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  • Regal engaging in rapping. Yes, boy.
    • May 10, 2010 (his 42nd birthday): Flavor Flav is backstage with Santino Marella, Vladimir Kozlov, and the Bella Twins wearing Flavor Flav clocks. Flavor Flav does his "Yeah, boy!" Catchphrase. Regal enters the picture and criticizes Flavor Flav's rap skills. Kozlov tells Regal to "bust a move". Regal accepts, and this is what we get.
      Straight out of Blackpool
      I'm William Regal
      My rhyme's so intense
      It shouldn't be legal
      My style is refined
      Not crude and crass
      I'll keep you grounded
      Like volcanic ash
      I'll take you down
      Rung by rung
      I'm just like British Parliament
      I'm completely hung
      Straight Up Gangsta Trippin.
      Yes boy.
      • Then Flavor Flav verbally takes him down rung by rung.
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    • September 9, 2010: Regal faces off against R-Truth on WWE Superstars. Before the match begins, R-Truth raps, then Regal basically says that "Anyone can rap. It's incredibly easily." R-Truth challenges Regal to rap, and Regal accepts. Watch the clip, including Regal channeling Elvis a bit when the music starts.
      I'm William Regal
      God save the Queen
      An English brawler
      And a lady's dream
      (Regal points and winks to a chick in the stands. A chick with noticeable eyebrows and a John Morrison T-shirt gives him one thumb down while seeing herself on the TitanTron.)
      A real tormentor
      With a spineful of dash
      A real tormentor
      A man with fine manners
      Who likes to bash
      (Regal holds up his arms, hoping the Universe will cheer for that. They don't.)
      If you besmirch my name
      You'll pay the price
      I'll mark you up
      Cause I'm the king of vice
      (Regal holds his hands up. The fans don't like it. Regal then tries to remember the rest of his rap. Right, here we go.)
      You got more grenades than The Jersey Shore
      But I'm The Situation here to set my score
      Straight up g-g-g-g-g-gangsta
      • Regal then goes to two sides of the ring, holding up his arms, expecting cheers. Fans don't like it. Regal then does the rap pose with his arms crossed and head bent down, then he lifts up his head and raises his finger in gentlemanly caution. He then turns to R-Truth and asks him what he thinks. R-Truth takes him down rung by rung in the ring and wins the match.
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    • WrestleMania XXVII (April 3, 2011): Snoop Dogg and Theodore Long hold a talent contest backstage so Dogg can get talent for his tour. First contestant: Regal. Is the third time the charm? Nope. Snoop Dogg takes him down rung by rung. Regal then gave up on rapping.
  • On the February 2nd 2011 edition of RAW, The Great Khali held a special edition of the "Khali Kiss-Cam" where two people on camera on the Titantron would kiss. William Regal and Zack Ryder were backstage. So Regal responded to it by... kissing Ryder.
  • The "Trading Places Match" with Goldust from the September 13, 2010 Raw. Further evidence that while "William Regal" may have a huge ego, Darren Matthews has absolutely none.
    • Particularly funny is the way Goldust appears beside Regal to offer him the blond wig he's going to need for the role, which Regal takes between two fingers like he's holding a dead rat by the tail.
    • Hoist by His Own Petard: Goldust (as Regal) won by using a pair of brass knuckles; Regal's stock in trade.
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    • They also did something similar on Raw July 10, 2002, a Las Vegas ShowGirl Match. This had Regal comically struggling down the ramp in a pair of high heel shoes, complete with glittering lingerie and makeup. Regal takes the heels off before entering the ring, forcing him to compete in his SOCKS.
  • On the 8th July 2002 episode of RAW, Regal has just lost the European Championship to Jeff Hardy, so obviously Jonathan Coachman wants to find out how that feels. He asks Regal, who responds by bursting into tears, complete with over-the-top wailing.
  • Regal's first appearances in the WWF on commentary, while Al Snow was European Champion and "representing" different countries. Regal would be incensed and calling Snow a "bloody buffoon".
  • Regal being stuck looking after Eric Bischoff's "special" nephew, Eugene, in 2004.
    • Or a few years later when Vince McMahon put him in charge of keeping an eye on his illegitimate son, Hornswoggle.
  • Regal's face after he took a sip of tea ... that Chris Jericho had peed in earlier.
  • Molly Holly has said that her 2002 heel persona was to be "a female version of William Regal".
  • During one tour of England, Regal came down to the ring, looking as serious as he ever does...and then his theme is cut off and immediately replaced with his "Real Man's Man" theme from his debut in the WWE. Staying in character ceases to become a thing for him at that point.
  • Doing the Emma dance on NXT ArRival.
  • His reunion with Yoshihiro Tajiri, who was competing in the Cruiserweight Classic.
  • Smackdown 2/28/2002. During a non-title match note  against The Big Show, Regal KO's his opponent with his signature brass knuckles, causing the unconscious giant to bounce off the ropes, land back on top of him and score the pinfall! Even after the bell rang, it took Regal another good 20 seconds to get out from under Show.

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