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Funny / You and Me and Her

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All spoilers on this page are unmarked, per wiki policy. You Have Been Warned!

  • Shinichi's description of Aoi upon their first meeting.
    Seems she's two corn dogs short of a picnic.
  • Almost everything Yuutarou says, particularly when he makes this expression.
    Yuutarou: How does that work? Where do you draw the line? Does it not count if it's just the tip?! Is it cool if you only get like halfway in?
  • Miyuki having a Cuteness Overload in the Catnip store.
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  • Shinichi and Yuutarou's "search" for Aoi (more like them spending the entire evening goofing off).
  • Yuutarou and his completely serious dedication to the "Boys and Dreams Club" - a club "for boys who want to pursue their dreams."
    Shinichi: Don't worry- it doesn't make much sense to me either.
  • Miyuki demands Aoi show her proof that the world is a game, to which Aoi responds by... trying to take off her clothes. Her reasoning? If she's naked, a mosaic will appear to censor her. Even funnier in the localisation, which is left having to lampshade how that doesn't factor into the ENG version.
    • During the long, unskippable scene in the endgame where Miyuki masturbates in front of you, Miyuki herself lampshades this:
    Miyuki: You know, you're lucky. In the Japanese version, there'd be a mosaic in the way.
  • One day Yuutarou discovers a mysterious pair of panties lying discarded at the front door of his house. Come the next day, at lunch time, Yuutarou seems strangely perturbed by something note ...
    Shinichi: What's up? Feeling sick?
    Yuutarou: It's the panties...
    Shinichi: You...ate them...?
    Yuutarou: NO!

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