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Funny / Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum

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  • The amount of Serious Business in the game rivals Duel Monsters, especially where Kaiba is concerned.
  • If Joey destroys all of your monsters he worries Yugi has a cold. Ryou Bakura also wonders this if he's beating Yugi.
  • Tristan's intro has him confidently declaring that Yami Yugi will have to use all his skills to win. When Yami agrees to this, Tristan backpedals and asks if he could only use some of his skills.
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  • If Tristan is winning against Yami Yugi he may say this.
    Tristan: So when I become the King of Games, do I get to wear a crown?
  • If Tristan's losing to you he may declare himself an amateur in a world of champions.
  • One of Duke's quotes when you're idle is asking if Yugi went to the bathroom.
  • Losing to some opponents makes either them or Yami Yugi himself incredulous that they won.
  • If you lose to Mako Tsunami, he's convinced that you threw the fight.
  • If Marik has an early lead, he'll laugh evilly while proclaiming that it's his turn.
  • Losing to Marik makes him declare that you suck so much you're not worth sending to the Shadow Realm.
  • Mokuba's intro has him declaring himself the Capsule Monsters champion. Yami Yugi then reminds him that he beat Mokuba at Capsule Monsters before, many times. Mokuba pouts and says he's gotten better since then, and Yami Yugi says there's no need to shout.
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  • Yami Bakura's intro has him declare that Ryou Bakura's skills are complete garbage compared to his. Yami Yugi does not defend Ryou, but instead challenges Yami Bakura to put his abilities to the test.
  • If you idle against Yami Bakura while winning he may threaten to send you to the Shadow Realm out of boredom.
  • If you make a heavy attack against Yami Bakura when you're losing, he may say this.
    Yami Bakura: I let you have that one to be nice, but don't expect me to be nice again!
  • Defeating Yami Bakura will make him run off and complain that the tournament wasn't important anyway.
  • When dueling Bandit Keith, destroying one of his monsters first will make him comment that you're feisty. If he destroys one of your monsters first, he calls you an idiot.
  • If you're winning the duel with Bandit Keith, he may accuse you of cheating despite being a notorious cheater himself. Making it funnier is that it's impossible to cheat at chess, so you couldn't cheat if you wanted to.
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  • Shadi is comically serious, which makes him making fun of you should you do poorly even funnier than it should be.
    Shadi: I am appalled at your lack of skill...
  • If you take a long time to move your pieces, your opponent will get annoyed at you. It's even funnier if they're winning, as many think you're just stalling for time.
    Seto Kaiba: You punk! Hurry up!
    Yami Bakura: You can't throw me off my game by annoying me, so move!
    Yami Marik: Are you thinking of a plan to run away, Pharaoh?
    Pegasus: Move! I can feel my Millennium Eye rusting!
    Marik: Is wasting time the only strategy you have left!?
    Mako Tsunami: In the time I've been waiting, I could've swam around the world! Twice!
  • If you idle while facing Marik when you're winning he may wonder if you have brain damage.
  • Some of your opponents' battle banter can be amusing if they're winning.
    Bandit Keith: Face it, kid. You suck!
    Yami Bakura: Keep losing like the loser you are!
  • Mako Tsunami has a hilarious reaction to you destroying his Fiend Kraken before it's summoned, thus avoiding its overly long and epic summoning animation.
    Mako Tsunami: H-hey, wait a minute!
  • Marik's entrance is loud, evil, and hilariously over-the-top.
    Marik: Ah, there you are, Pharaoh! Are you ready to lose everything you hold dear?
  • In Marik's intro, he directly tells Yami Yugi to die. Yami Yugi's response? "Let's duel, Marik!"
  • Seto Kaiba is programmed with the least amount of patience, so you may get his idle dialogue without having to wait for it.
  • All of the characters have lines of reacting to trap spaces, most of which are dummied out since few stages have traps. Their reactions are generally silly, especially since they read half like teaching the player and half the character making mistakes.
    Yami Bakura: I made a mistake! I receive damage at that location!
    Marik: What!? Well... Who cares if I'm hurt?
    Tristan: I take damage at that location? Bad location! Bad, bad!
  • Some dummied-out lines are of the characters chastising you for surrendering. It generally ranges from confusion to anger... and then there's Marik.
    Marik: You're running away like a baby, Pharaoh!
  • Marik really flips out if he was winning and you stage a comeback.
    Marik: The... They're all gone! Impossible! I was winning!
  • Weevil's over-the-top expression when he's losing. All characters grimace, but Weevil has a look of complete horror. His mouth is wide open, his hair is disheveled. It's pretty humorous upon first viewing.


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