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Other-print boxers

  • In Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami, Mello has underwear with Ms on them. Dark has the same kind of underwear, except with Ds on them.
  • In the Gender Flip fanfic Nerima Magistra Nelly Magi, Asuma (the male version of Asuna) wears pink boxer shorts with teddy bears on them.
  • In Lies On L wears strawberry-print boxers.
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  • Hank Stanley from Emergency! gets fire engine print boxers for Christmas from his wife here.
  • In Courting a Malfoy Harry has boxers with Golden Snitches on them.
  • Harry also has Snitch undies in Harry Potter and the Dream Come True.
  • In This Bites!, when he gets his pants bitten off by the newly human Merry, Garp is revealed to wear fire-hydrant boxers.
  • In The AFR Universe story "the King of Thieves", the Phantom Thieves are playing the King's Gang. One of the dares leaves Yusuke losing his pants. He's currently wearing boxer shorts modeled after the pelvic area of Michelangelo's David to Futaba's horror.
  • In Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin one of the seventh-year Slytherin prefects wears black boxers with green and silver snakes on them.
  • Lincoln's Memories: Lincoln Loud's first underwear had UFO's on them.
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  • In Sacrifices and Second Chances an angry Marlene vanishes Sirius' pants, revealing his unicorn boxers.
  • In Hiding Sirius' portrait mentions a prank which turned a teenage Snape's clothing inside out, revealing his purple dinosaur undies.
  • In Something Borrowed, Something Blue when Harry and Draco get married Harry's "something borrowed" is a pair of boxers Theo gave Draco as a gag gift. The undies in question sport hearts, rainbows and unicorns which state "I'm horny!".

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