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The Search for WondLa

  • The first chapter opens up with Eva dying from a poisonous snake bite, muttering sarcastically about how she got in this predicament and blandly says she's going to die.
    • Afterwards, it's revealed that it was all a simulation, and Eva wasn't in any real danger.
  • In order to communicated with each other, Rovender blows dust into Eva's face. While later he reveals that the dust helps them communicate and understand one another, it is still plenty hilarious.
  • Rovender not fully understanding that Muthr isn't really related to Eva.
  • Muthr shines a laser point on the ground, causing Otto to chase the dot on the ground like a cat or dog. Eva is so amused by this she asks Muthr to keep doing it.

A Hero for WondLa

The Battle for WondLa

  • As Eva and Gen run for their lives to get out of New Attica, after shooting up one of the guards, Gen asks if Hailey would think what she did was "rocket". Eva rolls her eyes in response.
  • To get Gen to fire the gun Eva yells "Fire, you short-out! Fire!" Gen fires the boomrod, and angrily tells Eva that she was not a short-out.
  • On the illustration page for chapter 22, if you look closely in the crowd, you can spot Mallory and Simon in the crowd.

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