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Other-print boxers

  • In Chronicles of a Strange Kingdom the jester Jacques wears knee-long underpants with red hearts and yellow daisies, and the Perpetual Frowner assassin Cantor wears brightly striped ones. Both give their friend Olga fits of hysterical laughter.note  When the jester tells about it to king Shellar (who always wears black), the king deadpans that the assassin kills people with laughter by showing them his underwear.
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  • In the Quebecois novel Le Dernier Des Raisins, Francois's are pink with elephants.
  • In one of the Doctor Who Expanded Universe novels, one of the Doctor's companions has underpants with a carrot on the front. He's not especially embarrassed by them, but another of the Doctor's companions is embarrassed to see them.
  • In Grave Peril, one of The Dresden Files books, Harry Dresden fought off vampires while wearing only yellow ducky boxers (especially amusing as he'd stolen them from the vampires' laundry room). It's since become a running joke in the fandom.
  • In The Saga of Darren Shan, Gavner Purl has bright yellow boxers with tiny pink elephants (a gift from his girlfriend).

Childish women's underwear

  • Kate Daniels once woke up in shapeshifters' HQ after severe injuries. When she gets out of the bed, she (and Curan) realize she's wearing underwear with pretty little bows. She has yet to live this down.
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  • When her dog Igor accidentally uses the X-ray projector on her in Attack of the 50-Ft. Cupid, Franny K. Stein is shown to wear panties that have bats on them.
  • In the Babysitters Little Sister books, Karen steals the underwear of a boy in her class off the clothesline and waves it around the classroom in an Escalating War of Jerkassness. He retaliates the next day by doing likewise to the Minnie Mouse underpants her grandmother bought for her.