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  • Park's comics tend to utilize this trope, such as in The Ward.
  • Girl Genius:
    • At one point an airship is fleeing from certain death at the hands of a swarm of "Torchmen" (flaming robotic flying killer gargoyles), disobeying direct orders from their inept passenger. First the captain and his first officer discuss the need to ditch every ounce of dead weight, then their passenger arrogantly screams at them for saving his life, then the two give each other a certain look... and suddenly the captain is rubbing his hands together and affirming that "We're not pirates. He didn't count."
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    • Also, we don't actually see what Von Pinn does to Judy, just the Castle Wulfenbach students' horrified reactions. For that matter, we don't see what she did to André (but then, neither did Agatha).
    • When Baron Wulfenbach kills Lars, we don't see the actual blow. We see Lars' sword break and a blood splash, then in the next panel, the Baron has blood on his coat.
  • Happens a few times in Sluggy Freelance. For example, this.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • The last frame of this strip, and probably a few others.
    • See also this page where the girls find the body. For an early example, see the last panel of this strip.
    • Six panels straight of this strip, while the villain watches dispassionately. Not that the victim didn't deserve it, but damn, that's cold.
  • While normally averted in Charby the Vampirate Menu tearing apart and eating the scientists in the cabin is shown as a silhouette, and then just the gore encrusted things in the room.
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  • Everyday Heroes has an example here when Goldie is betrayed by her backstabbing boss.
  • Used in Grim Tales from Down Below, when the Pumpkinator rips Minnie to shreds, all we see are Lock's, Shock's, and Barrel's horrified faces, Oogie's scary-happy face, and a couple of Minnie's severed body parts flying. However, in the same comic page, we see Junior's horrified face, and the cause of it: Minnie's shredded up body, organs, appendages, and a look on her face that screams "KILL ME!".
  • Diesel Sweeties uses it here.
  • Goblins: The comic featuring a man getting crushed to death by his own armor, complete with eyeball popping out — still draws the line at killing children onscreen.
  • Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures In Abel's Story, some particularly gory scenes are depicted as silhouettes.
  • There's a particularly chilling example in Lackadaisy, with the Marigold Gang and an unknown guy in a pinstripe suit. The last panel of the flashback is Mordecai raising an axe above his head, saying "Keep your head still."
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  • Captain Tagon, in Schlock Mercenary, isn't shown extracting a knife that was stuck in his eye or what he does with it to the knife thrower, but from the concluding scene the next day, it wasn't pretty.
  • Used a few times in The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, such as here.
  • Used in Homestuck a couple of times.
    • In the Hivestuck arc, a flashback shows how Vriska Serket used Aradia Megido's boyfriend, Sollux Captor, to murder her. The last we see of Aradia in this flashback is the flashing lights on her face from Sollux's glowing eyes, caused by his powers, while Aradia looks up at him in confusion and Vriska messages her "Arrivederci, Megido", leaving the readers to assume from there what happened.
    • When Jack Noir receives Bec's powers, all we see is a brief shot of Bro and Davesprite staring before the screen fades to static.
    • Another example is after Gamzee snaps. We see him advancing on Nepeta, with his clubs, but we don't see the killing. When we see Nepeta's corpse later, we can't see any of the wounds either.
    • During Jack Noir's Jailbreak adventure, he conveniently "bes the other (dead) guy" while being beaten senseless by prison guards.
  • VG Cats uses this a number of times. Two come to mind: when Aeris aborts Leo from time and when Leo goes back in time For Science!!!
  • Dubious Company's Tiren attacks a group of soldiers off-panel. All the reader sees of the carnage is Sal's squicked out reaction and a bit of blood speckle the wall.
  • An example from Zombie Ranch is shown here. A child zombie's skull is detonated, but all we see is the resulting splatter on the wall.
  • In Bob and George, the death of the Yellow Demon as splattered yellow goo.
  • True Villains has the werewolf Xeke biting a man's head off, seen only in shadow.
  • Something*Positive: PeeJee discovers that her boyfriend has been cheating on her. The next panel shows the exterior of the bar where the gang are celebrating Halloween, then blood splattered on the window as Kyle hits it.
  • Played with in Issue 1 of The Code Crimson during Miguel's surprise death. We see silhouettes of the murder, followed by a sneering blood-splattered reaction shot, and then his bloody corpse awash in a sea of blood. So much blood...
  • Happens a few times in Nodwick where the title character (or even someone else) suffers a particularly gory death. In one strip where Nodwick suffers the results of two lethal curses going off at once, the first one turning his brain into spinach-artichoke dip and the second making his head explode, the panel is blacked out with a disclaimer from the cartoonist to say that it's too unpleasant to show, and to say that simply, the curses have gone off. Another example in another storyline is where Yeagar convinces Nodwick to try to steal a fancy and valuable "Elysium Barcalounger" in a wizard's mansion, even though the heroes were warned that everything there was "either cursed, trapped, or both. The reader doesn't see what happens to them, but Artax needs to get a squeegee to help Piffany restore them.
  • In MMBN 7 The World Tournament, during Tomahawkman and Woodman's match, Woodman has Tomahawkman pinned down but Tomahawk is able to grab his tomahawk. Woodman is essentially a giant tree. Do the math.
  • Used in Gunnerkrigg Court when we're shown how Mort the Ghost died as a young boy during the Blitz. First, there's a page with a textbook cross-section of the bombs used. Then, a pile of rubble and a bloodied white helmet.


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