  • March 6: The Battle of the Alamo ends with the defeat of the Texian settlers by the Mexican Army. (Real Life) Towards the end of the battle, a 15-year-old messenger named Jobe H. Farnum is sent forward in time to 1985. (Amazing Stories)
  • December 24: Jacob Marley dies. (A Christmas Carol)
  • In London, business partners William "Willie" Kingsley and Smythe have a falling out over the matter of Kingsley stealing £100,000 from the till. They have a duel, in which Smythe apparently kills the immortal Kingsley. Kingsley revives and sets off for America with his ill-gotten gains. (Highlander)
  • Weldon is born. (The Twilight Zone (1985))
  • The time travelers Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones prevent General Sam Houston from being captured by Mexican forces so that Texas can win its independence. (Voyagers!)

Before 1837

  • Sidney Malik is expelled from university and arrested by a bounty hunter. After a skirmish that leaves him inadvertently crowned The King Of Thieves, he and the hunter (Harriet Barker) go an adventure to sort this problem. (Widdershins Justification )
  • Jack O'Malley and his friend Wolfe are given a job helping the Widdershins police keep control of malformed summons. In the end they stop the person  from unleashing the summoned form of Sloth on the public. (WiddershinsJustification )
  • Sidney and Harriet team up once again to rescue the stage hand who worked for Sidney's friend. (WiddershinsJustification )


  • Pirates have an adventure with scientists. (The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!)
  • Sir Lord Quentin Trembley III, Esq is elected president of the United States in a literal landslide victory. He quickly proves to be the silliest president of all time, and is quickly impeached and replaced by William Henry Harrison. All records of the Trembley Administration are destroyed. (Gravity Falls)
  • John Beckett and Olivia Barrett (later Covington) are born. (Quantum Leap)
  • Mrs. Watchett is born. (The Time Machine (1960))




  • Great Britain abolishes slavery throughout the British Empire, including the North American Union. Despite the fact that slave-owners are given compensation, this creates long-lasting tension within certain quarters of the country for generations to come. (The Two Georges)
  • George Litefoot is born in Twickenham. (Big Finish Doctor Who)


  • Friedrich von Junzt found dead in his hotel room. (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • Jedi Order driven from Yavin IV by the Yuuzhan Vong. (Star Wars: New Jedi Order)
  • Immortals Grace Chandel and Carlo Sendaro leave for Sandaro's rubber plantation in South America. Their relationship is rather rocky. (Highlander)
  • In Paris, a group of businessmen who were all partners in the same company are murdered one by one, apparently by a vampire. more  (Highlander)
  • Nathaniel B. Claridge kills his wife Priscilla Stoltz and her lover by drowning them in his lake. (Quantum Leap)


  • C. Auguste Dupin investigates murders in the Rue Morgue. (The Murders in the Rue Morgue)
  • The original Zorro trains a successor, is reunited with his daughter. more  (The Mask of Zorro)
  • The Yuuzhan Vong conquer Coruscant, begin a process of xenoformingnote  that introduces plant matter back into the planet's ecosystem for the first time in millennia. Anakin Solo is killed in action on Myrkr. The Bothans declare ar'krai against the Yuuzhan Vong. (Star Wars: New Jedi Order)
  • Naayéé'neizgháni, the current Slayer, is killed by the demon To. Richard Wilkins I founds Sunnydale over on the site of her tomb despite more  the warnings of the Navajo locals. Marie Siegner becomes the Slayer. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Chicken George Moore goes to England with Sir Eric Russell in order to train cockfighters. He does not return to the United States until 1861. (Roots)


  • The New Republic reorganized into the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. (Star Wars)
  • Peabody and Sherman help Kit Carson get away from a group of Indians when he can't remember their language's word for "goodbye". (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • Death of Marie Siegner. Catherine Hogarth becomes the Slayer. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • End of the First Anglo-Afghan War. (Flashman and real life)
  • Walter Simeon, a lonely and bitter young orphan, makes contact with sentient snow that promises that he doesn't need anyone else and that the snow can 'help' him. (The Snowmen, Doctor Who)


  • December 24: Ebenezer Scrooge meets three ghosts. (A Christmas Carol)
  • An unnamed man catches the vampire Luke sleeping, and is the last person before Buffy Summers in 1997 to survive a fight with him. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)



