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Funny / Wolf Children Ame and Yuki

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  • Yuki's interaction with the other girls like when she show them the snake or her treasure box.
    • Even before that, doing the same general thing to her mother (with bugs and things she found around the front yard) - she's shocked, but Yuki is grinning ear-to-ear and bouncing on her heels the entire time, pretty proud of herself.
    • After showing her friends the snake she caught, her friends run off screaming, leaving Yuki and the snake to look at each other in confusion as if asking "what's their deal?"
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  • Yuki's attempt at getting Hana to do what she wants involved her screaming and running around as a wolf in circles, shouting what she wants.
  • Yuki running about in both wolf and human form when their neighbors visit their new home. Hana is doing her best not to panic as Yuki casually walks by while in wolf form, only to reappear out of nowhere as a human to greet their guests; Hana trying to keep her composure and Yuki's cheekiness even after risking their secret are simply priceless.
  • The two bickering farmers that help Hana and have contrasting opinions on how to grow plants. It's hilarious watching them go at each other.
  • Though it's a rather tense scene at first, the part where Yuki accidentally eats a silica packet rapidly turns comedic as Hana gets to where she can get medical help...but is indecisive over whether to take Yuki to a children's hospital or a vet. She ends up calling poison control and is asked how Yuki's appetite is...only to be interrupted by little burps and Yuki asking if she can have a snack.
  • Again, it's a rather serious moment that borders on Black Comedy, though justifiably, it starts out when a poor sobbing Hana tearfully hugs the unconscious body of Ame after he's fished out of the water. ...and then Ame weakly whimpers "Mama, you're squishing me..."
    • Following that, the surreal way Ame continues his train of thought and tells Hana all about the bird he hunted, as though he didn't just survive a life-or-death situation.
  • When the teacher in Yuki's class announces that school will be let out early due to the storm, the class rises from their seats a little too eagerly, leaving the teacher to protest and then hurriedly explain the protocols. This line is what seals the moment.


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