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"It bubbled and it burbled and it glowed a fizzly green
And what it did to test equipment frankly was obscene..."

Examples of Gargle Blasters in Music.

  • Filksinger Tom Smith is particularly well-known among science fiction fans for his song "307 Ale", about a beer accidentally brewed in a tesseract and named for its resultant proof level.
  • A Seattle-based filker created an Answer Song called "307 Hell," about what happens to the drinker under the influence of said ale. It involves puking on a cop, getting tossed in the drunk tank, and having to raise "307 Bail".
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  • The titular brew of song "White Lightning" by The Big Bopper (covered by Waylon Jennings) is implied to be one of these, with the reaction of one who drank a sample in one gulp being moaning as he hit the ground. Later in the lyrics the singer mentions his eyes bulging out and face turning blue after tasting a sample, in response to his question to his father about why it was called "White Lightning" instead of "Mountain Dew". The chorus is bracketed by someone spluttering and saying "Must be White Lightning!"
  • The Two Ronnies as Jehosaphat and Jones:
    A man went to a barmaid, said mix me up a drink,
    A cocktail made up of whatever you think.
    She mixed it, he drank it, he went quite cross-eyed,
    And three hours later he came to and cried...
  • Dos Gringos (a USAF fighter pilot band) gives us "Jeremiah Weed":
    Chris: Now everyone is curious and they all want to know
    Does it make you smarter? Will it make your penis grow?
    It won't bring you women, and it won't bring you luck
    So why do we drink it?
    Every fighter pilot in the room: 'CAUSE IT TASTES LIKE FUCK!
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  • The Poxy Boggards have a song called "Happy Jack's Undrinkable Ale" (here covered by the Wild Oats):
    Our captain once tried a tankard of Jack's mighty potion.
    He seemed alright, so we all went off to bed.
    We awoke to the screams of our captain way up in the crow's nest.
    He tried to fly with the wind — but he ended up dead!
  • That good ol' Mountain Dew probably qualifies, given that the fumes from the still in which it's made intoxicate any birds flying over it.
  • Gaelic Storm has a song about "Johnny Jump Up", an especially potent "cider". It's a traditional Irish song that has been done by a variety of performers. The drink in question is cider that was brewed during World War II, in repurposed whiskey barrels.
  • Garnet's Homemade Beer knocks out an eight-foot-by-four-foot person with one sip and its brewer's breath sets fire to the singer's legs.
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  • Roger Miller's "Chug-a-Lug" has some of this, although the effects are probably due to the narrator's inexperience as much as the potency of the drinks.
    Jukebox 'n' sawdust floor
    Sumpin' like I ain't never seen
    Heck, I'm just goin' on fifteen
    But with the help of my finaglin'
    Uncle I get snuck in
    For my first taste of sin
    I said, "Lemme have a big ol' sip"
    Bllllllbbbbbb, I done a double backflip
  • The Mitch Benn song "In My Shed (Homebrew Oblivion)" describes a highly potent homebrewed beer:
    In my shed,
    I have been experimenting,
    In my shed,
    I am a scientist.
    In my shed,
    Something is fermenting,
    In my shed,
    That never should exist.

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