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Funny / Yesterday Upon The Stair

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  • Chapter 2:
    Nana: "[It's] not like anyone's going to believe him if he tells them he saw All-Might deflate like a sad muscly balloon animal."
    • When Izuku gets home after All Might makes his offer, he realizes a problem; his mom already knows what his quirk is. He promised to keep All Might's secret, but he can't pretend to "discover his quirk" if his mother already knows his real one. While he's trying to figure out what to do, she gets home, and he talks without thinking:
      Izuku: "Mom I did a stupid thing. I did several stupid things."
      Rei: (facepalms)
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  • Shimura Nana, Deadpan Snarker and deceased mentor of All Might, shrieks and jumps halfway down the hall when she realizes Midoriya can see her.
    “Ebbuh,” is the first thing Nana Shimura ever says to her successor’s student.
  • Why Hino follows Endeavor:
    Hino: For kicks.
    Nana: What?.
    Hino: Lady, I'm dead. There's nothing left of me but memories and how I feel about them. I'm following him around because he's an asshole and I am literally made of spite.
    • Hino mentions to Nana that he hopes "the Dynamic Dickhead" orders a drink so that he can knock it over. Later, Midoriya learns that actually wound up happening.
  • After Todoroki curbstomps Sero, Midoriya needs to go to the bathroom.
  • Ashido, Kaminari, and Sero borrow Mika to serve as a ghost-detector since they believe the dorms are haunted. Hino decides to troll the pants out of them by making a cupboard door swing, prompting Ashido and Kaminari to hide behind Sero who holds Mika in front of him King Lion-style as a shield.
  • Mirio finally makes an appearance. Izuku's response is to try smacking him with a bag of trash. After Izuku recognizes him, not even Aizawa can keep a straight face after this response:
    Izuku: You're the pants guy.

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