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Ah Trails, we always find ways to break your games to itty bitty pieces.

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  • The Tomato Sandwitch. This unassuming little recipe consistently remains one of the most useful items across the series. Depending on the game, it restores 20-50 CP in and out of battle. Buying these in bulk can have your party at a full 200 CP S-Break, letting you attack before the battle even starts.
  • Time Quartz have always been one of the best Orbment slots in the series. Since Speed is one of the most practical methods to manipulate the turn order. What's more, with the exception of The 3rd and a few areas afterwards, Time Art damage sits outside the usual Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors, making them almost always a steady damage-dealer in any situation. In the Sky and Zero/Azure games, AOE (area of effect) Arts can be unlocked early on. Said Arts have a chance to apply a number of benefits such as Hell Gate (a 30% chance at stunning multiple targets) or Shadow Spear (15% chance to instantly kill non-boss enemies). if all that weren't enough, the various Clock Up/Down arts speeds up or slows down allies and enemies, further exacerbating the turn gap.
  • AT Delay. While the Erebonia Arc heavily stacks this mechanic in the player's favor, the previous games aren't anything to scoff at. As the name suggests, Delay will knock down any enemy on the turn order bar, and will continue to fall further down the more times it's used before they can get a turn. Since Crafts will always hit without any Delay, they'll always hit first, and at least 2 characters in an arc have this ability. The result is a strong case of Unstable Equilibrium on the party's side. Enemy casting an Art while the current character can't impede? Delay them until they can. Boss coming up to a Critical Bonus? Delay them and take it yourself.
     The Liberl Arc 

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

  • Agate in SC, Richard in 3rd. In SC, Agate has a skill that trades HP for 150 CP, which means that when paired with a good healer, a pattern of 1: Agate takes massive damage for massive CP boost 2: Healer replenishes Agate's Health, 3: Agate uses S-Break to wreak havoc can make virtually any boss easy to defeat. For Richard, he has a combination of awesome stats, a surprisingly good Orbment setup, and super-low cooldown on his Crafts so he can get lots of turns. Not to mention that his second S-craft, Sakura Morning Moon, is one of the most powerful moves in the game. His only weakness is that his Crafts aren't good for AOE attacks, but he can partially make up for that with Orbal Arts anyways.
  • In Alternative Saga, Loewe. His Arc Drain has the ability to drain the enemies SP, if it hits 3 enemies it would refill the skill's AP cost and add an extra for it so the skill pays for it's own cost. Not to mention his Kienzan is not only fast but also has the power that rivals an Extra Skill.
  • Olivier isn't a slouch either in that territory: his damage output may not be anything special but the area he truly excels at are magic and his crafts: Quick Draw can shoot many enemies at the same time along with a quite decent range, while Happy Trigger replenishes a rather sizable portion of the party's HP, both costing mere 20 CP. Along with an excellent orbment setup, Olivier manages to be one of the most useful party members in FC, especially in the final chapter.
  • Among specific Arts, Earth Wall counts. It's a magic spell that creates a barrier around anyone within its area of effect (which can be all four characters in the party if they're close enough together) that will nullify the next attack that would hit that person. One would think that such a spell would be hard to come by, but nope, all it requires is 4 earth element units to get it and 30 EP to cast it (70 in SC).
  • Another Art example is Chaos Brand. It Confuses one enemy, ensuring they'll have a solid chance at hitting their allies. You'd think this would be at least a low to mid success rate, but you'd be wrong. With the exception of a handful of mobs, it's a 100% success. It even works on most end-game bosses! The Crossbell games nerf this all the way down to 10%.
  • Kloe's Kampfer/Impose Craft, a cheap (20 CP), infinite range attack that drops the target's Strength and Defense by 50%. This is usually enough to reduce all their attacks to Scratch Damage, and this applies to Arts too due to the way Strength debuffs work in this game. And with -50% defense, it's easy to demolish them with a barrage of S-Crafts. This move is near-mandatory if you're trying to win the second Lorence fight. The one thing holding it back is that the Final Boss is immune to Stat Down. Everything else, on the other hand... Sadly, it suffered a major nerf in SC, it only drops Strength by 15% and Defense by 10%, and no longer does damage.
  • The 3rd also turns Anelace and Tita into these. For Anelace, if you manage to defeat Richard during her Star Door, you unlock her exclusive weapon, Jinu, which boosts almost all her stats up to endgame levels (keep in mind, this can be done as early as Chapter Four.) Later on, if you beat the Nightmare Arena with Anelace in your party, you'll get Jinu's upgraded version, which is even stronger than her Zemurian weapon! As for Tita, completing both parts of her Moon Door allows her to use the Orbal Gear, turning her from a gimmicky Glass Cannon into a nigh-unstoppable force of destruction that can potentially do as much as 7,000 damage per hit, for as little as 10 CP! Her Charge craft also makes it easy to knock enemies across the battlefield, which is useful against the ones that rely on close range attacks. The only two 'downsides' to the Orbal Gear are that while using it, Tita can't use arts, which she is weak in anyway, or S-Crafts, which is rendered moot by the fact that she'll be doing just as much damage for far less CP.
  • Ries' Holy Blessing in The 3rd heals 50% of the target's max HP and restores 50 CP, for only 45 of her own CP. Better still, it has unlimited range and also acts as a revival spell. Give Ries a gradual CP regeneration accessory (one of which you obtain very early on) and she can keep everyone else topped up on CP almost constantly, allowing for easy Grail Sphere or S-Craft spam.
  • Renne pretty much obsoletes all other arts-users the moment she becomes playable in the 3rd. She has a single unbroken orbment line - and unlike the other two party members with this attribute, said line has no elementally restricted slots - giving her by far the best potential for learning powerful arts. And with the highest EP and ATS in the trilogy, she can make full use of this potential, completely trivializing many of the game's more difficult encounters. Oh, and all of her physical attacks have a chance of inflicting instant death. With all that said, her HP and defenses are pitifully low, which serves as her only real weakness.
  • In the 3rd, the Fool's Emblem accessory and the Kitty Suit armor both have high SPD boosts, to the point where equipping both allows a character to match most Nightmare mode bosses in SPD. There are also SPD boosting shoes that are Rare Random Drops, as well as +15 SPD boosting shows in Balstar Channel. This is especially helpful for Earth Guard/Wall strategies, especially if someone has the Time Quartz to boost casting speed.