  • July 14: The burning of Austin during the Second Texas Revolution leads to the USA declaring war on Mexico. (Chrononauts)
  • Unaussprechlichen Kulten translated into English as Nameless Cults. (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • Dr. Mirakle conducts strange experiments in Paris, which leaves a trail of dead women behind him. (Murders in the Rue Morgue)
  • The current Slayer ends a series of grisly murders in Boston. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Jonathan LaFey, with his wife Miriam Nathias, arrive at the mansion he has inherited. On their way there they are greeted by the Black Horsemen, who warn them of "18 becoming 9". (King Diamond album Abigail)
  • Ailing author Ernest M. Valdermar requests his friend, an anonymous hypnotist to put him into a mesmeric trance in an attempt to hold off death. The experiment comes to a gruesome end after several weeks of Valdemar remaining simultaneously alive and dead. The hypnotist shortly after publishes an account of the events. (The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar)
  • Emergence of Varney the Vampire, arguably the "first vampire with a soul". (Varney the Vampire)
  • Easter morning: Henrik Wergeland is encountered by celestial spirit Akadiel. The spirit takes Wergeland through time, to see how humanity progresses (Creation Man And The Messiah 1845 version)
  • Scarlett O'Hara is born to Gerald and Ellen O'Hara. (Gone with the Wind)




  • March 9: The famous writer Lydia Novella dies at 8:16 PM. Her ghost will haunt Bizarroville Mansion for at least the next 150 years. (Reading Blaster Ages 9-12)
  • October: [Alternate Timeline] Maia Rutledge dies of smallpox while on the Oregon Trail. (The 4400)
  • Birth of Caleb in Texas. He would grow up to become a merciless gunfighter and cultist to a Dark God. (Blood)
  • Irena Galati, an immortal gypsy, is raped, but her accusation is rejected as 'gypsy lies'. Her also-immortal husband, Jacob, kills the rapist; the two then flee their caravan with the aid of their friend, Duncan MacLeod. (Highlander)
  • Knudhansen Party disappears in the Central Rockies, gets zombified. Zombies put down by a group of Lakota, including Elija Black. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • Varney the Vampire kills himself by jumping into the crater of Mount Vesuvius. (Varney the Vampire)
  • Martha Corrine Tyler (later Walton) is born. (The Waltons)
  • The time travelers Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones win back the freedom of the runaway slave Harriet Tubman in Missouri with the help of a 12-year-old boy named Samuel Langhorne Clemens. (Voyagers!)
  • Eleven months after setting out from Ohio, the wagon train led by Chris Horn is facing starvation and disease. His eight-year-old son Christian is dying of pneumonia. Chris heads over a rim in search of a source of food and water and is transported forward in time to New Mexico in September 1961. While in the future, he learns that his son Christian will grow up to become an expert in childhood diseases in California. He returns to 1847 with penicillin to cure Christian's pneumonia and the knowledge that the wagon train will reach its destination. (The Twilight Zone (1959))


  • November 11: The US-Mexico War escalates after Russian pioneers from Louisiana Territory discover gold in California. (Chrononauts)
  • While travelling with the gypsies, Duncan MacLeod proposes marriage to Carmen, a young fortune teller. Carmen rejects him after reading his palm and seeing he will love hundreds of women and bury many of them. Duncan is driven from the caravan for insulting Carmen's family honour. (Highlander)
  • Peabody and Sherman forge a fortune cookie in order to get John Sutter to discover gold near his mill. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • Another expedition over the Central Rockies discovers the remains of the Knudhansen Party. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • Peer Gynt joins the San Francisco gold rush, where he also encounters The Devil (or so he says). (Peer Gynt).
  • Gerd is born in a Romani camp in Norway. (Brand)


  • March 4: David Rice Atchison is technically President of the United States for one day. He sleeps through most of his "term". (Popular legend, repeated by Histeria!, but not legal reality for a number of reasons)
  • March 5: David Rice Atchison becomes U.S. President after Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore are killed in a carriage accident. (Alternate Presidents)
  • April: The six New England states, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania secede from the Union and form the anti-slavery Confederacy of North America with Daniel Webster as its President. The American Civil War breaks out with the Second Battle of Lexington and Concord. (Alternate Presidents)
  • Peabody and Sherman convince Paul Julius Reuter that paper airplanes are not a viable method of news delivery. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • Kingsman Tailors opens in London. (Kingsman: The Secret Service)


  • August 27: Helen Magnus is born. (Sanctuary)
  • Zepheniah Mann dies. In his will, he gives his land bought in America to his constantly fighting sons, Redmond and Blutarch, as a way to provoke war. (Team Fortress 2)
  • By this year, the homeworld of the Suliban race becomes uninhabitable. The Suliban migrate to space. They would still be a nomadic race in the 22nd century. (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • From this time on, Peer Gynt has a Hunter Trapper business in Hudson Bay. (Peer Gynt).
  • Charles Boone inherits the dilapidated mansion Chapelwaite from his dead cousin, and gradually uncovers the horrible secrets of his family and its connection to the nearby abandoned town of Jerusalem's Lot, once home to an inbred population of cultists. (Night Shift: "Jerusalem's Lot")


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