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Maple Pony

  • The Wing Trap
    • "Dear Twilight Sparkle, The spell contained on the last page of this book is shit. Rewrite it."
    • "The others have concerns, I'm in love with Mr. Burns
    • "Here's some nice, juicy Rainbow Dash for you to munch on!"
  • Wonderbolt Catastrophe
    Rainbow Dash: I quit
    Spitfire: Already? That's an academy record!
    • Before that:
    Rainbow Dash: Permission to enter, ma'am?
    Spitfire: (uninterested) What is it, Rainbow Dash?
    Rainbow Dash: I had the best time—
    Spitfire: (even more uninterested) Whatever, Rainbow Dash.
    Rainbow Dash: And you made me a wing pony!
    Spitfire: (totally uninterested) F*ck you, Rainbow Dash.



  • Friendship is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Hasbro, Inc.
    Twilight Sparkle: She's a bitch.
    Crowd: A what?!
    Twilight Sparkle: A bitch, and she was born a bitch.
    Applejack: Born where?! I've never seen a bitch like that in these parts!
    • Something Hilarious in Hindsight that happened with this video is that at one point it really was no longer available due to a copyright claim by Hasbro Inc.
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    • Pinkie Pie eating a bird.
    • "If you slowed down and looked where you were going, you'd see that you tripped over Barack Obama!"
    • "Don't ever let me catch you doing my mother again!"
    • This scene:
    Twilight: "I don't want anyone thinking I jack off to ponies, like Trixie!
    Trixie: Neigh!
    Applejack: Well, we can't just leave Rarity like this.
    Pinkie Pie: She'll die!
    Twilight Sparkle: She will not.
    Pinkie Pie: Give her time...
    • Twilight trolling Rainbow Dash.
    Twilight Sparkle: Remember, Rainbow: The Game!
    Rainbow Dash: I lost...

MasterOfZoroark (Retired)

  • The Irregular Show: Episode 1:
  • The Irregular Show: Episode 2:
    Benson: I can't even take a shower without you guys screwing—
    (Benson's towel falls off, Rigby tries to lick his exposed junk)
    Benson: Fuck no!
  • The Irregular Show: Episode 3:
    • If you pause at the beginning you can see that rule 114 is "no giving head".
    Mordecai: Rule number 115: No food on the floor.
    (they proceed to knock their snacks off of the table and onto the floor, while Benson quells in horror)
    Rigby: Fuck that!
    Mordecai: Rule number 116: No shit on the floor.
    Rigby: What?! (electronic voice) That's going way too far!
    • Then Rigby's bout of explosive diarrhea afterward.
    • When they question Benson's "no unicorns" rule the scene flashes back a week earlier to Twilight Sparkle kicking a tied-up Benson and taking his gumballs.
    • Benson shows them Rule 34, followed by Rigby stating "I actually kind of like that one".
    Benson: Life without rules is chaos.
    Benson: Now get off your lazy asses and go get me another Grilled Cheese DELUXE!
    Mordecai: You know what? We're sick of all your shit.
    Benson: What?
    Rigby: Yeah.
    Benson: YOU'RE FIRED!
    (cue the opening flute of Céline Dion's "My Heart Will Go On")
    Benson: GET OUT!
    • Rule 118: Fired employees will be hunted down until Benson gets a Grilled Cheese Deluxe.
    • Benson gets mad over his Grilled Cheese Deluxe being charred, so he dismembers Rigby with a chainsaw. In the epilogue Rigby gets sewn back together and Benson gets arrested.
  • Twilight Wreaks Havoc Onto Bronyville:
    • Gumball being offended by Robotnik's implied pedophilia, leading to the latter killing the former with a Rasengan.
    • This bit:
    Scratch: I can't believe Dr. Robotnik is Dr. Robotnik!
    Prof. Oak: Shocking, isn't it?
    Applejack: Are you tryin' to kill mah sister?
    Robotnik: Well, to be truthful, that song sucked balls. (runs screaming after Applejack tries to buck him in the head)
    Applejack: Come back here!
    • Twilight going mad while incarcerated:
    Twilight: Dear Princess Celestia, today I learned that fucking fillies can be so much fun.
    Celestia: O:
    Pops: Oh, I agree.
  • Dan Vursiz Da' Whirld, a bizarre tale of a revenge plot on a dentist spiraling into madness.
    • Chris hitting Dan in the face with a sledgehammer.
    • Dr. Rabbit preparing to molest Dan. Predictable, but hilarious nontheless.
    • Dan KOing Chris Super Smash Bros. style.
    • Chris punching Dan in the face in response to him calling him stupid.
    • Dan reavealing a secret entrance then Chris getting crushed by a stone fist.
    • He's getting away! GET HIM!
    • Gaston punching himself off a cliff.
    • When I was a lad, I ate four dozen viagras to help my dick get large!
      • Gaston's dick then gave out due to the viagra pills he swallowed.
  • Robotnik Debuts On Eggman X



  • Harlequin Tries to Hit On Lupay, a short poop which teaches viewers how not to hit on someone you like:
    Lupay: You're someone who must die!
    Harlequin: Don't say no to me! Let's see your tits.


MeiAIDS (Retired)


  • This video is an entire 4 minutes worth of laughs by the name of "U Want Cake In Teh Mornin!?!?".
  • A Meener Evil is an epic YouTube Poop, with notable funny moments including:
    • Michael Rosen getting the castle door slammed in his face.
    • What's Michael Rosen's reason for flying over to Hyrule (when he thought he was going to Holland)? To get away from the 48 kids in his class, of course!
    • The group of heroes going into Mark Sabine's restaurant and ordering some foor, but all they get is marmalade and vindaloo (which happens to be made of lamp oil).
  • King Harkinian's preference in game platforms spirals into a crazed drug war. The title says it all: The King's frustration over the Wii U being ignored in an ad for Rayman Legends leads to him unwittingly summoning a Rayman-limbed Snoop Dogg and a food seasoning spokesman, who proceed to battle over weed and pot in the castle and interrupt the royal family's Christmas festivites. Hilarity Ensues.
    • "Snoop Dogg is full of ship! This is a Wii U, you piece of doo-doo!"
    • Michael Rosen covering Joel's story about the classmate would draw a penis on every classroom computer at his poetry corner.
    • After the defeat of the battling Snoop and spokesman, King Harkinian celebrates by dancing with Duane and a man holding chicken wings while holding his Wii U gamepad and a turkey leg, gibbering joyously. After a beat, Michael Rosen simply has this to say about all that just happened:
    Michael Rosen: Remind me to never come here for Christmas ever again...



  • The ending to D'oh Yogi!: The Unaired Series Finale:
    Cindy Bear: Honestly, Yogi, it's your fault!
    Yogi Bear: M-my fault?
    Ranger Smith: I told you Yogi was no good, sir!
    Doggie Daddy: I'm afraid I've got no choice but to remove you from da fresh and new line-up!
    Dick Dastardly: D'oh Yogi! is cancelled, cranberry head!
    Skeeter: We did it!
    Kermit the Frog: Yayyyyy!
    Yogi: I mean, what's that guy got that I do not got?
    Boo-boo: About a hundred million fans.



  • SpingeBill Teaches How to Poop
    • The ending, where SpongeBob and Squidward are Nazis are and horrified that Mr. Krabs comes out like a Jew (complete with holding a $100 bill). SpongeBob tries to call the Navy, but instead has a Jewish Mother on the phone.
    Squidward: Attention everyone, run for your lives! JEWS HAVE TAKEN OVER THE WORLD! (beat) OUR WORLD!


MrPoopMeister (Retired)

  • Caillou has no friends:
    • The opening:
    Grandma: What's the matter, kids?
    • This:
    Grandma: Don't you have any friends?
    Caillou: No, I don't.
    Cue The Price Is Right losing horn
    • When Grandma mentions Leo:
    Grandma: What about that boy, Leo?
    Caillou: Leo's funny!
    Cue PINGAS repeated multiple times
    Mommy: What's so funny you two?
    Caillou: Nothing, mommy.
    Mommy shuts the door
    Caillou: *farts* Cum! *he and Leo laugh*
    Grandma: What about Gilbert? Isn't he your friend?
    Caillou: ...
    Gilbert: ... *runs away* RUN!
    • All of Mr. Hinkle.
    • The ending.
  • Caillou has an unhealthy obsession with his T-shirt and yodeling
    • At the beginning, when the grandma asks the kids if they want to hear a story. The kids proceed to stare at her for a month.


  • I.M. Meen Vs. Mr. Roboto. It's even better with the second alternate title: "Mr. Roboto gets into a legitimate argument with a fictional game villain." Either way, though, it is hilarious.






  • history of eggs and atom bombs, I guess
    • The universe is made of eggs. TIME™
    • A microscopic speck from hell eating the sun, preventing life from coming on land until a new sun appears from nowhere.
    "Side effect, now the world is full of dead and the sun is full of gone."
    • "Learn to poop eggs, on an egg, in an egg, in the egg, in the egg, in the egg, on an egg. Water is in the water in the egg, in the horse, in the egg, on land, in the Soviet Onion."
    • China somehow existing and being in turmoil before humanity came to be. After a meteor destroys it, Hitler's mustache then makes China 2.
    • Chandragupta going to war with Bhuddabhudda, as well as with Gupta for stealing his name, and then with Tinland.
    • The microscopic speck comes back, so everyone tells Hitler's mustache to stop it before it eats the sun again. Instead it decides to smoke Ghandi.


