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  • A meta example, hearing Jun Fukuyama yelling how he isn't a masochist after playing Taro from MM!.
  • Souma's Black Mail, while effective against some of his coworkers such as Popura and Souta, doesn't work on Mahiru, mostly because she punches him the moment she sees him too close to her. It also doesn't work very well on Jun, who will often retaliate by hitting him with a kitchen utensil or Yamada, who is too thick-headed to care.
  • Season 2, Episode 7:
    • Souta sees Mahiru talking to Kirio, an unfamiliar guy. Later at night, he starts making frustrated grunting noises as he reads up on dog training books. However, it suspiciously sounds like he's having A Date with Rosie Palms, which kind of shocks Nazuna when she overhears it.
    • When Kirio tries to examine Yachiyo to see if she's his sister in disguise, Satou kicks him sharply to the floor.
    Satou: Excuse me. My hand slipped.
    Kirio: Your hand?!
  • Season 2, Episode 9:
    • Kozue does a Dynamic Entry on Youhei when he asks who the "pretty lady" sitting at the table was. She also instantly falls in love with him despite his rejection, reasoning that while he turned her down, it wasn't specifically because of a drawback of her.
    • When Kozue tells Youhei to marry her so they can start dating, he's a little confused due to her crashing into him. He then asks when the wedding was supposed to happen.
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    • Jun going phone shopping with Yachiyo, who is clearly nervous around salespeople. The saleslady they talk to also seems interested in him, but despite Jun saying She Is Not My Girlfriend, Yachiyo relies on him entirely, making her also realize she'd be a Hopeless Suitor. She tells one of her coworkers to die after she mentions what a cute couple Jun and Yachiyo seem to be.
    • When Mitsuki claims Yachiyo would be "devoured" by Jun, the latter has an Imagine Spot of him chewing on her hair as if literally eating her. Mitsuki immediately tells her she has the wrong idea. A moment later, she tells Kyouko, who then also immediately has the same thought Yachiyo had.
    • Kozue joining in on Mitsuki and Youhei spying in the break room for any suspicious activity Jun or Souma might do to Yachiyo. Neither one does, but Jun puts his cigarette box on top of Yachiyo's head while she's sleeping. She also tells the twins that Souta is only interested in children under twelve, and small animals, so they don't need to worry about him. Mitsuki comments that these facts are actually quite worrying.
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  • At one point, in Season 2, the safety handle in the freezer is broken, and staff are cautioned not to close the door when anyone is in it. Popura is predictably locked in, and when Satou frees her, she initially thinks he did it. This leads to three moments in rapid succession. First, when Popura shares with Souta her suspicions that Satou locked her in, Souta wonders if Satou was trying to preserve her while she was still young and cute. Popura nervously asks if Souta was the one who actually locked her in. Then we get Aoi stating proudly that as a responsible adult, she shut the freezer when she saw it open, revealing her as the unwitting culprit. Finally, Popura goes to apologize to Satou. As she is running to him to apologize he calmly walks to her, a sign in hand. We hear a loud commotion, and Popura is seen with her hair rearranged to hold the sign, which declares that she was wrong to suspect Satou.
  • Season 3, Episode 1.
    • The little girl from a previous episode returns to the restaurant, and Souta enthusiastically offers to take care of her, carrying her around on his back while he works in the backroom. Taneshima feels neglected, and as she questions her relationship with Souta, the little girl smirks at her.
    • While searching for his long lost sister Aoi in the woods with Inami, Kirio casually happens to find Otoo's wife, then "releases" her back into the wilderness. She is then taken to the restaurant by Aoi, who didn't see the two looking for her. And later she somehow manages to disappear from the break room despite having it boarded up entirely.
      Kirio: Inami, I found a cat in the bushes!
      Inami: Y-Yeah...
      Inami: I see... (Beat) EEEH!?
  • In episode 2, season 3:
    • None of the Takanashi family members aside from Nazuna want to meet Minegishi, Kazue's ex-husband. Nazuna says she wouldn't mind, but Souta doesn't want her to pick up any bad ideas, as the man is Too Kinky to Torture
    • Kazue gives Souta permission to beat up her ex-husband, then promises to defend him in court from the inevitable lawsuit.
    • Yamada barely taps Souta's glasses with her teddy bear Daisy after they discuss how much abuse the glasses have taken over the course of the show without any damage. Said hit then manages to shatter his lenses.
    • Souma getting irritated at Satou's reluctance to ask Yachiyo out on a date. He then berates the guy and Satou agrees with all of Souma's rants about butting in and trying to be a Shipper on Deck.
    • Inami passes out while standing up after Souta gets really close to her due to being Blind Without 'Em.
