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Get A Hold Of Yourself Man / Web Original

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  • Chakona Space: In Forest Tales #29, Goldendale does this to Swiftwalk.
  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues:
    • Finn recites the trope by name as he slaps Zia to try and snap her out of her telepathically-induced panic. She's none too pleased at being slapped and violently decks him in return.
    • When the non-powered Crispin sees Jenna for the first time and badly freaks out, Luna storms over and gives him a thunderous slap to stop him screaming.
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    • During the final exams, Jacob insists that his time loop power wouldn't be helpful at all in helping defuse the bomb that's been set up in the school. Lenore, annoyed by his feet-dragging, slaps him and tells him he's coming along anyway.
  • The Grossery Gang webseries parodies this. In "The Grossery Gang Movie", when Rocky is only "mildly concerned" about Stinky's cleaned-up plight, Doc Broc still treats him as hysterical and slaps him, as Rocky still reacts how he "needed that".
  • In Happy Tree Friends, after Flaky (who was driving the car) closes her eyes and starts screaming, Flippy does this. They end up crashing anyway.
  • Done to Spoony in Kickassia by Benzaie to try to get Spoony to unleash Dr. Insano upon The Nostalgia Critic.
  • The Most Popular Girls in School:
    • In Episode 53, Mackenzie does this to a tantruming Brittnay.
      Brittnay: I. Don't give. A fuck! I want my revenge, and I want it now! Now! I want my revenge! I want my revenge! I want my revenge!
      Mackenzie: (slaps Brittnay) Brittnay! Baby! Get a hold of yourself! I am sorry I had to smack you like that, but you have got to lock it up!
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    • In Episode 76, Trisha 2 does this to an incredibly nervous Trisha C.
      Trisha 2: (slaps Trisha) Yah! Hey! Get it together! You're gonna do this! You're doing it for Trishas all over the world! (they look into a mirror) Especially the one right here.
  • MSF High Forum:
    • Michelle did this to Zero once, followed by a speech about how Zero had the worst elements of boys and girls. Namely being overly prideful and overly emotional.
    • During a Non-canon Halloween RP, Matoi brightslapped someone to introduce who he was dressed as, Bright Noa.
  • In the Youtube Poop Skellington's Revenge, Ed panics as the Legions of Hell close in and darts around the screen until Heavy Weapons Guy holds his palm out for him to smack into.
    Heavy: Put up fists, little man!
  • In There she is!!'s Episode 4, it can be debated that Il-ho punched Nabi in the face for both If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her... effect and to literally knock some senses back into the depressesed cat.
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  • In one of the "Lit Chix" stories in the Whateley Universe, Mrs. Savage gave Loophole a firm slap upside the head, all the better to bring her back to reality.


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