     The Crossbell Arc 

Zero no Kiseki

  • Lloyd and Randy's Combo Craft, Burning Rage. Especially the powered-up Burning Rage II. Better yet, Burning Rage III.
  • Tio's Zero Field, if activated when CP gauge is full, shields all party members from two attacks. There's a recipe that can refill 95 CP. You get the idea.
  • In Ao no Kiseki, Wazy Hemisphere hands down, once he rejoins and you get access to his S-Craft Akashic Arm. Easily one shots any boss you come across, and if they're still standing, you need very little in the way of preparing another shot to knock them down hard. All you need to watch is this. It doesn't help that there's a recipe which does two things: refills CP up to 100/200, or take your HP down to 1. And both benefits Wazy, once you figure out the right setup (which takes little effort, except for the winning all POM games).
  • It's possible to make Burst last forever by using Burst Orbs during Burst. Burst Orbs are farm-able. Do the math. Explanation - When in Burst, enemies won't attack your party. So it's possible to win any battle without them attacking you. And that's including the Final Boss, if you can execute Zero Field at the right time.
  • Elie has a craft that lets everyone else take a turn instantly. Having a level 5 time-elemental Master Quartz allows an art that lets everyone else take a turn instantly. Add in a third person feeding EP and CP restoratives and it's an easy source of infinite turns for the fourth person to do whatever.

     The Erebonia Arc 

In General

  • Chrono Burst is the king of this trope for this game as it allows players to have two turns at once, allowing players to have infinite amounts of turns for one character to do whatever they need as long as the players have sufficient EP recovery items lying around in their inventory. This arte alone has caused a minor Broken Base on its own as half of the players do not want to use it because the games no longer become challenging as soon as players have access to it, even on Nightmare mode. Combine this with a level 5 Moebius, park all the characters at the back forming a small triangle, and start spamming items to buff, and restore CP. While the "disadvantage" of Chrono Burst is that it's expensive to cast, players can easily load up EP reducing quartz and EP increasing accessories, items, and quartz, and have the other three do nothing but S-Craft on the boss, fully killing them without the boss doing anything.
  • Hades and Domination quartzes. They double the damage of your first art or craft each fight respectively. These stack with all sorts of other multipliers and make normal enemy encounters rather trivial, especially when they're equipped in conjunction with a sustaining Master Quartz like Force, Aries, Katze or Tauros (the last one however only starts being powerful in Cold Steel II and beyond).

