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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Straight off the bat, we have Ralph's introduction as Fix-It Felix, Jr. is played.
    Ralph's VO: My name's Ralph, and I'm a bad guy. Uh, let's see...I'm 9 feet tall, I weigh 643 pounds, got a little bit of a temper on me...
    Ralph Sprite: HEY! You moved my stump! GRAAAAAH! *Pummels the ground in anger.*
  • The Bad-Anon (Bad Guys Anonymous) support group scene alone which, let's face it, was what drew people's attention to the movie in the first place. You have a whole room full of some well known video game baddies, a few even having their weapons from their respective games. Just casually sitting around and being friendly with one another. It's so surreal that it's awesome.
    • Clyde - one of the oldest villains around - is the group coordinator for the villains' support group. When Ralph says he doesn't want to be the bad guy anymore, Clyde turns blue (like he does when Pac-Man switches from prey to predator in Clyde's game), while everyone else gasps in shock.
    • Speaking of which, there's Bowser's (appropriately fiery) Spit Take. Also, if you look closely shortly before this, he's drinking from a tiny coffee cup. Made even funnier by Word of God stating that Nintendo as part of agreeing to have Bowser in the scene, sent instructions on how Bowser was to hold his little coffee cup, and that this is the canonical way Bowser holds coffee cups.
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    • Amusingly, after everyone but Clyde leaves the room, the scene cuts to show the area is a Pac-Man level. The room was the Ghost House and true to the game, Clyde just stays there floating back and forth for a while.
      • And Ralph's sprite slips off and snatches a pair of cherries.
    • Ralph being extremely creeped out by the zombie from House of the Dead.
      • Even better when the zombie, who is in most games a brainless, shambling monster, is actually quite profound.
        Zombie: Zangief saying labels not make you happy. Good! Bad! (groans) You must love you.
    • Along with Ralph being even more freaked out when Kano rips out the heart of said zombie, who doesn't even flinch. Repeat, they got away with putting a heart rip fatality into a Disney movie.
    • Ralph thanking 'Satan', who replies "It's pronounced 'Sah-Teen'. As the game he's probably from (Satan's Hollow), his name is "Sah-TEEN," to avoid the pain of Moral Guardians and he's a shout out to that game.
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    • Clyde making sure the zombie doesn't leave his axes behind. Said zombie gives a moan and raises them to assure him. There's just something cute about that.
    • Zangief gives a thoughtful speech in slightly broken English about the fact that somebody has to "crush man's skull like sparrow's egg between thighs." And slaps his thigh for emphasis both times.
    • To think, M. Bison is the one who initially brings up the horrors of "going turbo".
    • Zombie's response to Ralph's rhetorical questions:
      Ralph: Is it Turbo to want a friend? Or a medal? Or a piece of pie every once in a while? Is it Turbo to want more out of life?
      Zombie: Yes.
    • Zombie's rather animated movement when he talks. Him being profound while swinging his body around like... well, a zombie... is pretty fun to watch.
  • Felix asking Q*bert where Ralph went. In Q*bertese. After apologizing that his Q*Bertese is a bit rusty.
  • When Ralph searches through the Lost and Found in Tapper to find a medal, he finds: a Super Mushroom, the ! from Metal Gear, complete with its trademark sound effect... and Zangief's wrestling trunks.
    • What makes it funnier is that the ! actually squeaks when Ralph throws it on the ground.
    • And then, after meeting up with Markowski from Hero's Duty, he strips the guy out of the armor and places Zangief's speedo on him instead. Which means that briefly, Markowski is naked. And further, that Ralph took his underpants — the only reason for that being that he has none of his own.
      • That, or Markowski was going commando under the armor.
  • Hero's Duty soldiers are shown to leap into action the moment they get a "Quarter Alert."
  • Ralph having a bit of a culture shock due the three decade difference between his game and Hero's Duty. It leads to him running erratically and shouting, "When did video games become so violent and scary?! Please get me out of this!"