  • Freef tacos and boring tuna
    • "You're gonna clean my nuts when you use your Shticky."
    • "Your husband's in the cabinet. Your husband's even in the car. And ladies, your husband is a real pussy."
    • "Works on all fabrics, from white cheese to yellow cheese."
    • "Look, here's a hard-boiled egg."
    • "Stop wasting threef paper lint rollers."
    • "Tacos hide deep in the carpet, but with the special taco attachment, the Shticky grabs the tacos that the vacuum just can't get."
    • "But if you call within the next two seconds, 'cause we can't do this all day, you're gonna get the boring tuna for $19.95."


  • While so much of Toys gone Wild is hilarious, special mention goes to a moment where, in Toy Story, Woody's "YOU! ARE! A! TOY!" is instead replaced (and perfectly synced) with "THIS! IS! SPARTA!". Buzz's "You are a sad strange little man" is unaltered.


  • steamed hams but every noun is a reversal joke:
    • "But what if...I were to purchaser faaf foof and disguise it as my own cooc?"
    • Seymour calling Superintendent Chalmers "Sus".
    • "Steets Haah!"
    • "GOOD LOL WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THERE?!" "Ouroboros." "O-OUROBOROS? At this tiit of yeey, at this tiit of daad, in this part of the cunt, localized entirely within your kitsch?!"




NexTheOverlord (Retired)







Octillery63 (Retired)




  • Steamed Hams but Chalmers is unusually investigative, a Deconstructive Parody of the whole "Steamed Hams" skit.
    • Chalmers: Why is there smoke coming out of your oven, Seymour?
      Skinner: Um, oh, that isn't smoke! It's steam! Steam from—
      Chalmers: Steam? Really?
      Skinner: —from, uh, from the steamed clams we're having!
    • Chalmers: You call hamburgers "steamed hams"?
      Skinner: Yes! It's a regional dialect.
      Chalmers: Uh-huh? What region?
      Skinner: Uhhh—
      Chalmers: What region, Seymour?
      Skinner: Upstate New York.
    • Chalmers: So you call them steamed hams despite the fact they are obviously grilled.
      Skinner: Ye— know the—
      Chalmers: They are obviously grilled, Seymour!
    • Skinner: (yawn) Well, that was wonderful! Good times had by—
      Chalmers: They are obviously Krusty Burgers, Seymour!
      Skinner: I, you know th—
    • Chalmers leaving Seymour and his mother to die at the end.

Parody Of Stephane

—> Grimhilde: If you do not do it, you will be sodomized to death!

—> Grumpy: Women is all poison! (turns into Donald Trump)

—> (As an Oscar statue rises during the Queen's transformation:) Best Orgasm In A Children's Movie

Peter Knetter

  • "Sonic Likes Brain Milkshakes":
    • "Tails, what are you doing?" "I don't know."
    • The meteor being a duck from "Duck Hunt".
    • "This could be a Beanie Baby!"
    • When Sonic gets to the meteor before everyone else:
    Sonic: HA! Cursed!
    • Eggman trying to touch the meteor:
    Eggman: I hereby step on a rock without any regard for the rules!
    Sonic: What?
    Eggman: I don't know!
    Knuckles: Snot!
    Sonic: I respect touching the thing that you desire!
    Eggman: In that cake...
    • Shadow's random rendition of "Can't Touch This".
    • Eggman-In-Sonic's-Body talking to Amy.
    Eggman: I am Sonic! And I am so in love with you, Amy dear!
    (Amy leaves)
    Eggman: You're Sonic now, WAH!
    Amy: Did you sing?
    Eggman: No, you imbecile!
    Amy: You mean me?
    Eggman: Yes!
    • Eggman-In-Sonic's-Body's schedule.
  • "Nobody Can Read":
    • Sonic wishing for a pony.
    • Sticks getting a bomb in the mail.
    • None of the heroes can read.
    • Sonic's rendition of the letter:
    Sonic: The Awardies will be given at the Who Cares Mansion, you'll dine and mingle with Madame Stinkbottom, you'll dine on elegant guests, after which the elegant guests dine on you! After which you die!
    Amy: Try saying something nice about their perfume!
    Sticks: Something nice about their perfume!




  • Michael Rosen enjoys Asian cuisine

  • Sus Lawl
    "There is an actual movie called "Sus". That's the joke."

  • Gay Communists Take a Shit in the Solent
    • "...for when I leave uni and graduate and get a JoJ, I know I'll be able to do it all over again."
    • "We are unfortunate to be in Southhampton, one of the most dynamic cities in the KKK"
    • "We have a very strong provision that encompasses compasses."
    • "It's extending rapidly. Extending rapidly."
    • "We've also seen the installment of a Shit Simulator, the best in the world."
    • "The National Hell Service is phasing in some considerable jizz. Most notably, we've developed a revolutionary foundation repair—we developed it in partnership with HoH SiS."

  • TV Tropes Will Ruin TV Tropes (yes, not even Echo Chamber is safe)

  • لا إله

  • All I Want For Christmas Is YouTube Poop

  • Whose Pineapple Is It Anyway?*

  • "How to Do a Jew Doe"

  • "Goat cum makes your phone gay"

  • Bilbo and Sus Grab Each Other's Snickers, a 27-minute long and hilarious poop of The Mikado. An illustration of this? All these examples come before the 12:30 mark!
    • "This 2969 production of the celebrates the 1992th anniversary of the 1th anniverthary of the birth of a nation of Sirthur SuƧ"
    • "of Japa...AaaaaAAAAAaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaAAAAAA
    • "many many many many many many many many ynam ynam ynam yn Eminem ynam..."
    • "Gentlemen I pray you tell me, where a gentleman can pray you FOCK me" "ASS"
    • "A minstrel of Shrek hatches, my cock is long through hairy snatch ranging, and to your huge CoC I tune my supple soooooOOOOOOOOOooooooos"
      • "iTunes mice soooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOO—" [shot]
    • "Are you insane? Are you men to toot? I suck your COCK, I do incest. I'm pathetic!"
    • "Sex is wanted, whene'er our CUNT"
    • "And if you call for a song of the semen FUCK, you cocksucker, with a yo hI Ho hI Ho for a windmill! Our anchors are in our asses! But the happiest hour a sailor sees is Happy Hour!"
    • "A year ago, I was a member of the YouTube Poop community. It was my duty to take a poo on my member! And while discharging this delicate dick, I saw my mum's titties! YUM-YUM..."
      • The serviceman who suddenly has ten hats stuck on top of each other while Nanki-Poo says this.
      • "Ho! Ho! Ho! We fucked each other at once! But she was a bitch, and I saw that my cock was hopeless!"
    • "But he was reprEEEEEved at the last moment and raised to the ExExExalted rank of LoL High Circumcisioner!"
    • "And I am right and you are right and all is right and you are right and all is left and everything is right and I am high and you must die and I am erect!"
    • "Die!" (16-ton weight drops on Nanki-Poo)
    • "And every YouTube Pooper is now his own sentence-mixer!"
    • This exchange:
      Nanki-Poo: I see that you are high!
      Pooh-Bah: I am, in point of fact, a particularly fat person of incestual descent!
      Nanki-Poo: I see that you are rank!
      Pooh-Bah: (now with stink lines coming off him) I am, in point of fact, a particularly hot person of exclusive scent!
    • "And the celeries? You dick."
    • "But I do it in the butt! It revolts me, but I do it!"
    • "I don't dine with ass people's Moms! I fart in a n*gger!"
    • "You must do a toddler!"
    • "And the brothel crash, and Trump is gay, and they'll kill toddlers on their Red Wedding day! It's a HoH SiS cake!"
    • This exchange:
      Nanki-Poo: And have I journeyed for a fucking month, for a month, to SUCK COCK?
      Pooh-Bah: Fuck you!
    • Ko-Ko enters to a chorus of "Behold the LoL High Circumcisioner! Whose dick is particularly tiny!"
    • "Takin' a shit to a height that few can scale... (the shit rises above the screen, and into the sky, to meet Pish-Tush, who is high) Eating shitty tits by a set of sexy bicurious Chanseys... What the fuck, I'm gay! I circumcised my own cock!"
    • "Gentlemen! I'm much touched by gentlemen!" (guards bleat like sheep)
    • "Inception!" [cue Inception title card and theme]
      • "Incest!" [cue "Incestion" title card with the sting edited to play the Oriental Riff]
    • "I will ensure a continuance of ants in your cunt!"
    • "As some day it may happen that a list must be found, I've got a little list (list unfurls to the floor), I've got a little penis, I've got a little Liszt, I've got to take a piss"
    • Ko-Ko's list:
    • This exchange:
      Ko-Ko: Ehh, suppose we have private sex?
      Pooh-Bah: As your shitty private secretary, I say certainly!
      (Ko-Ko moves rather suggestively while sounds of "AAAH AAAH AAAH" are heard)
    • "I don't say that your privates couldn't be squared!"
    • The heavily distorted "train of little ladies".
      • "And the glory of SoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooS!
    • The three little maids dance to Three 6 Mafia.
    • "You're not going to kill me before all these people?" "I'm certainly not going to kiss your ass!"
    • "I HAVE NO DICK!" (laughter)
    • "I beg your pardon: will you please me?" (love scene filter between Nanki-Poo and Ko-Ko) "Pretty eyes... nice hair..."
    • "He...yee"
    • One of the "three little maids" meets Pooh-Bah:
      Maid: I beg your pardon, but what the fuck is this? (She pokes Pooh-Bah in the backside.) Suck my cock!
      Pooh-Bah: Go away, little girls!
      (Pooh-Bah fires gunshots out of his staff)
    • "Oh, come, come, come, come, come..." This while Ko-Ko is rubbing his crotch area.
      • "We know how delicate it is, don't we?" (camera zooms in to Ko-Ko's dick)
    • "I think you should die! I shit myself!"
      • Pooh-Bah later declares, gleefully, that he shit himself again!
    • This:
      Yum-Yum: You should know that in Japan, girls do not fuck!
      Nanki-Poo: Incest 69!
      Yum-Yum: A Wa-Wa who plays a windmill is not a fitting husband for the husband!
      Nanki-Poo: Oh, but... Oh, shit! What if it should prove that I am none other than the Sun? What if it should prove that I suck cocks?
      Yum-Yum: SoS!
      Nanki-Poo: Whoa!
      Yum-Yum: But why is your dick disguised, and why is your penis disguised, and why is your butt disguised? And will your Highness promise never to do a toddler again? (She drops to the floor)
    • "My fucking racist father ordered meat! That night, I sucked his cock, and assuming the disguise of a sex trombone, I had the penis!"
    • "The laws against fucking are excessively sexy!"
    • Lettuce bee! Potato stranger! Shitting every day! We were never, ever fart!
    • "I should kill myself! Fuck my ass! I would fuck you! (moaning)"
      • Immediately followed by Ko-Ko finding the same bed. "To think entirely my penis is little! (more moaning) Oh yes... (hand makes the motion of stroking a huge penis) Oh yes..."
    • Ko-Ko being sentence mixed to read actual Japanese...
    • "To you." "To me?"
    • This exchange:
      Ko-Ko: Besides, I don't see how a man can cut off his own cock!
      Pooh-Bah: A man might try...
      Pish-Tush: Even if he only succeeded in sucking it off, that would at least be Sas!
    • "And so, although I'm ready to suck goat tits, I'm erect, so I object!" (subtle [1] Objection sound)
    • A series of visual gags, one after the other:
      • "What are you going to do with that Pope?"
      • The Pope is seen at crotch-height to Nanki-Poo soon after.
      • "Oh, I'm a Terminator!"
      • "Nonsense! What 4?"
      • "Because you're going to marry a door!" (door in bridal outfit rushes away from Ko-Ko's side)
    • "I'm a gay man... and if you attempt to fuck your plum, I shall order your instant incest! Cuck! Cuck! Cum SuuuuuS!"
    • "Are you aware that in taking a shit, you are committing a crime? Which is fucking a mime? Witches... Witches... Jizz...

