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  • The short Intro skits that play when you start up Worms 2 are fairly amusing.
  • To quote Guy Harris, "You try reading 1000s of words perfectly."
    Harris: 'And yes we meant skillz, and not skills... 'Cause we're... Thirty-three-T?' 'Cause we're what? Leet! Yes... With two three's instead of two E's. Okay. 'And yes we meant skillz, and not skills. 'Cause we're L33T.'
  • Because of the way network play is handled, online games can become funny if you host one with voice chat using an outside program like Skype. You'll often hear a player scream in frustration seconds before you actually see them mess up their turn. A good case of that is this video where you hear people let out sharp yelps of surprise thanks to the homing pigeon's Artificial Stupidity.
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  • The Worst Shot Ever contest. Watching these people backfire so horrifically is hilarious.
  • Try throwing a grenade towards a bundle of worms in Reloaded and they all start screaming. Not a continuous one, either, they just scream multiple times with a blank expression and in the most hilarious way ever.
  • The fact that some of the most powerful weapons are......unorthodox to say the least. Exploding sheep, concrete donkeys, flying sheep, letter bombs, old women, flaming sheep, carpet bombs, swimming sheep. The more absurd the weapon is, the more damage it can do.

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