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  • In any game the form is playable outside of the Final Boss, Super Sonic and the other Super Modes tend to be this. Not only does it make them invincible, far faster, and possibly deal more damage, it's usually easy to keep the ring total up, depending on how fast it consumes them.
  • Bosses can be one of the more difficult aspects of Sonic games, because if you get hit, your rings can potentially scatter out of reach. To counter this, keep in mind that in almost all 2D Sonic games, your last ring will bounce to the LEFT if you get hit. This means that in most boss areas, as long as you DON'T wander too far to the left, it's usually possible to get hit and recover your one remaining ring again and again, effectively preventing you from ever dying.
    • Even better, in many of the 2D games, your character will always fly in the direction opposite of where they were facing when damaged, meaning as long as you attack only from the left, you can easily recollect that one single ring as needed. This has been abused for so long that recent titles have started making rings fly in random directions and/or farther and farther away from you when you're repetitively damaged in a small period of time, eventually to the point where they'll fly completely offscreen no matter where you are if you're struck again.

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 
  • In Sonic the Hedgehog 2, all seven Chaos Emeralds could be gathered in the first zone, since there are enough checkpoints in Emerald Hill Zone to get all the emeralds. This (naturally) allowed you to breeze through the game casually, the only challenge being the final level, in which the player has to fight Silver Sonic and Dr. Robotnik with no protection.
    • The PlayStation 3 version of the game adds another Game-Breaker — the ability to save the game whenever you wanted, and reload from that save without penalty. With the ability to use save states, suddenly the game's challenge goes right out of the window.

    Sonic 3 And Knuckles 
  • Launch Base Zone has alarm sirens that summon dive-bombing Fybots, but if you hold a spin-dash in the alarm's trigger area, it will continuously defeat them, allowing you to rack up a massive score and the accompanying extra lives.
  • Really, in the retro Sonic the Hedgehog games, Super Sonic is a Game Breaker. Faster than normal Sonic, can jump higher, and is invincible to everything bar death pits, crushing, and drowning. The only drawback is that once your rings run out, you're defenseless unless you managed to pick up a shield, but rings are easy enough to come by, especially in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Speaking of which, Hyper Sonic, Super Tails, and Hyper Knuckles are even more Game Breaking because of their abilities. Hyper Sonic can destroy all enemies on screen by double-jumping (and can double-jump in any direction, including straight down), Hyper Knuckles can do it by gliding into walls, and Super Tails's Flickies will automatically home in on and destroy any enemy near them. Bosses with Super Tails become a joke because all you have to do is just stand there and let the Flickies do all the work for you. Super Sonic is such a Game Breaker that it's easy to see why Sega made it an 11th-Hour Superpower in their newer games. Another Game Breaker in a meta sense is the acquisition of emeralds in 3 & Knuckles; the impossible-to-miss first giant ring in Mushroom Hill comes back if you quit and reload (it's special on purpose, long story), making collecting all 14 Emeralds a matter of completing the Special Stages. With infinite retries.
    • Super/Hyper Sonic becomes an even worse Game Breaker in Sonic 3 & Knuckles once you pick up the electric shield, which magnetically pulls rings towards you, and as long as you can move through the level consistently quickly, you can pretty much stay Super/Hyper through the whole level.
      • Also, even without Super/Hyper Sonic in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, each of the shields in the game trivialized bosses and several levels — whether it was the fire shield to allow players to stand underneath most bosses and jump, or the electric double jump that ruined the whole point of the boss being out of reach. Heck, even Sonic's Insta-Shield's reach is just enough to break several boss battles if you time it correctly. A definite fan favorite is the fire shield for the otherwise intimidating Lava Reef boss, which allowed Sonic to walk on lava and laugh off every attack except the spike balls at the end of it.
      • There is one instance of Super Tails backfiring. His swarm of Super Flickies automatically targets enemy units. But the Death Egg Act II boss can only be hurt by using the gravity-switching elevators to knock its drone units into it. This is next to impossible when they keep getting destroyed by Super Flickies. So he's powerful in a good way and a bad one.
      • Also, there's these switches in Launch Base that the player characters destroy that open up new pathways and close others. With the Super Flickies, it's possible to prematurely break such a switch in Act 2 that'll trap Tails until the level's time limit expires.
      • In addition, Super Tails can render the Sandopolis miniboss, the Stone Guardian, unwinnable, but only if you stand to the left of the boss to make it face left. If facing left, the boss gets knocked to the right and away from the quicksand pit, which can happen pretty easily with the Flickies. However, if you stay to the right of the boss and make it face that way, the Flickies will knock the boss towards the sand pit.

