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The Battle Cats has plenty of these, surprisingly.

Uber Super Rares

Even among the Uber Super Rares, there are a couple who stand out as being incredibly powerful.
  • The Dynamites
    • Ice Crystal Cat, Ice Cat's true form, boasts the ability to freeze Reds at a guaranteed rate. Due to its increased range and short cooldown, it's not too hard to stack them. Just two are enough to permanently freeze any amount of Red enemies.
    • Baby Cat's true form deals massive damage coupled with the ability to summon a small shockwave to compensate its low standing range, and also has over 100k HP. This can be used to clear most close-ranged enemies on the field. But what truly makes it powerful is how absurdly cheap and spammable it is for all its power, the recharge time literally only a minute, and the price as cheap as that of Valkyrie Cat.
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    • If you can pile enough crowd control on the front lines, Lesser Demon Cat (especially in his true form) can become a monster. With his unmatchable single-target DPS, he can easily make short work of most slow-attacking bosses. Not to mention that he has a short cooldown, meaning that you'll likely have another one ready when one dies. If you have some P-Coins to spare, you can even give him the Strengthen ability, which jacks his DPS up to unheard levels.
  • Tales of the Nekoluga
    • Tesalan Pasalan. Despite his single attack, if he can get a hit in, it's going to hurt - with the highest damage of anything that can target all units, a deceptively fast attack speed, incredible range, and the ability to deal a Critical Hit 10% of the time. His true form makes him even better, further increasing his range and boosting his crit chance to a respectable 20%.
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    • Shishilan Pasalan, Togeluga's true form. He has staggering HP to go with his enormous attack stat, and unlike his previous form which triples its damage at 1% HP, Shishilan will triple it almost as soon as it takes any damage. This means that Shishilan will already be able to deliver devastating area attacks (153,000 damage at Lv. 30 with its boost) while retaining the HP to survive further attacks, and his slightly faster attack rate doesn't hurt at all. What makes him especially dangerous is that he's one of the few units that can No-Sell shockwaves, and he has among the highest damage output of those who do, allowing him to easily handle the majority of shockwave enemies with ease. The icing on the cake is that he still retains his Last Chance Hitpoint as well, and although his new 100 knockbacks may hinder him in a number of ways, they usually just help him reposition out of danger fast enough to stave off his death.
  • Sengoku Wargods: Vajiras
    • Sanada Yukimura has incredible speed, deals high damage (which is tripled against Black enemies), and resets his attack animation after getting knocked back, allowing him to immediately retaliate should he be hurt enough. His True Form gives him the fastest speed of any cat and almost doubles his damage, making his utility even more apparent. While he has short range and is rather fragile, he's still one of the best suicide attackers in the entire game, up there with Awakened Bahamut. Like Balrog before him, some P-Coin upgrades can grant him the Strengthen ability, which makes him even more terrifying should he survive long enough to activate it.
    • While Maeda Keiji might be lackluster to start with, once you manage to get his True Form (Immortal Keiji), he unleashes his true battle fury. In his True Form, his much faster attack rate boosts up his DPS to around 6000 which, in combination with his newfound 320 range, makes him a powerful mid-ranger. All of this means that he can now take full advantage of his damage-doubling Strengthen ability, which now activates when he is at 50% health, and have his DPS boosted to monstrous amounts. If that wasn't enough, he gains Wave Immunity, allowing him to take down enemy wave attackers like Kory, Dober P.D, and Berserkory with ease. This is also not mentioning his 68 second cooldown, which allows you to either have multiple Keijis out on the field or replace him quickly should he die. And just to help him out even more, he also gets a slight health boost, meaning that he can take hits if necessary especially vs Blacks (which he takes only 1/4th of their damage; 1/5th with Max Void Fruit Treasure). Think that wasn't good enough? Then with a hefty amount of NP, you can, along with his attack and defence (i.e. HP) stats, improve his Strengthen through Talents so that it gives you a 2.5x damage multiplier instead of just 2x.
  • Cyber Academy: Galaxy Gals
    • Windy and Thundia aren't too special until their true forms, but their true forms massively boost their damage, HP, and range. At this point, both of them can deliver brutal strikes from a fair distance away, and their massive damage to Floating/Red respectively allows them to One-Hit Kill most foes weak to them, and deliver heavy damage on anything that lives. If your able to afford it, their Strengthen Talent allows them to deal even more damage once they’re at half health.
