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Crowning Moments of Funny for Season 3 of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series. Please list the examples in episodic order.

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     Episode 47 - Beyond the Fourth Wall 
  • Early in the episode, Joey wakes up in the same room as Tristan and Duke, who are asleep on the bed together (and having dirty dreams to boot). Joey ends up falling on top of them with a "Yowie!''
  • When we get our first glimpse of Noah.
    Kaiba: Who the hell is that kid? And why does he look like me from Season Zero?
    Tristan: Ooooh, the forbidden season!
  • The Big 5 imitating Team Rocket
    Nesbitt: Prepare for trouble!
    Johnson: And make it double!
    Gansley: To protect the world from Japanimation!
    Crump: To overthrow the Kaiba Corporation!
    Johnson: To denounce the meaning of the original dub!
    Gansley: To extend our reach to the world above!
    All: Team 4Kids blast off at the speed of light! Surrender now or prepare to fight!
  • Duke Devlin on waking up with Joey and Tristan in bed:
    Duke Devlin: Ahh... waking up next to a blond and brunette. Just another day for Duke Devlin.
  • When they confront the Big 5.
    Seto Kaiba: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times... and you're about to be curb-stomped by Seto Kaiba!
  • "WHO THE (bleep) IS FUNIMATION?!"

     Episode 48 - Penguin Ex Machina 
  • Episode 48: Flashback to Cockney Yugi.
    Yugi: For once in my life, I knew what it was like to be Bakura.
  • Yami Yugi when Gansley threatens to cut his hair when he takes over his body:
    Yami: Nobody, but no-o-body, f*cks with the hair.
  • This gem of Department of Redundancy Department by Noah:
    Noah: Soon, you'll be face to face with the truth: the truth that I am truly the true successor to the Kaiba Corporation. The trueness of it will be truly truthful.
  • The Kaiba bros. at the orphanage
    Mokuba: Isn't this the orphanage where we grew up?
    Seto: Correction, Mokuba, where I grew up. You've remained relatively the same size.
  • Pretty much everything about Kuriboh.
    Yami: *thinking* Hmm, these monsters are indeed strong. Any one of them could prove a formidable ally. *out loud* Oh, except for Kuriboh! Imagine if I said I wanted to choose Kuriboh as my deck master! That would be absolutely
    (card starts to glow)
    Yami: Oh crap in the Nile, I just chose Kuriboh as my deck master, didn't I?
    Kuriboh: DO-DA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA!
  • Yami Yugi finishing Ganzly with Robot Unicorn Attack, all set to the music from the Flash game.
    Gansley: Ohhh, it's a full rainbow! Oh my God; it's a double rainbow all the way! So intense! Aaaaagggghhhhh!
  • Mokuba, about a deadpan-faced Kaiba... "And you look slightly happier than usual!"
    • "Oh my god! I'm... I'm... cute!"
  • The flashback showing that Kaiba played chess just as dramatically as he does Duel Monsters.
    Young Kaiba: NOW I'M THE CHESS PRINCE!
    Mokuba: Wow Seto, back then you took gaming really seriously.
    Kaiba: Is that how you address the Chess Prince?
    Mokuba: I just thought—
  • The Internet troll stinger at the end of the episode. Actually, just the Internet trolls.
  • When a penguin comes to Téa's aid:
    Téa: Geez, this show is turning into a bad Don Bluth movie. Actually, let me rephrase that: This show is just turning into a Don Bluth movie.
  • The whole thing with Tristan and Duke. Especially the Axe bit.
    Duke: Where are all the hot babes?
    Tristan: Gee, I don't know. Maybe they were all scared off by your CONSTANT BITCHING, DUKE.
  • This bit near the end:
    Kuriboh: Lalalalala lalala la?
    Yami: No. No, I don't love you.
    Kuriboh: (sadly) Laaa.
  • Gozaburo Kaiba. He's still an abusive asshole, but in this version he's portrayed as a complete buffoon.
    Orphanage Director: The children are so excited to see you, Mr. Gozaburo.
    Gozaburo: They'll be even more excited when I tell them I plan to tear down the orphanage and replace it with my very own theme park!
    Orphanage Director: But what about the children?
    Gozaburo: They don't get a theme park! Think, man, who would want to visit a place called Orphanland?
  • Kaiba challenging Gozaburo to chess with the condition that if he loses, he has to adopt Kaiba and Mokuba.
    Gozaburo: Listen small person, there's no such thing as bad publicity. Isn't that right, other small person?
    Director: Y-yes, Mr. Gozaburo, sir.
    Gozaburo: Sorry for tearing your ears off by the way. Sometimes I get mad.
    • (This joke is based on the visuals showing the director wiping sweat off the side off his face, but looks like he's covering his ears with a cloth like they're injured)
  • And this:
    Kaiba: Checkmate.
    Gozaburo: Best two out of three?
    Kaiba: You lost!
    Gozaburo: But I still have my horsey!
    Kaiba: It's called a knight.
    Gozaburo: Why is the knight a horse?
    Kaiba: I'm your son now!
    Gozaburo: Horses can't be knights! I mean, that's just silly... Chess is stupid!
  • More from the orphanage:
    Kaiba: Mokie! I believe I am experiencing character development!
    Mokuba: Wow, what does that feel like?
    Kaiba: It kinda tingles. From this day forward I'm going to become a total jerk with a stick up my ass the size of East Texas!
  • "I feel like celebrating... INITIATE DISCO MODE!"

     Episode 49 - The Incredible Hobson 
  • Yugi telling Yami Yugi that he's in pretty good shape. He plays card games all the time.
  • Episode 49: Anything with Hobson, the Gonkish mentally challenged butler of the Kaiba family.
    Hobson: HOBSON SMASH!
    Hobson: HOBSON SORRY!
    Hobson: (whispering) HOBSON NOT REALLY SORRY!
    Kaiba: Man, what a day! I don't even wanna look at a textbook.
    Kaiba: Go f**k yourself Hobson!
  • After Crump... descriptively describes Téa:
    Crump: Téa Gardner—age 16; sneaker 6; bra size F; I challenge you to a children's card game!
    Téa: Wait, how did you get all that information about me?
    Crump: The penguins told me.
    Téa: How the hell do the penguins know my bra size?!
    Crump: The penguins know everything!
  • Téa's first encounter with one of Crump's penguin minions:
    Téa: Awwww, what a cute little penguin!
    Penguin (squawking translated to subtitles): I will pluck out your eyeballs and feed them to my kin!
  • How Crump manages to get Téa to duel him: Friendship suuuuuucks...
  • Yugi gets a lot of nice lines in this one:
    Yugi: The door just bitch-slapped me!
    Yugi: (repeatedly, over and over again, even in the background, despite all previous evidence to the contrary) [Téa]'s NEVER played Duel Monsters!
  • And Crump's...passions.
    Crump: I looovve penguins!
    Téa: Eww!
    Crump: Platonically...
    Téa: Oh.
    Crump: And physically!
    Téa: EWWW!!!
  • Tristan and Serenity vs. a Mad Sword Beast.
    Serenity: ''(running for her life) GAH! SOMEBODY GET THIS F*CKING DINOSAUR AWAY FROM ME!
    Tristan: What a majestic beast. I MUST DESTROY IT! (jumps off the tower) Here I come, Serenity! (lands roughly on its back) Oww, my scroat! This is for killing Littlefoot's mom, you jerk!
    Duke: (taking Serenity by the arm) Hey baby, mind if I take your top off real quick?
    Tristan: Look, Serenity! I'm finally becoming a (Mad Sword Beast dives into the river) maaaaaaaan!
    (The beast does not resurface. Tristan, on the other hand, does.)
    Tristan: It wasn't a meteor that killed the dinosaurs—it was Tristan Timothy Taylor!
    Caption: Tristan Timothy Taylor. That's his name now. (Made funnier by the accompanying chord from "Slaughter" A-la Inglourious Basterds)
  • Kaiba telling Mokuba to steal Chibi-Kaiba's Blue-Eyes that Chibi-Mokuba made for him in the flashback.
  • This piece.
    Téa: (in-heart dialogue) Okay, Téa. This is where all your years of experience finally pay off!
    Yugi: You've never played Duel Monsters!
    Téa: I summon Graceful Charity in attack mode!
    Crump: Graceful Charity is a spell card.
    Téa: Oh. Um... Mirror Force?
    Crump: No...
    Téa: Uh, okay ah ju-just hang on, give me a minute here I'll, I'll think of-*penguin torpedo hit Téa*

