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Country is a much genre than most people give credit to, but most people only really think of the overly sentimental Three Chords and the Truth style of a singer with an acoustic guitar. Generally used to emphasize the simplicities of rural living. You will never find any fiction that seriously tries to portray a character as "cool" while listening to this genre.

And as for nonfiction... well, country may have the lion's share of radio stations, but it seems that people who don't know country can't get past the stereotype of "uneducated hick music" (and worse) enough to actually listen to the stuff they're dissing.


Want an example? Head to the Rock Band forums and look up "country" via the search engine. (Bear in mind: Harmonix has explicitly stated that they're going to add country eventually... and they've already added Jimmy Buffett. So it's not a pointless discussion.)

  • You'll hear this genre pretty much any time a self identified "cowboy" shows up. Even though basically the only southern states that can legitimately claim there cowboys ever lived there are Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico...

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