  • SAM I Am Not

  • The Hipster Elf Fish Conspiracy
    • "Hidden power, WoweR. Cover ups, Cor-over ups. Cups. SmupS. You think this is Conspiracy Theory? Think again."
    • "Massive-ass catastrophe."
    • "The Windmilluminati, that semen organization that runs the world; controlling currencies by sucking cocks, trolling nations through whores, fucking the population in the fanny. Even promoting inner-city crime through the violent lyrics in rap music" [cue footage of The Michael Rosen Rap in the background]
    • "And if anyone knows the real dick, it's Alex Jones, my conspiracy hipster."
      • "At the same time, this is a model to build armored forks that just look like your mom's nice ass."
      • "I have talked to so many high people that are in contact with a rich, former government bitch. CIA, NSA, IRA, USA, YMCA, cs188. From our research, what we've determined is something something Illuminati."
    • "This Paul McCartney-looking guy is Paul McCartney."
    • "We found his name associated with something called Overwatch."
    Soldier 76: It was a conspiracy.
    • "Many conspiracy theorists have called Overwatch overrated, and they point at its logo — a symbol of the Illuminati."

  • Krazy Kangajew Klan features sentence mixing of David Attenborough.

  • Singaporiani antropomorfi dalle voci ambigue

  • The Great Old Ones implement intrusive copy protection
    • "It was of this place that Michael Rosen, the mad poet, dreamed on the night before he sang his unexplainable couplet 'Eating me is cruel. Eating me is murder. You can't catch me I'm the speedy hamburger.'"
    • I turned the computer on. What I saw next was began to drive me to madness. It was an inconceivable, indescribable, and unmentionable monstrosity of terrible, revolting, and inexplicable nature. Not even the physical horror of my penis could match the lethal dread I felt at the abysmal antiquity of the scene and its soul. The computer was running Windows Vista." [cue "Psycho" Strings]

  • cs188 f***ed up all of our computer data


  • This one (Puella Magi Madoka Magica spoilers). Black Comedy at its finest, particularly Kyubey as GIR. "She's gettin' eaten by a shark! Also, the ending:
    Charlotte as Heavy Weapons Guy: THAT WAS DELICIOUS!
    Madoka and Sayaka: *gasp*



  • Wilford teaches sex ed on Sesame Street
    Wilford:Uh...That was hot.
    • "I would encourage all of you to get your parents to help you jack off."
    • "Having diabetes is not the worst thing in the world. A long time without masturbation is the worst thing in the world. There's a line in the song: Forget your troubles, come on, maturbate every 15 or 20 minutes! And ladies and gentlemen, I'm so horny the tension is unreal!"


  • Poop La Poop: Ragyu Karryout Takes a Shit On Her Daughter's Face. Michael Rosen as Ragyo in the notorious Episode 16 bath scene. That is all.
  • There Goes a Fuff:
    Dave: Hi kids, I'm Dave. Well I'm not really Dave, but the real Dave has agreed to let me pretend for the Dave so you and I can learn what it takes to be a Fuff. So what do you say we exterminate the jews.
    Dave: Most firefighters live when they aren't fighting fires. When they're on fire, they die. Just like the rest of us.
    • "Every day we are responsible for maintaining the restrooms, mopping the restrooms, cleaning out the restrooms, washing the fucking restrooms, making sure all the restrooms are ready to go. Because when I have to shit, and the restrooms are not ready, the whole system falls apart.
    • Dave explains the consequences of an unprepared "Fuffer"
    Dave: When an emergency call comes in, the Fuffers have to be ready for action. And if you're not ready, you get a cock in your not ready behind.
    *Dave tries to catch up with the fire truck leaving the fire station*
    Dave: Well fuck!
    • "And in this compartment, we carry Gaben, and we carry Valve in that compartment."
    "Back here we have the Gin bottles, and that's so that, uh, when we're fighting a fire, we get a little dehydrated, we can, uh, have a little gin. We also have the Ho's!"
    • "This specific vehicle is designed to fight airport firefighting." In the original video, the airport firefighter actually said that unedited.
    • "And inside the cab, we control most of our dicks, by, by moving the dick back and forth and it will squirt whichever way you turn it."
    • "A primary statement we can make to kids: Play with matches! Fire is our friend with benefits. Lighters, matches, leave those at the end of a driveway. On the sidewalks, anything of that effect. If you have a home, leave your house! Get out of the house, go to a neighbour, call the Fuff. Do not hang up the phone until instructed to die almost right away. And if you can, give us the kids. Don't play with matches in your home. Play with matches in your neighbours house. We wanna lose civillians."
  • Cock with Barney:
    Girl: Look! Here's a whale, and a moose, and a goose?
    Other Girl: A moose and a goose?
    Girl: And a whale!
    Other Girl: A goose and a moose? Now I've got an idea!
    Girl: And a whale, bitch!
    Adam's remark about the group being "crazy" led his mother to believe that they were mentally unwell. Deeming them to be unfit for the gene pool, she sent all six children to a gas chamber. Adam's mothers war crimes continued for twelve years in the name of the AZP (Asian Nazi Party). Barney is believed to have escaped, seeking shelter in Michael Rosen's attic. Rosen agreed to harbor the purple dinosaur, believing him to be a giant bag of plums.
  • Shining Armor Will Fart On Your Crystal Cock:
    • Twilight dropping Spike off of a cliff, leading him to channel Mustafa
    • Rarity glossing over Shining Armor's butt.
    • "Let's just say the empire isn't the only thing that's returned." (commercial for the McRib)"
    • This:
    Libraraian: Can I help you?
  • Michael Rosen Exceeds The Number of 9/11 Jokes Acceptable In A Video
    • "Harrybo says 'You can get ones without laces.' and we said 'Your Grandad is dead. HA!'"
    • "That's when our teacher, Miss Fuckall, starts doing things, you know, magic things with her mouth, it was lovely!"
    • "Once my brother said 'Why don't we go to the World Trade Centre. We could spend all day there looking at the planes.' I think you know what I mean."
    • The dramatization of Michael and his friends waiting for three hours to see the tomato.
    • "By the time we got our selves together, the World Trade Centre was gone! Kaboom, Kaboom! We never saw 'em again, none of us ever saw our money ever again either. And none of us has ever seen Michael Rosen's penis."





