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  • The looks the Count and Vlad give each other when they notice the sign Olga put on Ingrid's back in "Bad Reflection".
  • The 'Van Helstink' graffiti in 'Insomnia', leading to this hilarious exchange in 'When Vampires go Bad'..
    Van Helsing: Professor Cheney. He bullied me all through slayer school. Well, school's out, Professor, and nobody calls me Van Helstink anymore!
    Jonno: (laughing) You don't check the graffiti in the school toilets much, do ya!
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  • The count laughing through Twilight.
  • Bertrand saying what a lot of people were thinking when seeing Renfield in drag when Renfield started talking about the Nutcracker in "Bad To The Bone".
    Renfield: I could wow him with my nutcracker
    Bertrand: That is disturbing on so many levels.
  • The Count reassuring Vlad he was on his side. Made even funnier by Ingrid joining in.
    Count: I am your man through and through. (puts his fist slightly in the air) Team Vlad
    (Ingrid runs in and copies the Count's fist action)
    Ingrid: Yay!
    • What makes that even more hysterical is The Count's half-hearted "yay" following Ingrid's.
  • Any time Ingrid's army of Half Fangs are on screen. Especially the one with lines.
  • Ingrid and the Count squabbling over which of them is now Vlad's Number Two.
  • The Demise of Mr. Cuddles
  • Ryan and Ingrid when discusing how to fill in The Praedictum Impaver
    Ingrid: It opened for Erin. What has she got that Renfield hasn't?
    Ryan: Cleanliness?
  • The life support machine Erin is attached to in S 4 E 7.
    Alive; Dead; Very Dead; Very, Very Dead
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  • "Oh for the love of Buffy"
  • "When You're A Stranger" has some funny lines:
    • After Dracula asks Renfield to bring him a peasant to feed from:
    Renfield: Master, promise you won't be angry.
    Count: No, I like being angry.
    • After The Count has given a desired room to Vlad instead of Ingrid:
    Ingrid: I hate you more than garlic!
    (The Count just shrugs, as if to say "fair enough.")
    • After Vlad finds out Robin knows he's a vampire:
    Vlad: Just don't raise an angry mob to drive us out.
    Robin: I think you underestimate suburban apathy.
  • Ingrid giving Dracula a Double Subverted Calling the Old Man Out in "Dead-Ucation":
    Ingrid: You're a heartless, spiteful, self-centered bully (beat) and so am I, but you just can't see it.
  • The Count being hooked on a Soap Opera:
    Ingrid: You love that TV more than your children.
    Count: Of course I don't. I just love it more than my daughter.


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