Cold Steel Inote 

  • Starting in Chapter 4 of Cold Steel, load up Machias with Blades and Fangs, Impede 2 and STR-boosting Quartz (replace with S-Rare equivalents as they become available). Now use Petrification Shell. Behold, an attack that can hit most/all enemies for decent damage, has a 50% chance of causing Petrify and a 10-15% chance (per each effect) to inflict up to ten other status ailments and stat-downs and cancel charging Arts/Crafts and inflict a small measure of AT Delay... and if you hit enough enemies, you'll actually earn CP each time you do it.
    • This strategy works for any character with a large AoE craft (which many do). Rean's Gale is arguably better than Machias' Petrification Shell since its faster and hits harder. Rean is also faster, hits harder, has similar amount of Orbment line, and just about every boss (the only enemies that post any sort of threat) is immune to petrification.
  • To a slightly lesser extent, Jusis' Noble Order. It buffs STR, ATS and SPD at the same time and has a wide enough area that it's almost guaranteed to hit your whole party. Stack this for a few turns and your party will run rings around everything.
  • Mira-grinding wise, Eliot and his Simple Omelet recipe can be a great source of income. Basically, buy Coarse Rock Salt and Fresh Egg 99 each and have Eliot cook 99 simple omelet recipe at once. High chance that the results are Warm Egg Soup and Soft and Fluffy Omelet. Each of them will give you 20 and 10 mira profit respectively. Do this every time Eliot and source of the ingredients are available and you'll hit max Mira cap fast. This video can tell you how it's done.
  • Rean's Arc Slash. Cheap, easy to use, and available very early. It is a line Ao E, making it easy to hit multiple enemies if positioned correctly and it inflicts a heavy AT Delay, which is more reliable than status effects and works to its full effect on bosses. Its real beauty, though, is that its as fast as normal attacks and when combined with Rean's naturally high speed, allows you to render most enemies and bosses helpless. Makes Nightmare difficulty a joke if used properly. Works well with Alisa's Blessed Arrow. Equipping Impede 1 and 2 and the Zeus Gem seems to not only increase the potency, but also the activation rate.
  • Alisa's Heavenly Gift craft is incredibly useful and is arguably the best buff in the entire game. Any allies within its area of effect gain four turns of CP regeneration (20 per turn, allowing them to spam their own crafts to their hearts' content) and four turns of Insight (+10% chance of unbalancing, +50% to both hit rate and evade). The craft is notable in that it is the only way to group-cast Insight (which, if paired with a party that already has some gear boosting their evade percentage, can render them almost completely immune to everything except enemy artes). About its only drawback is that it cannot buff Alisa herself, but that's a small price to pay considering the game-breaking potential. It gets buffed in Cold Steel III and IV where it now also affects her so the one drawback the craft had is now gone.
  • Fie is one of the more versatile characters in the game, but the real feather in her cap is that, with the right combination of equipment and quartz, she can get a 100% evade rate - this renders her completely immune to all attacks except for enemy artes, and turns her from a Fragile Speedster into a dodge-tank. Combine this with the Wrath quartz, which turns every counterattack into a critical hit, and every single time an enemy tries to attack Fie they'll get not just a counterattack but also a link attack thrown back their way.
  • Sara. She's only playable for a short time (namely the attack on Garrelia Fortress), but oh boy does she blow all difficulty out the window while she is. She's fully playable for a good portion of the game in the sequel and yeah, she still kicks ass.
  • Fire Bell quartz and Lv 5 Criminal MQ combination for Emma. Fire bell halves delay after casting fire magic and Criminal reduces it even further by 30% along with increased arts critical rate by 90%. With speed around 125, Diabolos Gem and Cast 2 quartz (both have casting delay reduction effect), you'll officially turn out cutie Meganekko into badass Fireball spammer burning everything in sight. For mook-eliminating effectiveness, don't forget to equip Ingenuity quartz to increase her EP for every steps.
  • The Juggler Master Quartz gives all the holder's attacks a flat chance of causing a random status ailment. This includes instant death and petrification. In the sequel, it comes on Sharon, whose Crafts are already Purposely Overpowered to begin with.