    • Kalisa has low health and short range but delivers huge damage at a rapid rate, further bolstered by her speed and triple damage to Angels. Her true form is even better, increasing her stats and range enough to deal with close-ranged angelic powerhouses that would normally kill her quickly. Being able to also nearly permanently slow down Angels through Talents adds a nice little bonus against the Angel swarm.
    • Kai's true form, Divine Kai, deserves special mention. Kai was nearly unusable due to her slow speed, HP that, even against Floating, wasn’t enough to stop her from getting killed quickly, cooldown which wasn’t enough to compensate for said hp, and not being all that good generally. Her true form fixes this by more than doubling her HP and movement speed while giving her absurd attack power (over 110k at Lv. 30). Her short range is offset by her massive tankiness and newfound immunity to knockback, and her attacks will now shave off enormous chunks of HP. And that's not even getting into how easily she deals with Floating enemies, which she resists (effectively quintupling her HP if you have all Sky Fruits) and can effortlessly wall.
  • Lords of Destruction Dragon Emperors
    • Raiden has the ability to knock back Red foes at a guaranteed rate. He can single-handedly hold off slower Red foes, and can keep faster ones pushed back provided he has support. His true form is even better; in addition to boosts to HP and range, he gains a Strong vs. trait against Reds, allowing him to push Reds back as well as deal high DPS and tank decently well.
    • Ganglion has rather low range, but compensates with over 100k health in its true form, 6 knockbacks, a whopping speed of 40, a minor long distance around 200 to 550, and being strong against Aliens and Zombies, making it a rush attacker who trades recharge time with lots of health and survivability. It also acts as a counter to Tackey and Dolphina, able to snipe them while being in their blind spot.
  • Ancient Heroes: Ultra Souls
    • Kasa Jizo is particularly infamous for this. He's cheap, spammable, and has incredibly high HP and damage for his cost. He fights from a decently long range, allowing him to be stacked easily. Most of all, he deals massive damage to Black/Angel enemies, which are two of the more obnoxious enemy types in the game. Even against non Black/Angel foes, his stacked DPS will absolutely obliterate anything that can't outrange him provided you provide him with meatshields. And while his evolved/true form is often overshadowed by his base form, it's nothing to sneeze at either: long range, incredible HP, and devastating attacks able to One-Hit Kill pretty much any Black and Angel enemies.
    • Urashima Taro's evolved form, Guardian Gameron, is incredibly bulky and can deal fairly decent DPS, further bolstered by his resistances to Black/Angel enemies. His true form, on the other hand, boasts some of the highest HP of any cat (over 246k at Lv. 30), allowing him to absorb attacks from even the strongest of Black/Angel enemies with impunity and tank decently against even foes he doesn't resist. Investing in his Talents gives him the ability to slow down Blacks/Angels at a good rate and duration and resistance vs the Knockback ability.note 
    • Momotaro functions as a highly effective Red/Angel staller due to his spammability and high freeze rate of 30%, allowing him to permanently stall almost any Red/Angel that he can outrange. In his evolved/true forms, he can also perform well as an Anti-Red/Angel support unit due to his relatively cheap price, short cooldown, high freeze chance, and surprisingly decent range. With Talents, you can give him the Weaken ability as a backup ability in case his Freeze fails to proc and increase his Freeze duration in order for him to potentially perma-freeze his targets.
    • Sarukani stands out as a scarily efficient Zombie-Killer in a game where they're scarce. His normal form is a spammable damage dealer who can both tear apart and block off short-ranged zombies if stacked. His evolved/true form is a Zombie-killing powerhouse with incredibly high stats against them, who can easily devastate and wall them at the same time.
  • Justice Strikes Back: Dark Heroes
    • Catman has great all-around stats and the ability to deal massive damage to Aliens and Floating/Angels (depending on his form). Considering that the former are extremely common (many bosses have Floating as a secondary type) and the latter are considered extremely strong, one can imagine why he's such an invaluable asset in most situations. His true form lets him target Relics and Aliens instead, which makes him incredible on Uncanny Legends stages.
    • Warlock and Pierre only attacks Aliens and Floating/Angels (depending on form) but has incredible stats against them. His normal form deals quadruple damage to the enemy base (which can actually be exploited to cheese certain stages by destroying the base faster than the boss can come out), while his evolved form can get rich quick off of any enemy it kills due to its double money ability (especially useful in Alien-heavy stages where they don't drop a lot of money). Meanwhile his true form, while limiting his attacks to exclusively aliens, is possibly the most competent anti-Alien cat in the game, possessing incredible stats (over 150k HP and 160k damage at Lv. 30, boasting the highest base damage of any cat) and immunity to all debuffs.
