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Funny / Zettai Bouei Leviathan

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  • General
    • Jormungandr’s short memory and the usage of short nicknames for remembering names. Even if the nicknames sound nothing alike the names.
  • In the first episode, Jörmungandr hits a Toripu that is lying right in front of her…and misses.
  • Episode 2
    • When Bahamut is stuck in the swamp and cant get out, Syrup asks why doesn’t she transform and simply fly out of it. Bahamut does, only for it to be revealed that her wings are also in the mud.
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    • In the same episode, when Leviathan and Jörmungandr try to find something long to help Bahamut, the latter throws her axe into the swamp
  • Episode 3
    • While in Yurlungur’s stomach, the girls become hungry, and each of them dream about their favourite food (Barley tea for Leviathan, Pudding for Bahamut, and Beef Bowl for Jörmungandr) when Jörmungandr notices his giblets and tells the crew just how tasty they are. Yurlungur, terrified, flies straight into Dragon Key Tail and swallows girls’ favourite snacks so they wont eat him. Thankfully, It works.
    • When the girls safely come back, Yurlungur says that in turn he will aid them whenever they are in trouble. Then notes that Leviathan can call him even when she is not in trouble.
  • Episode 5: Much to Syrup’s annoyance, the girls are only fighting the lucasite because it ruined their barbecue.
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  • Episode 9: The terrible performance of the Fire Spewing Mountain Inn.
  • From episode 10, we have Fire Drake’s first appearance.
  • Episode 11: Bahamut gets comically smashed when Jormungandr drops her luggage on her.


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