     Episode 50 - Joey Wheeler Ace Attorney 
  • Pretty much all of Joey's trial in Episode 50.
  • "Wahh wahh. Baby Pharaoh no like blonde man. And someone fetch me a nipple."
  • "He stole my catchphrase. In America."
  • Joey making Al and Frank angry by calling them by descriptions of them instead of names.
  • Kaiba's flashback.
    Gozaburo: This is preposterous! A device that uses holograms to play children's card games!? You're out of your mind.
    Kaiba: But father, kids just love complex machinery.
    Gozaburo: I've heard enough, I'm not funding your project. Instead, I'm going to use all my money to create weapons of mass destruction that will threaten the stability of world peace.
    Gozaburo: You're just jealous cause you couldn't think of it first. Guards, take him outside and punish him for his insolent behavior. Whip him till his name's Toby!
    Kemo: Attention Duelists, I'm afraid you have to come with me.
    Kaiba: Who the hell are you.
    Kemo: I am the hair guy, and this is my brother, the Mullet guy.
    Mullet Guy: Attention Duelists, my mullet is about to give such a spanking.
  • Crump's horrible attempts to seduce Yugi in Téa's body.
    Crump!Téa: Damn it, Yugi, touch my boobs!!!
  • What would Tristan do in a situation like this?:
    Tristan: I'm gonna touch your boobs!
    Duke: (beat) Why?
  • When Yugi says that Joey is 'the nicest guy he knows' and 'that he'd never hurt anyone,' we get a flashback to a picnic they had recently, and Joey is looking for his sandwich.
    Yami Yugi: I'm sorry Joey... but I believe I ate your sandwich!
    Joey: (grabs Yami Yugi) Nyeh, give me back my sandwich, you bastard! (punches Yami Yugi in the face, flashback ends)
    Yugi: Mmmmost of the time.
  • When Joey encounters Johnson as Mai Valentine:
    Johnson!Mai: Hello, Joseph. I've been waiting for you.
    Joey: Mai Valentine, you sound like a man! That is completely normal for this series, but what the hell?!
    Johnson!Mai: I'm sorry, is it putting you off?
    Joey: No, I still find you very attractive. Ney!
    (Mai transforms into Johnson with sound effect)
    Johnson: It is I, Johnson. Third member of the Big Five and head of the 4Kids legal department.
    Joey: Okay...
    Johnson: You still find me attractive, don't you?
    Joey: A little bit. Ney!
  • The Stinger, animated like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Joey complains that they went the whole episode without making any Phoenix Wright episode, and Kaiba telling him that Phoenix Wright parodies are passe, and that YouTube is for whiny, self-important rants and terrible anime fandubs.
    Grandpa Moto: (on the witness stand) Where am I?

     Episode 51 - The Death of Tristan Taylor 
  • Duke defeats Robot Nesbit with a Logic Bomb; specifically, showing him a picture of the new Yugioh protagonist.
    Nesbitt: Does not compute! Design...too...illogical! Cannot...comprehend...hairstyle! AAAAAAAAAAAA-
  • The theme music battle between Robot Nesbit and Duke, as well as Serenity's theme music being the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic intro music.
  • Serenity's attempt at a Logic Bomb
    Serenity: What came first, the chicken or the egg?
    Nesbitt: The rocket-powered fist! (Hits Serenity with the fist)
  • Serenity first opening the door, under the belief that there's ponies behind it.
    Serenity: (closes the door) That didn't sound like no pony.
    Door: You must have startled it.
  • Mokuba's thoughts on his and Kaiba's current location:
    Mokuba: Big brother, I don't want to be on Tatooine. People might mistake me for a jawa.
    Random Jawa: Watini!
  • Kaiba deciding not to shut down the lab... instead blowing it up.
    Kaiba: I'm shutting down your research lab, Nesbitt.
    Nesbitt: Mister Kaiba, I beg you to reconsider!
    Kaiba: Kay.
    (shot of lab being blown to smithereens)
    Nesbitt: But you said you'd reconsider!
    Kaiba: I did. I was going to have the building renovated after I shut it down.
    Nesbitt: Then why did you-
  • The Stinger, where Tristan finds himself in a predicament similar to the ending of Revenge of the Sith.
    Noah: Tristan Taylor... rise.
    Monkey!Tristan: (sees himself in a mirror) NUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!

     Episode 52 - Seto Kaiba vs. the World 
  • "Grabbing a pipe—" Kaiba grabs a pipe and brandishes it like a sword. "—Come at me bro."
  • Kaiba stealing a motorbike and driving after Possessed!Tristan.
    Kaiba: EAT IT, NERDS!
    Yugi: Okay, when did this show become AMAZING?!
  • Lector demonstrates Jinzo's ability to destroy internet memes.
    Lecter: Let's say we had your motorcycle, Mr. Kaiba. And for the sake of argument, imagine we were both dueling while riding said motorcycle. How would you describe that situation?
    Kaiba: Uhh, I dunno, card games on motorcycles?
    Jack: CARD GAMES ON MOTOR—WHAT THE AAAAAAGH (gets blown up by Jinzo's laser beam eyes)
  • Kaiba's 'Like a BOSS' montage, basically summing up his entire character in just a few seconds.
    • Impressed by rocks! (Like a BOSS!)
    • Be an asshole! (like a boss.)
  • This:
    Kaiba: (Possessed!Tristan is standing on a roof) Hey, that's that funny guy that says the funny things! Hey, funny guy! Say some funny things!
    Possessed!Tristan: (leaps off building) I'M GOING TO KILL YOUUUUUU!
    Kaiba: (jumps out of the way of Tristan) Hahahahaha, that's classic!
  • Once again, everything involving Hobson:
    Kaiba: My first order of business: build the ultimate theme park! All I need is a name.
    Hobson: HOBSONLAND!
    Hobson: YAY!
  • Kaiba mugging the DreamWorks executives for money.
  • Mokuba taking advantage of his kidnapping:
  • "It's a good thing I'm Seto Kaiba, or that might have actually hurt me."
  • Yugi and co. intervene when evil!Tristan is attacking Kaiba:
    Yugi: Joey, use Tackle!
  • Kaiba defeating Lector by turning localization into an Internet meme called Lolcalization, in turn causing Lector to self-destruct.