Cold Steel II

  • Lost Arts in the sequel are extremely powerful. They use up all EP (and can only be used at max EP), but that's not a big deal for a character you normally only use Crafts or attacks with anyway. For example, Artemis's Tears is a full heal and doubles everyone's max HP. The only drawback is their long casting time, but this can be evaded by using them while in Overdrive. And if you have a chance to use one with a Zero Arts bonus, then you definitely, definitely should.
  • Change Elliot into Emma and simple omelet into salty onigiri and you'll get another early source of income in CS2. While getting money late in the game is not a problem since enemies especially in the last dungeon drops abundant amount of sepith you can trade, not many people use this as much as the first game. Still, it's pretty handy on several occasions like your very short visit to Bareahard, right after Emma joins. The stores there have tons and tons of end-game gear but you aren't supposed to have the money to buy any of it yet. Enter Emma.
  • Some of the Master Quartz in Cold Steel II have ridiculously powerful abilities when at their top levels, such as 100% chance of Confuse on attacks, a 90% chance to gain a Triple Advantage on any battle in which it would normally be possible (and even some in which it normally wouldn't) and greatly increased chances of critical or greatly increased damage, as well as often access to a wide selection of powerful Arts without having to equip individual Quartz for them.
  • Lloyd's Burning Heart. It buffs Strength, Defense and Speed by 50% and makes him immune to status for turns. It also has a delay of 0, meaning Lloyd can easily manipulate turn bonuses. It's supposed to be balanced out by inflicting Faint when it wears off, but you can easily get around this by re-casting it before it fades. Lloyd himself is equipped with both Force MQ and True Gladiator Belt to quickly recover the CP costs, making it fairly easy to reapply the buff. The only thing that mitigates it is you can only use Lloyd in the brief Divertissement chapter and as a bonus character in the final dungeon.
  • All the final dungeon-only bonus characters in the sequel are powerful, but Vita obliterates any semblance of difficulty left in the game. Not only is she the most powerful caster in the game, and has a massive 2000 EP, but she regenerates EP and HP for every spell she lands. She regenerates so much with each hit that she practically has unlimited EP. She also comes with two Lost Arts, and her Crafts are also extremely good. These characters were all paid DLC in the Japanese version, which might explain the brokenness.
    • If one sets up Emma with an Aries Master Quartz (the one Vita comes with), then she can be turned into something even more terrifying. The Aries quartz makes EP costs all but meaningless anywaynote , so she has more slots available for increasing her ATS stat or giving her Chrono Burst, which effectively cancels her casting time.
  • During Valimar battles, using Sara as the partner allows Rean to cast an art that not only damages the enemy but also decreases both strength and speed, allowing Rean to completely shut down the opposition easily. It also makes her second ability completely worthless.
  • The Master Quartz Tauros got a major buff in Cold Steel II by virtue of removing the damage cap from the first game. Combining it with a lot of strength increasing quartz, the Domination quartz which is available halfway through the game if players have been doing all the quests including hidden ones, and strength buffs and it's entire possible to blow away the opposition even on Nightmare difficulty. It makes That One Boss fights a complete joke.
  • Making Alisa cook the final recipe obtained in the game gives players 7777 HP and 77 CP. Use Rean's Spirit Unification then use Overdrive to refill his CP by 30 and use the food to refill it to full and let Rean unleash a full 200-CP Termination Slash - Dawn and it's possible for Rean to deliver so much damage in one move. Its only drawback is that it only becomes available at the last part of the game, after liberating Trista but before the final bonding event.
  • Valimar's Heavenly Slash skill. It causes oodles of damage, is guaranteed to unbalance and it has a 100% Faint chance meaning the enemy you hit with it will inevitably miss their next turn since nothing you face in Divine Knight Battles has any resistance to Faint (in fact, no enemy in these fights even do any status effects or debuffs to Rean till III and IV). This is especially great when the opponent is about to unleash one of their scarier charge moves on you. Plus, like all Knight skills, it has a 100% hit rate meaning a Kestrel can't dodge it.