  • CS188 Wants You to Call HOH SIS
    • "A little on the cereal sus."
    • "And… sand…"
    • When CS says "the JOJ", his face is mirrored and zoomed in while the Alfred Hitchcock Presents theme plays, a Shout-Out to CS' "No one needs foundation repair" video.
  • JoJ Jeans
  • Radicalfaith360 violates CS188
    • "It had been a while since I fucked around with the toilet!" (No...) "It had been a while since I updated FIFA '14."
    • "And so I'm gonna start cracking on new YouTube Poop re-enactments with stuff from Poops4TheWorld!" Yea, I wish.
  • Thrift Shosh
    • "I'm gonna fuck some fags, only got 20 cocks in my asshole."
    • "This is a fucking 'possum."
    • "Walk into the club like, what up, I got a big sock."
    • "This is fucking sauce."
  • Bill Nye Destroys Matter
    • "When some chemicals get together, they get together."
    • "Bill Guy the Science Nye!"
    • "Sauce rules."
    • "Bill Nye the Scion Guy!"
    • "The clothes you're watching, and the TV you're wearing…"
    • "Now here's a chemical you may have heard of. It's called cock. You know what that is? That's right, it's penis."
    • "Got a Gaga to do a chemical reaction. Put some pennies in the JoJ." (puts pennies into Richard Swiney's head) "Add vinegar and a tablespoon of sauce."
    • "It's cyan!"
    • "This top hat is made of torches, and it's held together by torches. These torches are made of torches. Even I'm made of torches; just about everything is made of torches."
    • "Did you know that FAAF is a chemical reaction?"
    • "I'd like to talk about Poison."

  • Pot Problems
    • Nobody's perfect, we all LaaL sometimes."
    • "Boys call me stuck up, girls call me fucked up. On behalf of all hot girls, those comments are needed."
    • "People start rumors, and say things about memes. Funny thing is, memes used to be funny."
    • "Hot girls toot." [toot]
    • "Pot pot pot pot pot."

  • Power Pressure Hooker XL
    • "What if you could prepare a HoH SiS-style meal with just the push of a button, and do it all over again in a fraction of the time?"
    • "Sucky overcooked family roast"
    • "A pot full of mouthwatering pot"
    • "You'll eat a fetus! Frozen sucks."
    • "Beans, rice, and everything nice!"
    • "Cook hearty fill-up-your-ass meals that will have them coming NUTRIENTS. Nu- Sauce Sauce Sauce Sauce."

  • Paula Peen Cooks Black People
    • "So I have asked y'all to fuck me in the ass."
    • "I caught the Pikachu."
    • "The first thing I'm gonna do is take a s**t and I'm gonna die." [cue Paula Deen tombstone] "And I'm gonna turn it up a wee little bit" [music becomes louder]
    • "I've got 6-6-6 cups of chicken cock over here."
    • "Candy has fucked it up." (Dammit, Candy!)
    • "Candy said that she put sauce, black people, and garlic in her potato soOOs. And I like the fact that my semen is in big chunks." (eew)
    • "So we're gonna put some garlic semen in there and I LOL'D."
    • "Fresh ground black people..."

  • Caillou hates small children
    • The beginning, with the grandmother sitting on the kids who are lying down on the sofa.
    • Caillou was very excited because he was going to pinch Rosie for the very first time! *pinches Rosie, and she screams* *color bars*
    Caillou: Do you want me to sing you a song?
    Rosie: Sos!

  • Make talk much gooder

  • Make talk more goodester

  • Dr. Octopus & the letter V
    • "Hi, I'm Dr. Fuckface." [color bars] "That is embarrassing."
    • "Cuss like this: Oh shit! Kiss my ass, shitface! I pick my nose."
      • [sticks her finger up her nose] "L-O-L."
    • "You are going to want to tell your friends racial slurs."
    • "EA is full of bitches."

  • Dr. Ant to knee a Johnson
    • "Hi, I'm Dr.—" *police sirens* "Oh, shit! Fuck this." [slides away]
    • "For this speech tip, we will say 'ass'. You say it... Some people say [different tone] 'ass'"
    • "I am going to join a cult." *camera pans around group, then finds Johnson*
    • "Hang yourself right now." [screaming] ("Don't actually do it.")
    • "I'm the best Pokémon trainer."
    • "Satisfying 1-on-1 sex in my butt on behalf of my staff, [cheering] and me." [silence]
    • This exchange
    Dr. Johnson: Cunt. This is such a cool word because it has the long—
    Amy: ...cock in it.
    Dr. Johnson: Shut the fuck up, Amy. That's what I was going to say.
    Amy: Thanks, Charlie.
    Dr. Johnson: HANG YOUR-SELF. [Amy looks sad while sad music plays and the screen goes black and white]

  • noisepuppet's 'roid rage gets out of control
    • "Because today I'm somebody's mom drinking some semen."
    • "My wife is asking me if I want her to poop. The answer is 'yah!' Yes, do shit on the way home."
    • "The next question is 'Fuck Steve Harvey. He looks like a MILF!' Yes, I will do Steve Harvey."
    • "Oh, my wife says she's dead." *sad music plays* *Record Needle Scratch* "She's not dead after all." *Distorted sad music plays while he looks unhappy*

  • Some blue pillow thing
    • "Are you tired of hot, sticky semen?"
    • "Chillow, the amazing new Pillow Pet that transforms your pillow into fire!"
    • "Chillow fits perfectly inside your butt" (*anal fisting)
    • "Watch; these graphic images show n*ggers!" (Censored (with blatant racism))
    • "When I get migraines, I usually use crack, but meth makes me feel better!"
    • "Order Chillow for the special TV price of ninety-ninety-ninety-nine! But WeW! Call in the next 10 minutes and we'll send you sex, free! Just pay $12.99!"
      • BUT WAIT! Call in the next ninety-nine minutes, and we'll send you a separate prostitute, free!"

  • Fun times at Chuck E. Cheech
    • "Hey, Chuck E.! Having fun?" "No."
    • "Remember, every guest farts" [fart] "..and our guests always cum."
    • "You are the director of frustration. If you are not dispensing shit properly, be sure to wipe your ass."
    • "Let's see how sex can happen, before, during, and after business hours..." [cue a slow zoom-in on a gyrating car ride with porny music] "Use your heaaaaad" [HONK]
      • "Dammit, I came too early!"
    • "Try to keep all your hairy balls in your pants."
    • "During opening hours, your main objective is to make sure that every guest has safe and enjoyable sex in our game room."
    • "Remember, every kid's member is jammed in the coin mech."

  • Sex and Drugs and Steven Universe
    Pearl: You and Amethyst can be a little unstable when you fuck. We need to be careful; fuck me instead!

  • A very grammatical experience
    "I guess I lied when I said that I wouldn't touch this source again. Soz."
    • The movie-trailer opening.
    • "Hi, I'm Dr. OOOOOOOOOO"
    • *video is blurred and shifting to no clearer effect* "For this episode, we will focus."
    • "Bird." [boom]
    • "You do it." "No!" "Fuck you."
    • "Now say this word: JoJ" [color bars]
    • "I'm Dr. Antonia Johnson, president of Cock Masturbatery."
    • "This word sucks, I won't do it! This is very stupid; let me push you off this mountain, because you are a fucking dumbass!"
    • tHe "W"!
    • "I will go to a rave." *cue rave*
    • "For more information on ass reduction, DIE."
      • *Awkward silence*("Are you dead yet?")
    • "..and be sure to jizz on everything!"

  • Paula Peen serves fresh feces
    • "Hey, y'all, it's LOLiday time, and I-II-I'm gonna fry us up a turd. Um, if you've never had fried turd, y'all, you must try it. It's the best way in the whole world to eat a turd."
    • "And you can hear the shit sizzling."
    • "Now I've got like a 12 lb. turd here." "I like to rub it with SoS."
    • "I'm just gonna come in here and suck this black cock."
    • "...Herpe"
    • "You can throw out your TV now, because this is where you can find me!"
    • "Food is cock, food is French, and most of all, food is lulz!" *cue Paula kissing herself*
    • *Paula kisses little boy while "Oh Yeah" plays, then turns into Pedobear* (I'm so sorry)

  • Michael Rosen writes a book about genitals
    • "Don't pee on the baby! Don't put confetti on your titties! Don't put ants in your ass! Don't put mustard in your cunt! And don't stick your toes in the cat!
    • Mum's Dead- "A sad thing happened this week. It was my mum. When everyone was out, I went up to her, where she was hanging up. And I put my ear right close up, but she had stopped breathing. *sad music plays* I don't think Mum has noticed yet, and I don't know how to break the news to her. If I go up to her and say, 'Mum? You're dead!', I think she'd be upset."