    • Not to mention the look on the gamer girl when he's shouting this into the screen, and Ralph subsequently turning the player robot into a human shield against a Cy-Bug, causing a premature Game Over.
      • The robot doesn't take kindly to Ralph's conduct, pushing away his arms in a "get away from me" way as he tries to fix the screen.
    • Heck, Ralph just running around in the game could double as this. Then getting chewed out by Calhoun:
      Calhoun: MARKOWSKI! What's the first rule of Hero's Duty?
      Ralph: Uh, no cuts, no buts, no coconuts?
      Calhoun: (Dope Slap)
    • He flails around when the baby Cy-Bug he's hatched facehugs him, all while the hologram soldier gives a rousing speech congratulating him for his bravery, integrity, grace under pressure, and above all, dignity.
    • Ralph is all pumped up and smiling before the game starts, then when the door opens and he sees the massive swarm of Cy-Bugs, his smile vanishes and he realizes he's screwed.
  • When Felix and Calhoun get trapped in the pit of NesquikSand in Sugar Rush, Felix has Calhoun hit him in the face repeatedly to get the Laffy Taffies, who are attracted to amusing things, to reach them. Felix uses his hammer to heal his injuries after each punch, suffering all kinds of Amusing Injuries after each blow. Once they get to safety, a heavenly chorus begins to sing and an ethereal glow highlights both of them as Calhoun gets all doe-eyed while looking at Felix, who smiles back proudly. Then Calhoun sees that it's the Laffy Taffies singing and they have surrounded her and Felix in the shape of a heart. So she fires a few rounds into the air to make them knock it off.
    • What nails the scene is that before Calhoun fires off her gun, you can see Felix smiling in approval.
    • Felix has to stand on a separate branch to be at eye level with Calhoun.
    • As part of this, Felix having a Freak Out after he realizes he can't just jump out of the NesquikSand before Calhoun slaps him to his senses. There's something amusingly dark about a usually chipper guy suddenly losing his cool the moment he's in a seemingly dead-end situation.
    • Calhoun is hesitant to hit him for real ("Look, you're a nice guy, I can't...") and Felix has to order her to punch him with all her strength.
  • While dealing with an angry Ralph, King Candy whips out an oversized pair of glasses and says, "You Wouldn't Hit a Guy with Glasses?, would you?" Ralph promptly removes the glasses from Candy's face and smacks him on the head with the frames.
    King Candy: You hit a guy with glasses... That's... that's well played.
  • Entering the 30th anniversary party, Ralph stands up and accidentally causes a piece of ceiling to fall on Felix and "kill" him, much to the Nicelanders' horror, only for him to respawn immediately. Bonus props for Felix doing the death animation similar to Jumpman.
  • Felix's attempt to free himself from a cell by using his hammer to break down the probably-breakable bars on the window, and his adorably bad impersonation of Ralph just before:
    Felix: What does he say? What does he say? "I'M GONNA WRECK IT!" [He hits the bar with his hammer. The bars promptly become twice as thick] Why do I fix everything I TOUCH?!
    • The cheerful "DOO-DEE-DEE-DEE-DEE" sound effect as the bars thicken just makes it funnier.
      • And the fact that his lament is an inversion of classic Wangst cliché "Why do I destroy everything I touch?"
    • In fact, all the completely cheery, goody-goody vocabulary the script-writers (and very likely Jack McBrayer himself) infused into Felix just makes you giddy, especially when he tries to use that vocabulary to express how frustrated and angry he is at Ralph.
      Felix: I don't have to do boo! Forgive my potty mouth. I am just so, so cross with you! Do you have any idea what you've put me through? I ran higglety-pigglety, all over creation looking for you! I almost drowned in chocolate milk mix!
    • What makes this even funnier is the glimpse of Ralph's confused face. He has no idea what Felix is saying.