     Episode 53 - O Mokuba, Where Art Thou? 
  • Melvin's repeated attempts to guess the password to open a door.
    • "A locked door?! Impossible!! Wait, no, it's totally possible. What am I talking about?"
    Melvin: Behold, Door! I shall now defeat you with my superior mental mind powers! Grant me access, I command youuu!
    Keypad: Please enter access code.
    Melvin: Staaab... (enters "STAB")
    Keypad: Access denied.
    Melvin: Kiiill... (enters "KILL")
    Keypad: Access denied.
    Melvin: Mutilate— (enters "MUTI") Aww damnit! There's not enough spaces. Okay, umm... Paiiin... (enters "PAIN")
    Keypad: Access denied.
    Melvin: Why are these the only words I know?!
  • This scene:
    Mokuba: Seto! You're really here!
    Robokaiba: Error error error error
    Mokuba: Wait, that's not Seto! He's way too expressive!
    Noah: Hold on a sec.
    Robokaiba: Rebooting...
    Noah: Here we go.
    Mokuba: He remembers my name!
  • Noah gets too touchy with Mokuba, which he finds very disturbing.
    Noah: Poor Mokuba. Abandoned by the only family he's ever known. But we can be a family together, Mokuba. Just you and me, brother.
    Noah: Just pretend we are siamese twins.
    Mokuba: Ok. (Beat) Still feels weird.
    • Later when Seto arrives to rescue Mokuba.
      Seto: I'm here for my brother!
      Noah: Well, Mokuba. Do you want to go with the nice man?
      Mokuba: He keeps touching me, Seto. It's so weird!
      Noah: Like we rehearsed, Mokuba.
      Mokuba: Oh, right. (starts acting) You're not my brother anymore, Seto. Noah is!
  • The bit with Joey's roughhousing Yugi.
    Joey: Friendship headlock! ;D
    Yugi: Gah, Joey, cant breathe!!
    Joey: Friendship piledriver!! 8D
    Yugi: NO! *smash* GAH!!
  • This little gem:
    Noah: It's me, your biological son.
    Gozaburo: (deep booming voice) I HAVE NO SON! (beat) (lightheartedly) Oh wait, yes I do, I just adopted one. (holds up photo of Kaiba) Isn't he adorable? Now get back to swabbing.
    Noah: But father...
    Gozaburo: SWABBING I SAY!
  • Yugi in a tutu. That is all.
  • The stingers for the episode—first off being the syncing of the Space Core to Astral. Followed by Melvin still trying to crack the password for the door:
    Melvin: 1111! *Access denied!* 1112! *Access denied!* 1113! *Access denied!* 1114! *Access denied!* THIS DOOR IS A BITCH!!!
  • When Kaiba falls into Noah's room from the sky, he grunts "I'mrich!" upon impact with the floor.
  • These three gems, starting with:
    Noah: Seto, how unexpected. And by unexpected, I mean totally expected.
    Kaiba: Can it with the Phineas and Ferb jokes, you tiny shorts wearing freak!
    • Followed by:
    Kaiba: Noah's my stepbrother? This is totally unexpected! And by unexpected, I mean totally expected.
    • And capped off with the end song being "Gitchie Gitchie Goo".
  • It's also kinda funny that Seto instantly recognizes a P&F reference, yet was completely clueless about SpongeBob SquarePants.
    Seto: (sings tunelessly) "Spongepants... Squarebob... he's a friendly little... guy..." (speaks) Is that it? Am I close?
    Noah: No.
    Seto: Damn it!
  • Seto tries to distinguish himself from Noah...and fails:
    Noah: It seems you and I aren't so different after all
    Seto: You're nothing like me! You're a self-centered, heartless bastard!
    Noah: Hello, Pot. My name is Kettle. You're black.
    Seto: Your hair is green! My hair is brown!
    Mokuba: Can I have another donut?
    Seto and Noah: SHUT UP, MOKUBA!
    (Seto and Noah stare at one another in shock.)
    Seto: ...that was weird.
  • Seto's reaction to the picture of Yami in a tutu.
  • This:
    Yugi: Don't worry Kaiba, you can ride with us!
    Joey: I hope you like sing alongs, Kaiba!
    Kaiba: (running away) Runningrunningrunningrunningrunningrunning...
    Joey: ...Kaiba?
    Kaiba: (still running) Must... get... away... from dweebs... specifically Joey... Hate... so intense... Makes me faster...
  • The Call-Back to Episode 3:
    Serenity: Apply the hand brake, you moron!