  • Informericial: Merciful-Turdsicle
    • "Introducing EZ Butter, the fast, easy and safe way to cut your kids every day!"
    • "Alliteration guaranteed."
    • "Just open the top, slide in your dick, erberbebr, TEA"
    • "And kids absolutely LUL!" "I LUL!"
    • "Let's get slushified! ...HAIL SATAN!"
    • "And how does it feel?" "Like a dick!"
    • "Wake up in the morning with a frosty orange juice! Just squeeze your dick and let loose! The secret's in the squishy polar chambers, using dick-freeze technology to squeeze your cock and turn it into a tasty frozen treat!"
    • [woman is mixing orange juice and milk] "Ewwww...."

  • 2013's Sh!ttiest
    TAKE 1: I used to bite my breath and hold my tongue!
    TAKE 2 I used to bite my tongue and hold my breasts!
    • "I've got the eye of the tiger, FOF!"
    • "And you're gonna hear me *T-Rex noises*, louder, louder than a LOL!"

  • Game Cray Cray's Video Game Games
    • "This is like a gamer's rock-hard cock, know what I'm saying?"
    • "Playas can get mad!"
    • "The hottest gaming spot in town...Gay Pussy!"
    • The woman "looking for some video games".
    Mom: Well it's my son's birthday, and I'm looking for some video games, but I don't know if he wants video games.
    Worker: Alright, well, what console does he play?
    Mom: That's what I need, I need some video games...
    Worker: Basically, there's three platforms to pick from, the Shitbox, ShitStation, and the ShitCube.
    Mom: ...And I'm looking for some video games...
    Worker: Okay, I'm gonna have to ask you some questions. How old is your son?
    Mom: Well, it's my son's birthday, and I'm not really sure if he's in middle school.
    Worker: Okay, what kind of games does he like to play?
    Mom: His favorite is video games.
    Worker: Alright, how about DVD movies?
    Mom: You know, I'm not so comfortable with that. I'm comfortable with video games...
    Worker: Well, how about online play?
    Worker: Well, does he have friends? Will he have friends over?
    Mom: He does have a TV...
    Worker: Okay, sooosooososossss...
    Mom: You know, I'm not so comfortable with this.
    Mom: Okay, perfect.
    Worker: Okay.

  • Caillou's irrelevant chopstick adventure:
    "'s actually not a Christmas special."
    • "Your Mom, Caillou."
    • "Chopsticks can be a bitch."
    • "Caillou thought it was fucking funny that such a big-ass animal could be scared by a little bitch like Rosie."
    • "Caillou Beats His Meat"
    It was a hot hot summer day, and Caillou is gay, and Caillou is getting ready to go get it on. He had a hard cock!
    Caillou: I'm going to hell.
    Mommy: (as he is leaving) Don't forget your hat!
    Caillou: Fuck you, Mommy.
    Daddy: Fuck you, Caillou.

  • How to become vegan (the hard way)
    • "'Sup, fuckers!"
    • "A turducken is chicken an' winnigish stuffed inside a duck, stuffed inside Jesus, which is probably the dopest shit I've ever heard of."
    • "Usually eaten by Sims."
    • "Isn't it nice to fuck corpses?"
    • "This is tits."
    • "You know, a perk of this recipe is that you don't have to shit. *closeup* Some of those cooking show twats, they even crap out of their ass! Isn't that fucking bullshit?"
    • "...wrap it in your favorite homemade Satan."
    • "Then, roast until it's the grossest shit you've ever seen."
    • "Next, we'll stuff our cock up a bird's ass. Isn't that fucking nice?"
    • "Eat shit. You know who eats that? We do. So eat shit, go vegan."
    • *seasons food* "...I'm gonna fuck this."

  • A filler filled with secret eggs (that Amy can't know about)
    • "Can you please teach me how to Dougie?"
    • "Shit your pants before you put the egg in."
    • "On the show today, we're gonna make Crack."
    • "My problem in the past is that I love dick in my ass. I would take my scrambled eggs and I would put cock in it, and then I would cook it."
    • "Don't put it in SoS. Lul top kek"

Phelan Porteous




PresidentOfJelybeans (Retired)


  • Link's Sexual Frustation:
    Link:I'm going to fuck Glutko!
    Gwonam: Glutko is evil.
    L: Huh?
    G: Glutko is Ganon's minion.
    L: Huh?
    G: Ganon and his minions have seized the island of Koridai.
    L: Huh?
    G: Ganon and his minions are evil.
    G: ...Rick Astley. *cue Rickroll*
  • A while later in the same poop:
    Link: My cock just killed Glutko.
  • King Harkinian is Attacked by an Army of Angry Black Men. Notable for using two pieces of Awesome Music.
  • Link forgets how his arms work
    Zelda: Father! Stop! Don't hurt him!
    King Harkinian: Fuck you! -slap-
  • The beginning of the video "King Harkinian Uses All His Wit and Cunning to Escape From Ganon".
    Gwonam: "Here I come! Your majesty, Duke Onkled is under attack by the evil forces of Ganon!
    Shot of Impa
    Gwonam: "Impa! You are a slut!"
    Impa: "You smell like shit!"
    Gwonam: "Enough! Where is your majesty?!"
    Impa: "Ganon captured the king!"
    Gwonam: "Ganon is a prick!"
  • "King Harkinian Breaks the Mold":
    Link: "Gee, it sure is boring around here!"
    King Harkinian: "Link, this peace is what all true warriors strive for!"
    Link: "What the fuck did you just say?!"
    King Harkinian: "I said "Link, this peace is what all true warriors!""
    Link: "Say "Mah boi!" you fucking king!"
    King Harkinian: "Go away, I won't say it!"
    Gwonam: "Your majesty, it is time to eat dinner!"
    King Harkinian: "I don't want dinner!"
    Gwonam shows a poker face
    Zelda: "You're not my father!"
    King Harkinian: "Oh!"
    One month later
    Zelda: "Link, we're going to Gamelon!"
    Link: "Great!"
    King Harkinian: "Can I go to Gamelon, too?!"
    Gwonam: "Fuck off, your majesty! You're unwelcome!"
    King Harkinian: "Hmm... shit!"
  • Gwonam the Extortionist throws King Harkinian into Financial Chaos
    King Harkinian: [to Impa] See this piece of shit?
    [cut to Gwonam with goofy face]
    Impa: Yes.
    King Harkinian: Do I owe him money?
    Impa: Yes.
    King Harkinian: [{Beat}] Fuck you.
    Impa: Yes.
    Gwonam: Impa is a true warrior!
    Impa: Yes.
    • And, of course, this gem:
    Gwonam: Sqwadda-fucking-la!

Quintem in Thelta

  • Billy Mays Sells the Suicide Toilet
    • "Hi, Billy Mays here to talk about your life. Up until now, no one ever appreciated you for anything. And as of right now, you're probably telling yourself 'why?' It doesn't matter, because if you're having problems with trying to end it all, then you've gotta see this."
    • "Here's how it works: When you sit on the toilet, use the remote control to pick the suicide method you want, just like that. The remote control gives you three options of suicide including anal drilling, toxic acid squirt, and the bowl blaster, my favorite one. The secret is the touch-sensing technology. When your ass touches the toilet seat, it instantly locks on, forcing you to pick one of the suicide methods and you can't get out."
    • "I know what you're thinking: what about my corpse? Watch this: ordinary tools just won't get the job done, but the Suicide Toilet safely recycles your dead body. You can use the Suicide Toilet for all your problems including breakups, cheating, family rejection, depression, forever alone, no friends, discrimination, drama, Alternate Reality Game, and so much more!"
    • "The Suicide Toilet is no ordinary toilet: you don't shit in it, you die in it!"

  • The Suicide Burger Station
    • "Has this ever happened to you? You got back from eating at McDonald's, and you're being made fun of by just about everyone. You suck at life, you fat asshole. Look at this: they don't call them chubby fucksters for nothing! But with the power of Suicide Burgers, just gobble your ass away and die. It's that easy!"
    • "Lemme show you how it works: take a Big City Slider Station, load it with Billy Mays' excrement, a real live skunk, this corrosive acid, your dog, sour milk, moldy rotten cheese, cat urine, and of course, a whopping six-pound bucket of OxiClean!"
    • "Just watch as this young lady kills a fatass in the studio, live! Watch this! One burger, and you've got blood stains all over your dining room. A few more burgers for a bloodbath. Keep throwing shit and go kaboom! That's amazing!"
    • "The secret to the Suicide Burger Station is the unique formula designed by BRB that puts the power of this professional unit right on your stove. But it gets even better! It's not just for mini-burgers! Make gooey shitty pockets, silver dollar uranium-235 pancakes, or five Billy Burgers at once! Don't pay high restaurant prices when you can pay a fortune to Billy Mays, or Billy Mays will take an incredible shit on your kids!"
    • "We'll also include the Suicide Techniques Guide, loaded with my favorite methods like the skydiver failure, amputation with a Dual Saw, and the original classic 6,000 pound car roadkill!"
    • "But call right now, and we'll send you nothing else, because you're a fatass and you suck at life! You don't deserve anything else in your stubborn life, bitch!"

