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  • Bosses can be one of the more difficult aspects of Sonic games, because if you get hit, your rings can potentially scatter out of reach. However, in most 2D Sonic games, your last ring will ALWAYS fly to the left if you get hit. This means that in most boss areas, as long as you DON'T wander too far to the left, it's usually possible to get hit and recover your one remaining ring again and again, effectively preventing you from ever dying. Even better, your character will always fly in the direction opposite of where they were facing when damaged, meaning as long as you attack only while facing right, you can easily recollect that one single ring as needed.
    • Some games such as the 'Sonic Rush' series combat this strat by either having the single ring fly in a random direction when hurt. Or some game have the recollected rings fly increasingly farther from your character if you continuously get hurt within a short time; eventually resulting in them instantly flying out of bounds if you continue to abuse this trick.

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 
  • In Sonic the Hedgehog 2, all seven Chaos Emeralds could be gathered in the first zone, since there are enough checkpoints in Emerald Hill Zone to get all the emeralds. This (naturally) allowed you to breeze through the game casually, the only challenge being the final level, in which the player has to fight Silver Sonic and Dr. Robotnik with no protection.
  • The PlayStation 3 version of the game adds the ability to save the game whenever you want, and reload from that save without penalty. With the ability to use save states, suddenly the game's challenge goes right out of the window.

    Sonic 3 And Knuckles 
  • Launch Base Zone has alarm sirens that summon dive-bombing Fybots, but if you hold a spin-dash in the alarm's trigger area, it will continuously defeat them, allowing you to rack up a massive score and the accompanying extra lives.
  • The impossible-to-miss first giant ring in Mushroom Hill comes back if you quit and reload, effectively giving you infinite retries at the game's Special Stages.
  • The shields in the game are so useful they can trivialize most bosses: the fire shield gave Sonic a flying tackle that could be spammed without much risk; the electric shield provided Sonic with a double jump that ruined the whole point of the boss being out of reach; and Sonic's default Insta-Shield's reach is just enough to break several boss battles if you time it correctly.

    Sonic Adventure 
  • Tails in Sonic Adventure, due to his flying ability. In Windy Valley, you can skip the entire level just by flying over everything. Compared to other 3D Sonic games, this one has easily the most overpowered flight ability. Tails gets a lot of height and distance, moves quickly, and goes even further and faster with the Jet Anklet. He can slowly descend to the ground or quickly dive down. There's no real height or distance cap beyond your momentum and flight stamina, which only drains while you're holding the jump button. Other levels, such as Sky Deck, become laughably easy once you find all of the shortcuts that you can reach just by flying. And that's without the Jet Anklet.
    • With the Jet Anklet? Tails is even faster than Sonic when he flies! The upgrade makes Windy Valley a joke and makes the rest of the game noticeably easier (when you're not wrestling with the camera, anyways). It's also one of the only upgrades you can get as soon as the intro ends, as there is literally nothing stopping you from getting it.
  • Sonic's Spin Dash is unusually flexible in this game, as it activates at the press of a button and can be started anywhere (similar to Classic Sonic's move in the HD version of Generations). An easy way to build up speed is to simply spam the action button. Combining a Spin Dash with a well-timed jump on a slope also allows Sonic to fly into the air, allowing some degree of Sequence Breaking.

    Sonic Advance 2 
  • Cream renders every boss powerless as her Cheese attack move will always hit from any distance during the fight. Simply pressing B repeatedly without even moving can guarantee an easy victory.
  • If you're trying to learn where the Special Stage Rings are without cheating, Tails is the best character to use because his flying ability allows you to change elevations quickly and can potentially reverse any mistakes made during your search. Cream also has a flying ability, but it's more suited to horizontal distance and she doesn't have as much stamina.