  • When the Moppet Girl plays Hero's Duty, she has your normal first person shooter's viewpoint, of two arms holding a rifle (implying you are in the position of a marine). When we see her from inside the game, we see that she's only driving a robot with two arms wearing the same gloves as the marines, that rides around on caterpillar treads and has a two-way TV screen for a face.
  • When Ralph gets stuck in a pastry pond in Sugar Rush, and gets covered in green taffy, he gets relieved when Officers Wynchell and Duncan come by... and then they proceed to beat him up with their Billy clubs for accidentally trashing the stands at the roster qualifying race.
    Ralph: Ow! What are you doing?!
  • The Aerith lives graffitis outside the Game Central Station entrances. Denial runs very deep indeed. It becomes even funnier when you consider that Disney collaboration with Square Enix led to Kingdom Hearts. In that series, Aerith does indeed live.
    • The fact that the Surge Protector apparently wrote the graffiti.
  • From Calhoun's intro vid: Felix's rather intimidated expression when Calhoun barks at him in Game Central Station.
  • Vanellope showing how proud she is over her rather lame pedal-powered starting car, the Likkity Split. Especially the goofy grin she has when she honks the horn.
    Ralph: Yeesh! Looks like she built it herself!
    Vanellope: (to the other drivers) Built it myself!
  • As Felix and Calhoun are in the shuttle searching for Ralph, there is a moment where we see Felix staring lovingly at Calhoun. Calhoun's serious look changes to one of "WTF" then returns to being serious, while Felix looks at her more and more lovingly. She notices his face is a bit red and thinks his hammer didn't fix all the damage she did to his face when they were attracting the Laffy Taffy to escape the NesquikSand pit.
    Felix: That's not blunt force trauma, ma'am, that's just the honeyglow on my cheeks.
    • Then comes his confession. Cue Calhoun having a flashback to when her dead fiancé and she first meet, as he complimented her in the same way: "You are one dynamite gal."... and then the flashback proceeds to repeat that same line at different points in their relationship over, and over and over, made even funnier by the fact that they're wearing their armor at all times... including at the ice cream parlor, and while on a romantic picnic. You'll be laughing until the Cy-Bug eats him. Or not, as the first time the scene plays it's a tragedy, but the repeat is clearly Death as Comedy.
    • The whole sequence compounds the joke 'cause, we don't know this guy and for all Calhoun knows, neither does she (her backstory was programmed into her meaning it's made up and she's reacting to the tragedy) and it just straight up comes out of nowhere.
  • The outright goofy grinning expression fixed on Zombie's face near the ending of the movie.
  • Leaving his support group meeting, Ralph is detained by the Surge Protector at the entrance to Game Central Station, who is basically the arcade's version of the TSA:
    Surge Protector: Step aside, sir. Random security check.
    Ralph: Random my behind! You always stop me!
    Surge Protector: I'm just a surge protector doing my job, sir. Name.
    Ralph: Lara Croft.
    Surge Protector: Name.
    Ralph: Wreck-It Ralph!
    Surge Protector: Where you coming from?
    Ralph: Uh, Pac-Man.
    Surge Protector: You bring any fruit with you?
    Ralph: Frui- *hides cherries behind back* No, no sir. No fruit.
    Surge Protector: Alright. Where you headed?
    Ralph: Fix-It Felix, Jr.
    Surge Protector: Anything to declare?
    Ralph: I hate you.
    Surge Protector: I get that a lot. [clicks pen] Proceed.
    • Becomes even funnier when you realize he probably didn't deny that Ralph was Lara Croft because he's not Lara Croft, he denied that Ralph was Lara Croft because the arcade doesn't have a Tomb Raider game.
  • At the end when Vanellope gets her proper status as princess back and the other racers ask what she's going to do now:
    Vanellope: (in sickly-sweet voice): As your merciful princess, I hereby decree, that everyone that was ever mean to me shall be...