    Sonic Adventure 
  • Not even a "super" character, Tails in Sonic Adventure, becomes something like this in some of his levels due to his flying ability. In Windy Valley, you can skip the entire level just by flying over everything. Other levels, such as Sky Deck, become laughably easy once you find all of the shortcuts that you can reach just by flying. And that's without the Jet Anklet.
  • Sonic's Spin Dash is unusually flexible in this game, as it activates at the press of a button and can be started anywhere (similar to Classic Sonic's move in the HD version of Generations). An easy way to build up speed is to simply spam the action button. Combining a Spin Dash with a well-timed jump on a slope also allows Sonic to fly into the air, allowing some degree of Sequence Breaking.

    Sonic Adventure 2 
  • Sonic is this if you have acquired the Magic Hand and the Bounce Bracelet upgrades. For the Magic Hand, you can have the option to turn your enemies (except ghosts) into balls and for the Bounce Bracelet, this can be useful for the two Shadow boss fights and the Big Foot boss fight. For the former, just quickly defeat Shadow by repeatedly using the Bound Attack and for the latter, you can use the Bound Attack to get a good height to home attack Big Foot without having to stand on the boxes. Shadow never gets these upgrades, sadly.

    Sonic Advance 2 
  • Cream in Sonic Advance 2 renders every boss powerless as her Cheese attack move will always hit from any distance during the fight. Simply pressing B repeatedly without even moving can guarantee an easy victory.
  • If you're trying to learn where the Special Stage Rings are without cheating, Tails is the best character to use because his flying ability allows you to change elevations quickly and can potentially reverse any mistakes made during your search. Cream also has a flying ability, but it's more suited to horizontal distance and she doesn't have as much stamina.

    Sonic Advance 3 
  • In Sonic Advance 3, all you have to do is choose Knuckles as your main character and Tails as your partner. This combination increases both Knuckles' gliding ability and Tails' flying ability to an insane degree and allows you to beat most levels easily.
    • Tails is cheap thanks to the fact that his Spinning Tails attack does damage to the boss from below, considering most bosses are designed to be hit from above.
  • Amy Rose may be more of an example of Difficult, but Awesome, but using her hammer attack on springs in Sonic Advance and Sonic Advance 3 makes the spring launch her twice as far, oftentimes sending her soaring over large chunks of the level. In Sonic Advance 3, having her as your partner replaces everyone's ground attack with a hammer attack similar to hers. Enjoy your flight.
  • Tails paired with Amy. Amy makes Tails flight the best in the game as it lasts long, is easy to control, moves quickly in any direction, and gives tails a hammer to use, meaning that he's not limited to hitting enemies from below.

    Sonic Heroes 
  • In Sonic Heroes, there was Team Rose, who was supposed to be the game's version of easy mode, but they took it to the next level, considering that their Team Blast gauge charged up extremely quickly, and once it was at full power, their Team Blast destroyed all the enemies in the vicinity, gave them a shield, Power Sneakers, invincibility, and powered them up even further by instantly raising each character an entire level, which made reaching the max level of 3 all too easy. Combine this with the fact that their levels are about half the length of the other teams’ levels, and you have absolutely no reason whatsoever to struggle to beat their portion of the game.
  • Thunder Shoot. It's actually not very helpful when the flying characters are at Level 0, since it only stuns enemies and doesn't damage them. Leveling up, however, changes this. At Level 3, it deals heavy damage, targets multiple enemies, attracts rings, has incredible range, and is lightning-fast. Thunder Shoot can easily take down any section where the game forces you to fight a large group of weak enemies in a matter of seconds, including some of the boss fights.