     Episode 54 - They Saved Tristan's Brain 
  • Yugi's explanation on how the evil Tristan isn't the real Tristan.
    Evil!Tristan: Muhahahaha!
    Yugi: It's Tristan! The evil version.
    Joey: How can you tell?
    Yugi: This one isn't drooling all over your sister.
    Evil!Tristan: Yes, it's me, evil Tristan. And this time, I didn't come alone.
    (Gansley appears as an image over Tristan's body)
    Gansley: With all five of us controlling Tristan's body, there's no way we can lose.
    (Inside Tristan's head)
    Crump: Hey, Gansley. Dibs on the blond guy's sister.
    Gansley: You can't just call dibs on someone's body.
    Crump: Hmm. I'm afraid I just did.
    (back outside)
    Crump!Tristan: I like redheads almost as much as I like penguins. (smacks lips repeatedly)
    Joey: ...Are we sure that's not the regular Tristan?
  • Noah punishes the Big Five's failure by trapping them in "the five darkest corners of the Internet".
    Gansley: (on Megaupload) Helloooo? Ish anybody there? Why ish this place sho empty?
    Johnson: (on The Dangerous Box) In all my years on the stand, I can honestly say I've never seen so much slander.
    Naruto: (on ChatRoulette) ARE YOU A NAKED GIRL?
    Nesbitt: Negative. I am a robot.
    Nesbitt: Robots have no need for clothes.
    Lecter: (on Fan Fiction Dot Net) Oh Sweet Lawd of the South, I don't know what's worse: the grammar, the porn, or all the un-American Jap-an-i-ma-nay. Huh, I wonder what happened to Krump...
  • Kaiba learning that Noah was run over... by Serenity.
    Kaiba: Did I just watch a snuff film?
  • The planned division of the bodies among Team Four Kids:
    Evil Tristan: Yugi's body will belong to Gansley.
    Yugi: Ugh, that freaky fish guy?
    Gansley: I am not a freaky fish guy!
    Evil Tristan: Joey's body will belong to Lector.
    Joey: Neyh!
    Evil Tristan: Nesbitt will take Tristan.
    Monkey Tristan: Bananas!
    Evil Tristan: Crump will take Serenity's body. (makes slurping noise)
    Serenity: Meep.
    Evil Tristan: And Johnson will take Duke.
    Duke: This is the only time I'm ever going to say this to anybody... but I would never let you have my body.
    Téa: Wait, I didn't hear my name.
    Evil Tristan: Yeah, uh, you're free to go.
    Téa: Why don't any of you want my body?
    Yugi: I want your body.
    Téa: Why doesn't anyone want my body?!
    Evil Tristan: Well, nobody really wants Crump's sloppy seconds. Not even Crump.
  • Téa trying to persuade Kaiba into going good... with her boobs.
    Téa: Also we have THESE!
    Kaiba: (with adorably uncharacteristic awkwardness) Umm... th-those are very nice... but I'm not interested. I'm going after Noah. On my own terms.
  • Kaiba's entire rant about stairs.
  • Yugi's makes horrible, yet hilarious, jokes about Mai, and Joey is less than pleased
  • And then there's:
    Evil!Tristan: Since I'm the evil Tristan I'm going to do the one thing that regular Tristan never could.
    Yami: You're going to get us to like you?!
    Evil!Tristan: I'm going to kill Tristan's best friend: Joey Wheeler!
    Joey: Uh, you might want to slow down there, Yugi is his best friend.
    Yami: HEY NOW! Don't Sell yourself short, we all know you two got along like a house on fire.
    Joey: Yeah, a house with people in it burning, that was us. C'mon yug, you guys were like brothers!
    Joey: Huh, I didn't know you had one.
    Yami: That's because I hated him! Besides I distinctly remember you saying, and I quote: "I'm very fond of Tristan. Nyeh, Brooklyn Rage."
    Joey: Well, I definitely remember you saying: "IT'S TIME TO DUEL...With my best friend Tristan!"
  • Yami mistaking Marik for a woman. Not just at their last encounter, but since they had first met.
  • Melvin continues to guess the password for the locked door. When he succeeds, he goes full ham.
    Melvin: Yes! I am henceforth known as the ruler of all doors! Every single door shall bow before me and open at my command! I am the master of unlocking!
    Security System: Please enter secondary password.
    Melvin: No!! Curse you door! From this day forth, I swear vengeance! I shall hunt down your kind murder them into extincti— (his face begins to distort) Ohmigod what's happening to my face?! This has never happened before, what the frick?!
  • When Joey tries to talk strategy with Yugi in Pig Latin.
    Yami: Joey, you're Japanese. You're supposed to be speaking English.
  • This:
    Evil!Tristan: Even in this worthless body, you're no match for us, Yugi!
    Yami: That's my worthless friend you're talking about!
  • Seto dealing with the loss of Mokuba:
    Kaiba Thoughts: That's Kaibaland, my amusement park! But Kaiba Land isn't going to be built for another four years!How could Noah possibly know what it looks like?
    Kaiba: (Doing a Mokuba Impression) But big brother we already saw Kaibaland in Season 1-
    Kaiba's Thoughts: Shut up, Mokuba!!!
    (The word "Mokuba" echoes through the desert)
    Kaiba:'s just isn't the same when he's not here.
  • Yami subverts the Rule of Three during the "Tell me!" gag.
    Yami: Tell me!
    Evil!Tristan: What's wrong with this guy?
    Joey: Yeah, you should probably just tell him. He can be very insistent.
    *scene change*
    Yugi: You'll never guess what I got you for Christmas, Pharaoh!
    Yami: Tell me!
    *scene change*
    Siamun: My Pharaoh, is there anything else that I, a humble servant, can do for you?
    Yami: Tell me! ...a bedtime story!
    *scene change*
    Téa: Hey, Pharaoh! You'll never guess what happens at the end of the new Twilight book!
    Yami: ...I don't read crap.
  • The Stinger:
    (Yami Yugi is in the foreground with his friends in the background, making him look giant)
    Téa: Giant Yami! We have brought you a sacrifice so that your will may be appeased!
    Yami: Fetch me a better one!

     Episode 55 - Stepbrother's Sin 
  • Thomas The Blue-Eyes White Dragon Train.
  • "Yeah, yeah. By the way, how exactly do I become a member of the Lollipop Guild?"
  • According to Noah, he had an "ordinary" childhood with violins, ponies and maids. Yugi and Joey are quick to question his definition of "normal".
    Yugi: How the hell is that "ordinary"?
    Joey: Yeah. Maybe if you're Richie Rich
    Duke: What? Do you guys don't have those?
  • Kaiba's halloween costume
    Kaiba: (tied up to a cross) Can you guess who I am?
    Witty Phantom: Uh...
    Kaiba: I'm Jesus!
  • When Noah displays an Off-Model Slasher Smile.
    Kaiba: Oh God, what's wrong with his face? Are you guys seeing this? What the hell is wrong with his face?
    Joey: (has an Off-Model face) I fail to see the problem.
    Kaiba: What the hell's wrong with everybody's face?!
  • Noah shows Seto that Mokuba is completely brainwashed. How?
    Noah: Behold, Seto. Your little brother now obeys my every command.
    Mokuba: Come at me, bro.
    Kaiba: Mokuba! Snap out of it!
    Noah: That won't work, I'm afraid. I brainwashed him to believe anything I say. Watch. Mokuba. Which is your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh spin-off?
    Mokuba: "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX"
    Kaiba: No!
    Mokuba: Closely followed by "Zexal".
    Yugi: That is messed up.
    Kaiba: You Monster! He's just a child! He doesn't know what he's saying!!
  • Kaiba's flashback montage, but especially this part:
    Kaiba: (towards Yami) What do you think, Mokuba?
    Yami: I'm not Mokuba.
    Kaiba: Shut up Mokuba!
  • After the montage of all the "Shut up, Mokuba" gags, Seto finally admits that all those times was him really saying "I love you".
    Joey: Hey, Yug. Did Kaiba's fingers look like they're crossed behind his back?
    Yugi: Huh. Now that you mention it...
    Joey: Hey, Kaiba!! How come your fingers are crossed behind your back?!
    Kaiba: Don't listen to that guy, Mokuba.
    Mokuba: Whay? What he's saying?
    Kaiba: He said... uh... "Blah Blah Blah, I'm a crappy duelist"
    Joey: Blah, Blah, Blah. I'm not!
    Kaiba: Hey, Wheeler. Does it look like my fingers are crossed now?
    Joey: No, actually. They just look like you're flipping me off. [Beat] HEY!!
  • When Kaiba is petrified, Yami makes fun of his lame-ass deck.
    Yami: Hey, Joey! Watapon! Am I right?
    Joey: Heh, what a n00b!
    Kaiba: *Muffled By the Stone* SON OF A BITCH!
  • Yami's reaction to Noah turning everyone to stone.
    Noah: First, Duke!
    Duke: (muffled version of Sexy Back plays while petrified)
    Yami: Huh.
    Noah: Then, Serenity.
    Serenity: Ahhhhhhhh!
    Joey: No, Serenity! Great, now I gotta win another tournament to fix this.
    Noah: Then, Joey.
    Joey: Nyeeeeeh!
    Yami: And nothing of value was lost.
    Noah: Then, Téa.
    Téa: Aaaaah! Pharaoh,
    Yami: Wonder who that was.
    Noah: And finally, the robot monkey.
    Yami: No! Not the robot monkey! Oh, manly fainting noises. (faints)
  • Yami's secret weapon against Noah.
    Yami: The card I have is Kuriboh!
    Kuriboh: Do-Da-La, Mother***er!
    Noah: Oh, come on, that pitiful little thing can't do—
    (Kuriboh grabs onto to Noah's arm and begins biting him)
    (Noah throws Kuriboh off him)
    Kuriboh: Do-Da-Laaaaaaaa!
    Noah: Yuck! Not to self: remember to get my shots when I enter the real world.
  • The trip to Yami's soul room:
    Yugi: If you can't believe in yourself, then believe in the Yugi who believes in the heart of the cards.
    Yami: Where are we, my soul room? Ah, ghosts! Begone, foul beings!
    Téa: Pharaoh, it's us, your friends.
    Yami: Begone, foul beings! Wait, what are you doing here, Kaiba? Are you one of my friends?
    Kaiba: Only for the purpose of this hallucination.
    Yami: Are you here to tell me how to win this duel?
    Kaiba: No, I'm here to warn you that if you so much as think of using my Blue-Eyes in this duel, then I will never forgive you.
    Yami: Very well, Kaiba. I promise not to use your Blue-Eyes cards.
    Kaiba: Good.
    Yami: Unless it's absolutely necessary.
    Kaiba: No, not even if it's necessary!
    Yami: Okay, okay, jeez, why don't you just marry the Blue-Eyes if you love it so much?
    Kaiba: Believe me, I've looked into it.
    • And then, after that:
      Yami: And now, with Kaiba's blessing—
      Kaiba: (still petrified) GNNNNNNNNNNNNNH
  • After Yami sees all of his friends in a vision, they give him their cards.
    Joey: Yugi, take my card!
    Téa: And my card!
    Tristan: I'm just here for the food!
    Serenity: Take my card, Yugi!
    Duke: And my card.
  • "I have the weirdest boner right now." All three parts:
    • The first part has it with Kaiba at the beginning:
    Kaiba: A Blue-Eyes White Dragon Train! I have the weirdest boner right now.
    • Then Téa's reaction when Yami challenges Noah for possession of his body:
    Yami: My body, Noah. Take it or leave it.
    Téa: I have the weirdest boner right now.
    • And finally Yami when Noah tries to forcibly take possession of his body:
    Noah: You're not getting away that easy! (Grabs Yugi's chests) Your nipples belong to me! I want your body! Give it to me! Let me in! LET ME IN!
    Yami: I have the weirdest boner right now!