    (Taffyta and the others look on, gasping in hopefulness)
    Vanellope: (without missing a beat in a sickly-sweet voice) ...executed.
    (The Sugar Rush racers look aghast at Vanellope's decision with wide eyes and jaws fallen to the floor before Taffyta leads them bawling. Ralph and Felix look flabbergasted)
    Felix: Oh my land!
    Calhoun: (nodding in approval) Welll... This place just got interesting...
    • While all the Sugar Rush characters are panicking, Vanellope admits she's kidding and tells them to stop crying. Taffyta, (mascara streaming down her face and all), replies "I'm trying but it won't stop!"
  • During the big race, Vanellope manages to startle Taffyta, Candlehead, and Rancis with her glitching, causing the three to end up falling into a giant cupcake. Taffyta cries with a "Waaaah".
    • "My candle!"
    • Amusingly, Rancis (who's described as a pretty-boy) seems calm, but confused as to what happened.
  • In the roster race, when Vanellope first catches up to the pack (specifically, Crumbelina):
    Vanellope: (sweetly) Behind you!
    (overtakes Crumbelina)
    (even more sweetly) In front of you!
  • Ralph's Imagine Spot of himself returning to Fix-It Felix, Jr. with a medal. The best part is when Gene is seen sitting on Ralph's stump, crying 8-bit tears.
  • At Calhoun and Felix's wedding the window above them is suddenly painted with like a bajillion laser sights. Pan back and every single one of the Hero's Duty soldiers are pointing their guns at the window, just in case.
    • You gotta appreciate that while most of them are dressed in formal suits, some are fully clad in their armor, even one holding a minigun.
  • After Ralph accidentally causes the girl to get a Game Over when a Cy-Bug kills the robot the player operates, he tries to be helpful and adjust the robot's monitor-head. Turns out it has a personality of its own when it's off-duty, and it gets annoyed at him, slapping him away before racing back to its starting position.
  • When Ralph flies through Game Central Station on the escape pod and into Sugar Rush, he runs smack dab into Sonic, who drops a couple of gold rings.
    • Not only dropping a couple of gold rings, he flies back and flashes when he's hit, a la the first Sonic the Hedgehog and the poor hedgehog's confused as to what just hit him! It's made even funnier when you remember what his PSA was about...
  • The Cy-Bugs after assimilating the Sugar Rush environment. There's something darkly amusing about these creatures being the Candy-Coated Harbingers of the Apocalypse.
  • King Candy's Oreo guards are first shown ominously chanting "OoooRRREEEEooo. ORREEEEEEEEooo!"
  • The entire Hero's Doody joke with Vanellope. All of it.
    Ralph: I can't. I didn't win it in my game, I won it in Hero's Duty.
    Vanellope: [glitches] Hero's Doody? [She bursts out laughing]
    Ralph: [losing patience] It's not that kind of doody!
    Vanellope: [through laughter] I bet you really gotta watch where you step in a game called Hero's Doody! Ha ha ha! What'd you win the medal for, wiping? [Ralph rolls his eyes] I hope you washed your hands after you handled that medal!
    Ralph: Listen-
    Vanellope: One more, one more - why did the hero flush the toilet? ... say "Why?"
    Ralph: [unimpressed] Why.
    Vanellope: Because it was his doody!
    Ralph: How dare you insult Hero's Duty, you little guttersnipe! I earned that medal! And you better get it back for me toute-suite, sister!
    Vanellope: Well, unless you've got a go-kart hidden in the fat folds of your neck, I can't help ya!
    • All helped by Ralph's deadpan expression on the above joke, knowing exactly what she's about to say.
    • And her outstretched arms, "ta-da!"-style when delivering said punchline.
    • Even better, they made sure all those jokes work the same for Call of Duty, the franchise that Hero's Duty is supposed to be based off of.