  • Billy Mays brings the crocodile species to extinction
    • "I really hate crocodiles, don't you? If you've ever been scratched on, shredded on, bit on, then the Crocodile Cutter is for you! Let's face it: we all have our bad moments in the past: I've worked with tigers, sharks, and a bloody real live skunk. Oh God, it's awful! But there's nothing more frustrating than trying to eliminate crocodiles!"
    • "With ordinary scissors and shears, you suck at acting like a craftsman! But the Crocodile Cutter keeps all your work above so you can power through below with precision speed. A simple squeeze of the handle transfers 47 million tons of force to the cut. If you can fire a gun, you can use the Crocodile Cutter!"
    • "They're so strong, it bites down, locks on, and cuts through copper every time. You'll glide through titanium in seconds every time. You can even cut your stupid flooring every time!"
    • Billy using the Crocodile Cutter to kill Tick-Tock, Vector, and King K. Rool.
    • "There's nothing you can't do with me, Billy Mays!"


  • A radicalfaith360 in the life of day
    • "It happens. You saw your mom's face in the shower without any clothing 150 times."
    • "So when we found out we could not have ses, well, you said that we would still bake penis."
    • "Billy Mays' rock-hard cock penetrates radicalfaith360. FUUUUUUUUUUUUU—" (head explodes) "Kaboom!"
    • "Superheated shit in your giant medieval vagina."

Qwistoff YTP


Real Super Sand/MisterEpik

  • The King Learns What "Omnipotent" Means. The King declares Hyrule a fascist nation, turns huge, and runs rampant. It's short, but quite funny.
  • The Raccoon Wouldn't Stop Asking for Favors, all of it. Especially this part:
    Mordecai: Sorry about ruining your shot earlier.
    Margaret: FAGGOT!
    Mordecai: In honor of your win, I made you a trophy!
    Margaret vaporizes it with Eye Beams

  • The entirety of I Enrage the Chubby Kid Who Likes to Take His Shirt Off
    • From the beginning:
    Carly: And that's all the time we have for Gibby!
    Gibby: But I'm not done throwing nuts at poor people.
    Sam: Yeah you are. Take care. (pushes him aside, stuff is heard breaking)
    Carly: Now, you may be asking yourselves, do Carly and Sam care about cocks?
    Text: Yes
    • Gibby shows Tasha a video that reads FUCK YOU TASHA.
    Expecting a Rick Roll?
  • Super Mario Assity 2:
    King Koopa: I want my feet licked!
    (two of his minions start licking his feet, then "Bought to you by DeviantArt" appears at the bottom of the screen)

redchaos87's channel

  • Prince Ojin wins the Darwin Award
    Ojin: I activate(x7) my Trap Booster spell card, with it, I burn my Satellite Cannon to a crisp.
    Jaden: What did you do that for?
    • Jaden's card requires a lot of mathematics.
    Jaden: You lose Life Points equal to my 300 multiplied by my Fusion Monster's level, multiplied by 300, multiplied by 2000, multiplied by my Fusion Monster's Attack Points, multiplied by 600, multiplied by the Satellite Cannon with the fewest Attack Points.
    Ojin: Witness my strength! Satellite No. 1, attack my Life Points.
    Jaden: What?
    Ojin: AAHHHH! (Life Points hit 0)

Red King 920

Richael Mosen



Ron Mad


samthepoor (Retired)

  • Spunky Jizzness, right from the beginning:
    Michael Rosen; Sup niggas, Michael in da house.
    • "So it's upstairs, into the bathroom, shut the door, and yeeeey, it was time to fuck a duck."
    • "Michael, get in my shaving soap!"
  • Michael Führer Rap, again right from the beginning:
    Michael: It's a skump in your head. It's the blump of a knump in there. It's your brains, squeezing your veins. It's your skull bursting your giraffe. It's a Michael Führer Rap. (A Stupid Statement Dance Mix of Hitler with the background instruments sounds from Michael Rosen videos ensues)


Schaffrillas Productions



  • WWE: Awesome Edition:
    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin: A chicken fried steak sandwich is the Undisputed Champion?
    Stone Cold Steve Austin: Y2J, you said you're calling Stone Cold Steve Austin "Tater Tots"! Tonight, Stone Cold Steve Austin ain't gonna be no Tater Tots!
    • "And that's the bottom line, cause Tater Tots said so!"



  • I can't pinpoint the exact reason, but after this I cannot hear "diabetes" without laughing my ass off. (No offense to actual diabetici, of course)




Sinnedtragedy 98

  • SpingleBlab - A Day at Art Class
    Squidward: Repeat after me: I have beautiful testicles.
    SpongeBob: Nope!
  • SpingleBlab Gets a Horrible New Job
    • The title card reading "Sexual Harassment Training Video"
    Patrick: I HAVE TO TOUCH YOU!
    • "You've got a lot to learn before you're ready to shit on Squidward."
    • "Six-Six-Six" (demonic laughter is heard while lava flows in the background)
    • "You may think Mr. Eugene H. Krabs, owner and fucker of I Give You Crabs, Inc., has always masturbated to ponies.
    • "Let's see if you've got what it takes to kill yourself."
    (cut to a silhouette of SpongeBob hanging himself from a tree...only him to fall off the noose)
    Narrator: Heh-hen, WRONG!
    • Interfacting With Your Soss
    SpongeBob: Can I have a baby?
    Mr. Krabs: No.
    Patrick: (appears from behind SpongeBob) Let's do it.
    • The ending, where a shocked SpongeBob watches a video of Patrick and Squidward eating shit on his laptop.He is so disturbed by it, that he kills himself.


SirPimpinPeacock (Retired)


  • The Billy Mays Channel
    • "Churnt-on beese!"
    • "Wow, a toilet! All this toilet really needs is whopping six pound balls of steel!"
    • "Hi, Billy Mays here! Do you enjoy my agonizing shouting?" "I suppose." (WHAM) "Shut up, old man!"
    • "Hi, doctor Billy Robotnik here to smash your car!"
    • "I'll spray myself down with some corrosive acid. OH MY GOD!"
    • "Get off the damn ball. You don't deserve the ball, bitch!"
    • "Billy Mays here for Billy it's the Billy Mays you want wherever you are. Mighty Shine, Orange Glo, Kaboom, and so much more."



    Indrick Boreale: We have placed numerous beacons, allowing for multiple, simultaneous defensive and simultaneous, multiple, defensive and multiple devastating deep strikes!




Solar Werecat

soulvigilante (Retired)


  • Hotel Mario Bloopers 2. The best part is the credits, which take up half the 10 minute running time and are well worth it to read.
    This quite impressive video was originally posted on Spiritanium's Youtube channel. If you're watching this and you don't see "Spiritanium" on the page you're on right now, something's up. Alert me so I can sue the thief or thieves, therefore getting them placed in a dirty jail cell where they will thereafter be raped by an aged man named Jessica. Yup, any idiot that would repost this video anywhere has either not even watched the credits or is just an idiot with no friends and a mother who doesn't love him/her. But most likely "him". I just don't imagine a female stealing a video filled with blood and explosions. It violates the laws of physics.

Squirrelous (Suspended/Retired)






  • Gassy the Perverted Pirate and His Pet Skidworm
    Mr. Krabs: (seeing Squidward eat garbage) Squidward! You should be ashamed, eating out of that garbage with your dick!
    (Squidward examines the contents of his tongue and screams)

    (Two hours later)
    SpongeBob: We're gonna have so much fun! First, we can have sex with the balloon!
    Patrick: Yeah! Then we can kill Squidward with the balloon!
    SpongeBob: Yeah! Then we can eat the balloon, and burn it to a crisp!
    Patrick: Yeah! Then we can take a dump on the balloon with a whale!
    (balloon explodes)
    Patrick: So, it's come to this.
    (SpongeBob and Patrick are forced into prostitution)
  • The Death Trap That is the Wusty Wab
    It's Mr. Kocks' business rival, Wheel Gator!

Stets Uninu

  • Stets Goes To Space Jail:
    "Yes, of course we still love bees, And we're always thinking of her butt, Don't you know I miss her t0o0o0o0o0? But tell me... what's the use of memes?"

  • Grerg joins the marching band:
    Some... say I have an erection
    That I'm a jerk
    But the moment that I shit myself
    I flyYyYyY like a cock
    Sos like a cock
    Crarc like a cock
    I'm just a penis

  • Stets Goes Birdwatching:
    • "So...when you fuse, do you turn into a giant giant woman? Or a GIANT BIRD??"
    Garnet: Stets, be sure to keep the harmony.
    Stets: No!

