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  • The chapter Lero and Shining Armour Discuss The Weather in The Xenophile's Guide to Equestria is entirely this, but one moment stands out in particular:
    (Twilight's recorder is being tested)
    Shining Armour looks at Lero again. His expression cannot be matched against those currently stored in this matrix.
    His expression is one of lust.
  • Twilight's attempts to extrapolate human culture from a book on interspecies courting do not go well...
    Twilight: So, Lero… does your family have many enemies?
    • Gets a Call-Forward in The Xenophile's Guide to Equestria. Twilight's mother repeatedly advises her against trying to study Lero like a science project, especially her attempt at constructing a hypothetical model of his social structure. "I just hope you didn’t do something silly like try to construct an analogue of his society by mixing up a pastiche from the descriptions in Aggie’s book."
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    • The two races she tried to use? Dragons and Griffins.
  • Also from the Xenophile's Guide, the correspondence between Twilight and Celestia regarding Lero and Rainbow's relationship. Twilight mentions that Applejack is talking about a pool on the outcome of their time together, "which I think is a terrible thing to do to a friend. As such I’ve put myself down for no more than three bits on the spread." Celestia responds, ending her letter with, "This is a delicate situation, which I am sure you and your friends shall handle with same tact and sensitivity that I and my sister would surely display." Luna then writes to Twilight, asking to enter the pool with a wager of ten bits on successful consummation within a month. After Lero and Rainbow Dash get together, Twilight sends Celestia a letter, enclosing a banker's draft for Luna's winnings. Celestia is not impressed, as her response makes clear.
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  • Lero makes a In Soviet Russia joke about the fact Rainbow Dash likes to ride on his back.

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