    • Becomes a Brick Joke at the end, when Ralph and Vanellope say their goodbyes: Ralph (deliberately) stresses out that his job is "a big duty", which gets a chuckle out of her.
  • The scene where the arcade closes, and Ryu and Ken immediately stop fighting and start acting like best friends.
    Yuni: All clear! The arcade's closed!
    Ryu: SHORYUKEN! Woo, what a day. So, you want to head to Tapper's, Ken?
    Ken: If you're buying, buddy.
    [they walk off-screen to their transportation to Game Central Station]
    • Makes sense and is doubly nice since the pair, in-universe, are best friends.
    • It's even more hilarious with Portuguese subs which "translates" Shoryuken into Claro, você pode!" which means Sure, you can!. A few chuckles could have been heard in the theater.
    • Even more, if you know the actual lore of Street Fighter: Ryu is usually the fight-focused guy who probably lacks more social skills, while Ken is the more social guy. In here? Ryu is the one initiating the social invitation (inviting Ken to drink at Tappers') instead of Ken doing so!
  • When Ralph confronts King Candy about getting his medal back after the race is over, Candy gets right up in his face, literally.
    King Candy: Is that a threat I smell? [sniffs the air] Whew... aside from the... halitosis that you so... obviously suffer from!
    • This is sorta a Brick Joke too as Vanellope mentions his breath as well when Ralph and she first meet, and mimics him as a result.
    Ralph: Listen, I tried to be nice.
    Vanellope: (imitating his voice) I tried to be nice.
    Ralph: You're mimicking me!
    Vanellope: (mimicking him) You're mimicking me!
    Ralph: Okay. (Vanellope mimics him again.) That is rude. (Vanellope mimics him again) And this conversation is over. (Vanellope mimics him again as he resumes climbing)
  • The cops of Sugar Rush being donuts. They're named Duncan and Wynchell. No need to guess who they're named after.
  • Felix and the Nicelanders find Ralph missing after the Moppet Girl puts a quarter in to play the game. It's like watching a stage performance that's been going very well until something way off script happens and the actors are forced to try to ad-lib to keep it going. In this case pathetically. It's especially impressive when Felix has to take control of the game that's currently being played to try to find Ralph.
    • He hops off the screen, saying "Ralph!" a few times in the same, 8-bit way, and then the instant he's out of view, he panics, drops the 8-bit movements, and bolts toward Ralph's dump screaming, "RAAAAAAAAAAALPH!!"
    • Moppet Girl calls Mr. Litwak over and the two look on in confusion as the Nicelanders run around panicking while Felix hops all over the place shouting his catchphrase to calm them.
    • And this:
    Litwak: Looks like the game's gone cuckoo! Like my nana...
    Litwak: It might be time to put ol' Ralph and Felix out to pasture... like my nana.
  • Ralph's "interrogation" of Sour Bill.
    Ralph: I wonder how many licks it'll take to get to your center.
    Sour Bill: *after being licked* Ugh, it's like sandpaper!
    • "I'll take it to my grave!"
    • Sour Bill's reaction to Ralph's reveal that he's on to the Sugar Rush conspiracy: staring at him dumbfounded, saying a soft "Uuuuh", and then scurrying away before he catches him! Doubly funny because Sour Bill has spent the entire movie moving and speaking in a very lethargic fashion, but the realization that Ralph is on to something sends him trying to sprint away.
    • "What's goin' on in this candy-coated Heart of Darkness?"
    • Once the "interrogation" is over, Ralph sticks Sour Bill to a lollipop tree. After the game resets, he's still got the branch stuck to his back.
  • Shell-shocked Markowski walking towards the wall and continuing to walk into it after already hitting it, like a buggy Non-Player Character that can't seem to find the door.
    • As well as the conversation between Ralph and Markowski. Poor guy. He's only been plugged in a week and already he clearly needs a vacation. Then there's his refusal to let Ralph come with him.