  • The Almighties: The Majestic Zeus
    • Radiant Aphrodite has slightly below-average stats, but engages foes at a range of 600, which is longer than the maximum range for most cats considered to be long-ranged fighters. Her attacks strike from 450-850 (a longer range than most LD units, which can also outrange most bosses at its max range), deal heavy damage, and do massive damage to Aliens, allowing her to easily snipe powerful bosses from behind their meatshields and make short work of most long-ranged bosses, especially if they're Aliens.
    • Shining Amaterasu attacks moderately fast and uses attacks which deal massive damage to anything with a trait. Combine this with her above-average range of 455, and she can rapidly deliver deadly attacks to any traited foes while staying moderately safe behind her meatshields. While she is rather weak against traitless foes, Amaterasu's versatility makes her a force to be reckoned with. Her True Form further improves her by giving her a gigantic boost to DPS, letting her rip apart traited foes even faster — and her Talents are quite good as well, letting her break Barriers and permanently kill Zombies while boosting her stats even further.
    • Splendid Ganesha deals high damage at a moderate rate, and has a huge maximum range of 725. While he engages foes at a rather low range of 400 and has a blind spot from 0-275, his damage will increase by 50% if he drops below 80% HP - which is far earlier than most strengthening cats. If he gets hit a bit, then his DPS will go through the roof, allowing him to flatten huge groups of enemies from a safe distance. His True Form makes his Strengthen have twice as much of an effect and boosts his HP, letting him crush enemies even harder once it's active, especially if he has the Talents to amplify it.
    • Empress Chronos stands at a decent range of 450 and has an even greater LD range to boot, and while her damage is just average even by the standards of LD units, she makes up for it with her ability to freeze all traited enemies. While the timing to freeze each enemy is short, this is, again, compensated for with multi-hit, which allows her to freeze enemies consecutively. She can be used as a crowd controller against an entire horde of traited enemies, and is a staple to fight against Growing Strange.
  • Frontline Assault: Iron Legion
    • Mighty Drednot delivers incredible damage against Reds and Zombies, has a decent range of 440, and has enough HP to soak up a good amount of damage before dying. While it's pretty slow to move and attack, it can stay on the frontlines long enough to inflict enormous damage, and its damage output couples well with the Zombie Killer ability which allows it to easily One-Hit Kill most Zombies. Its true form increases its effectiveness further by shortening the time between its attacks.
    • Mighty Rekon Corps cannot attack White enemies, but delivers incredibly powerful, nonstop strikes at long range. While it does have its faults, such as a long foreswing that makes it prone to missing his attacks and the aforementioned inability to attack White foes, its insane DPS will usually make short work of anything that it decides to attack provided it's protected enough. Its true form is even better, packing higher damage, extended range, and Omnistrike to deal with burrowed zombies.
  • Naturally, all the unique Uber Super Rares from the limited-time pools (Red/Air/Metal Busters, Uberfest/Epicfest are this even more than the others.
    • Red Busters' signature Uber, Pai-Pai, is the ultimate Red killer: she takes 1/4 damage from them while dealing 3x damage back. In addition, she has long range and is immune to the Weaken status. A well-leveled Pai-Pai will make an absolute joke of any Red-heavy stage, even the likes of Realm of Carnage.note  Her true form increases her Red resistance to insane resistance (letting her take up to 1/7 damage from Reds) and buffs her attack rate to let her deal even more damage.
  • Uberfest brings Baby Gao to the table, but most of his merit is in his evolved form Mighty Lord Gao. He has long ranged area attacks, good HP and damage, and a fast attack rate. The main thing that makes him so strong is that he has a Strong Against trait vs. any enemy with a trait. Having both resistances and damage boosts to every type of unit excluding White units makes him arguably the most versatile Uber in the game, able to handle a lot of situations by himself. And the icing on the cake is that he can No-Sell Shockwaves and deal Critical Strikes.
  • Once Miko Mitama was added, she quickly proved herself to be just as overpowered as Gao. Her evolved form, Mitama the Oracle, has the ability to slow down any traited enemy she hits for 3.33-4 seconds which, combined with her attack rate of 5 seconds, barely gives enemies any time to breathe before being slowed again. What's more, her high piercing range allow her to inflict said Slow to a large group of enemies and getting knocked back instantly refreshes her attack cooldown, allowing her to retaliate instantly with her Slow. She also has top-tier survivability thanks to her 15 knockbacks that allow her to repostion herself to safety, slow speed that prevents her from outrunning her protection, and high HP vs traited thanks to her Resistant ability, which makes her take 1/4 - 1/5 damage against them. If that wasn't enough, she also sports immunity vs Weaken, Stop, Slow, Knockback, and Waves and despite being support focused, can dish out some damage as well. While she does run the risk of being cursed, disabling her Slow and Resistant abilities, and is lacking vs. traitless foes, her capabilities, as well as being able to contribute greatly in most stages you use her on, make her the best cat in the game by many.