     Episode 56 - It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Virtual World 
  • Several. From Kaiba's repeated "it's not possible" bit to Yami and Yugi's dialogue on how to escape to the reveal as to what was the password to the door Melvin had so much trouble with. Oh, and once again, EVERYTHING Gozaburo says.
    • The third "not possible!" bit is the best
    • Kaiba manages to invoke the response from himself:
      Kaiba: This card allows me to destroy any monsters in your graveyard at the cost of 500 life points each, and I choose the three pieces of Exodia—ah, Exodia?! It's not possible! No one's ever been able to destroy him!
      Gozaburo: ...Are you OK?
      Kaiba: [flustered] Uh... yeah... I'm—I'm fine.
  • At the beginning of the episode, all the menace and dread Gozaburo was trying to emulate is sucked out... due to computer lagging.
  • Gozaburo stealing Kaiba's catchphrase and the following exchange of Hypocritical Humor.
    Gozaburo: Screw the rules Seto, I have your money!
    Kaiba: Stealing my body is one thing, but my catchphrases too?
    Gozaburo: I'll stealing a lot more when Exodia Necros is done with you.
    Kaiba: That monster is indeed powerful, but only a fool relies on a single monster to win.
    Gozaburo: This coming from the guy who spends entire episodes raving about the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Ring ring! Hello, this is pot. Hi, it's me kettle. Oh hi kettle, what's going on? I'd just like to say that you're black. Well, I'd like to say that I've been f**king your wife. Well, well.
  • Kaiba strikes a Jojo-esque pose as he orders Blue-Eyes to finish off Gozaburo...and promptly breaks his hand, and wonders how he managed such a pose to begin with.
  • Meep Meep!
  • Melvin arrives in the control room.
    Melvin: Oh look, it's Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged. This episode has my favorite joke in it. Wait for it...
    Melvin: Hahahaha!
  • Yugi mistaking it for the vagina version of episode 1.
    Yugi: Hey gramps, can we please see your awesome chocolate fudge coated super vagina?
    Joey: Yug, why you are asking to see your grandpa's vagina?
    Yugi: Oh, my bad, I— I thought it was the vagina version of this episode.
    Grandpa: (pulling out a censored card) Here it is, my vagina!
    Joey: Oh God...
  • The whole 'womany legs' skit between Yugi and the Pharaoh.
    Yami: Can I help it if I have such long, womany legs? It's the cross I have to bear, Yugi.
  • Yugi and the gang are attacked by monsters.
    Joey: Look out, Yug! We're being attacked by digital monsters!
    Motimon: Oh, no!
  • Seto trying to dramatically point and breaking his hand, then activating the turbo boosters on the smashing his fist on the button... with the glass still covering it. He blames Explodia.
  • Noah possessing Mokuba and then getting the urge to kidnap himself.
    • And him revealing the password of the second door Melvin couldn't open: "OPEN".
  • Noah thwarts Gozaburo by fusing with him...while naked.
  • Brooklyn Rescue!