    Markowski: Look, only the best and bravest serve in our corps! [He sees a cockroach on Ralph's shoulder and freaks] BUG! [He emits a high pitched scream and runs right into the wall, knocking himself out]
  • The Kart Bakery scene where Ralph helps Vanellope make a car via a minigame. It's so true to form too, as anyone who's ever watched someone who's never played a video game before can attest.
    • Having been around for 30 years, Ralph still had to ask Vanellope how many wheels to put on the kart.
    • More funny is how he ends up trashing the Decorating stage when hitting the target for one of the frosting dispensers. Everything spills, and at the end we hear the announcer say, "Time's up! Congratulations, you did it, and here's your kart!" Cue the door opening up and the kart comes down the ramp accompanied by a large pile of candy waste, accompanied by Losing Horns.
  • It borders on sad, but Ralph trying to get Felix to invite him into the anniversary party without actually asking to be invited. While it highlights Ralph being The Woobie, the scene with its prolonged, awkward silences and strained smiles on both characters' faces is just really funny to watch.
    • And what breaks the awkward moment? Glen, a turtle. Subtle, but hilarious once you realize the joke.
  • Calhoun's introductory speech to her troops when we first see her in Hero's Duty and Ralph's reaction to it:
    Calhoun: Fear is a four letter word, ladies. If you wanna go pee-pee in your big boy slacks, keep it to yourself. It's make your mamas proud time!
  • Ralph and Vanellope's first meeting:
    Vanellope: Hey, why are your hands so freakishly big?
    Ralph: Uh, I dunno! Why are you so freakishly annoying?
  • Upon being rolled into King Candy's throne room in a cupcake, Ralph quickly observes that King Candy is a fan of pink.
  • Felix's introduction to Calhoun: she and her men hear him hopping from Game Central Station and think they're hearing a Cy-Bug. When he finally reveals himself, they open fire and he manages to dodge every single shot (keep in mind he's an older video game character from the 8-bit days and they're from the modern day generation of gaming) before Calhoun herself knocks him off his feet and shoves a gun to his face. Of course, he's intimidated by Calhoun at first, but once he gets a good look at her, he's smitten so much that he actually leans right on the barrel of her gun. It's right against his chest, inches from his heart.
    Felix: Jiminy- Look at that high definition, your face! It's amazing!
    Calhoun: Flattery don't charge these batteries.
    • Even better, the three soldiers in the background share significant looks with each other during this line.
  • The line about Calhoun being programmed with the "most tragic backstory ever" and then the tragic backstory itself. It might also count as a Tear Jerker, but it was so over-the-top that it ends up being hilarious as well, especially when Calhoun whips a BFG out of Hammerspace. It's such a perfect parody of a typical badass video game protagonist's backstory.
    • The location said hammerspace? Under the skirt of her wedding dress. Maybe if her fiance had been wearing a kilt, the wedding would've gone on without a hitch!
    • Also the fact that she and her fiancé never remove their combat armor, even when he's proposing.
  • Turbo, in all his 8-bit glory, racing through the completely different background of the RoadBlasters game that stole his popularity away, in the explanation for "going Turbo".
    • Not to mention him spouting his "Turbo-tastic" catchphrase and the shit-eating grin he has while he's crashing RoadBlasters.
      • Though this is kind of Black Comedy, considering the terrible consequences of his Jerkass attention-seeking scheme, there's just something hilarious about him randomly showing up out of nowhere, and then racing about, repeating his catchphrase, acting like a puppy parading one of your most expensive shoes around, as if saying "Hey guys! Hey, look at me! Pay attention to me!"
  • Vanellope's improbably chipper description of her desolate little home in Diet Cola Mountain. For more than one viewer who first viewed this movie without knowing who was doing the voices, and you weren't paying attention at the Hero's Duty/Doody joke, this line was the first clue that Vanellope was being voiced by Sarah Silverman:
    Vanellope: Welcome to my home! I sleep in these candy wrappers. I bundle myself up like a little homeless lady.