  • D'Artanyan, the third Uberfest exclusive, is just as powerful. His evolved form, Meow-sketeer, has blazing speed, fast attacks, and 3x-4x damage to anything with a trait; he can easily crush traited enemies under his DPS. He can also No-Sell shockwaves and warping, and although he has an Arbitrary Minimum Range, it also means that he can strike enemies from behind their meatshields.
  • Kasli the Scourge, the 4th Uberfest exclusive, excels in both support and offence, especially in her evolved form, Ritual Saint Kasli. She has far-reaching Long Distance attacks that have a 50% chance to knockback any enemy with a trait as well as unleash a Surge Attack that attacks enemies at a maximum of 2 times, which always spawns beyond her standing range. This allows her to potentially knockback enemies 3 times, knocking them back far away from your cats and the way her Surge spawns means that she can knockback backliners alongside the frontliners, removing the risk that your attackers would wander into a backliner’s range with the exception of super backliners (Sunfish Jones, Director Kurosawah) and traitless backliners (Camelle, THE SLOTH). Her DPS is bad at first glance, but if her Surge manages to land all of its attacks on an enemy, which is usually the case, her DPS skyrockets to levels that few can match and surpass without the help of damage-boosting abilities, making her a fierce attacker that can also snipe any mid-ranged backliners with ease. She also sports Wave Immunity as well as Curse Immunity, making her much more effective against the Uncanny Legends saga, and Weaken Immunity.
  • Epicfest has Shadow Gao/Diabolic Gao, who is Gao's polar opposite. Instead of targeting all traited enemies, he only targets traitless ones... and deals 3x damage to and briefly freezes them, in addition to being immune to Shockwaves and Knockback and having higher stats than the regular Gao. While he is considerably less versatile than his counterparts, his high stats make him extremely good in most situations, and he absolutely crushes White-type bosses such as the Crazed/Manic Cats.
  • Then Dark Mitama came along. Take everything that made Mitama so powerful, give her the ability to always weaken targets, change her target type to White enemies, give her better attack, HP, and range and you have Dark Mitama. With resistance to and a guaranteed slow/weaken on White foes, and the ability to No-Sell debuffs and waves like her counterpart, she can easily stall out and massively cripple any White foes.
  • D'arktanyan follows in the footsteps of his brethren. In addition to dealing massive damage to White enemies with fast, long-distance attacks, he's fast, immune to Shockwaves, and cannot be Warped. White foes usually lack many counters, but D'arktanyan is capable of shredding them with his overwhelming DPS. The kicker is that he can double his damage at 60% HP, meaning that any White enemy that can't outrange him is basically dead from that moment onwards. His high base damage even lets him fight quite well against enemies with traits, making him a borderline Master of All.
  • Li'l Valkyrie. Although she's one of the most elusive Ubers in the game, she is tremendously powerful. Her only real weaknesses are her short range and average HP - she packs extremely high DPS, the ability to No-Sell all debuffs and shockwaves, an incredibly fast recharge time for an Uber, fast speed, and packs both the Zombie Killer and Barrier Breaker abilities. All of these combine to make an incredibly powerful unit that can be fielded on almost every stage, just because of how versatile she is.
  • Li'l Valkyrie Dark is nearly identical to Li'l Valkyrie except she has the ability to do a 3-blast Wave Attack in exchange for her only having half the damage and lacking her immunity against Standard Status Effects (though she still has her Wave Immunity). While this sounds bad on paper, in practice she’s very powerful as when compared to other units who do Waves on every hit, her Wave DPS is nearly identical to that of Cats in the Cradle, who is the strongest Wave attacker in terms of DPS, while being to hit backline enemies much more easily. Her half damage doesn’t matter if the enemy takes both her main attack and her Wave, meaning that she’ll deal the same amount of damage to them as her normal counterpart, and the Standard Status Effects that she’s now susceptible to either don’t affect her (Curse), can easily be avoided (Slow and Stop), or help her survive for longer by repositioning her to safety (Knockback and Warp) with the only one that can pose a problem to her, Weaken, can be worked around depending on the situation thanks to her Waves. All of this means that Li'l Valkyrie Dark is just as good as, if not better, than Li’l Valkyrie.
