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Goofy Print Underwear / Comic Strips

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Goofy Print Underwear in comic strips.

Polka-Dot boxers
  • Most of the male characters of Pluggers have been shown in these at least once.

Other-print boxers

  • One arc of Breaking Cat News features the cats at the vet. During their exams, they're in underwear. Sweet-natured Puck, of course, wears white boxers with red hearts.
  • Jon Arbuckle from Garfield's wardrobe of underwear consists entirely of brightly colored (and patterned) boxers.
    • Including a pair that glows in the dark.
      • One strip from the mid-90s also features Jon getting caught outside the house one morning while wearing his bunny footy pajamas.
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  • Not sure if this counts as newspaper comics, but this WWII propaganda poster shows Hitler wearing boxers with swastikas on them.
  • In Zits Jeremy's dad wears heart boxers.

Other men's underwear

  • Calvin's rocketship briefs, used for gags at least three times.
    • Somewhat subverted in that he's actually very proud of them, and (being Calvin) is implied to show them off any chance he gets.
      • Except on the day where he rips his pants and then has to do a problem on the chalkboard, though this may be due to his Ping-Pong Naïveté.
    • He finds it hard to be without his cartoon underpants, having a need to gird his loins with funny animals.
    • In a Sunday Strip drawn as one of Susie's fantasies where Calvin and Susie are an adult couple, Calvin tells Susie he's not her husband but "Wonga-Taa, king of jungle" and strips off his suit until he's wearing only leopard-print briefs. Susie's reaction: "Oh, nice underpants! You're really gross."
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  • FoxTrot's Jason wears Unix underpants.

Childish women's underwear

  • Broom Hilda often has an accidental dress lift that reveals a rather nautical set of boxers.
  • Skye, from Doonesbury, tries to prove she isn’t evil by mentioning she wears Hello Kitty underwear.
  • After Tiffany recorded a video of Luann changing in the locker room to use as blackmail material, Luann wished she hadn't been wearing her Pooh bear underwear.

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