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  • Gail Simone's run on Wonder Woman manages to deliver at least one of these every issue, often involving the mutant albino gorillas that accepted Diana as their leader. The issue they first appear in has them hanging around in her apartment and looking at her magazines while their leader apologizes for the "flinging incident" while saying that it was due to poor judgment.
    • Later, when Diana comes home after a long day they're helping her get ready for a shower, and one of them asks if she would like "your usual flowery sludge for your hair."
  • The entirety of Diana's trip to Japan with Black Canary is a big CMOF, especially when they are trying on Stripperiffic costumes to disguise themselves as wrestlers in a metahuman fighting ring while making a Call-Back to Canary's comment that Diana has the "second most famous bosom" in the superhero community (after Power Girl).
    Black Canary: Ah, we look like high-end trashy hookers in a Tarantino nightmare. Perfect!
    Wonder Woman: Do we need to expose quite so much of the second most famous...
    Black Canary: Absolutely!
    Black Canary: Could not agree more. Summon the plane, would ya? We're Tokyo-bound!
  • Wonder Woman gets attacked by the alien Khund, and after defeating them talks with two of their leaders.
    Kho: When you used our weapons against us, that was so rad!
    Wonder Woman: "Rad"?
    Kho: Exquisite! Oh, to die by your mighty hand!
    Wonder Woman: I... I'm lost.
    Kharhi: I am Kharhi, Destroyer. I have the honor of being the Khund emperor's advisor. This is my daughter, Kho.
    Kho: I am such a fan, pardon my gush, warrior!
    Kharhi: She watches the MTV, I'm afraid.
    • A few pages later, WW is shown a statue they made of "her".
  • There's also her first experience with ale from Aquilonia.

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