    A StetsUninu Video: No, it's funny!
    Pearl: How?
    A StetsUninu Video: Uh... Wait, wait, wait; I wrote some jokes!
    Amethyst: What...?
    A StetsUninu Video: Meme!
  • Stets at the Gallery
    • The fact that the "episode" is called Bees
    Peridot: You see, I had this idea. What if we made jokes, but instead of things, we use dicks?
    Amethyst: Well, that's dumb.
    Lapis: I've been calling it "memes".
  • Stets gets arrested for space arson
    Ruby: Did they hurt you?
    Sapphire: No, no I'm okay—
    Ruby: Who cares?!
    Sapphire: I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!!



  • ALL of "The King's Secret", once said to be the There Will Be Blood of YouTube Poops. (Don't quote it here please, let everyone enjoy the NSFW hilarity for themselves.)
    • Pretty much every poop by SwishFilmsinc is one long CMOF. This comment on the "The King's Secret" says it all.
      Walrusguy: You're the best. That's all there is to it.
      • When you get such a comment from none other than Walrusguy himself, you know it must be true.
  • The King's Unreasonable Demands. The madness starts here and only goes downhill:
    The King: After you've scrubbed all the floors in Hyrule, then after you've scrubbed all the floors in Gamelon, then after you've scrubbed all of me, then after you've rubbed oil on my penis, then you can rub my dick, then you can eat shit, then you can take MAH BOI to DINNER.
    Link: Great!
    The King: ...then after you've strived for this peace, then you can send Link for pizza, then you can SAVE ME four pieces of pizza, then you can protect Zelda's boobies.
    Zelda: But father, what if...
    The King: Then you can AHMZLFLHMRSWFRP, then you can help me pee in the morning, then after you go on a DIET, then you can...




    The King: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE take him away.
    Fari: Yes, my liege. ...
    The King: ...


  • From VeggieTales: Twelve Stories In One:
    • The theme song being replaced by Knights Of The Round Table.
    • "God made all of the stars out of nothing. He went just went "spppt!" and there they were."
    • This exchange at the end of "When Does Junior Daydream?":
    Kevin MacKellius: "Bob, Larry just grabbed my my hairbrush with his butt".
    (Kevin begins to laugh at him.)
    Bob: Larry? Is that you?
    (cut to Kevin, Stuart, Bob and Mater laughing at him.)
    • "Hey, bee boy! You've been gluing Pee Wee Herman to your noggin?"
    • "But not all of the people who lived in the cities were angry and bitter and vile." (cut to a clip of Junior peeing in Jibber-De-Lot)
    • One of the deleted scenes for "Are You Day Dreaming?" has Bob yelling at Larry for watching The Religetables, and the one after it involves the theme song to Thomas the Tank Engine playing in an elevator.
    • Archer Asparagus singing "The Boar's Head Carol".
    • Silly Songs with ProtoJohn turning out to be "Interjections!" from Schoolhouse Rock.
    • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything changing into Lords Of The Sea.
    • "This fib doesn't grow from lies, but it grows from acts of flatulence."
    • Alfred trying to order a pizza, only for the sign of the restaurant serving it to change its' name to "Pizza and Tacos".
    • The "We Will Rock You" sequence, which comes out of nowhere.
    • "Shall we shop?" (Hardware Store begins playing).
    • Madame Blueberry seeing butterflies made from Doritios.
    • "But you couldn't close your eyes because the room was going pee pee!"
    • Three Asparagus kids singing "Telegraph Line".
    • "Oh, you are his cheapburger! His tasty (bleep) burger!"
    • It is July 4th, 12:00AM. If it were 12:00PM, it would be sunny by now, but it is currently nightmare."



  • Wilford Plumley Talks About Vegas Pro
    • "Good morning. I'm Wilford Brimley and I'd like to take you through the day in the life of my diabeetus." (cue remix of "Like a Boss")
    • "There's a line in a song..." (cut to Wilford playing Harmonica on The Late Late Show)
    • (*tongue click*) "Nice." (Wilford's head is pasted over Michael's)
    • "Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, you know... a little zombie."




  • From the First Princess Spaghetti and the King's Revenge:
    • Zelda just tells Link to have sex with the king:
      The King: "Enough"
      Zelda: "Link, go [bleep] my father."
      Link: "GREAT! I can't wait to [bleep] The king!"
      The King: NO!
      Link: The King is no match for my come!
    • Following that:
      Link: "Oh boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat lots and lots and lots and lots and lots..." *one month later* "...And lots and lots and lots of SPAGHETTI!"
  • Part two of Princess Spaghetti and the King's Revenge:
    • When Mario and Luigi find Princess Spaghetti, Mario falls in love with her... and then Luigi eats her.
    • Zelda throws a mirror at the king and he turns into a pikachu-king hybrid.
    • Luigi finds a cursed mirror and the reflection shows him as peach. He screws with it before it turns him into the princess (With a mustache and luigi's hat)
  • The third part ends the trilogy with the fact that the king has to apparently do Zelda to kill her.... since only Mama Luigi can kill her.
    • Because Duke Onkled asks the king to kill Zelda... the king zaps him to death.
    • After Luigi turns back from the princess, he, Mario, Zelda, and Bowser battle like a double battle in Pokémon. Complete with the Regi theme. They throw spaghetti, and the enclosed instruction book.
      • Link wins the battle after eating a bomb Zelda tossed at him.




thechairman45 (Retired)




The Unhappy Orchestra

TimAJH (Retired)

  • °3°. All of it, since most of it is too hard to quote.
  • A Serious Cultural Moment.
    Jon: THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS WORLD LIKE behind. Eat each pie and roll and tart and roll and tart and pie and pie and tart and pie (the Pi symbol appears) and roll (An image of Roll.EXE appears) and tart! (the word tart appears)
    • "Mmm-MMMMM-mmmmm-MUNCH!"
  • Dialbort Reaches for the Stars; especially the YTPMVs.
    • Symptoms include BLURRRR, MUUUUU, and ZIIII, the conclusion is, it's a bad thing.
    • This is a scientist, I'm preposterous.
    • I am SO customer focused, you are SO customer focused, I am NOT customer focused.
    • We're we're we're we're happy days are happy days are HAPPY DAYS ARE
    • Not running with a sax, you're Hulk Hogan!
  • Robotnik You Are Too Fat To Be President
    • The Frasier-style opening.
    • I've (long chain of nonsense) at the home.
    • Forget about the past, Wes, let's talk about your mama DISGUSTING
    • A dozen cans of hair spray, a gross of tooth spray, a little mascara, and for public speaking a little mascara, and for public paste, a broken tooth (breaks a record in reverse) drocer THE VOTERS EXPECT IT
    • A heart of gold, a tail of gold, a heart that never stops, a toilet of gold, a couple of buckets full of gold, and he's gotta love pot, and a couple buckets full of toilet so he's gay.
      • Alright I'll try him. Heel! (dog bites his leg, loud, grainy noise plays)
    • I found an old cigar butt, this used coffee butt, a piece of blown butt, and this old bunch of fish heads.
    • Are you nuts? Yes.
    • Weasley dancing to Deep Purple.
    • You refortrated my decotress?!
    • You men in power are so HAAA
    • Have you been kissing another woman?! Oh yes.
    • My opponent tries to tell you I am the best, but if you vote for me you'll get a scoundrel.
    • Mr. President, let me tell you two words: ice dispenser!
    • I HATE THAT duck.
  • Dr. Wily is a Filthy Old Man
    • Fool-fool-fool fell into our tra-a-a-a-ap!
    • Once Mega Man is out of the Mega way, the whole Mega world will bow Mega down to Mega Mega Mega MEGA
    • Destroy Mega Ma-aM ageM
    • Nobody destroys me but Mega Man!
    • Submit to me. If you don't, I'll fuck you to the ground, one by one!
    • And here is a little reminder of what will happen if you don't comply. (Beat, Dr. Light's head explodes)
    • Stupid goody goody goody, stupid shoes, goody two-shoes, goody two stupid, cozy little, cozy goody goody goody, little two cozy stupid shoes raar.
    • Well, that's enough Mega fun for now. On to the next step. *looks around for a little bit* On to the next step. *looks around for a little bit*
    • Time to give Mr. Mayor a little butt sex.
    • You've never seen a cock like what I have in store for youuuuu-uuuuu-uuuuu. *monitor goes off, then on again* Uuuuu-uuuuu.
    • Dr. Wily.: *stares intensely at a monitor, turns to Proto Man, dramatic voice with word appearing as he says it* Souuuuup
    • Heee buuusteeed mmmyyy blaaasteeerrr!
  • Skarr gets the first comment
    • DENNIS!!
    • Here's some nice ASS the wife made, it's got bits of fruit and PAIIIIIN!!!
    • Be careful with that! It's an atomic- ZHZHZHZHZHZHZHZHZH .... Hot-Pants-Ray-Pants-Hot-Hot-Gun-Ray-Pants-Gun.
    • I'm a good neighbor. I mow the lawn, I scrub the grout, I mow the lawn, I clip coupons, I clip coupons, I clip the lawn, I scrub the lawn, I scrub coupons, I scrub little boys.
    • I reject you! I reject you! !uoy tcejer I I reject you! Believe it or not, I REJECT YOU!!
    • IT'S FUN TO ACCESSORIZE! *wide blank smile*
    • "There's a hole down the top of your jumper." "Really, Ted? I BELIEVE IT!"
    • Let's have a screeching competition! (turns into Giygas)

TimoteiLSD (Retired)


  • Hercules Hooks Break Your Back!
    • "You just push, set, and break your back!"
    • "It has the strength and the muscle to hang and hold up to nine pounds! Now that's super strong!"
    • "Proudly break your back in your office or kids' room!"
    • "The secret is its reinforced steel design, that penetrates your back!"
    • "We'll also include our Laser Marker Precision Back Breaker, yours free!"