  • During episode 4 of season 3:
    • Souma approaches Jun in an overly friendly manner, only for Jun to lift up a frying pan with the intention of hitting him. He then tells Souma he didn't like that "I know everything" smug face he normally makes, despite Souma claiming to not know what happened with his date with Yachiyo from the previous episode.
    • Mizuki questioning Jun on Yachiyo with various questions. He answers "I don't know" to every single one of them. Later she switches to the same questions, but about Kyouko. He suddenly answers every single one of them correctly, causing Mizuki to think he's actually in love with Kyouko, until Jun clarifies that it's because all Yachiyo ever talks about to him is Kyouko.
    • Kirio flat out tells Souta that the weird feelings he's having around Mahiru means that he's in love with her. However, he says it in a sort of mocking manner and tone. In the next scene he's lying outside on the pavement behind the restaurant, with Popura trying to wake him up.
    • After Yachiyo thanks Kyouko for helping her to talk to Jun, she says it's like a whole new world opened up for her. Kyouko's nailed bat, which she had been swinging, suddenly smashes into the wall behind her. It was hit so hard that when she lets go of it, the bat is still stuck in the wall.
  • Episode 5 of season 3:
    • Izumi inadvertently acting as a Shipper on Deck for Inami and Souta, not realizing the two knew each other from work. Of course, considering she's mostly a novelist and Hikikomori, it's not too surprising. Then when they meet, both of them are initially unaware of the other, mostly because of Inami wearing a Brown Bag Mask and boxing gloves in the hopes of not punching the guy out.
  • Episode 6 of season 3:
    • Popura's Fever Dream Episode, in which Souta is the Big Bad of a magical kingdom and is shrinking everyone down to tiny sizes.
    • Otoo meeting Nazuna for the first time, initially mistaking her for one of Souta's older sisters, and understandably shocked at her age and the fact that she was working for free, lampshading the obvious legal problems they'd have with that were this not a comedy show.
    • Kyouko says the bigger problem is that they pay Aoi, who constantly screws up. Aoi tries to do some Mundane Made Awesome tasks, such as taking out two trash cans, but makes an even bigger mess, which Nazuna is seen cleaning up behind her during those scenes.
    • Souma once again trying really hard not to let Aoi run into Kirio. Then she ends up meeting him after he accidentally steps on Daisy when she accidentally drops her. Aoi is shocked initially, then quickly climbs the ladder, grabs the wig used on Souta when he's disguised as Kotori, and immediately resumes her shocked look in the same position.
    • Mahiru and Souta discussing how they failed to recognize the two Yamadas as siblings, and Souma threatening Kirio to leave by pulling out the Kotori wig, prompting Souta to also insist he leave. Then Kyouko says they can blame all of this on Otoo.
  • Episode 8 of season 3:
    • Jun attempting to help Kirio act more like a "little brother" so that Souma would accept him as a "brother" the way Aoi calls him her "brother". After it fails, Kirio goes back to Jun, asking for help. Jun then does a Stealth Hi/Bye, disappearing from the kitchen. The camera then switches angles and shows him actively running away from Kirio.
  • Episode 9 of season 3:
    • Minegishi deliberately goes to the restaurant just to piss off Souta, wanting to relish in his resulting anger after being told not to go there. He then also tells Souta to stop being so Oblivious to Love towards Mahiru. Souta finds out he came there at the behest of someone named "S", which he quickly figures out to be Souma.
    • Minegishi getting punched by Mahiru due to his insistence at holding her hand to ask her something. Then running off to find Kazue, and begging her to remarry him as he only enjoys being punished by her. His refusal to take no for an answer while all of her coworkers stare awkwardly at her forces her to say yes, and proceeds to beat him senseless off screen some time later. Which unfortunately for her, he enjoys, as he's Too Kinky to Torture.
    • Haruna repeatedly escaping from her chains while in the break room at the restaurant, simply due to Offscreen Teleportation, and in one instance, she disappears after distracting Souta and Souma for a split second. Aoi then somehow hilariously manages to find her shortly after leaving the break room.
    • Popura taking quite a while to figure out that Jun likes Yachiyo, but reverses the roles. She later joins the latter as she practices saying Kyouko's name, but stuttering due to her excitement/nervousness around Jun. Both girls end up stuttering when they practice.
  • Episode 11 of season 3:
    • As a result of Jun and Yachiyo going out, Kyouko lifts the ban on co-worker dating, and specifically tells Souta that he can ask someone out too. They both feign ignorance as to who she's talking about.
    • Souta voluntarily cross-dresses once more to sort out his relationship with Mahiru. He remains this way all through the next episode.

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