Cold Steel III

  • In Cold Steel III, Rean is generally this when it comes to utility and items. Need money? Rean has an infinite mira trick from the first recipe of the game and the items needed aren't expensive.note  Need an emergency CP refill? Players can obtain a recipe at Parm very early in the game and if Rean is the one to cook it, his recipe refills 40 CP instead of the standard 20 the game gives (and 40 CP is a lot early on, and even towards the end). Even some of his Brave Orders are powerful like "Kagura" where it costs 2 BP but allows instant casting of artes, very much like the Overdrive mechanic in Cold Steel II except it applies to everyone. And if players want an all artes using party, players can still issue orders as long as he's on the Support team and not on Reserve. Or he can just use his cheap 1 BP defense boost to reduce the damage of enemy attacks in half. And considering he's almost always available throughout the entire game, his orders end up being the most used of the characters.
    • Also in combination with the infinite mira trick is the ability to buy bait in the third game. Why is this important? Well there's a fishing spot in Leeves that you have access to on your first free day. On this day, there are only 4 things you can catch and one of them is a crab. This crab gives 3 U-materials if you catch it on a great, two on a good. Since U-materials are used to upgrade equipment and quartz, this means you can, with enough patience and mira to buy the basic accessories, make 4 of the strongest accessories in the game in the first chapter which provide such useful buffs as +100 STR, +100 ATS, +200 DEF/ADF, and 100% accuracy and 15% evasion while each also prevents 2-3 specific status ailments. Even more broken, if you get a miss on the first part of the fishing minigame (which determines the level of reward for a successful catch), you don't lose any of your bait. You can control what fish you get so it's not even up to random chance but just remembering what a crab's meter looks like since each fish has it's own unique reward meter.
  • The new "Brave Order" system ends up being this trope in Cold Steel III as characters have the ability to make orders to gain certain buffs to all party members and it doesn't even cost a turn to do so. This is supposed to be balanced by making link attacks the only way to replenish this. If enemies are on break state, then critical attacks are 100% guaranteed, which then ends up activating link attacks, which then refill the brave point gauge. Combined with the brave orders below and players could easily not even let the bosses take even one turn unless they move first.
    • Juna's "Sledgehammer" allows players to break the gauge of bosses 3 times faster than normal that even on Nightmare mode, bosses just end up helpless as players just wail on the enemy and kill them quickly. Her starting Master Quartz is about breaking the break gauge faster than anyone which players prioritize leveling up quickly. Combine it with a S-Craft and bosses will be broken right away.
      • Then you can follow up with Kurt's Brave Order which reduces delay on everything except casting arts down by 70% for the next 4 turns for only 2 BP. For an idea of how insane this combo is, EVERY boss Kurt and Juna are around for is made a complete joke as for 2 BP, you can get 4 more points back while also ensuring that the enemy eats literally 20 plus link attacks without being able to do anything. Equip the Scorpio Master Quartz which increases damage to enemies in break state and the game will just give up and let you win. It was so horribly powerful that the developers had to Nerf the cost and the effects of their Brave Orders in Cold Steel IV.
    • Sara's Brave Order works just like Machias' Burst Drive, only that it applies to all party members. While it is expensive at 4 BP, considering that all players need to do is to have one enemy to be in break state and keep using area of effect attacks to refill the Brave Point gauge and it's easy to have infinite turns till the enemies are dead as the other enemies will be broken while wailing on that one enemy. Claire's a bit more powerful in that it costs cheaper but Claire isn't available as much as Sara. Just like Juna's and Kurt's, it got nerfed in Cold Steel IV where it costs 5 BP though there are ways to get around that.
  • Kurt's starting Master Quartz, Sirius, ends up being the best MQ for players who want to build an evasion tank as Sirius' abilities are built for counterattacking enemies. It's not surprising to see characters pulling out 5 digits worth of damage even in early game. As a bonus, the evasion stat rises as the master quartz is leveled up. Combined with the "Wrath" quartz, and players can just sit back and relax as long as the enemies aren't using artes, S-Crafts or an Always Accurate Attack.
  • Remember how powerful Sara was in Cold Steel I as a guest character? Yeah, Aurelia manages to top her in that department. Her field attacks already stun enemies as is, she has powerful AoE attacks, an exclusive master quartz that players will never get that increases evasion, physical attack, and recover HP anytime she hits an enemy in break state, and a 4S rating on her S-Craft. She's also only available for one dungeon and one optional boss fight in chapter 4. Really, her only weakness is her expensive 5 BP Brave Order and even then there are situations where players can still use it as 80 CP recovery to all characters is still too good to pass up plus saving items for later plus it also increases critical rate by 50% so it's a coin toss to charge the Brave Points back up to where the player wants it to be.
  • The Chevalier Master Quartz allows players to do some hijinks where the lower the HP, the higher the damage output. Combine it with a second Master Quartz like the Keeper where the lower the HP, the higher the defense boost, and it's possible to have an invincible character who can dish out 5 digits of damage. Coupled with some CP recovery accessories and it's possible to deal 5 digits of damage per attack.

