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The Podcast

  • Griffin introduces every episode of Wonderful! in some sort of strange character or situation. Made Heartwarming by how Rachel is always willing to play along.
  • One listener message sent in for Rachel to read requests her to read the words "his wife" in a Borat voice. Griffin attempts and fails to coach her through it.
  • In episode 29, Rachel mispronounces the word "teetotaler" as "Tito Taylor". Griffin reacts as if he has just discovered a great and wondrous treasure and re-affirms his love for Rachel.
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  • A new add the began airing on other Maximum Fun shows has Griffin and Rachel doing a clearly stream-of-consciousness description, which ends with Griffin stating the podcast has chill vibes and all the reviews say that "amber is the colour of their energy". Rachel quietly mutters that they will now, at least. Sure enough, if you look at the podcast reviews they're filled with plenty of mentions of the lyric, some of them saying only that. Rachel gives a shout out to such fans in episode 63.


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