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Funny / Wonder Woman (2009)

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Spoilers Off applies to all Funny pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Zeus' reaction of a childishly offended "hmph!" when Hera calls him a stubborn fool.
  • Onboard the invisible plane, Steve Trevor lets slip a few secrets to Diana before realising his foot is touching the lasso.
    Steve: "GOD, I hope you Amazons can't mass-produce this thing!"
    • This exchange:
      Hippolyta: What other depraved thoughts might you be thinking?
      Steve: God, your daughter's got a nice rack.
      • Best bit: The Lasso of Truth wasn't even glowing!
    • And earlier, Trevor is forced to define the word "crap" for Hippolyta.
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    • His reaction to realizing that the lasso is forcing him to speak the truth. He doesn't even act surprised, he just glares at Queen Hippolyta.
  • This exchange between Artemis and the Queen after Diana leaves:
    Artemis: We should not have let her go.
    Hippolyta: I don't see how we could have stopped her.
    Artemis: I could've shot her in the leg. Not near an artery, of course.
    Hippolyta: You are the soul of thoughtfulness, Artemis.
    • And this one later, when the Amazon's arrive to fight against Ares forces, regarding Artemis's BFS:
    Artemis: It feels like the first day of school.
    Hippolyta: And yet, you could not find a bigger sword, Artemis?
    Artemis: Sword, my lady? This is but my dagger.
  • When they arrive at Washington, D.C. and Steve sees the head of the Lincoln Memorial rolling down the steps:
    Steve: They're messin' with Lincoln. NOBODY messes with Lincoln! (cue him jumping into battle)
  • Steve taking in the beautiful naked female populace of Themyscira, and Tempting Fate. What's really funny is his facial expression, which makes it look like he's thinking "Why did I have to say that?"
    Steve: This is too good to be true.
    [spear nearly impales him]
    Steve: And it is.
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  • This moment:
    Steve: Tell me, what exactly are we up against with this guy?
    Diana: Imagine a god whose sole purpose is to propagate terror, to incite eternal war and fan the flames of hate. A god who won't stop until the Earth's populace, Amazon and outsider alike lies murdered in a battlefield grave.
    Steve: ...You smell good.
    Diana: Must you flirt?
    Steve: It's only natural.
    Diana: Suppress it.
  • The second time Steve tries to kiss Diana, she slaps him hard across the face.
    Steve: OW! You crazy Amazonian dragon-lady!
  • While piloting the invisible jet to shoot down the bomb targeting Themyscira, Steve fires his own missiles, but believes nothing happened and panics. Suddenly the bomb gets destroyed before hitting the island, revealing that the jet's missiles are also invisible.
    Steve: Of course. Invisible missiles. Hardy-flippin-har.


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