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Season 1

  • Fawyers whole way of dealing with the challenges in Season 1. For the first four chapters he almost always went on an did the first mission which promised some nice stat boosts. By the end of the game he was completely overpowered, having 9's in Strengh, Intelligence AND Charisma.
    • Not everyone in the group found this strategy funny - that was the time when every player could only do one mission. So he basically was pretty save while gaining more stats as the game progressed
  • Dob is the Plucky Comic Relief of the group. Almost all of his scenes are hilarious.
    Dob: There's a reason Dob and Sex have three letters, baby.

Season 2

  • Lexi finding a maid uniform on the ship in Season 2 and proceeding to do an impromtu act of actually being a french maid. While listening to Stevie Wonder. It's glorious.
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  • The whole Chapter on the sea is a glorious connection of funny moments. Prudence appointing Gunter as the driver, Gunter spying on Lexis performance and inviting her over to play "Who am I?", Jul and Nathan playing Badminton - it was awesome
  • Gabriels coming out towards Lexi:
    Gabriel: Oh and...Lexi, I actually like dicks.
    Lexi: Cool. Me too.
    • Bonus points for Prudence overhearing the conversation and her SHOCKED reaction.
  • Prudence of Season 2 was kind of a bitch. But that actually came in handy in Chapter 5, where she absolutely destroyed on of the pirates by insulting him. Hard.
    Prudence: Put on your trousers. Wipe your chin. Go to the damn toilet. Learn to eat properly. AND WASH YOURSELF, FOR HEAVENS SAKE! You're a shame for the ADF, young man, and I WILL report that!


Season 3

  • Lancaster being mildly pissed provided some of the funniest lines in the game:
    Lancaster: Cardio my ass.
    Lancaster: Yeah. My fault. I'm just standing here. Unarmed. You're over there, and right before your eyes is a crazy latina with a really huge knife. My fault. Splendid power of deduction, you roasted potatoe.

Chapter 0

  • Evis confusion when she first meets Haile. And how she starts calling her Creep. Because she is creepy.
  • Vincent proudly shooting a rat and getting verbally DESTROYED for it by Lancaster
  • Jäger and Howard discussing the proper usage of ammunition
    Jäger: Piff Paff, just like that.
  • Raoul trying his best to impress Haile and failing horribly. It's somehow heartwarming, but also incredibly funny. He styles his greasy hair, tries his best to act like the rebellious leader despite his huge crush and even shows her his "secret room" - only to introduce her to her new, supercool nickname. Cue to an completely unimpressed Haile.
    Raoul: So, you wanne be the princess at my side? And your nickname would be Chubacabra. Awesome, eh?
    Haile: ...
    Raoul: ...Well, we can negotiate that.
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  • Sheng and Evi fighting the two scavengers and acting out a small scene where Sheng gives Evi the leg of a table like a knight gives a sword to a lady. And then she proceeds to beat the living shit out of the dude with it.
  • Vincent almost dying to some stolen wine and Lancasters completely unfazed reaction towards it
    Lancaster: Karma is a bitch. And she is FAST.
  • Most of Jägers drunken dialogue is comedy gold
    Jäger: Nah, Boss, you good man. Like Jägers old boss. But not so ugly.
    Jäger: When zombie bites russian, zombie gets drunk.
  • After getting rejected by Sheng, Eryn needs to boost her ego. So she tries to seduce the young scavenger Ben - who is already hopeless in love with her and gets incredibly flustered by her act.
  • After ADAM appears on the shore and the heroes gather to start their journey, Vincent asks if it is even worth it. Sheng agrees and appoints him as new major. Cue to a panicked Vincent, who then decides to join the group of heroes.

Chapter 1

  • The name of the chapterwide mission:
    Z.O.M.B.I.E. (Zünftig-Obligatorisches Massen-Barbecue Initial-Event)
  • One of the funny events out of a meta-perspective is how Franks wife cooks him some nice beef roulades with potatoes and fresh greens. In the post-apocalypse. It became a running gag for the whole game.
  • Sheng and Evi getting cockblocked. Several times. It gets more and more hilarious every time.
  • Sheng forcing Haile to wait for a second person to investigate the weird lighting in the south. She is not amused and more or less forces Niki to come with her.
    Sheng: Niki, you want to join her?
    Niki: I...uh...think so?
  • Lexi being Lexi while carrying the wounded Haile inside the Dusty Derrecks
    Lexi: Uh... I have a delivery for anyone who knows how to deal with this shit. Someone with medical knowledge, or a veterinarian... some guy with an ambulance kit... or a plumber, maybe?
    • Nikis reaction towards that:
      Niki: He took a deep breath. It's just Lexi.
  • Leos huge enthusiasm towards the canned food they found.
    Leo: Awesome. We travel for the sake of a preserved guy and we will eat preserved stuff while doing so.
  • Saras words after getting persuaded by Eryn to give Sylvia a better job.
    Sara: If Sheng could talk like you can, we'd already have a space program in Shengs Hope.
  • Blades' embarrassment because of Raouls weird naming scheme for the kids.
  • Shengs mental summary of his current state after being asked if exerything is fine:
    Sheng: Well, if you can give me advice how to deal with a rebellious, potencially homicidal adopted daughter hitting puberty and telling me why I always come last in line to get hit by Cupid's Arrow, that'd be great.
  • After Evi and Andrea return from their adventure in Little Cadiens, Sheng is more than eager to help Evi becoming clean again...
    Sheng: Well, I have soap, if you want...
    Evi: Nah, it's just a little swampy in good ol' Little Cadiens and there was a problem, a big dude and he... Wait, did you just ask me to shower in your room?

Chapter 2

  • Lancaster almost getting killed by a zombie in a "Les Miserables"-shirt. And after getting saved by Haile, Leo tells him to slow down for a second:
    Leo: I have no idea how long ago your heroic deeds were, but right now I would let you dabble in the kiddie pool.
  • Will doesn't want Evi to carry the unconscious Haile and calls her a "beautiful lady". Cue to an completely confused Evi.
  • Leos first contact with Seeker Vulture and her impromptu banjo performance:
    Leo: Legt euch nich mit Léo an,
    das wär sehr fatal.
    Weil ich kein Banjo spielen kann,
    Ham eure Ohrn große Qual.
    • And she was SUCCESSFUL with it.
  • Lancaster bullshitting his way in the hearts of the Vultures with a story about "Haile Throatseeker". It not only consists of hilariously exaggerated tales of her deeds, but features her jumping into the middle of the arena, with a bloody face and spotting a wicked version of an innocent look.
    Lancaster: Yeah. Right. Thats it. I yield. You're all fucking crazy.
  • Will and Eryn finding some bodies in an abandoned church.
    Eryn: Are they dead-dead or not-so-dead-dead?
  • Evis task of "fighting the crocodile" gets first misinterpreted by her - she thinks that the alligator is just some warrior who wears an crocodile tail or something like this. She is mildly shocked when she learns that the Vultures we're actually not kidding.
  • Will walking in on the naked Eryn. And proceeding to suggest her using the new rifle the team found. She's relentlessly teasing him about it.
    Eryn: Wait, do you have a fetish for naked women with huge guns?
    • It gets even better when they find a maid uniform
      Eryn: Who would have thought that I could have THAT much fun with a stalker?

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