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  • Some people view the Gunners as an entire class of them because their default attack is a projectile, whereas other classes have to spend MP to use projectile attacks.
  • In PvE party play, one class dominates: Full Support Crusader/FSader. His focus on buffs/heals enables him to keep any party alive and massively power them up to such a point it more than makes up for his lacking offense. As some put it, "He turns men into gods". He also possesses quite possibly the highest surivalibity in the game. Pray that you never see one in team PvP.
  • Mechanics are the worst gunners with this. They still keep all of the pre-advancement Gunner bread-and-butter skills for PvP, and then add robots to take control of the field, easily outnumbering about any opponent they would face.
    • Male Mechanics in particular are the worst with this, in PvE at least. Their 2nd Awakening gives them a passive that gives him two robots that build robots for him, even if he's moving, stunned or using another skill, reduces his cooldowns and cast times and makes his robots more powerful. The first in particular removes alot of his weaknesses and allows him to build robots at more than triple the speed. Depending on how you build him, you can fill the screen with either exploding robots or rapid fire turrets. The only downside is that he can't directly control his robots, which can backfire in certain scenarios.
  • Launchers wear Heavy Armor, unlike most gunners, which allows them to take more hits, as well as have the power to call air strikes and drop literal nukes on the field, allowing them to wipe out large groups of enemies at once. Did we mention that the male Launcher can also summon a Kill Sat after their awakening? In general, their entire playstyle is centered around annihilating the enemy with lasers, grenades, cluster bombs, flamethrowers, black hole guns and miniguns before the enemy ever gets close enough to hit them: the male Launcer emphasizes even more on this, with the eventual ability to see the location of offscreen enemies and getting bonuses for killing them before even being able to see them. Only flaw is that they have a hard time dealing with enemies that get right next to them (more or less their 'blind spot')
  • Witches can be considered this on many counts. Most of their attacks, while slow with high cooldowns, result unvaryingly in death if they hit. A particularly notable attack is the drill, which they summon from the sky, get in, and then ride around in for about 10 seconds. A player hit by the drill is almost completely immobilized and constantly centered on the drill tip. By the time the skill expires the player is usually long dead. Fortunately, all of the Witches attacks are based on probability. If it becomes a "sleeper success," it literally turns into an Ice Car. If it fails, it just explodes on impact with the ground, leaving the witch vulnerable until she gets up.
    • Witches also have strong air attacks, which makes fighting the witch difficult unless you have anti-air attacks yourself.
    • After reaching 2nd awakening, the Witch becomes even more powerful, the Lapis Philosphorum passive erases failures entirely and replaces then with Jackpot (Super Success in DFOG), this allows skills like Lava potion to start spouting fire rocks and Acid Rain will spawn more lightning. Her second passive skill is Homunculus, not only does it replace the Goblin archer summon with them, but it also buffs her skills significantly. Skills like Gravitas and Florae Collider can be casted without having the Witch putting herself in a vulnerable spot. Because of this, Witches are really helpful to have in Otherverse dungeons due to her amazing crowd control skills.
  • Exorcists can definitely be considered this, being given two skill trees (effectively making exorcists a two-in-one class especially if they are built for PvP). The first skill tree has skills that come with flinch resistance that allows them to overwhelm about anyone too close to them and land their opponents into a combo. The other skill tree gives an exorcist superior area denial abilities when their opponents are not willing to come close to them.
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  • Male Brawlers are terribly effective in most of PvE and PvP, it's only a chunk of endgame dungeons where he begins to run into problems. Though with their second awakening, not even endgame dungeons pose a problem to them anymore.
  • Male Mages have become this because like a gunner, they have default ranged attacks. The Elemental Bomber is a game breaker in PvE but not PvP, because it doesn't matter how many enemies he faces he'll take them all out at a range, but he has less variety in moves than an elementalist so he doesn't do as well in PvP. Glacial Masters sacrifice range for better combo ability.
  • Thieves were said to be gamebreaking at one point before they got nerfed to their current standing.
