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  • Ally, Kane and Bodie become extremely angry once they realize the founder of Star Crossed, the dating website they've been asked to advertise for, is affiliated with extreme anti-gay-rights groups. So, they deliberately sabotage their ad campaign by hiring gay and transvestite porn actors to be in the commercial.
    • Even funnier? The company loves it, and uses the campaign as an opportunity to rebrand themselves as LGBT friendly.
  • Bodie realizes he loves Julie when Lance points out that he hasn't noticed any of the sweaty, athletic, well-toned ladies running around the gym. Including one woman that Lance describes as "smuggling weapons-grade silicone in her shirt."
  • Tara likes her steak rare.
    Tara: Here. Show the cow this picture of a flame and bring it to me mooing so that its cries fill my ears with each victorious bite of its tasty meats!
  • Lance got into porn just to disprove the stereotype about Asian men having small penises.
    • And, as a result, became a Porn Parody version of Bruce Lee.
  • The moment Kane thinks everyone else is gone from the office, he decides it's time to get lucky.
  • The entire 47 Bronin side story.
  • Kane falls asleep standing up. Bodie decides to wake him up in the most hilarious fashion possible:
  • Bodie is such a bad cook that he manages to make macaroni and cheese explode.
  • We never get to see it, but everyone's descriptions of Lance's website are nothing short of hilarious.
    Kane: It's like the 90's threw up all over your website!
  • Lance has to reach for the Brain Bleach when he finds out that Miss Jessy, his surrogate mother figure, invented a profane sex game called "Night on D Mountain." The rules for it can be found here.
    Lance: Must... scrub... brain...

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