     Episode 57 - Reservoir Steves 

  • Right before the Title Sequence:
    Yami: (as a ghost beside Yugi) Yugi, could I use your body for a moment? I have to go number 1!
    Yugi: Come on, Pharaoh! Last time I gave you permission to use my body, you gave yourself a wedgie and then immediately switched back.
    Yami: This time, I am serious.
    Yugi: Oh, really?
    Yami: Is this not the face of a man who seriously needs to go number 2?
    Yugi: You just said it was number 1!
    Yami: Now it's number 3.
    Yugi: What the hell is a number 3?!
    Yami: I don't know, but I have to do one.
    Yugi: It isn't even a thing!
    Yami: Give me your body!
    (cuts to Téa, Tristan, and Duke all standing by the door)
    Téa: Look guys, Yugi's arguing with his imaginary boyfriend again.
    Tristan: I have one of those too. I call him Duke.
    Duke: What?
    • If you don't know, going number 3 is actually slang for masturbating.
  • The evil Melvin appears:
    Yami: Look, it's Melvin! No doubt he's going to say the most fiendish and heartless thing you've ever heard!
    Melvin: What a lovely day.
    Yami: Take that back, you fiend!
    • Later:
    Melvin: Good luck, everybody. Let's have a nice, fun card game.
    Yami: Take that back, you fiend!
    • And hilariously finished with:
    Melvin: I'm going to slaughter every single one of you!
    Joey: (to Yami) Yug, aren't you gonna tell him to take that back?
    Yami: Actually I had no problem with that one.
  • When Kaiba announces that Yugi's gang is about to take part in a four-way duel:
    Joey: Four-way? I've never even been in a three-way before! How am I supposed to know what to do?
    Yami: Don't worry, Joey. Four-ways are simple. Just pretend you're in a two-way and focus on me. Your instincts will do the rest.
    Kaiba: Okay, does everything have to be a sex joke with you guys?
    Yami: (to Kaiba) Yes.
    Joey: Heh...Kaiba's just mad 'cuz he's only ever been in a one-way.
    Yami: Ha ha...virgins.
  • Marik thinking Ishizu is a God Card because she was inside the vault where they were stored, and asking how to summon her.
  • Ishizu's trump card for stopping Marik's theivery:
    Ishizu: I paid a lot of money for soldiers who use visible guns.
  • Joey hits Kaiba with an attack in the fourway duel, causing Kaiba's podium to rise above Joey's
    Joey: How's the weather up there, Kaiba?
    (Kaiba hawks up a loogie and spits in Joey's face)
    Kaiba: It's raining.
  • Kaiba singing "One of These Things is Not Like The Others".
  • Why does Marik want to become a true villain? To finally get a 10 out of 10 in the sexy scale.
  • It's the cockblock card!
  • The "I spy with my little eye" Running Gag, with escalating hilarity.
    Ishizu: (Looking out the window) I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'c'.
    Ishizu: It was 'cloud', actually.
    Melvin: Oh, darn. Close, but no cigar.
    Ishizu: There aren't even any corpses in here.
    Melvin: Give it time.
    • (A moment later)
    Yugi: I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'phallic'.
    • (Soon after)
    Kaiba: Now I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'get the f**k into the Duel Tower'.
    • (Finally)
    Kaiba: I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'L'.
    Yami: Is it 'lovable fellow'?
    Kaiba: It's loser!
    Yami: But that's not right, Kaiba. You can't even see Joey from this angle!
  • This little bonding moment between Kaiba and Melvin.
    Kaiba: Look, I know you two are insulting me, but I just murdered my own father. I'm in way too good a mood.
    Melvin: I know that feels!

     Episode 58 - Desperately Dueling Susan 
  • Melvin giving False Reassurance to Joey regarding the duel not involving bodily harm or death
    Melvin: Don't worry, Susan. This is going to be a fun, clean game. No bloodshed whatsoever.
    Joey: Well, good-
    Melvin: Tell me, would you prefer to be burned alive or just asphyxiated?
    Joey: Nyeh? But you just said-
    Melvin: I assure you, both methods are quite clean. No muss, no fuss.
    Joey: Go hump a stump, pineapple-head.
    Melvin: Burned alive it is!
  • When Melvin turns the duel into a Shadow Game:
    Mokuba: Seto, Melvin's invoking the power of Satan again.
    Kaiba: Eh, I'll allow it.
  • Melvin explaining the conditions for the Shadow Game:
    Melvin: This Shadow Game will be like no other, for in this duel, when we lose life points the damage will be taken out on our bodies as well!
    Joey: What happens when my life points reach zero?
    Melvin: That depends. Have you been a good Susan, or a bad Susan?
    Joey: My name is not— (gets electrocuted) NYEEEEEEEEEEEEH!
    Melvin: A very bad Susan indeed. And when your life points hit zero you'll go where all bad Susans go: Card Game Hell.
    Yami: No! Not Card Game Hell! It's just like the real world only there are no card games. It's awful.
    • Made even funnier by Téa when Yugi is speaking. In the original anime she was burying her face in her hand in grief. However, taken out of context, it looks like an extremely exasperated face palm, which contrasts perfectly with Yugi's melodramatic reaction.
  • After the first time Joey hits Melvin with an attack:
    Joey: Wait, don't you mean "May I have another?"
    Melvin: With pleasure! (zaps Joey)
  • Later, Joey calls shenanigans on Melvin summoning Mega Ultra Chicken (The Winged Dragon of Ra):
    Joey: Okay, hax! I call hax!
    Melvin: What? "Hax"?
    Joey: You totally hacked that card!
    Melvin: The freak makes you say that?
    Joey: Well, how else would you unlock Moltres when you're not even in the Kanto region?
    Melvin: (beat) You realize, of course, that you deserve to die for that joke alone.
  • The Scapegoats appear!
  • This duel has more tension in it than Téa's bra straps.
    Téa: Jiggle jiggle!
  • The whole "Mokusoft" bit:
    Kaiba: Mokuba, if Joey wins this duel I will gladly give you control of Kaibacorp.
    Mokuba: Yay! I will call it Mokusoft and we will develop frustrating operating systems that nobody wants to develop for!
    Kaiba: Yeah, you do that.
    • Also, the blooper on that line after the stinger:
    Mokuba: Yay! I will call it Mokusoft and we will develop things that are developed by me... that's what we'll do.
  • Later, when Joey survived Ra's attack:
    Mokuba: Come on, Mokusoft!
  • Joey asks Melvin if he's going talk or duel. The pharaoh's response is priceless:
  • After the power of belief fails to save Joey:
    Téa: Okay, so, which one of y'all motherf*ckers didn't believe hard enough?
    Yami: What's that? Sorry, I wasn't paying attention... what are we doing?
    Téa: Pharaoh, you just made Joey lose a card game.
    Yami: No I didn't.
  • Tristan trying to wake up Joey:
    Tristan: It's all right guys, I know CPR. WAKE UP! WAKE! UP! WHY AREN'T YOU WAKING UP?!
    Mokuba: ...I'm gonna call a real doctor.
    • There are even more in The Stinger:
      • You could tell LittleKuriboh was having trouble keeping it together at the end of that, too.