    Sonic Advance 3 
  • In Sonic Advance 3, all you have to do is choose Knuckles as your main character and Tails as your partner. This combination increases both Knuckles' gliding ability and Tails' flying ability to an insane degree and allows you to beat most levels easily.
  • Tails is cheap thanks to the fact that his Spinning Tails attack does damage to the boss from below, considering most bosses are designed to be hit from above.
  • Amy Rose may be more of an example of Difficult, but Awesome, but using her hammer attack on springs in Sonic Advance and Sonic Advance 3 makes the spring launch her twice as far, oftentimes sending her soaring over large chunks of the level. In Sonic Advance 3, having her as your partner replaces everyone's ground attack with a hammer attack similar to hers. Enjoy your flight.
  • Tails paired with Amy. Amy makes Tails flight the best in the game as it lasts long, is easy to control, moves quickly in any direction, and gives tails a hammer to use, meaning that he's not limited to hitting enemies from below.

    Sonic Heroes 
  • Team Chaotix's Team Blast destroys all enemies and turns them into rings which fill up your Team Blast gauge, which can chain endlessly in certain areas. This makes several boss fights a complete joke as a result, especially when the team is at max level.
  • Thunder Shoot. It's actually not very helpful when the flying characters are at Level 0, since it only stuns enemies and doesn't damage them. Leveling up, however, changes this. At Level 3, it deals heavy damage, targets multiple enemies, attracts rings, has incredible range, and is lightning-fast. Thunder Shoot can easily take down any section where the game forces you to fight a large group of weak enemies in a matter of seconds, including some of the boss fights.

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 
  • Sonic's Purple Gem custom action turns Sonic small by holding down a button. While in this state, Sonic's Homing Attack is replaced with an infinite double jump. This allows you to pass some sections of Action Stages just by double-jumping, and makes it much easier to find Silver Medals.
  • Sonic's Red Gem custom action slows down time. Including the in-game timer, making it a bit easier to S-rank some missions.
  • It's possible to skip large sections of Omega's levels thanks to a bug with his hover function: pressing the hover button in midair makes Omega cancel all vertical momentum briefly. This means that, by rhythmically tapping the hover button, you can make Omega fly. This also allows Omega to visit places he isn't even supposed to go, including Shadow's section of Wave Ocean (you even get Shadow's dialogue!) and Sonic's, though the latter has no enemies to fight.

    Sonic Chronicles 
  • Cream the Rabbit has a move called "Refresh" that, when used, restores PP for everyone on the team. She can also heal everyone at once, rid everyone of status effects at once, etc. Her inputs kind of tricky? No problem. Equip her with Ferox, a Chao that makes all POW moves never fail, and watch the game suddenly become piss-easy. "Refresh" also affects Cream, and at rank two (which you can get the minute you recruit her thanks to Leaked Experience), the move costs 8 PP and restores 10, meaning everyone else can perpetually use POW moves for absolutely no cost.

    Sonic Generations 
  • The Act 1 shield powerups. The Flame Shield lets you air-boost to speed through linear and open-air sections, and the Thunder Shield allows you to double jump, letting the player breeze through most sections that would otherwise require fancy platforming.

    Sonic Mania 
  • It's possible to get all the Chaos Emeralds before Chemical Plant Zone Act 2, which gives you access to the Super Transformation from just the second zone in the game. This allows you to easily breeze through the rest of the game, especially since most stages are very generous with rings.
  • In the DLC Sonic Mania Plus, Mighty is basically Sonic except the Drop Dash is replaced with a ground pound. However, when curled up into a ball, either through ducking, Spin Dashing, or jumping, projectiles bounce off of him and he bounces harmlessly off of spikes, rendering him nigh-invulnerable. What keeps him from being too overpowered is that he can still take damage when not curled up into a ball.
  • Ray, still in Sonic Mania Plus is absolutely ridiculous. His glide can reach insane levels of speed and he can speedrun a level faster than Super Sonic can ever hope to. Now, knowing that the Super Forms grant you Super Speed, try to think how fast Super Ray can get the job done.

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