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 
  • From Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), we have Sonic's Purple Gem custom action, which turns Sonic small by holding down a button. It may seem like a novelty at first with the high price of 14,000 Rings, but you'll realize why it's a Game Breaker. While small, Sonic's Homing Attack is replaced with an infinite double jump. This allows you to pass some sections of Action Stages just by double-jumping or easily find Silver Medals. And you can buy this ability right before Sonic's final level.
    • Oh, and on a lesser note, Sonic's Red Gem custom action, which slows down time. Including the in-game timer, making it a bit easier to S-rank some missions.
      • Also, it's possible to skip large sections of Omega's levels thanks to a bug with his hover function. Essentially, pressing the hover button in midair makes Omega cancel all vertical momentum briefly. This means that, by rhythmically tapping the hover button, you can make Omega fly. This also allows Omega to visit places he isn't even supposed to go, including Shadow's section of Wave Ocean (you even get Shadow's dialogue!) and Sonic's, though the latter has no enemies to fight.

    Sonic Chronicles 
  • Cream the Rabbit from Sonic Chronicles. Seeing as you barely have to go out of your way to get her on your team, she definitely applies here. She has a move called "Refresh" that, when used, restores PP for everyone on the team. She can also heal everyone at once, rid everyone of status effects at once, etc. Her inputs kind of tricky? No problem. Equip her with Ferox, a Chao that makes all POW moves never fail, and watch the game suddenly become piss-easy.
    • Also, that move Refresh? It also affects Cream, and at rank two (which you can get the minute you recruit her thanks to Leaked Experience), the move costs 8 PP and restores 10. That's right, It pays for itself, meaning everyone else can perpetually use POW moves for absolutely no cost.

    Sonic Colors 
  • Super Sonic returns to his Game Breaker status in Sonic Colors. Though sort of an Infinity +1 Sword due to how long it takes to get him (you have to first obtain all Red Star Rings, which there are five of in every stage, then you have to complete all the Game Land stages, which are seven stages with three acts each), getting him will tear the game apart. The main reasons being that for one, he can boost infinitely, for two, you get a 2000-point "Super Sonic Bonus" every second you spend in Super form, and for three, just using him in a stage means you're guaranteed an S-rank, no questions asked if that stage has no Wisp; otherwise, you’re not getting an S-rank anytime soon.
  • The DS version gives us Unlimited Boost, which not only lets you still use Wisps, but it can be used on all modes and acts — even bosses that aren’t the true final boss, Sonic Simulator, or time attack.

    Sonic Generations 
  • Super Sonic has similar attributes in Sonic Generations, too (both Classic and Modern). They attempted to nerf him by making his rings decrease much faster when boosting and in 3D sections, boosting made you fly. While this made you bypass all obstacles in 3D sections, you wouldn't be replenishing rings either. That said, you can still just not boost and enjoy invincibility.
  • The Act 1 shield powerups. The Flame Shield lets you air-boost to speed through linear and open-air sections, and the Thunder Shield allows you to double jump.
    Sonic Mania 
  • The Super Forms are back. Even better, Tails can now become Super Tails after getting all seven Chaos Emeralds, something that he couldn't do before.
    • Speaking of which, if you're exploratory and persistent enough, you can get all the Chaos Emeralds before Chemical Plant Zone Act 2, which gives you access to the Super Transformation from just the second zone in the game. This allows you to almost easily breeze through the rest of the game, especially since most stages are very generous with rings.
  • In the DLC Sonic Mania Plus, Mighty is basically Sonic except the Drop Dash is replaced with a ground pound. However, when curled up into a ball, either through ducking, Spin Dashing, or jumping, projectiles bounce off of him and he bounces harmlessly off of spikes, rendering him nigh-invulnerable. What keeps him from being too overpowered is that he can still take damage when not curled up into a ball.
  • Ray, still in Sonic Mania Plus is absolutely ridiculous. His glide can reach insane levels of speed and he can speedrun a level faster than Super Sonic can ever hope to. Now, knowing that the Super Forms grant you Super Speed, try to think how fast Super Ray can get the job done.

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