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  • In "Finding Hershel":
    Yang: Woo Foo knights do not run from a fight! (gets knocked into the sky) But they can be forcibly escorted into the field of Baaaaaaaa... (lands on mountain)
    Yin: Take a moment; enjoy it. (loses it completely)
    • "Fake hand on a stick! You know you want one of these, too."
  • In "Imperfect Fooplicates":
    Yuck: Guess who's back!
    Yang: Is it Santa?
    Yuck: No you idiot.
    • There's also when the times Yuck gets annoyed by the fooplicates laughing while he does.
    Yuck: To introduce them to their new lord and master! Ha ha ha!
    Fooplicates: Ha ha ha!
    Yuck: Knock it off!
    Fooplicate: Sorry, Yuck.
    • It even happens again later:
    Yuck: Yes townspeople, fear me. Ha ha ha!
    Fooplicates: Ha ha ha!
    Yuck (with more annoyed tone): Knock it off!
    Fooplicates: Sorry, Yuck.
  • In "Camp Magic Pants":
  • The reveal that the "beast" at the camp was in fact the giant gold pants statue. Which come to life after Yin touches it.
    • When referring to touching the pants statue, there's these two lines:
    Yang: "Is it alright if I touch it in the ankle area?"
    Yin: "I am touching the pants!...Down in the ankle area so there's nothing creepy about it."
    • This exchange:
    Yin: "Let's take down those pants!"
  • In "Basic Yinstinct":
    Yang: Well, he could be in the booby trap museum, which would be safe for you because you don't have any-
    Yin: Hold that insensitive remark.
  • The entire scene in "Foreign Exchange Problem" with Yin standing outside the outhouse, hearing Yang yelling and grunting loudly. Her expressions say it all.
    • In the same episode, Yin becomes suspicious of Jobeaux being a bad guy in disguise. After a montage of all the times it's happened, Yang comments: "Wow, that happens a lot. Almost to the point of narrative laziness."
  • In "Slumber Party of Doom", Yin wants Yang to stay in his room during her sleepover so it goes perfectly. When Yang gets up to get the pizza he ordered, she throws it at him to keep him from leaving.
    Yang: What if I have to go to the bathroom?! (gets hit in head with bottle) Yeah, but what if-?! (gets hit in head with large trash can)
  • In "Personality Problem":
    Yuck: I almost had the Crown of Civic Authority and whatever vague power it would bestow! And I would have gotten it too, if these meddling kids weren't at the top of their game...Meddling kids.
    • There's also after Yuck sees he has a girl and boy half to his personality and sees the girl one do an aura swap, making the male half act girly.
    Boy Half: Oh boys, they can be such idiots. (starts skipping) La la la la...
    Yuck:...Please switch back.
  • In "Return of the Nightmaster", Yin, Yang, and Yo do a group battle cry. Carl later responds sarcastically: "Ooh, a battle cry."
  • In "The Pecking Order":
    Yang: Dude, I don't know what climbed up your trunks, but we're gonna find out...In a way that's not as weird as it sounds.
    • There's this moment:
    Yang: Ha! I laugh at your evil weenie... in a way that's also not as weird as it sounds.
  • In "Master Dave":
    Yang: Go for the nuts, Yin. I mean the bolts too, but go for the nuts.
    • And later:
    Yang: Take that evil nuts.

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