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Goofy Print Underwear / Web Original

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Boxers with red/pink hearts


Other-print boxers

Childish women's underwear

  • In Lady Lumps VS Boy Bumps, some characters are revealed to wear underwear with a picture of the person they love printed on them (sometimes with hearts, too). For instance, Amy has Sonic on hers, Sakura has Sasuke on hers, and Cloud has Sephiroth on his.
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  • When the Monkey King came to Whateley Academy in the Whateley Universe, he raided panties from every girls' dorm there. Some of the trophies included teddy bear panties, and a pair of My Little Pony panties that he left on the flagpole. Rumor has it they belong to Dragonrider, the daughter of supervillain Devilmaster.
  • Shiro Luna is a let's player who draws OC's who are all women with very childish undies. They provide both fanservice and comic relief.


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