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After a certain point, part of the challenge of Octopath Traveler comes in deciding how to break the game. If you're going for the True Final Boss, you'll want to choose several of these all at once.

  • The Dancer's Bewildering Grace skill has the potential to be this when it isn't causing large amounts of self-inflicted pain. The most notable of its many effects are its chance to multiply the experience earned from battle. When boosted, multiple effects activate, meaning that there is a small chance that you can even receive several multipliers. The rarest of all outcomes is a 100x multiplier (0.2% chance for either JP or EXP at maximum Boost), and if you're lucky enough to get this when facing a Cait enemy, your party is set for the remainder of the game.
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  • The Hunter's Leghold Trap skill makes it so the targeted enemy acts only at the end of the turn. This includes bosses. With enough careful planning, even throwing one Brace onto the enemy can set up a loop where the party can constantly Break them, heal up, and only have to worry about their mandatory turn once they recover.
  • Knife weapons, in general, are much more widely available to Steal/Purchase than other weapon types, have a wider variety of secondary bonuses than other weapons, and are the only weapon type that can hit twice for essentially free via the Thief's Steal SP skill. Of particular note is the Soul Knife, available for stealing in a number of Chapter 2 towns, which offers an Elemental Attack bonus comparable to a staff. While there isn't any one thing that knives are unbeatable at, they do everything very well.
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  • The Runelord's Runes, which add Elemental damage to basic attacks, can deal tens of thousands of damage with a normal attack if used by a character and weapon with high Elemental Attack. This can be combined with Second Serving (50% chance to attack again after a basic attack), Eye for an Eye (50% chance to counter physical attacks), and Incidental Attack (50% chance to attack after offensive status attack) for even more damage. Tressa and Olberic can even use the Transfer Rune skill to give the party their self-cast abilities to the rest of the group; Tressa can replenish large chunks of the party's SP at no cost and grant guaranteed evasion for 1-4 physical attacks, while Olberic can buff the party's physical attack or defense all in one go.
  • The Thief Class in general is suited up with enough to make their Fragile Speedster flaw all but negligible. The high speed it comes with ensures that the hero will be going early in the turn, which allows them to easily pull off a HP or SP Thief. Both of these hit the foe twice for high damage without the use of an extra boost point, and it either heals up whatever damage they've taken in the last turn or recharges what SP was consumed to pull the attack off, essentially making it two free hits. Add this in with the fact that Share SP allows the other heroes in the party to go over their maximum SP cap and that the Thief comes with physical attack and defense impairment moves, you basically have a fast, self sustaining character that can make sure your other heroes never run out of magic.
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  • The Cleric passive skill Saving Grace, which allows the equipping character to be overhealed. With the aid of a Cleric's Heal More or an Apothecary's First Aid, this can give even squishy characters enough of a HP buffer to survive the ultimate attacks of bonus bosses. And if a character does faint, using an Olive of Life (L) on them revives them with 9,999 HP. Combining this with Dohter's Charity and Revitalizing Jam can heal every character to the max.
  • Combining Olberic with the apothecary class trivializes many challenge fights. In addition to giving Olberic access to health and status healing, he can also poison his opponents, making it possible to poison the toughest enemies and wait them out while defending/healing the entire time.
  • Alfyn can be used to one-shot most of the game's bosses, including the bonus ones. The trick is to equip Alfyn with as many items who boost his speed as one can, and the strongest Axe one has, so he has a high speed. Then get his HP to 1, via Bewildering Grace or letting him die and reviving him. Equip him with the warrior skill that lets him do more damage than the damage cap. Then when combat starts, have Alfyn use "Last Stand", which does damage inversely proportional to Alfyn's HP. For extra punch, equip the Warmaster passive "Fortitude" which also gives a damage bonus the lower one's HP is. So kitted out Alfyn can deal 99,999 damage (the actual damage cap with "Surpassing Power") each turn to the every enemy. For extra fun, set up Olberic with the same build. For mass overkill, include a merchant and cleric as the final two party members, both speed boosted. Make the merchant donate BP to the cleric, and make the cleric use "Aelfric's Auspices", making Alfyn's "Last Stand" trigger twice. If the characters' speed is high enough, that's 299997 dmg to all enemies, before the enemy gets even a turn.
  • The Merchant passive skill SP Saver, which halves SP consumption for the equipping character. Get ready to have your characters spam their strongest attacks like there's no tomorrow once they have it. Combine it with the Dancer passive Second Wind (replenishes 5% max SP, rounded up) or the Dragon's Scarf (replenishes 6 SP), and they'll never be hurting for SP again.
  • Sealticge's Seduction is the Dancer's Divine Skill, and is quite loaded. Its description is written improperly, but the general gist is that any single-target non-weapon skill will affect all targets associated with the skill, exempting other Divine Skills. With this, an Apothecary can heal absurd amounts of HP to the whole party for the low, low cost of 4 SP, you can cripple an enemy party's defenses with a Thief's Armor Corrosive before a Warrior, Apothecary or Hunter smites the whole enemy group with a hit-all weapon attack, nuke whole parties with powerful elemental spells for cheaper than a Scholar, or buff the entire party's elemental defenses in time to mitigate a certain Those Two Bosses' full-party elemental attacks and actually make their Turns Red phases manageable. Reflective Veil isn't horribly broken by itself, but combined with Sealticge's Seduction it can make magic-dependent bosses cakewalks by having their spells damage them (and even their shield points if they're weak to the element used). note  Combine this with the Runelord Tressa fun mentioned above for near-invincibility. The possibilities are limitless!


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