     Episode 59 - Crowd Atlas 
  • Kaiba's reaction to Pharaoh Atem and Priest Seto.
    Yami: Behold, Kaiba. The Gods are showing us the truth about our past! I give you our sexy ancient Egyptian ancestors.
    Kaiba: Why are they white?
    Yami: What?
    • "Stop activating the race card and listen, Kaiba!"
  • Yami apparently thinks of Pegasus as a manly opponent. Kaiba points out the inconsistencies of this belief.
    Kaiba: Yeah, he was a real man's man. He was that man's man, and that man's man. He was full of all kinds of men.
  • Yami asking Kaiba several times if he wants to hear what DeFusion does and Kaiba's insistence that his experience in Duel Monsters means he already knows. He tells Yugi several times that he knows what it does. And after finally acknowledging Kaiba's response... Yami does it anyway in a jab at the show itself explaining what every card does every time it's played, regardless of how many times the person has used it.
  • "We'll play, we'll play, card games!"
  • The back and forward "I play this card" exchange. Quite possibly the longest duel shown in this series for that reason.
  • Yami repeatedly hammers Kaiba's adoption Berserk Button, culminating in the best/worst of the bunch, also calling back to the Running Gag about Kaiba's real father.
    Kaiba: Well I activate this!
    Yami: And I activate your momma.
    Kaiba: Then I activate... What!!?
    Yami: You heard me, Kaiba. Your momma. I activated her.
    Kaiba: Tch!
    Yami: Yes, you can stop searching, Kaiba. After all these years, it turns out I'm your daddy.
    Kaiba: Growls.
    Yugi: Eh he.
    Kaiba: No! That's not fair! You can't possibly be about to summon your God Card before mine!!
  • "OH MY GOD! Ishizu! Where did you come from?!"
  • Kaiba's usage of the Enemy Controller card.
    Kaiba: With this card, I can unlock hidden extras and make the game even easier for me. Watch. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start.
    • And soon after.
    Kaiba: Alright, you asked for it. Take this! A, B, A, C, A, B, B, Start!
    Yami: (with a comically oversized head) OK, I'll bite. What mode is this?
    Kaiba: DK Mode.
  • The exchange with Yami and Egyptian Kaiba in ancient Egyptian...which is actually all just backwards speech.
    Yami: Priest Seto, your reign of terror is at end!
    Priest!Kaiba: It is your terrible reign that is going to be ending!
    Egyptian!Mokuba: Big brother! Is it time for my Ancient Egyptian cameo yet?
    Priest!Kaiba: Shut up, Mokuba.
    Abukom Pu Tuhs.
  • The Pharaoh thinks too highly of Melvin's ability to plot their demise...
    Yami: No doubt he is already hard at work plotting his next cruel scheme!
    (Cut to Melvin staring at his reflection in a mirror while "Goodbye Horses" plays somewhere)
    Melvin: Would you f*** me? I'd f*** me. I'd f*** me hard.
    Yami: (Slamming his fist into the wall) Damn you Melvin! You killed Joey! And now you've broke my hand! Are there no limits to your evil?!
  • This exchange between Kaiba and Pegasus:
    Pegasus: Ooooooooh! Kaiba-boooooy!
    Kaiba: What are you, gay?
  • Kaiba and Yami summon their respective Egyptian God Cards, and then:
    Kaiba: Now go, Obelisk! Attack Yugi directly!
    Yami: Not so fast, Kaiba!
    Yami: No, I mean "hold on a second."
    Kaiba: Oh, right. That makes way more sense.
  • Just as Kaiba is about to use Obelisk the first time around, Yami activates Lightforce Sword and we get this:
    Kaiba: Did you just throw a sword through my f***ing card?!
  • After Kaiba uses the Konami Code on the Enemy Controller card and gets unlimited cards out of it, Yami questions if it was really a good idea since having unlimited cards makes it harder to choose the exact card Kaiba wants.
  • Just as Kaiba is about to take out Yami with the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, we get this exchange:
    Kaiba: It's highly unlikely that you have the only card that can stop me from— Oh god, you have it, don't you?
  • When light sword is about to disappear.
    Kaiba: That's it, Mutou. You've stalled for too long. Now face the wrath of my Egyptian God Car—
    Yami: Too late, I'm summoning mine!
  • Yami winding Kaiba up about how many times he's beaten him.
    Yami: Didn't I already beat you like a gajillion times?
    Kaiba: That's not a real number.
    Yami: Yes, you see, they had to invent that number because that's how many times I've beaten you.
    Kaiba: SHUT UP!
    Yami: Eh heh.
    • And again, later:
    Kaiba: No! It-It... I have unlimited cards now! You only have forty! That is much less than what I have!
    Yami: Forty, eh? Isn't that how many times I beat you?
    Kaiba: No, you beat me like three times. Wait, no!
    Yami: Eh heh.
  • Ishizu wonders about Kaiba and Yami's duel, wishing she could be there to witness such a battle of wits.
    Yami: OHHHHHHH!
    Kaiba: AAAARGH!
    Caption: [actual 4Kids dialogue]
  • The Stinger referencing Dragonzball PeePee
    Pegasus: OOOOOOOOOOOOH Kaiba-boy~!
    Kaiba: What are you, gay!?
    Pegasus: Ye—(cue speechless Kaiba)
  • When Yugi summons his God card, Slifer.
    Kaiba: Ohh. My. MONEY.
    Yugi: Don't you mean "God"?
    Kaiba: You worship your thing, I'll worship mine.
    • Then Kaiba summons Obelisk.
  • Kaiba takes an unintentional shot at Duke.
    Kaiba: I hope you enjoyed being called "King of Games" because you're about to become the "Duke of Dorks!"
    Duke: Hey!

