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Funny / Zero 2: A Revision

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  • When the Digidestined are trying to come up with an excuse for their bad wound by Umbradevimon's attack, Davis gives a hilarious and lame one that surprisingly works.
    Digidestined's parents: Welcome back [insert Digidestined name] OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!!
    Their response: I got mugged.
  • After Demidevimon managed to report Demon about his Bakemon, Demidevimon begins his suck-up routine about how Demon's Bakemon is a lot better than his previous boss Myotismon only for Demon to shut the annoying devil up by glaring him down.
    Demidevimon: Exactly! I mean, my previous boss Myotismon used Bakemon too, but they were a bunch of slackers and fools! Not like this bunch, no sir!
    Demon: I despise suck-ups. Keep that in mind, lest your life be forfeit.
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  • So how did the rivalry between Leomon and Ogremon begun; By Leomon changing the shampoo into a pink dye as revenge for using a crab to bite him. Upon Ogremon realizing this, he declares he will fight Leomon for eternity.
  • The nightmares Belialmyotismon puts Matt, Mimi, Joe, Izzy and Yolei in. While the rest get Nightmare Fuel/Tear Jerker ones, these ones get, in order: a Hell full of fangirls, admiration from ugly digimon, an ironic phobia, a comically brief nightmare and a bunch of clones of your rival.

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