  • The "celebrity" portraits on the walls of Tapper's, a nice little Easter Egg for gamers and how it feels completely natural for a world such as this. Funny answers can be made when you wonder who actually drew them.
  • While spying on the 30th anniversary party in Fix-It Felix, Jr., Ralph sees Pac-Man eating a row of martinis.
    Ralph: Pac-Man?! They invited Pac-Man?! That cherry-chasing dot muncher isn't even part of this game!
    • Doubly funny as Ralph just came from his game after the Bad Anon support group meeting, and he also pinched a pair of cherries from there.
  • Ralph's attempt to get into the party. He knocks on the door, and:
    Felix: "Oh, I bet that's Mario! Fashionably late, per the norm."
  • The Felix dance.
    Fix-it-felix, whoo, whoo!
  • The beginning of driving school for Vanellope.
    Ralph: That's the "go" pedal... And that, I believe, is the... stopper. And this— wait, what is this... That doesn't do anything.
    • The driving lessons themselves. Ralph getting hit as she figures the controls. The first time is from the front of the vehicle when Vanellope hits the gas. Ralph then goes behind the car thinking it's safe, only for Vanellope to hit reverse by accident and hit him twice, once in the leg and again as he's getting up. The third time, he stays off the track in the background as he coaches. She crashes into a stalagmite — which promptly falls right on top of him. The fourth time is on her; eats dashboard, spits out a tooth and makes the most adorable gap-toothed grin.
      • And this bit after the near glitching accident.
    Vanellope: So how'd I do?
    Ralph: Umm, well you almost blew up the whole mountain. [Jumps as a Mentos falls into the cola lake and causes a minor eruption]
    Vanellope: Right right, that's a good note.
    • The hidden joke, of course, is that video game characters are having trouble driving stick (shift), as in joystick.
      • The not-so-hidden joke is that many racing games of that era had stick shifts — with anything from two to four "gears" — but none of them ever had a clutch.
    • On top of that, it's an amusingly accurate depiction of someone learning to drive a manual transmission. Bonus points for Ralph not knowing what the clutch does, like people who've only learned on automatics.
      • Another bit is this exchange. It's Vanellope's expression at the end that sells it.
    Vanellope: Yeah! I'm gonna learn to drive, I'm gonna learn to drive, I'm gonna- Oh wait, do you know how to drive?
    Ralph: Yeah! I mean, I haven't done it, but... look, I flew a spaceship today, okay?
    Vanellope: You crashed it.
  • Ralph's encouraging words to Vanellope before she races.
    Ralph: Listen to me. If you ever get nervous, just keep telling yourself, "I must win Ralph's medal or his life will be ruined. And have fun!"
  • This is easily missed, but when Ralph is flying through the Game Central Station in his escape pod, he triggers the Surge Protector's random check again, both when exiting Hero's Duty and when entering Sugar Rush.
    • Surge's "WTF" expression in that moment!
  • The start of the race climax when King Candy gets a "Sweet Seekers" power-up, which are basically lock-on projectiles (think a parody of the Blue Shell or Red Shell from Mario Kart). He manages to nail the three racers in front of him, two are simply blown off the road. An unfortunate third is sent flying into one of the bubblegum machine obstacles. You know, the glass part of it?
    • In live-action motion-pictures, when someone has to do a stunt that involves diving through a pane of glass, they use special stunt windows made of sugar-glass, which is basically candy. This is done to avoid risk of injury that would result from shards of real glass. Since they're racing on Sugar Rush Speedway, what is the gum-ball machine's glass bowl made of?
  • While it is part of a serious moment, watching Pac-Man realize he got hit with the cake Ralph just splattered in his anger and watch his jaw drop in disbelief (mostly because he never got to eat that cake).
