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  • The 1972 Interactive Fiction game Hunt the Wumpus included a colony of Super Bats that couldn't be killed and didn't harm the player, just moved you to a different part of the cave... making your all-important map useless. This was before save points.
    • They also had a tendency to drop you into a pit, or better yet, in the cave where the Wumpus was, ending the game right there.
    • Zork included a bat with a similar mechanic as an homage, but it was significantly less annoying because the geography was more varied, thus making it far easier to reorient yourself.
      • Of course one of the locations it loved to drop you off in was the Gas Room, which was death while carrying the torch. Odds of being dropped off there when you didn't have the torch? About 30% Those odds shot up to at least 90% if you were carrying the torch.
  • That Goddamn Thief from Zork, and its antecedent, the Goddamn Pirate from Colossal Cave. Both of them would steal your treasure, requiring you to find their lair and get it back, but not much else.
    • The torch, with a base made of ivory, counts as a treasure. If you thought you were being clever and left the lantern at the house because the torch never runs out, the thief will take it from your hands, leaving you in the dark to get eaten by a Grue!

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