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  • The Annoying Orange once talked to a sentient iPhone, but has been shown to have a smaller, non-sentient iPhone of his own in later episodes.
  • Darwin's Soldiers had this occur twice in the 3rd RP.
    • Cpl. Stern has this to say:
      Cpl. Stern: So, Vipers. I understand that you can sense motion and heat differently than humans can. Does it works like a real snake's senses?
    • Birds chirping outside the window wake up Shakila, and it's almost sure that said birds are non-anthro.
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  • On Gaia Online, there are normal animals such as the companion items and the fish in people's aquariums, talking animals who may or may not wear clothes such as the tailcoat-and-hat-wearing cat NPC Rufus, furry avatars created by modifying the human base with animal-related bits such as ears, tails, paws and fur, and the animal bases (which are shorter than humans, but still walk upright). It's rather interesting seeing four different levels of anthropomorphism on the same website, or on occasion in the same page of a forum thread.
    Rufus the Cat: I don't get along so well with other cats. They never have much to say...
  • Happy Tree Friends: The main cast consists of anthropomorphic animals who live in a world where they interact with real animals. For example, in an episode involving a trip in the woods, Lumpy the moose gets mauled by a grizzly bear (about four bears make up the cast, so what does that make the grizzly bear?). Again, in a short Christmas short, Petunia gets stomped to death by a deer, which looks more like a real world deer compared to Mime the deer.
    • Many of the cast members are also shown keeping pets, such as cats, gerbils, dogs, and an elephant on one occasion.
    • In the episode "Junk in the Trunk", one of the animals kidnapped by Lifty and Shifty is a monkey. The spin off series Ka-Pow! has a monkey named "Buddhist Monkey" as one of the the main protagonists, and said character also sometimes pops up on movie screens in the main series.
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    • During one episode the characters make a trip to the zoo, encountering animals such as rhinos, snakes and ducks.
    • "Home is where the Hurt is" has a moose head in a house. Given that Lumpy was one of the workers in the house, it makes you wonder...
    • There have been implications on human existence in the show's universe, such as The Cursed Idol, human silhouettes in signs, humanoid skeletons, a suit of armor fit to a human body shape in Flippy's house, a Moai head, a poster of what looks like a human eye, a human face as a symbol on a barf bag and more.
  • Inanimate Insanity has plenty of nonanimal ones, especially later in the second season.
    • MePhone4 is shown using a inanimate MePhone to answer calls sometimes.
    • Paintbrush used an inanimate paintbrush to paint in Alternate Reality Show.
  • One Protectors of the Plot Continuum interlude has this when human agents Laburnum and Foxglove go to the Real World for a holiday and bump into agents Naomi (human), Drake (anthro fox in human disguise), Stormsong (anthro weasel in human disguise), Skyfire (anthro stoat in human disguise), and Stormy and Sky's adopted kids Molly (anthro ferret in human disguise) and Moses (anthro otter in human disguise). In a conversation, Drake wants to go to a zoo, but Sky argues against it on the basis that Molly would have a fit (she already had one after encountering a pet shop).
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  • Averted in Tasakeru, where intelligent animals are "sentients" and unintelligent ones (all non-mammals, boars, rats, goats) are "animals".
  • Deconstructed and taken to its logical realistic conclusion in ''The Story Of Jane''. Some scientists clone a female Australopithecus (a prehistoric humanoid primate) for a futuristic theme park, and name her Jane. The story follows her thoughts and actions as she begins to realize that she is being treated like a simple "animal" and not the intelligent humanlike creature she knows herself to be. The point when this trope really kicks in is when Jane requests a pet of her own— a budgie, to be exact— only to realize later that she is little more than a pet herself. Hilarity does not ensue.
  • DSBT InsaniT: In 'Store Story', Bear talks to a bunch of teddy bears in a toy store, but stops mid-sentence when he realizes none of them can talk.
    • In the same episode, Snake talks with an ordinary boa constrictor that can only hiss.
    • Balloon gets an ordinary "decoy" balloon as a prize at the end of 'VRcade'.
    • Liz is a semi-anthropromorphic lizard is in charge of...a reptile house, which would logically include lizards.
  • Joueur du Grenier: In the World of Warcraft special, Fred's buddy is a dwarf with the ability to tame wild animals. He then attempts to use this ability on a Worgen (wolf-man), Tauren (bull-man) and Pandaren (panda-man). Note that these are all not only sentient creatures, they're all players.


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