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  • Episode 23: Sakaki has just stood up from his chess game with Minamoto and bravely announced that he'll help Minamoto interrogate Kugu-san. Minamoto stands up and clasps his hand in the most Ho Yay-ridden manner possible, complete with Luminescent Blush from Sakaki and, of course, Lampshade Hanging from the Children watching through a door crack. Then he gently opens Sakaki's hand to reveal...Minamoto's bishop, which he stole off the board.
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  • Chapter 114: Minamoto's mind is taken over by a psychic fly. Kaoru and Aoi both fail to convince Major Hyoubu to help cure him. Shiho manages to convince pointing a gun towards his crotch.
  • In the omake that followed The Unlimited's conclusion, Andy and Yugiri thank the fans for all of the support. However, Minamoto states that Andy should come and work for them, and that BABEL is ready to welcome him. Then a representative of the US Government says that he should still work for them. Gillian then states that it would be a cool plot twist if he joined Black Phantom. Lastly, Yoh freaks out over everyone fighting over Andy, saying that he's a PANDRA member, first and foremost.
  • Practically every scene Fujiko is in. While she has some serious moments, much of her scenes early on are Played for Laughs, such as when she sends Minamoto a vision of the girls in danger, only for him to find out that the girls were okay, and were attempting to lather ketchup on themselves to make it look like they suffered serious injuries.
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  • Everything about Minamoto's marriage interview. From the random JoJo's Bizarre Adventure reference, to Minamoto's mother out gambitting the lady who set up the interview, to every named member of PANDRA and BABEL suddenly showing up and getting into a bombastic firefight.
  • All of the supplement chapters are, showing how silly the 'serious' characters can be.
  • Chapter 173: Hyoubu brings Kaoru to their secret base. Almost every single member of PANDRA, including Magi.

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