  • Collab-Exclusive Cats, as limited as they can be, are no slouch either:
    • Evangelion Collab
      • Eva Unit-00 is an absolute counter to Wave attacks. Not only does it have a Wave Blocker ability like Cat Machine and Octopus Cat, but it has a higher standing range than both of them, the same range as a Gross Cat, and can thus block waves safely from enemies like Hermit Cat. Its base health is also very high (127.5k HP), and it also resists Floating and Angel Enemies.
      • Eva Unit-01 is a very balanced and powerful unit, with its range above 450 to counter Master A and The SLOTH, and has decently high health and DPS alongside a good number of knockbacks. However, it can also multiply its strength by 2x when its health drops to 50%, is strong against Aliens and Zombies (with the Zombie Killer trait for the latter), and is even guaranteed to break barriers, making it an absolute powerhouse.
      • Eva Unit-02 began as the most mediocre out of the three Eva Units, until its true form came out, Code 777, which doubles her attack power when her health goes down, and still keeps the LD attack and massive damage against Red Enemies. It can now snipe backline enemies with far more damage than most other LD units, and is a powerful counter to Professor A, Hannya and Hackey.
      • Eva Unit-08 has decent health, damage, and standing range of 450, and a very large long distance effective range between 250 to 700, and also has many knockbacks to boot. What’s more, she has a decent probability of either Freezing, Slowing or Knocking Back Floating Enemies, the latter two for very long timings. What’s better, her multi-hit can guarantee at least one of the abilities will activate, making her very potent against Floating Enemies.
    • Fate/Stay Night Collab
      • Saber's true form, as Saber Alter, is very powerful, with an absurdly fast attack rate (almost as fast as Balrog Cat), many knockbacks, and also the Long Distance trait, but with an extremely small blind spot, which allows Saber to hit long-ranged enemies like Master A and The SLOTH, while also not needing to fear of much enemies entering her blind spot. Especially against Floating Enemies is Saber ridiculously powerful, dealing Massive Damage (3-4x) against them. She is also much cheaper and quicker to recharge than most other Ubers of the same caliber.
      • Matou Sakura has 122.4k HP, is resistant to three types of enemies on top of that (Black, Alien and Zombies), and with decent speed, damage and knockbacks to boot, making her stand out from regular Defensive Units. She is also unharmed by waves, which is especially useful to combat Bun Bun Symbiote and Two Can.
    • Madoka Magica Collab
      • Madoka Kaname works the same way as Aphrodite, with extreme long distance attacks, but also trades some standing range for faster attacks and movement speed, is strong to Floating Enemies and can slow them as well, instead of dealing massive damage to Aliens. Not only can she attack at long distances, she can even rush into enemies who outrange her standing range and land a hit.
      • Mami Tomoe is a long-distance attacker with an exceptional standing range, very long maximum range, and massive damage against Angels. While she's still decent as a generalist, Mami utterly lays waste to angels, dealing astonishing damage to them while outranging just about every angel in the game. Sure, she has an Arbitrary Minimum Range, but if you protect her properly, all angels on the stage are effectively dead from the moment you send her out.
    • Street Fighter V Collab
      • Blanka is an extremely powerful anti-Alien rusher, serving as a variant of Yukimura, covered above. While his DPS and speed are lower than Yukimura's, he has much more HP and more knockbacks, giving him better longevity and letting him land more hits in the long run. His attacks also have Omnistrike that reaches up to twice his attack range, preventing him from being blocked off by peons. Blanka even has the ability to always break Barriers in one hit, so starred Aliens aren't safe from his devastating hits.

Legend Rares

Cats of this rarity are extremely powerful and even outclass some Ubers at times. Almost all of them can well qualify for Game Breaker status.
  • For the Galaxy Gals, we have Headmistress Jeanne, who not only deals x5 to x6 against red and floating enemies but also attacks faster than Ururun Wolf (who attacks quite fast already) as well as having the exact same range as Lizard Cat. Due to this, she is able to out-dps the likes of Windy and Thundia (who are already very strong against the enemies they target) while also keeping herself safe from most red and floating typed enemies and, while it does mean that she can’t hit anything near her, her long-distance ability means that she can hit any enemy that might be hiding behind a much stronger one.
  • The Tales of the Nekoluga set brings in Legeluga, a rusher unit that differs heavily from its humongous brethren. While a little slower than most other rushers, it more than makes up for that with its comparatively good range, tremendous DPS, and being able to take a lot more punishment thanks to its good life and tons of immunities. Especially of note is its Wave Immunity, which covers a weakness that plagues a majority of rusher units and gives him much more use against Wave units like Berserkory or even Hermit Cat.