Cold Steel IV

  • Compared to his performance in Cold Steel III where Gaius couldn't use his Wild Rage + S-Craft combos due to him not having any access to said S-Craft and by the time he does, he only had two boss fights and then leaves the party permanently, Gaius has been buffed in Cold Steel IV as the boss killer of the game. As soon as he joins, the third Elin dungeon has a chest that contains a Chrono Burst R, long before players are supposed to obtain the Chrono Burst quartz. It also houses Musse's and Ash's treasure chest trial that buffs Musse's Brave Order which increases the turn limit for her Brave Ordernote . Give Gaius two Master Quartz that boost his physical craft damage + Chrono Burst R + all the strength increasing quartz and equipment and partner him with a character that can restore his EP via ARCUS links and Gaius will just S-Craft the boss to death. Wild Rage also gives him strength buffs which gives him even more damage and Gaius has one of the highest S-Craft ratings in the game at 4S with an added bonus that gives heavy delay (for those who get bored of using his S-Craft over and over again). With a good amount of restoration HP, EP, and BP items, he could S-Craft bosses to death.
    • In addition to this, there is a cryptid that is just outside the Elin village that drops a Lost Arts Quartz that players can obtain long before they're supposed to challenge the boss.note  Kill it and players will have a Lost Arts Quartz just before players reach Crossbell for the first time.
  • It's only available in the final chapters of the game but Rean has a setup, some of which are accessories exclusive only to him, where he can infinitely cast arts without any casting time and a delay of 0 and kill the opposition without them doing anything. It got nerfed in patch 1.03 where it got a delay of 1 unless players use a reducing delay Brave Order, then it's back to 0 delay again.
    • The final bonding events in this game (not the fireworks scene) gives players an exclusive accessory for Rean to use. Emma and Elliot's accessories reduce art casting time in half and both stack. Cue Rean instantly casting the most powerful but long wait spells instantly without Rean having to use his Kagura Brave Order. Give him Titania to recover EP every art attack for his primary MQ and Magius for his secondary MQ that boosts its art damage if the character's HP is lower, the Mirage Bell to reduce his casting time even further and as many art reducing quartz and speed quartz available. There's also a cooking recipe that has a decent chance of reducing the character's HP to 1. Cue Rean being a really powerful and fast casting Glass Cannon One-Hit-Point Wonder whose final S-Craft also nullifies any craft or art reflect guard or reflect buff and any other positive status buffs.
  • Players can set all characters with the same secondary Master Quartz. This means that all but Emma and Elliotnote  can share the same Gorz/Tauros MQ and have all of the characters use S-Crafts on the boss to deal a lot of damage. The only downside is that MQs set as a secondary cannot use all of the effects compared to a primary MQ but considering most of the effects players need are on the first line anyway, the difference is negligible.
  • Lost Arts Quartz are back again in the game and unlike in Cold Steel II where cryptids are a Beef Gate and require players to progress through the game just before taking on the first cryptid, the cryptids in IV are a lot easier to deal with. See Gaius' entry above for the details.
    • The secondary Lost Arts Quartz, Riannon's Kiss, restores 100 CP to all party members and gives all party members full buffs for a few turns. And this can be obtained early on in Act 2 when Crow and Duvalie join the party.
  • For a Guest-Star Party Member, Tita in her Orbal Gear III is very absurd during the time she's available to the players in Cold Steel IV. While Tita's equipment is locked, her accessory slots aren't which means players can put in any accessories on her. Her first Master Quartz slot is also locked but because her default MQ is Moebius EX, that means she can distribute items to other characters rather easily and as a bonus, players can still plug whatever quartz they have on her, making her very absurdly powerful. Her Brave Order, "Blast Force", buffs up the party's attack power by 40%, gives out two levels of strength buffs right away, and lasts for eight turns. Finally, she has the highest HP out of all the cast which mean she can easily be made as the party's tank that it would be a shame for life if she even manages to get knocked out (barring instant death attacks). She's so absurd when she's available with Class VII that when she goes to her team's final dungeon and leaves the party until the True Final Boss fight, she noticeably has a downgrade when she no longer has an absurd damage due to all of her MQ slots, equipment, and quartz being locked by the game.

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