    • While Rogue and Necromancer both have their problems, Thief's Kunoichi class makes up for both of their failings in spades and might easily be considered to be flat-out the most broken or at least by far the easiest-to-play class. To begin with, her basic attack chain consists entirely of long-ranged projectiles, and she can do an evasive backflip while throwing them to put distance between her and the enemy. When she first gets her class change, she already knows a fire-breathing move with half screen range when fully charged up, and soon after that, she learns a move where she and 2-4 clones of her repeatedly throw shuriken at the enemy over a large area. So far so good, both of these moves still make her a sitting duck, but she can use both of them from midair for a smaller area of effect and inability to charge them but making her much harder to interrupt. A few more levels, and she can now conjure up a flaming tornado that sucks enemies in and hits them repeatedly before exploding and throw a giant flaming kunai that hits enemies repeatedly before exploding, both of these moves allowing her to move around freely after using them. After this is where things really start to go downhill: Enter Shadow Clone. This move lets her cancel all of her moves that would normally leave her open, AND leaves behind a clone to finish the move, allowing her to fill up the screen with fire with the greatest of ease. Still not enough? Another few more levels and she then gains access to a move that allows her to summon a clone that not only repeats the last 6 moves she used, but the moves are also fully charged up. She also learns how to summon a giant frog that shoots out a huge fireballs that can potentially split into around 9 fireballs, essentially covering basically any room in the game vertically and doing massive damage if more than 1 explosion connects with an enemy. Finally, she also learns a Ninja Log attack that can be used both when she's in hitstun or knocked down in midair, both extremely rare properties, functions as a throw to any enemy that gets hit by the initial explosion and does respectable damage to boot. In short, you don't really need much in the way of skill to effectively play as her and she's probably one of the few characters who can finish levels on otherwise tedious Ultimate difficulty in a reasonable amount of time for a slight increase in EXP gained. Her only real weaknesses are her low defense and complete focus on a single element, the latter which is rarely an issue.
    • Only recently did she take a few nerfs, possibly taking her out of this status and into "Very strong"
  • Creator is designed to be this. The fact that she fights with the mouse means that her "range" is effectively synonymous with "where the screen is". She also gets tons of powerful attacks, including her basic attack alone, and a Disc-One Nuke in the form of Ice Plate, which deals insanely large damage in a massive area around wherever you right clicked. This is "balanced" by making her a Glass Cannon even by Mage standards, which essentially means that a strong enough monster only has to punch her in the face to knock her over. However, unlike other Game Breakers, she cannot participate in PvP.
    • Creator used to be a Crutch Character with her damage falling off in the endgame. However, her Awakening patch fixes this by not only buffing her previous skills, but also giving her three new incredibly powerful Ao E skills (one of which is a hold), a party buff and an Awakening skills that buffs three of her initial elements for a short time before ending with a powerful nuke attack. She immediately shot up from the bottom tiers straight to the top.
  • Summoners are gamebreaking in solo play for being able to summon what amounts to a Zerg Rush of summoned monsters, which escalates as she levels. The fact her summons can cause massive lag however makes her not so well suited for party play and makes her dreaded in PvP.
  • While banned from PvP, the Knight Subclass Chaos (until recently in the Korean version) could steamroll through dungeons even with outdated gear. This is supplanted by the fact that once a Chaos has all of her summons out, she basically turns into a walking disaster zone that obliterates all same-level enemies in a three-meter area around the player. It's very easy to finish dungeons without a single scratch; Chaos simply kills enemies before they can even get to her.
    • Season 2 in Global attempted to subvert this by throwing nerfs everywhere around her skill tree. While she is substantially weaker than before, she still annihilates every dungeon her level and lower, and she even got a new skill that increases her Striking Damage to go with it. It just takes some planning/buff use to reach similar results.