  • Despite having a single-target attack, if Musashi Miyamoto lands a hit, and especially if you are a Black enemy, it will HURT. Firstly, this single-target attack is compensated for well with Multi-Hit (2 times per attack) and an fast attack rate for a Legend Rare, attacking even faster than Balrog and Awakened Bahamut Cat, and standing at the same range as a Dragon Cat (400). For Black Enemies, he deals 5x damage to them (6x with treasures; and his base damage is already very high), and also takes 1/4 damage from them as well (1/5 with treasures). No Black enemy, not even in hordes, will stand a chance.
  • Against angels, the Ultra Souls Legend Rare, Ushiwakamaru, is an absolute monster against them. For starters, his unevolved form has the damage of Kasa Jizo and the Resistance of Ramen Cat against angels, improving said stats (the former has been improved thanks to using Insane Damage instead of Massive Damage, the latter has been improved by simply having more HP) while still having the spammability of an Ultra Soul. His evolved form is no slouch either as he deals damage that’s almost equal to a level 30 Jizo’s Moving Castle but he attacks faster and has the health (and ability) to back it up.
  • Wonder MOMOCO is an absolute beast at crowd control. Her first attack always releases a long shockwave, that clears most of the lesser peons on the field to allow other units to advance, and even if the more durable enemies survive, if they are Red, Black or Angel Enemies, they will get frozen for 3.33-4 seconds which hinders them from advancing. And any enemy who still attempts to reach MOMOCO will taste a final, and the most powerful attack up close from MOMOCO. Adding to that, MOMOCO is immune to waves.
  • Mighty Kristul Muu, while absolutely slow, is also absolutely powerful for that matter, especially against Zombies. It has absurd health (153k HP) and damage, and on top of that deals 5-6x damage against Zombies, while also only taking 1/4 to 1/5 damage against them as well. It has the ability to Omnistrike, to deal with burrowing enemies. But what really takes the cake is its Wave Blocker ability. Unlike Octopus or Cat Machine Mk. 3, this base has a higher standing range than either of them, and can thus be used as a passive barrier against waves, while the former two need to be summoned frequently as they are more easily killed, especially by Hermit Cat and Berserkory.
  • The Elemental Pixies has Lumina, who has 136k HP in its evolved form, yet moves at an astoundingly fast speed for a defensive unit, and has decent standing range, high DPS, and an extremely short recharge time on top of that. It also not only takes 1/6 to 1/7 of the damage from Aliens, but is also guaranteed to weaken them for a long time, and also break barriers, and resists Slow and Warp, countering Queen B and Super Cosmic Cyclone.
  • The Dark Heroes have Doctor Heaven, who has 187k health, and with two separate forms, can either become insanely resistant or deal insane damage to Alien and Black Enemies, choosing to either serve as a shield or as a damage dealer to the two types. Even if you chose the damage form, Doctor Heaven’s high health can still serve as decent defense..
  • The Almighties Legend, Gaia the Creator, can deal insane damage against ALL Traited Enemies, and the resultant DPS against them, should all 3 of her hits connect, is about 28.5k, far more than other anti-trait units like Gao, D’Artanyan and Amaterasu, and almost as much as an Awakened Bahamut and Yukimura. Yet, instead of being a suicide attacker like the aforementioned two, she's an LD Unit, and with decent health to boot. Even if 1 or 2 of her hits miss, it doesn't matter too much since even landing just one hit would've dealt a ton of damage against the enemy; managing to land 2 or all of her hits would tear their HP to shreds. Not only that, she also has an average attack rate of 5.43 seconds and the timing of her individual hits makes it so that enemies that have been knocked back by a hit of hers could wander back into the range of her attacks and get hit again. Her only weaknesses lie in her blindspot, which is large enough to fit a ton of different enemies inside (especially ones with short range), and the area between the range where she starts attacking and the start of her blindspot being almost non-existent, making direct confrontations against rushers extremely difficult. However, because most support cats are ridiculously effective at stalling their targets, the weakness isn’t even that big of an issue most of the time.