  • The fact Turbo randomly breaks the fourth wall, giving the audience a thumbs up, is somewhat funny and yet creepy at the same time. It's like he's saying "I'm so Turbo-tastic I can see beyond the fabric of reality!"
  • When Ralph explains to Vanellope why the medal is so important:
    Ralph: I go home with that baby around my neck and I'll get a penthouse! Pies! Ice sculptures! Fireworks! Ahh, it's grownup stuff. You wouldn't understand.
  • During the ending, while Ralph is telling Bad-Anon how his situation has improved, he's wearing the goofiest grin possible, even while the Nicelanders are doing their 9 to 5 job of picking him up and pitching him off the building.
  • Turbo's already narmy catchphrase "Turbotastic!" becomes even more hilarious when one watches the film in Spanish. It turns into "TURBO-TASTEECO!!!"
  • It takes a little Fridge Logic, but there's a humorous irony that Skrillex is seen DJing to licensed music, namely "Celebration".
  • When greeting the children entering his arcade, Mr. Litwak addresses the single adult gamer as "little fellow".
  • The scene in the beginning, just after Felix "invites" Ralph inside for cake and the Nicelanders' reactions, which leads to this exchange between Ralph and Gene.
    Gene: Why is *he* here?
    Felix: He's just here for a slice of cake.
    Ralph: And I am a big part of the game, technically speaking... why are you here, Gene?
    • Best part is, Ralph has a point. The game wouldn't exist without the bad guy (aka him). Gene, by contrast, is an interchangeable NPC.
  • After his nigtmarish transformation into a Cy-Bug, Virus King Candy/Turbo gets this gem of Black Comedy to Ralph:
    I should thank you! But it'd be more fun to kill you!
  • A bit of a Funny Background Event, but while Felix and Calhoun are in Game Central Station, you can see A) the Surge Protector checking out Chun Li and two princesses, and B) Q*Bert and his family getting a meal from Peter Pepper.
  • King Candy encountering a Cy-Bug for the first time while chasing after Vanellope.
  • The Creative Closing Credits has a few minor ones, but good for a chuckle.
    • For one, Ralph faces off against Blanka... and it doesn't end well for the big guy.
    • Also in Street Fighter, Ralph and Vanellope join Ryu to wreck the car in the popular bonus level.
    • There's something hilarious about the stone-faced Calhoun with her Space Marine armor... dancing in Dance Dance Revolution!
    • A part of the ending featuring Calhoun and Felix firing machine guns. Words cannot describe how silly Felix looks doing it, but at the same time how cool he looks as well.
    • Seeing Wynchell and Duncan get chased by zombies is worth a chuckle. They must've given up on brains and want sugar instead.
    • There's some in the credits themselves, notable mentions being Steven Markowski and Carlos Benavides, who were credited with "Story Watch Dog" and "Caffeination" respectively.
    • This gif of Ralph getting stuck in a chocolate pond.
  • When Vanellope starts teleporting towards Ralph, after the first teleport, the Cy-Bug that was about to eat her looks around as if it's thinking "Where'd she go?"
  • Ralph and Vanellope's goodbyes are not only heartwarming, but their final exchange of Insults of Endearment of the Big, Stupid Doodoo-Head variety is pretty funny as well, up to and including Felix's reaction when they don't seem to want to stop:
    Ralph: (fist-bumping Vanellope) See you later, President Fart-Feathers.
    Vanellope: (saluting) Au revoir, Admiral Underpants.
    Ralph: (with a flourish and a bow): And farewell, Baroness Boogerface!
    Vanellope: Goodbye, Major Body Odor!
    Ralph: Hasta la vista, your-
    Felix: (getting impatient) Ralph?!
    Ralph: Alright, to be continued!
  • Ralph's reaction when shell-shocked Markowski, in a hallway at Tapper's, bumps into Ralph from behind and stumbles on by without apologizing:
    Ralph: Hey, excuse you!


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