  • Once again the priest has another role. The Avenger is a surprisingly hearty fighter, having a beginning subclass skill that restores his HP, deals heavy damage over a large area, and recharges quickly. It's supposed to be balanced with Painful Rapture, where you use it to consume your demon bar, drain HP from an enemy, and go wait to use Painful Rapture, but really all it does is let him keep healthy as you keep working on a demon transformation and then proceed to stomp your way through a dungeon. It's not as bad as others because you tend to want to hold off on spamming demon form because it still takes a room to recharge and you need enemies to refill the health used to push the demon bar up, but he can still steamroll dungeons and quickly recover lost health. He does run into some problems in endgame content due to some having high shadow resistence and others having an exact meta he's not so well suited for.
    • It's worth noting the attack Shadow Render is supposed to let you use your demon bar to improve the attack while it's happening, but since it heals and is strong on it's own, it's easier to just use it and save your demon bar for the full transformation, which is much more destructive.
  • While all Female Slayer classes can be considered too broken in their own way up to a point, the Vagabond easily comes off as being the strongest one of them: they're the only class that can dualwield 2 different weapons by default and even though they only get 10% of the base stats and none of the other effects from their offhand weapon, their attack speed is the average of their equiped weapons, allowing them to use a fast lightsabre in their offhand and a normally slow zanbato in their main hand and attack much faster with it than most other classes and as a result, their basic attack chain is usually the fastest way to deal damage. That's not even the half of it, though: they have a buff that gives them a massive damage bonus that can be stacked 5 times at the cost of having it quickly wear off and each stack taking longer to cast than the one before it and most of their actual skills have ridiculous AoE and reach, such as a Beam Spam attack that pierces enemies, a fast-moving dashing grab that creates massive fire explosions reaching to the other side of the screen behind the initial target and multiple moves that group enemies together so she can shred them to pieces even quicker. It's pretty telling that they were quickly nerfed after being initially released in the Korean version but they still come off as being the strongest.
    • In practical reality (pre DFOG S2) only Vagabond was a gamebreaker, whereas Demon Slayer and Sword Master had issues while Dark Templar was pretty effective, particularly with holds. After 2nd awakening tweaks, Demon Slayer and Sword Master had their issues fixed, Dark Templar tweaked if not improved, and Vagabond taking some considerable nerfs to the point where she's considered perhaps the weakest Female Slayer class.
  • Among all M. Slayer subclasses, Asura is considered one on account of being incredibly strong straight out of the box. Not only do they specialize in screen-clearing, multi-hitting projectiles and area-of-effect moves that can effectively stunlock most enemies, their First Awakening also lets them shoot even more multi-hit projectiles with their normal combo and turns their bread-and-butter projectiles into incredibly fast ranged blasts with short cooldowns, while their Second Awakening also afflicts targets with Shock status which reduces their defenses, in addition to being able to deal more than one type of elemental damage at once with a single skill. This is all on top of having passive sources of damage that can also double as debuffs and being able to wear Plate Armor, effectively turning them into tanky Magic Knights that can function effectively as both damage dealers and semi-support players with relatively minimal gearing requirements for most content barring endgame dungeons.note 
  • The infamous Kiri's Promise incident in the Korean version. Kiri's Promise in essence was a Game-Breaker consumable. What it does is that when performing gear upgrades, Kiri's Promise would prevent your weapon from losing upgrades or breaking when an upgrade fails. Neople made the mistake of making it a readily-available cash shop item, which heavily shifted gameplay to Bribing Your Way to Victory to get max level upgrades, which both completely broke game balance and heavily discouraged staying F2P lest you get left behind. The fallout was so bad that players started leaving the game over it. It was only when Neople got rid of it and heavily redesigned the game to Power Creep their +15 gear that they were able to Win Back the Crowd.
  • Pretty much every level 90 epic set blows their level 85 counterparts out of the water, ditching gimmicky set bonuses for ones that are raw damage increases across the board. The Korean version's developers claim that this was to make future epic sets easier and more straightforward to balance (e.g. conveniently dodging questions like "How much shadow damage resistance would make the Dark Gothic set overpowered?"), but some players think that these new sets are just a lazy way out of making creative epic sets. One accessory set in particular, unofficially known as the "Ancient Civilization" set note , had set effects that were deemed excessive on top of the already overpowered stats each piece gives on its own and as a result, they never saw the light of day outside of the Korean version's test servers.

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