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Funny / Without a Paddle

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  • "Yes we really want to hurt you! Yes we really want to make you cry!"
    • And Elwood keeps singing until Dennis Dope Slaps him.
  • The naked huddling scene under the boulder.
  • "No, I didn't see it on the map, because your friend the bigass bear ate the map!"
  • Del shows up, holding the - naked - boys at gunpoint and threatening to shoot their balls off, stuff them, and mount them on his mantelpiece.
    Tom: [glances down at his own crotch] That's gonna be an ugly mantelpiece...
  • After the grenade goes off, to no apparent effect, the bad guys grab their guns.
    Jerry: [casually] When all this is over, someone's buying the first round, not it.
    Tom: Not it!
    Dan: You think there's beer in heaven?
    Jerry: [watches as a tree collapses on the bad guys and knocks them out] I was thinking more about the bar in town.

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