  • For the GirlsMons, we have Kyosaka Nanaho. She is a Long Distance unit that has a 2-hit attack animation and on the second hit, she has a 50% chance to deal a Critical attack. Combined with her fast attack rate and wide attack area and she can quickly damage a whole group of Metal enemies despite having lower critical damage than most critter Ubers. She also Insanely Resists metal damage, which allows her to withstand metal attacks. Unlike most Critical Hit Class units who are only good at killing metals and nothing else, Kyosaka Nanaho also has good general use. Standing at 400 range, an attack area of 300-750 and a piercing range of 350, she is able to be used and be effective against a wide variety of enemies, her high piercing range allows her to easily hit any enemy in the backlines and her 7 knockbacks allows her to reposition herself to safety and become able to hit enemies that were in her blindspot. Her DPS is also good; including her critical attack, her average DPS comes up to around 5200, a good number for the Long-Distance standard. Helping her out even more in this regard are the extra abilities that she has at her disposal; Barrier Breaker, like her Critical, only occurs at the second hit but has a 100% chance of occurring, making her destroy Star Alien Barriers with ease, her Zombie Killer might be able to cancel out a Zombie's revive should she manage to deal the killing blow, and her Survivor's 100% chance to activate gives her a pseudo eighth knockback.
  • Even though he is only obtained in an Uber Set that's filled to the brim with some of the worst tier-induced Scrappies in the game, the Dynastyfest Legend Rare, Emperor Cat, is a powerhouse of a generalist. For abilities, he can Slow, Freeze, Knockback, and Weaken traited enemies with each ability occurring at a 30% chance. While it sounds unreliable, the chances of him inflicting any status effect is around 76%, meaning that, while getting a specific status effect might be unreliable, as a whole, he’s a very reliable crowd controller. For his attacking role, while his DPS at first is somewhat below-average for the Uber/Legend Uber standard, he makes up for it by having an above-average range of 551, outranging most common enemies that aren’t ridiculously long ranged like Sunfish Jones and Director Kurosawah. This allows him to hit hard from a range where most recurring enemies can’t reach him, in addition to inflicting status effects should they be traited. In addition, his 4 knockbacks allow him to reposition easily and he has a good chunk of health that allows him to take hits if need be. Overall, Emperor Cat acts as both a long ranged support and attacker whose good stats and ability quality for his range allows him to carry you to victory in a battle. Even if a specialist is more desired, he'll still be able to help out a good amount.
  • The Legend Rare for the Bikkuriman Collaboration, Black Zeus, is a powerhouse on par with the Purposely Overpowered Epicfest Ubers. He deals insane damage to traitless enemies, and reaches an astonishing 22,000 DPS against them at level 30. Although Black Zeus has an Arbitrary Minimum Range, the range on his attack doesn't make it much of an issue, and lets him hit traitless enemies from a massive distance away in exchange. Although he's more balanced against traited enemies, his DPS is still decent for his range, so he doesn't suffer from Crippling Overspecialization.


  • Bombercat, Flower Cat's true form. While the method of attaining the cat (and true form) in question is incredibly obscurewhy? , it can freeze any amount of Black enemies for a good amount of time, has a fairly fast recharge, and has good range. This one Cat allows you to curb-stomp the majority of Black foes, and makes the otherwise-notorious Razorback into a joke. Bombercat is so powerful that, as an Obvious Rule Patch, some later-introduced Black enemies (such as Black Okame and Ragin' Gory) have freeze immunity solely to counter it.
  • Sanzo Cat is basically the go-to cat for any short-ranged Floating enemy thanks to its decent range, quick recharge, Area Attacks and the fact that the duration of the slow inflicted is much longer than its nearly-every-second attack rate, meaning that even a small stack of them can permanently slow down any Floating enemy. Combine this cat with Cameraman and even Teacher Bun Buns and Shy Boys will be an absolute joke. His Talents are no slouch, either — they can allow him to affect Angels (of which there are nearly no non-Uber Rare cats that can control them as effectively as he can), give him the ablilty to lower enemy attack by 30%, and a 50% chance to survive a lethal strike.
  • Rocker Cat is moderately cheap, deals deceptively high DPS in large numbers, is spammable, and has incredible durability for its cost, especially against the Angelic foes it resists. Its true form Ramen Cat is even better due to the large stat buff it gives him. If you want to go even further, his Talents give him resistance against the Knockback, Slow, and Curse abilities along with the standard stat-boosting Talents.
  • Cameraman Cat, the True Form of Mer-Cat, is ridiculously strong for a Rare Cat and a massive improvement over the basic form. She has a short time between attacks, deals and takes a lot of damage to Floating enemies thanks to being strong against them, has an Area Attack and deals a surprisingly decent amount of damage against anything else, especially if stacked, which is easy to do thanks to her quick recharge. She also has great survivability thanks to her decent range, which allows her to outrange enemies that are spawned in groups or any Close-Range Combatant and even if she gets hit, she has a chance to survive a lethal strike, thus keeping her alive for longer and potentially saving your stack. Her Talents are also very strong: one of them, at max level, can make her Last Chance Hitpoint guaranteed. Another can give her the chance to do a Critical Attack; while it has only a 2% chance of happening, a huge stack of them can potentially heavily cripple or kill groups of Metal enemies without any problem.