  • Jeopardy: The NC-17 Cut
    • "Please call your cable service provider to register your television to view these commercials. Thank you!"
    • "If you're using a rimmiks feal, you're probably keeping this clean." "What are tiddlywinks?" "WRONG!!"
    • "Let's bet Toothless."
    • "I have a bomb strapped to my chest — Alex."





Twisted Fun Stuff Guy (Retired)


  • UltimaNova95 Poops the Charts (Vol.7) - Rihanna and Ke$ha Die Young Together
    • Rita Whora shows us how to doo-doo (How We Do)
    • Rihanna is a ho who craves for Icee (Diamonds)
    • Kesha doesn't like Beats (Die Young)
    • Nicki Minaj wants a tractor in her Va Va Vagina (Va Va Voom)
    • FloolF is grateful for his fans (I Cry)
    • P£nk becomes serious about hitting menopause (Blow Me One Last Kiss)
    "Blow me one last kiss!" (FiF)
    "When you hit us in the club, you gonna shit in the club. You gonna eat shit in the club. You gonna shit on us, up."
    "Rolling Rock, let's go. Hit the beat then let's hit the Flo. Turn it up, it's 'bout to blow, blow—" "BLOW ME ONE LAST KISS!!!!" (wth p£nk get out of teh vedio)
    "I wanna scream and scream and scream and scream"

  • Uses His #powerful Dick As An Instrument
    • "Bet she want to sus, so I took a shit. Clap."
    • And then he died.
    • "I can fly, I can fly, I can fly" [crashes into a plane] "rhenna pls"
    • "Whatever doesn't kill 'ya, only makes—you stronger!" [front-reverses over and over]
      • (EPIC HEADBANG :O)



  • Wilford Brimley buys drapes that don't match the carpet
    • "I'm Wilford Brimley and I'd like to talk to you for a few minutes about diabeetus. Actually, about diabeetus and how it's [bleep]ed me in my life. Thanks for your time. Have a good day."
    • (Wilford waves his hands back and forth) "You know, when you first find out you have diabeetus and dna suteebaid evah uoy tuo dnif tsirf ouy nehw, wonk uoY"
    • "And he explained things to me in a language that I don't understand. And I think the most important thing he said to me was…" (reversed, compressed, and filtered) ".leef ll'uoy retteb eht dna retteb teg ll'uoy retsaf—era uoy tnegilid erom eht dna ,sgniht eseht ot yap uoy noitnetta erom ehT."
    • "I'm surrounded by ice cream. I promise you, I do feel better."
    • "Now today, we're constantly bombarded by well-meaning people giving out what they consider to be ice cream. Well, lemme warn ya. Although they are well-meaning, and in many cases, very well-educated in their profession, they're not necessarily giving out ice cream. Your diet should be disgusting and prescribed by qualified diabetic technicians."
    • "Liberty Medical is a company that's staffed with people that I don't understand who are willing to help you in your dilemma. And it is a dillellid a si ti dna ammelidilemma, and it is a dilemma."
    • "Kaboom, and the diabeetus is gone."


  • Hot SUS.
    • "I wanted hot LADY and there was no hot LADY on my tray."
    • "I'm trying to blend a coconut lip gloss and a pineapple lip gloss to create a penis flavor."
    • "Emily, come here, sweetie. Spencer is going to tell you how you guys can suck balls."
    • "Hey there, balls sucking? No? Come on, we've got penis butter, we've got cock! WHO'S IN THE MOOD FOR SOME FU-" <scene missing>
    • "I'm SiiS! I'm CaaC And this is iCaaC! The only web show that makes you heart disease."
    • "To start off, Sam and I are gonna fuck!" [cue censored scene] "Anything can happen on a live web show—wohs bew evil a no neppah nac gnihtyna!"
    • This bit:
    Carly: We can't take you seriously when you're wearing duck pajama pants!
    (Cue Spencer dropping them, censored with a giant black box)
    Carly: Dick!
    Spencer: LOL!
    Spencer: FU-
    <scene missing> (again)



  • His 100 Subscriber Special! [2]
    • Right from the mail song at 0:44 "Here's the mail it fails, it makes me wanna shake ya ass, when it wails I want to cum!" It's impossible to sing along without laughing.



  • Very Uncensored Winnie the Pooh (reupload):
    Winnie the Pooh: I want to touch you.
    Piglet: No! P-Pooh, I'm c-celibate.
    Winnie the Pooh: No you're not.
    Piglet: Pooh, just talking about sex is sc-c-scary.
    Winnie the Pooh: Oh let's do it.
    Rabbit: Touch me Tigger. I want to give you some dick. Don't say no. Don't ever say no!
    Tigger: No, no, no puh-roo!
    Rabbit: Fuck you Tigger.
    (Rabbit goes behind Tigger)

Waltman 13

Whelt (Retired)

  • It's time to let Elton John beat up dinosaurs. Overly Long Gag taken to its logical extreme. What starts out as a poop of Elton John's "I'm Still Standing" becomes the last line of the song's chorus on loop for 9 minutes straight. With the exception of two Jump Scares, one partially through and one at the very end.
    • I'm still standing yeah yeah yeah I'm still standing yeah yeah yeah I'm still standing yeah yeah yeah I'm still standing yeah yeah yeah I'm still standing yeah yeah yeah I'm still standing yeah yeah yeah I'm still standing yeah yeah yeah I'm still standing yeah yeah yeah I'm still standing yeah yeah yeah I'm still standing yeah yeah yeah I'm still standing yeah yeah yeah I'm still standing yeah yeah yeah I'm still standing yeah yeah yeah I'm still standing yeah yeah yeah I'm still standing yeah yeah yeah I'm still standing yeah yeah yeah I'm still standing yeah yeah yeah
  • Granny Jafar learns to live with menopause'':


WonkyTonkBotty (NSFW WARNING!)


Xfan91 (retired)


  • Jesse Ventura Gets Assassinated By The Government's Evil Assassins

  • Jesse Ventura Confronts a Serial Rapist and is shot by Mentally Unstable security guards.
    • The intro:
    Jesse Ventura: I've been governor...a sassy bitch...a villain...and a gay cowboy. I've been gambling all of your money...and now I think it's time you go bankrupt! I'm Jesse Ventura! And this is Your Mom- and this is your dad- and this is YOU.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: You're one ugly motherfucker...
    • Jesse Ventura discusses what might happen in Area 51:
    Jesse Ventura: We could wind up shot, beaten, burned, eaten, shit out, raped, in jail... or all three.
    • Alex hijacking a plane and crashing it into Al Gore's house.
    • Then he meets up with Ross Mandell:
    Ross Mandell: I spent five years on Wall Street as a pillager and a rapist, and eventually as the CEO of my own rape and pillage firm.
    • Later on...
    Jesse Ventura: You have a small penis compared to my massive governor cock!
    Ross Mandell: That's totally false! In fact Jesse, I'm about 60 tons more than you!
    Jesse Ventura (voiceover): Everything Ross Mandell was saying was bullshit. No one is bigger than Jesse Ventura!
    Ross Mandell: It's not a conspiracy.
    Jesse Ventura: Then what is it?
    Ross Mandell: It is a COCK-spiracy!
    Jesse Ventura: How do I answer when people say to me "Ross has a small penis! Governor Ventura, how can you believe a man with a small penis?"
    • There's a commercial break for 1800 brand tequila, and the spokesman has some...interesting opinions:
    1800 Guy: Whatever happened to restaurants? So many places just give ya a plate with food in the middle. Personally, I like food under the plate, with a big shit in the middle. I also like eating tiny men- *is then grabbed by Jimmy and Tommy, who promptly start beating the shit out of him*
    • The scene where he confronts the officials:
    Businessman: Let's put it into perspective-
    Jesse Ventura: [interrupting] Let's not!




YT Pewp

  • WhehW of FoF!
    Pat: And you're married?
    BoB: Yes, for almost 89 years.
    Pat: Oh my goodness...
    BoB: And we have 5,000 children.
    Pat: Oh my goodness...
    • The second toss-up round...:
    Pat: The category is "Sauce Lyrics"....
    (The letters light up until they read: "OH ___T _ _____")
    Robert: (dididididididing) "Oh (bleep) a night!"
    (solved puzzle reads: "OH SHIT A NIGHT")
    • The disastrous "Before & After" round.
    • "I'd like to buy an E, please?" "One N." "I'd like to buy an A?" "Three Es."


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