     Episode 60 - How Kaiba Got His Groove Back 

     Episode 61 - Muerte Pinata 
  • The intro.
    Yami: By the time you finish watching this episode, our YouTube account will probably be taken down. See ya!
  • Yami mocking Joey for beating Seto Kaiba and winning the coveted bronze medal, which sends him into a laughing fit. Tristan then congratulates Joey for winning the match.
    Joey: Shut the f**k up, Tristan.
  • Melvin and Yami's contest at shuffling their decks without looking at them. And Yami's cards flying out all over the place when he tries.
    Yugi: King of Games, bitch!
  • Joey lies to Yugi about beating Kaiba. Yugi tries to congratulate him, but dissolves into derisive laughter...which is heard over the intro.
  • Just before Yami and Melvin's duel:
    Joey: Beat that Marik creep, Yug!
    Tristan: Yeah! Beat him like Joey beat Kaiba!
    Kaiba: What
    Joey: NOTHING.
  • Yami refuses to believe Yugi's in danger / pain even as Melvin keeps taking his life points:
    Yami: I think I would know if Yugi was in pain.
    Yami: I feel everything he feels. We are soulmates.
    Yami: We are closer than even the most intimate of lovers.
  • The running gag with Yami Yugi calling the Shadow Realm the Purple Realm.
    Melvin: Silence!
    Yami: I'm just sayin'.
    • A little later, we get this
      Melvin: Honestly, you are THIS close to being thrown to the shadows!
      Yami: You mean 'thrown to the purples'!
      Melvin: SILENCE!!!
      Yami: I'm just sayin'.
  • This scene:
    Melvin: Say hello to Mai Valentine!
    (Mai is called out from the Shadow Realm, making a weird mewling noise)
    Yami: Hello, Mai!
    (Mai is sent back into the Shadow Realm, making the same noise)
    Yami: Bye, Mai!
  • This entire exchange:
    Yami: Behold! The card that Kaiba gave me - Fiend's Sanctuary!
    Melvin: Arrrgh! Impossible! You drew the card without even looking at it?!
    Yami: HYESSSSEE!
    Melvin: What?
    Yami: HYESSSSEE!
    Melvin: Is said 'yes'?
    Yami: HYESSSSEE!
    Melvin: It sounds like you're just saying 'Hyeesssshhh'!
    Yami: (heavily accented and slurred): Noooo, Marik! I am saying 'HYESSSSEE'!
    Melvin: Are you trying to make it sound more dramatic or something by slurring your words? Cause it doesn't really work!
    Yami: (heavily accented and slurred) Not so fast, Marik!
    Caption: [actual 4Kids "dialogue"]
  • Kaiba's inner monologue...and then Yugi's inner monologue...and then the two talking to each other over inner monologues...and then Tristan's inner monologue joins them!
  • When Melvin uses Metal Reflect Slime to make a copy of Obelisk:
    Yami: No way! Where did you get a shiny Obelisk? Did you catch that from my Friend Safari?
    Melvin: No, I... you just saw me use my Metal Reflect Slime to—
    Yami: We should trade! Let's trade!
    Kaiba: I just gave you that card! Don't f*beep*king trade it!
    Yami: I'ma trade it!
    Kaiba: NOOO!
    Melvin: Now all you can do is wait for me to re-summon my Winged Dragon of Ra, and then this game is over!
    Yami: I'll throw in a Fiend's Sanctuary for that shiny Obelisk!
    Yami: I'ma trade it!
    Kaiba: NOOOOO!!
    Tristan: I'm scared!
    Yami: Great, look what you did! You scaaaared Tristan! Are you happy?
    Yami: You don't look very happy...
  • Marik's little single-person conversation while visiting an unconscious Odion is heartwarmingly funny too:
    Marik: What's up, O-Bro ... It's me, Marik. Since I'm about to die, I thought I'd come tell you, uh ... you were the greatest brother I ever had. And you weren't such a bad henchman either. Is there anything you want to say to me? ... Maybe along those lines? Something like ... "Marik, you were the finest man I've ever known? You're the sexiest villain of all time? I'll always admire you and do your bidding even in death?" ... You know, something like that, only ... more, of that.
    Odion: (still unconscious) ...
    Marik: ... Good talk, Odion... And by the way, I left some gummi bears in my room.
    Odion: (eyes fly open) Gummi bears!
  • When Yami is pondering how he could possibly take down Ra
    Yugi: Believe in the heart of the cards!
    Yami: The heart of the wha?
    Yugi: The heart of the cards!
    Yami: Doesn't ring a bell!
    Yami: Oh, ok! ... What does it look like?
    Yugi: What?!
    Yami: I need to picture it in my head. Is it an actual heart?
    Yugi: No, it's not a literal heart, it's more of an idea.
    Yami: Sorry, Yugi. I'm from ancient Egypt. We believe in very specific real-life things— like giant red dragons with two mouths, or the idea that a strange dog person waits for us in the afterlife so he can weigh our souls with a cheap kitchen scale. You know, believable things!
    Yugi: Look, you'll probably just draw the card anyway! Just give it a shot!
  • Moments later:
    Yami: And now watch as I summon my Metal Fiend, to cause your Winged Dragon of Ra to attack you instead of me!
    Melvin: NOOOOO!
    Yami: HYYESSSSEE!!!
    Melvin: No.
    Yami: What?!
    Melvin: I used my De-Fusion Magic Card to separate myself from Ra, thus cancelling my attack!
    Yami: Heart of the cards?! More like heart of my ass!
    Yugi: I don't think I wanna believe in that!
  • And after that, when he summons Obelisk, which he won from Kaiba:
    Yami: Thanks for not being butthurt about that, by the way.
    Kaiba: F**k you!
    Yami: You're welcome!
    Melvin: Wait, hold on a second! Let's play something else! How about Rock, Paper, Scissors?
    Yami: Okay, I choose 'rock'. What do you choose, Marik?
    Melvin: Um...
    (Obelisk slugs Melvin)
    Yami: Sorry, 'rock' beats 'um'.
  • "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'what the f**k'."
  • Tristan still doesn't know that Yugi turns into a different person when he duels.
    Tristan: Have you guys ever noticed that Yugi starts acting like a different person when he duels?
    Téa: That's because he is a different pers—
    Tristan: His voice gets all deep, and he seems to grow taller...
    Téa: That's because he's a different person!
    Tristan: It's really weird!
    Téa: You're really weird.
    Tristan: I guess we'll never really know why that happens.

     Episode 62 - Winged Dragon of Rawr! 

     Episode 63 - Yu-Gi-Oh Kai 
  • The flashbacks are done in the rapid comedy style of the Dragon Ball Z Abridged Kai episodes.
  • Joey calls up Ash Ketchum to brag about his Rattata who's apparently in the top percentage of Ratattas.
  • Russel Crowe's singing voice in Les Miserablles was apparently provided by Tristan.
  • The self depreciation throughout, mocking the silly names given to the Egyptian Gods and jokes stolen from Robot chicken.
    • A nod to the fans noticing the name change of Mega Ultra Chicken in episode 61.
    Melvin: Winged Dragon of Ra!
    Yami: You forgot the name. I'm unsubscribing.
  • Marik's inconsistent success with mind control.
    Marik: Obey me, Joey!
    Joey: Yes, master!
    Marik: Obey me, Tea!
    Téa: Yes, master!
    Marik: Obey me, glass of water!
    (Cuts to a glass of ice cubes, sitting still on a table)
    Marik: (throws glass to the ground, shattering it) Curse you, glass of water! You've disobeyed me for the last time!
  • Bakura's response to Grandpa celebrating him waking from his coma.
    Grandpa: Bakura, you're alive!
    Bakura punches Grandpa in the gut, causing him to collapse.
    Bakura: Grandpa, you're dead!
  • The reappearance of Black Tristan, who brings up the "Blue Peeps Honky Dragon".
  • Yami takes out Bakura.
    Yami: Yay! I won!
    Joey: Bakura's in a coma, now!
    Yami: Yay! I won!
  • People wanting Kaiba's body.
    Noah: Give me your body, Seto!
    Kaiba: At least buy me a drink first! Geez!
    • Later:
    Gozaburo: I want your body, Seto!
    Kaiba: Why does everybody keep hitting on me?!
    • Then with Yami:
    Noah: (to Yami) Now I want your body!
    Yami: Get in line, muchacho.
  • Joey keeps calling Kaiba "Koiba".
  • "Dick move, bro!"
  • The shot of the Team Four Star members' faces being plastered onto the bodies of the Big Five.
  • The flashbacks contain a lot of references. Lampshaded by Serenity.
    Evil Tristan: What?
    Yami: Um, I mean... Tell me!
  • Melvin's introduction.
    Melvin: I'm fucking insane!
    Yami: Hi Mr. Insane, may I call you Fucking?
  • Noah's introduction.
  • Marik's famous shirt-removal scene is interrupted by his torso bursting into flame. Apparently, Sexiness is Volatile.
  • Noah punishing the Big Five.
    Noah: I'm banishing you all to Tumblr.
    Crump: YEEAA—
  • Serenity's reaction to the episode.
    Téa: Let's have a flashback about it!
    Serenity: Oh god.
    (After Téa brings up MORE flashbacks)
    Serenity: Take me to the f*cking mall.
    • Serenity stops trying to convince Téa to take her to the mall and instead wants to go home, because Téa crossed the line by bringing up Serenity's surgery and her parents' divorce.
  • Marik's plan to remain nonchalant when Odion is pretending to be Marik.
    Marik: Friends, let us make out with each other violently, like friends do.
    Téa: Friends DO do that.
    (exchanges glances with Mai)
  • When Yami and Kaiba are viewing the past:
  • "The South shall rise again, Mr. Kaiba!"


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