  • Slime Cat may have a pitiful amount of HP, but it more than makes up for that with its attack power — not only does it deal huge amounts of damage, up to 40,500 at level 50, but it creates a level 5 wave attack with every attack, letting it hit huge amounts of enemies with that damage. What makes it more unbalanced is its cost and recharge — only taking about 13 seconds to recharge, and only costing $450. If you're good at timing them to get past enemy attacks, you can have a powerful source of damage that can hit even the longest-ranged of enemies. Unfortunately, you'll have to take down Queen Mother V if you want to get your hands on it, making it something of a Bragging Rights Reward.
  • The true form of Hip Hop Cat, Can Can Cat. For a cost of just $675, it has a colossal amount of HP and attack — nearly 40,000 HP and damage at level 30, rivalling some Uber Rare Cats! It can also slow Red enemies for a whopping 4 seconds. Its only downfalls are its slow attacks and single target, but a single Can Can can hold its own for a surprising amount of time. Its talent upgrades are no slouch either - in addition to inflating its stats even more, it can get the double money ability to gain massive amounts of cash from anything it kills, target Aliens, and greatly boost its movement speed so it can act as a powerful rush attacker as well.
  • Nerd Cat was already a decent unit by virtue of its astronomical range, but its True Form, Cyberpunk Cat, is one of the most powerful non-Ubers in the game. In addition to having higher attack power, it gains the ability to slow any non-Metal enemies for 2 seconds per attack. While this is balanced when only one is on the field, stacking up more can lengthen the effect greatly, crippling most enemies that get hit from a safe distance. With Talents, the slow can last for 4~4.8 seconds (depending on what percent your fruit treasures are), which is more than half of his time between attacks, making him into a very effective support unit.
  • The true form of Swimmer Cat, Fishman Cat. Swimmer was already a great rush unit thanks to being incredibly fast and dealing colossal damage to Floating enemies, but Fishman takes this Up to Eleven, increasing Swimmer's attack, defense, and speed further. However, the most significant change it receives is a range increase, which actually allows it to outrange all of the Teacher Bun Bun variants save for Mecha-Bun, Bun Bun Symbiote's shockwave, and Relic Bun-Bun (whom he's not even effective against). All of these combine to make a fantastic rush unit that can also deliver crushing blows to any floating enemy on the stage. While his Talents aren't as overpowered as some Super Rares', they're still great to have, as they can let Fishman slow Floating enemies while boosting his HP, attack, and speed even more.
  • While Apple Cat and Face Cat are mediocre units, their true form, iCat, is a massive improvement. It can freeze any amount of Red enemies with a 100% chance. All it takes it two to freeze a Red enemy forever, although this does require the relatively short-ranged iCat to either outrange its foes or sneak a hit in. Its Talents further improve it by boosting its speed and health, giving it a much better shot at landing its attacks.
  • Weightlifter Cat's true form, Pizza Cat, is one of the best, if not the best, non-Uber anti-Blacks one could hope for (Level 30 stats): high damage (15725, and that’s not even on black enemies, in which case the damage will be multiplied by 3 or 4 depending on your Void Fruit treasures), high hp (33150) and pretty decent range for an Anti-Black. His real ace in the hole, however, is his talents. Decreasing his price (from 910/1365/1820 to 710/1165/1520), a 50% chance to slow blacks for 2 seconds and a 30% chance to do a level 2 shockwave with each attack. Combine him with Bombercat and meatshields and he will allow you to make mincemeat out of practically any Black enemies that isn't immune to freeze. If that wasn’t enough, because of his shockwaves, lowered cost, and high damage, his general use is good as the waves will spread his high damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be in its way and potentially deal double damage on the enemy/enemies that helped trigger his wave, as waves are considered a separate attack from the main attack.
  • Express Cat, due to its supersonic speed and crushing attack power. Not only can it get a powerful hit in on almost any enemy due to its 1-frame attack animation making it nearly impossible to miss, its double money ability lets the player get rich quick off of any decently powerful enemy. If you can take down Revenge of Carnage to get its true form, Bullet Train Cat takes everything that made Express great and improves on it - jacking up its HP and damage while making it even faster.


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