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Funny / Zetsuen no Tempest

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  • During Natsumaru and Evangeline's fight, Juunichirou pops in and intervenes for Evangeline. Why?
  • Samon, Junichirou, Hanemura, and Mahiro decide to have a meeting about figuring out Yoshino's girlfriend's identity. They decide, quite seriously, that it has to be a married woman, a teacher, or an elementary school girl. Or just big boobs. Hanemura's reaction to all of this just makes the scene.
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  • The two old Kusaribe women are hilarious whenever they appear, and are Shippers of Hakaze and Yoshino.
  • Hakaze's love life. Every single scene with her and Yoshino.
    Hakaze: Is this a love comedy?! A love comedy with the fate of the world at stake?!
  • "Actually, the truth is... This is a wig." "HUH!?" "Actually I was joking."
  • Hanemura accuses Mahiro of having a sister complex. Everyone else in the room reacts in relief that someone finally said it.
  • Aika getting her Troll on in her last video message to Mahiro and Yoshino.

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