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  • In the Whateley Universe, Jade gives Ayla a literal pair of them as a prank... and thereby inspires other students to come up with their own more or less successful versions in turn. The whole thing escalates until the headmistress ends up banning them.
  • Kawaii RanChan on livejournal has an odd habit of adding in her own twist on what she calls her shoulder angels assigned to her by a division of angels in Heaven called Angels Inc., which is a company that assigns guardian angels to people in need. The angels themselves always take the form of characters she likes, OOC or not, that way to actually get her response. It is hinted in a few entries from her good angel that "we're less guardian angels, more invisible friends" — which is all just her own satire about herself. Doesn't make her less crazy.
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  • Subverted on the "Give In" episode of LoadingReadyRun, when the main character is trying to decide if he should shoot someone, and he goes ahead and shoots the guy before his good angel has a chance to give his point of view. The good angel is quite annoyed by this.
  • SF Debris gives Janeway these. Befitting his interpretation of her as an insane tyrant, no angel appears. Instead she has a devil, whose advice she dismisses as "religious crap"; an atom, who can only offer suggestions about the behavior of atoms like combining to form a molecule or splitting to release energy; a cowboy, who is terrified and just wants to get out of there (i.e. away from Janeway); and a spider, who always recommends eating people. Initially she goes with shoulder cowboy and decides to leave, and later listens to the devil, who she mistakes for the cowboy because he's now wearing a cowboy hat.
    • In a later episode she decides to obey the spider, because it's now wearing the cowboy hat. No other advisers appear, suggesting the spider ate them all.
  • CollegeHumor:
    • One skit has a two-minute video where a guy named Chris prepares to masturbate after his roommate leaves. He begins to take off his shorts when his shoulder devil encourages him to jack off naked. When he starts taking his shirt off, his shoulder angel encourages him to keep his pants on in case his roommate returns earlier than anticipated. The conversation goes on until they hear a car pull up. The shoulder angel begs Chris to wait until later, but the shoulder devil gives a heart-warming speech about how there's not going to be a later. Chris and the angel strip naked. And then his roommate walks in.
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    • Parodied in this sketch, where the devil, the angel, and several other characters are trying to convince an Unlucky Everydude to put his tax refund or paycheck towards something else instead of his student loans, and to just default on those. Although they all have different reasons.
  • When Valerie walks out on Roy midway through Journey of the Cartoon Man, angel and devil versions of Roy appear to debate whether or not he should go after her.
  • This article.
    "When it comes to talking about Microsoft Access, it seems that two tiny versions of me *poof* into existence, each sitting on a shoulder. The guy on my right wears a suit and always reminds me how great of a tool Access is because it empowers small organizations to develop productivity and information systems. The other guy, sporting a "l337 h4x0r" tee and cut-off jeans, screams in my ear that "Access is a complete abomination" and that the tools to create applications should not be put in the hands of laymen."
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  • During Team Four Star's Nuzlocke playthrough of Pokémon SoulSilver, they decide that their character Tantor's pokemon serve this role, with Hux the Houndoom playing the devil and Mr. Stake the Meganium serving as the angel. Unfortunately, Hux's advice involves beating people up and banging their moms, while Mr. Stake has brain damage and can only say "MUHR-STAYK!!"
  • One variant originating on The Internet has Kermit the Frog of The Muppets fame in the role of either the human or angel (depending on the individual meme), facing a sinister hooded Kermit in the role of the devil.
  • A Reaction Shot Image Macro for Squick has a character representing the viewer looking at their computer with a horrified expression. Panel 2 shows their good side/superego, also with a horrified expression. Panel 3 shows their bad side/id equally horrified as the other two. Later versions have panel 4 showing the FBI and NSA agents monitoring the webfeed with the exact same expression.


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