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  • Nate being a dork is generally good for comedy value - for instance, in issue 32 of his solo series, he's going on a night out with the three girls who took him in, having found him starving and half-dead. Unwitting Chick Magnet that he is, he immediately starts getting attention - the barman nods down towards a curvy blonde woman, passing on a message from her openly propositioning him with an offer of 'breakfast'. Cue Nate waving with the most dorky grin imaginable, and one of the girls (who has a crush on Nate) going nuts.
    Marita: How sweet. Why don't I start carvin' up the bacon right here an' -
    Jam: Hold up, 'Rita, hold up!
    Nate: *looks baffled*
    Barman: *awkward* So... you new around here?

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