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Funny / Young Justice (2019)

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  • Issue 6 has Amethyst explaining about Dark Opal's powers and connection to his gem and how hardcore it will be to gets it... only for Impulse, in true Impulse fashion, disappear and reappear (in just two panels!) with said gem, leaving Amethyst and the rest of YJ gobsmacked. He then makes sure it's the right one by confirming it was next to a supposedly mind-destroying horrifying Eldritch Abomination Amethyst was trying to warn the team about.
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  • Another Bart moment comes when Dark Opal brings a piece of Kryptonite to bring Conner to his knees...only for Bart to jump him, grab it, carry it thousands of miles away and be back before Dark Opal can even comprehend what just happened.
  • Teen Lantern reveals she hacked into a Green Lantern Power Battery so she could get an internship at the Hall of Justice. The older kids tell her she might get into spot of trouble for this.
  • Issue 7 has Jinny and Teen Lantern speechless as they travel the multiverse. Landing in the world of Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew leads Superboy to refuse to talk the entire time he was there.
  • After landing in the world of Kingdom Come and getting superheroes of that reality to send them home, we get a scene of Doctor Fate casually informing other heroes he screwed up and sent Young Justice to a wrong world, in a way like if he caused a minor inconvenience. Wonder Woman takes a deep breath, like if she was trying to calm herself down listening to his excuses.
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  • In issue 17, Batman takes Drake aside to talk with Impulse and Superboy watching from a distance. We don’t hear what was said but when Batman walks away Drake just looks down seeming kind of bummed out. This may sound like a Tear Jerker, except the following issue makes it clear that he was just telling Tim that he hated his new costume and identity.
  • Also from issue 17, Jinny (a lesbian) wondering what Wonder Woman's deal is... and if she's seeing anyone. When Cassie responds that Diana's her aunt, Jinny says "Yeah?" and repeats what she just said.