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Funny / You and Me and Her

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All spoilers on this page are unmarked, per wiki policy. You Have Been Warned!

  • Shinichi's description of Aoi upon their first meeting.
    Seems she's two corn dogs short of a picnic.
  • Aoi's cavalier attitude toward what she was just trying to do to Shinichi on the roof and Yuutarou's reaction.
    Shinichi: What's "zappy"?
    Aoi: Sex.
    Yuutarou: SEEEEX?!? You guys were screwing up here?
    Shinichi: No!
    Aoi: Almost.
    Yuutarou: What the hell is "almost"?! How does that work? Where do you draw the line? Does it not count if it's just the tip?! Is it cool if you only get like halfway in?
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  • Hell, pretty much everything Yuutarou says, particularly when he makes this expression (or some variation of it).
  • Miyuki having a Cuteness Overload in the Catnip store.
  • Shinichi and Yuutarou's "search" for Aoi (more like them spending the entire evening goofing off).
  • Yuutarou and his completely serious dedication to the "Boys and Dreams Club" - a club "for boys who want to pursue their dreams."
    Shinichi: Don't worry- it doesn't make much sense to me either.
  • Miyuki demands Aoi show her proof that the world is a game, to which Aoi responds by... trying to take off her clothes. Her reasoning? If she's naked, a mosaic will appear to censor her. Even funnier in the localization during the long, unskippable scene where she masturbates furiously in front of you, where she lampshades how that doesn't factor into the ENG version.
    Miyuki: You know, you're lucky. In the Japanese version, there'd be a mosaic in the way.
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  • One day Yuutarou discovers a mysterious pair of panties lying discarded at the front door of his house. Come the next day, at lunch time, Yuutarou seems strangely perturbed by something note ...
    Shinichi: What's up? Feeling sick?
    Yuutarou: It's the panties...
    Shinichi: You...ate them...?
    Yuutarou: NO!